Totally Free Business Checking by wanghonghx


									 We’re in your
neighborhood!                                    May we help you with
  POPLAR BLUFF                                   any of these additional
 704	N.	Westwood	Blvd.                              services today?
                                        •	   Online	Banking	&	Bill	Pay
 Poplar	Bluff,	MO	63901
                                        •	   Cash	Management	Services
    (573)	785-8461                      •	
                                             Debit	Card
                                                                                                      Totally Free
    Highway	60	East
                                             Automatic	Payments
                                             Savings	Accounts
                                                                                                      Business Checking
 Poplar	Bluff,	MO	63901                 •	   Safe	Deposit	Boxes
    (573)	686-1472
                                        •	   Certificates	of	Deposit
                                        •	   Retirement	Plans
 KROGER BRANCH                          •	   Investment	Services
 2770	N.	Westwood	Blvd.                 •	   Personal	Accounts
 Poplar	Bluff,	MO	63901                           ACCOUNT	DOCUMENTATION
                                                    To assist you in opening your new
    (573)	785-0044
                                                    business account, we will need the                and two other business
WAL-MART BRANCH                                           following	information:
                                                                                                      checking solutions!
 333	S.	Westwood	Blvd.                       SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP/DBA1
                                             SSN	or	TIN	of	Owner
 Poplar	Bluff,	MO	63901
 Phone	(573)	785-6288                        LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY1
                                             TIN	of	Limited	Liability	Company
     COLUMBIA                                Articles	of	Organization
                                             L.L.C.	Resolution
   10	E.	Southampton                         Operating	Agreement
  Columbia,	MO	65203
    (573)	815-7500                           TIN	of	Partnership
                                             Partnership	Agreement
       PUXICO                                Certificate	of	Limited	Partnership	or
                                             Limited	Liability	Partnership
 141	E.	Richardson	Ave.
   Puxico,	MO	63960                          NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION1
                                             TIN	of	Non-Profit	Organization
    (573)	222-3503                           If	incorporated,	follow	rules	for	a	corporation
                                             If	tax-exempt,	IRS	documentation	or	tax	return
VISIT US ONLINE AT                           If	not	tax-exempt,	authorization	letter

WWW.1MIDWEST.COM                             CORPORATION1
          or                                 TIN	of	Corporation
                                             Articles	of	Incorporation
 Mobile Banking at
                                             Corporate	Resolution
                                             Certificate	of	Existence
                                                                                                       FIRST MIDWEST
                                                 Other	legal	documents	may	be	required.
                          Member FDIC                                                     CO	8.1.10
Answer	two	easy	
                                                     FIRST MIDWEST
questions	to	find	the                              There’s an account just right for your business or organization!
right	account	for	you!                             TOTALLY FREE BUSINESS CHECKING
                                                       The perfect account for most businesses!
1.    “Will	your	business	have	more	
      than	500	items*	each	month?”
                                                                                Open	with	as	little	as	$50
                                                                                No	minimum	balance
yes                                                    	              •	        No	monthly	service	charge
        Commercial Checking                            	              •	        500	FREE	monthly	transaction	items*
                                                       	              •	        Easy-to-balance	monthly	statement
                                                       	              •	        FREE	return	of	check	images	for	easy	record	keeping
                                                       	              •	        FREE	Online	Banking

2. “Is	your	business	a	sole	proprietorship	
   or	a	not-for-profit	organization?”
                                                       	              •	        FREE	ATM/Debit	Card	Available

yes      “Will you always keep $1,000 in your
                                                   BUSINESS INTEREST CHECKING
 no      business checking account?”                       Perfect for qualifying sole proprietorships & not-for-profit organizations.
         yes . . . Business Interest Checking              	           •	        Open	with	as	little	as	$50
                                                           	           •	        Competitive	interest
         no . . . Totally Free Business Checking
                                                           	           •	        500	FREE	monthly	transaction	items*
                                                           	           •	        Only	$1,000	minimum	balance	to	avoid	an	$8	monthly	fee
                                                           	           •	        Easy-to-balance	monthly	statement
   Totally Free                                            	
                                                                                 FREE	return	of	check	images	for	easy	record	keeping
                                                                                 FREE	ATM/Debit	Card	Available
Business Checking                                          	
                                                                                 FREE	Online	Banking
                                                                                 Transaction	items*	charged	on	a	per-item	basis,	just	15¢	each

                                                   COMMERCIAL CHECKING
First	Midwest	                                             For business with more complex banking needs.
Bank	Business	                                             	
                                                                                 Open	with	as	little	as	$50
                                                                                 Earnings	credit	allowance	on	deposit	balances	may	offset	activity	fees
Account	Access                                             	               •	    Easy-to-balance	monthly	statement
                                                           	               •	    FREE	Online	Banking
                                                           	               •	    FREE	return	of	check	images	for	easy	record	keeping
                                                           	               •	    FREE	ATM/Debit	Card	Available
Access	your	money	24/7:                                    	               •	    Transaction	items*	charged	on	a	per-item	basis,	just	15¢	each
First	Midwest	Bank	Online	Business	Banking                 	               •	    $15	monthly	service	charge
                                 	               •	  See	customer	service	representative	for	details.
                                                   *Transaction	items	include	checks	paid,	checks	deposited,	ACH	debits,	and	ACH	credits.	
                                                   Minimum	opening	deposit	is	only	$50.

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