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The Most £50k+ Jobs
 Technology Friend of Foe
       By Sarah Drew
     UK General Manager
                 It’s never been easier to get online!

Toshiba Tecra 8100                                       50p per hour
  £250 inc VAT

                       The majority of the population is now online (71%)
                       53% of the online population purchase online (Vs
                       35% in France and 52% In Germany)
       UK = A small but strong online population

      In 2006

                     Total Poplulation (in m€)       60       301    82    64

                     Internet Penetration           71%   64%       68%   62%

                     Time spent online (hrs/week)   6.9       6.6   5.5   5.2

                     BB penetration                 55%   54%       39%   48%

                     Spend per internet user ( €)   104   ?          54    48

                     Internet share of ad           15%       6%    2%    6%

Mature and competitive market online
                               Paid search ahead
% share of revenues for the full year 2007

                              Display                                                                  1165.6
                              Paid for search
                              Solus Email                                                      768.3

           £2.8b                                453.7
                                                          592.0                     585.3

                                      335.9                                 379.0
   57.6%                                                          262.2

                              In £m

                                                Display                   Classifieds             Paid for search

                                                                   2005      2006       2007

      Most internet users in the UK discovered the Web with Google. That is the reason why
      paid search and especially Google are so important in the UK and across Europe.
                             The Power of Search

• 89% of the internet population visiting a search
  engine and 84% clicking through.
• There were 1.7bn search queries carried out in
  the UK in January 2008.
  Search is not only more important in Europe but also more expensive.
                           Google Adwords UK vs. US Q1 2008 on selected keywords.

                                 Average CPC                         Position
                                UK         US         Variation    UK        US
   Senior Executive                £0.83      £0.30         177%      3.3       4.5
   Executive Job                   £1.14      £0.53         115%      2.9       2.9
   Executive Job Search            £1.04      £0.72          44%      3.3       3.8
   Executive recruitment           £1.14      £0.83          37%      2.9       3.2
                               Recruitment leads the online market

                                                                                     Recruitment represents 25% of
                                                                                     Ad spend online in 2007.

                                              Saturation of recruitment messages =
                                  Necessity to differentiate yourself from the competition
IAB estimates for industry sector shares are based on samples of categorised net revenue from key IAB members provided by PwC.
Data excludes unclassified figures and covers 41% of online revenues in H2 2007.
                         Trends at the Executive level in Europe

             > 30% Workforce turnover

             40 % turnover for managers between 35-44 years old

            Top 3 reasons for changing job and company
                           More responsibility/Opportunistic move
                           Reorg in my company
                           More money

Source: TNS Sofres and Apec. Study 2006
          Candidates are selective, now what ?

 Majority of Sr. Managers and Executives are Gen Y

 What is important to Gen Y candidates?

    Money
    Skills
    Title
    Quality of Life

There is a talent shortage,
       Executives are selective about job opportunities
       Case Study: Job Seeker # 1: Justin TopGuy

•   User Type: Career Climber - looking for advancement
•   Persona Type: Competitive
•   Influencer: Competitive
•   Narrative: Justin is Competitive (ENTJ)
               Job Seeker # 2: David Oldman

•   User Type: Old-timer in same job 25 years
•   Persona Type: Methodical
•   Influencer: Competitive
•   Narrative: David is Methodical but with Humanistic
    leanings (ISFJ)
                        Job Posting # 1
Posted: 10/26/07

 Chief Financial Officer: (CFO)
  Hiring Company: Confidential
  Hiring Company Industry: Energy / Oil & Gas
  Number of Employees: 100 - 1,000 Employees
  Total Compensation: $200k+
  Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
  Location: Westchester, NY

   The company is one of the largest privately held marketers of
    propane gas in the State of New York and one of the top
    regional marketers in the entire Northeast. The company
    services residential, commercial and wholesale markets on the
    East Coast. The company is headquartered the Tri State Area.
                         Job Posting # 2
Posted: 10/19/07

 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO):
  Hiring Company: Confidential
  Hiring Company Industry: CPG
  Number of Employees: 1 - 100 Employees
  Total Compensation: $150k - $200k+
     - Bonus / Commission: 30%
  Reports to: US General Manager based in NY
  Location: New York, NY

    CMO - $200K, plus MBO’s
    Rapidly Growing Consumable Products Corporation New York, NY
                        What your Peers do!

 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  Hiring Company: Confidential
  Hiring Company Industry: Executive Search
  Number of Employees: 1-100 Employees
  Total Compensation: £250k
  Reports to: Chairman
  Location: London, Greater London

   CEO to lead a mid tier software business with a global customer base.
                      Recruiter Profile for the CEO Job
•   Firm: XXX Partners
•   Partner: XXX

    Function(s) Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Operations, HR, General Management,
    Sector(s) Tech / Telecom, Services
    Location(s) Reading, Berkshire RG2
    Salaries £125k - £250k+

    Job Title: Partner
    Recruiter Type: Retained Search
    About Me: XXXX has over ten years information and communication technology executive search
    experience, working for three years in New York and a further eight years across Europe Middle
    East and Africa. Matthew has delivered senior level assignments for both high growth venture
    funded organisations and tier one FTSE and NASDAQ quoted businesses.
    Job Functions: Consulting, Finance, General Management, HR, Marketing, Operations, Sales,

    Executive Search
    1-100 Employees
    51-100 Positions £50k+ hires per year
    1-10 Years in business

                                           David Oldman
   Justin TopGuy
                                           ISFJ
   ENTJ
                                           Methodical
   Competitive
                                           Dependable
   Driven
                                           Worker Bee
   Career Climber
                                         CFO
                                         Keywords that drive action (weak)
   Keywords that drive action (rich)
                                         Cultural fit with the company culture
   If you are ready to step-up
   Want the # 1 marketing spot
                                         Keywords that delivery credibility
   Stellar track record                  (rich)
   $200K + MBO                          Largest privately held marketers of
 Keywords that delivery credibility     5% yoy sales growth
  (weak)                                 A pace far outdistancing the industry
 Leading supplier of specialty          Company strong balance sheet
  consumable products
 Fastest growing brand
           Why Traditional Job Boards Have Failed the
                  £50k+ Recruiting Segment

• Traditional job boards make money by charging employers to post jobs and
  providing these job listings for free to the public.
• If employers post a £50k+ job on Monster, Totaljobs, etc., they will get
  hundreds or thousands of responses, mostly from unqualified candidates.
• Trying to sort through the responses for the qualified candidates is
• So employers generally don’t post high-end, executive jobs on traditional job
                  How we can help…
                   The leading global online marketplace for £50k+ jobs

What we do:        Candidate subscriptions cost £9.99/month or £59.99/year
                   Newsletters w/ targeted executive employment content
                   Other job-related services: CV critique, salary report, etc.

Founded:          July 2007 (US Parent Company in July 2003)

Our Properties:
           Growth Since Launch, July 2007

Job Seekers (100,000+)          Recruiters (1,300+)
              Prescreening Works
             Two-Person Approval Process

                      Review Recruiter
                      Review Every Job


                     Review Job Seeker
Job Seekers
                     Review CV
           Who Are TheLadders’ Candidates?

•   Active & Passive job seekers

•   Average salary of £65,000

•   94% have 10+ years of experience

•   11% of the jobs listed are C-Level

•   64% have graduate degrees

•   Average time to find a job on Two months

•   We hand-review each job seeker’s
                    £50k+ Earners

10% of the Market   50% of the Wages   100% Leadership
Some of the companies currently on
Technology and importantly the internet can be
 a friend not foe at the executive level for both
           recruiters and candidates!

                  Thank you!

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