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									                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE: Sales Marketing Administrator

DEPARTMENT: Marketing and Sales


SUMMARY: The Sales Marketing Administrator provides administrative support for the
Company’s Sales and Marketing functions. The position requires in-depth knowledge of company
operations, policies, and procedures. The Sales Marketing Administrator collects and prepares
information for use in discussions/meetings of executive staff and outside individuals.


   • Expense reporting: ensure that sales and customer support representatives are
       submitting timely expense reports
   • Assist in arranging for corporate travel, when needed, while making sure that company
       travel policies are met and being respected
   • Schedule conference calls with sales and CS team members, adjusting meetings for
       unplanned changes (vacations, customer travel, etc)
   • Work with finance to make sure all vacation is properly documented
   • Plan quarterly/annual sales meetings, including negotiating best rates for hotels,
       conference room facilities, meals, flights, etc

Sales support:
    • Roll up bookings forecasts from sales reps in all regions, weekly
    • Send out emails on a daily basis on bookings/rev+open orders to VP Sales
    • Order collateral and provide sales materials, when needed, for the sales team
    • Prepare “welcome kits” for new partners, supporting channels reps
    • Maintain customer and partner databases ensuring they are accurate and up to date
    • Send emails out to customers and partners, when special marketing campaigns are

Marketing Support:
   • Organize, help host partner conferences (Europe and US)
   • Manage budget of marketing “giveaways”
   • Provide support for trade shows, including:
           o All logistics
           o Registering Actelis employee attendees
           o May include booth duty at certain events
           o Booking press interviews with key Actelis executives
           o Lead collection and distribution to the right team members

New Hire assistance:
   • Assist with new hire orientation, working with IT to ensure email accounts, laptops,
       phones, etc are active from day 1
   • Book times with HR to ensure all benefits are communicated
   • Be the ‘go to” person for new hires and point them in the right direction

Office Management
    • Assist in ordering and replenishing office and break room supplies
   •   Take the primary back-up role of front desk personnel during their time off (i.e. front door
       and phone coverage).

  • A minimum of 4 years experience in an administrative role
  • Persistent, attentive to details, dependable and accountable
  • Microsoft Office Proficient
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with CRM systems

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