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									       40TH                                 El invierno de los raros (BF) wp               Carancho (RT)
                                            Director(s): Rodrigo Guerrero                  Director(s): Pablo Trapero
INTERNATIONAL FILM                          Prod. Countries: Argentina                     Prod. Countries: Argentina, France,
     FESTIVAL                               Prod. Year: 2011                               South Korea, Chile
                                            Length (min.): 112                             Prod. Year: 2010
    ROTTERDAM                               Format: HDcam                                  Length (min.): 107
January 26 – February 06,                   Genre: Fiction                                 Format: 35mm
                                            Sales Co.:Twins Latin Films                    Genre: Fiction
          2011                              Sales Contact: Lorena Quevedo                  Sales Co.:Finecut Co, Ltd
                                            Email:              Sales Contact: Youngjoo Suh
      FILM OFFICE                           Phone: +54 351 4222010                         Email:
                                            Log line: In the cold and damp winter          Phone: +82 2 5698777
  DISTRIBUTOR LETTER                        in the heart of the Argentine outback,         Log line: Trapero (Tiger winner in
     February 1, 2011                       far from the bustle of modern life,            2000 with Crane World) made a
                                            people routinely do what they did              dastardly film noir set in the
                                            yesterday too. In this beautifully shot,       not-very-touristy suburbs of Buenos
                                            micro-kaleidoscopic debut, the                 Aires. There, a fateful love develops
                                            promising Guerrero follows six                 between an A&E doctor (played by
Angola                                      characters for whom something                  Trapero's producer and wife, Gusman)
O emigrante (RA) wp                         starts to change one day.                      and a lawyer who knows a lot about
Director(s): Henrique Narciso 'Dito'        Territories Sold: All available                accidents.
Prod. Countries: Angola                     Los labios (RT)                                Territories Sold: Argentina, France,
Prod. Year: 2011                            Director(s): Iván Fund, Santiago Loza          Greece (inc. Cyprus), Portugal, Spain
Length (min.): 60                           Prod. Countries: Argentina                     (incl. Andorra), Switzerland,
Format: DV cam                              Prod. Year: 2010                               Liechtenstein, Taiwan, Turkey, USA
Genre: Fiction                              Length (min.): 100
Sales Contact: Henrique Narciso 'Dito'      Format: HDcam                                  Australia
Email:                                      Genre: Fiction
                                                                                           Machete Maidens Unleashed! (RG)               Sales Co.:Latinofusion
                                                                                           Director(s): Mark Hartley
Log line: This Angolan filmmaker            Sales Contact: Alfredo Calvino
                                                                                           Prod. Countries: Australia
regularly went awol at the previous         Email:
                                                                                           Prod. Year: 2010
IFFR. It turned out he was                  Phone: +52 33 31232738
                                                                                           Length (min.): 84
spontaneously shooting a new film in        Log line: Loza (Tiger winner in 2003
                                                                                           Format: Betacam Digi PAL
Rotterdam, about the large Cape             with Extraño) made this portrait, with
                                                                                           Genre: Creative Documentary
Verdean community here.                     his young colleague Iván Fund, of
                                                                                           Sales Co.:ABC Commercial
Territories Sold: All available             three women who try to provide health
                                                                                           Sales Contact: Kate McDermott
                                            care in a tropical corner of Argentina
                                            plagued by dengue fever and poverty.
Argentina                                                                                  Phone: +44 2070793202
                                            Fiction with beautiful documentary
El agua del fin del mundo (BF) ip                                                          Log line: Rated 'R' for Ridiculous.
                                            elements. Or vice versa.
Director(s): Paula Siero                                                                   Tasteful documentary about the
                                            Territories Sold: All available
Prod. Countries: Argentina                                                                 Philippines as an ideal B-film location.
                                            En el futuro (BF)                              In the 1970s, anything was OK, as
Prod. Year: 2010                            Director(s): Mauro Andrizzi
Length (min.): 84                                                                          long as there were plenty of bare
                                            Prod. Countries: Argentina                     breasts, bloody knives and
Format: 35mm                                Prod. Year: 2010
Genre: Fiction                                                                             gut-wrenching torture scenes. With
                                            Length (min.): 62                              Roger Corman and John Landis.
Sales Co.:Primer Plano Film Group           Format: HDcam
Sales Contact: Julia Meik                                                                  Territories Sold: International rights
                                            Genre: Fiction                                 handled by ABC Commercial, North
Email:          Sales Co.:Mono Films
Phone: +54 114 5521515                                                                     American rights handled by Celluloid
                                            Sales Contact: Mauro Andrizzi                  Nightmares.
Log line: Two young sisters, one            Email:
terminally ill with a last wish - to flee                                                  Animal Kingdom (BF)
                                            Phone: +54 11 35270059
her life in poverty-stricken Buenos                                                        Director(s): David Michôd
                                            Log line: Difficult to classify, and that is
Aires. The other is looking for ways to                                                    Prod. Countries: Australia
                                            only one of the attractive sides of this
make that possible. An attractive                                                          Prod. Year: 2010
                                            episodic film about the many
alcoholic accordionist makes things                                                        Length (min.): 113
                                            manifestations of love, sex and film.
even more complicated in this                                                              Format: 35mm
                                            An affair between confession
convincingly acted and moving drama.                                                       Genre: Fiction
                                            documentary and ghost story,
Territories Sold: USA/Canada                                                               Sales Co.:Entertainment One
                                            between expressive black-and-white
(Outsider Pictures)                                                                        Sales Contact: Charlotte Mickie
                                            and faded colour.
                                            Territories Sold: Argentine (Mono
                                                                                           Phone: +1 905 624 7337
                                            Films), Italy ( Cine Marte- non
                                                                                           Log line: Ambitious and already
                                            exclusive), Mexico (Interior 13 Cine -
                                                                                           much-admired debut. Sultry Australian
                                            non exclusive)
                                                                                           crime drama about the battle between
a criminal family and the strong arm of     Belgium                                    modern romance and paranoia in this
the law. The young Joshua becomes           Illégal (BF)                               atmospheric second film by Stockman
embroiled in a bloody revengeful plot       Director(s): Olivier Masset-Depasse        (Verboden te zuchten/I Know I'll See
and is driven into the path of the          Prod. Countries: Belgium,                  Your Face Again).
detective Leckie (Guy Pearce). The          Luxembourg, France                         Territories Sold: Belgium (Imagine)
Sopranos meet the Syndicate down            Prod. Year: 2010                           Le Grand'Tour (BF) wp
under.                                      Length (min.): 90                          Director(s): Jérôme le Maire
Territories Sold: Airlines, Argentina,      Format: 35mm                               Prod. Countries: Belgium
Chile, Paraguay & UruguayAustralia,         Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Year: 2011
Benelux, Brazil, Colombia, Czech            Sales Co.:Films Distribution               Length (min.): 98
Republic/Slovak Republic, Former            Sales Contact: Marieke Jonker              Format: HDcam
Yugoslavia, France, Germany,                Email:               Genre: Fiction
German-speaking Swizterland,                Phone: +33 1 53103399                      Sales Co.:La Parti Production
Greece/Cyprus, Hong Kong, Israel,           Log line: Overwhelming leading role        Sales Contact: Philippe Kauffman
Italy, Japan, Latin American PTV,           by Anne Coessens as a suspicious,          Email:
Mexico & Central America, Middle            hard-working Belarussian illegal           Phone: +32 2 5346808
East, Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia, Poland,      immigrant who has come to Belgium          Log line: An ad-hoc orchestra treks
Russia/CIS, Scandinavia, Spain,             looking for a better future for her son.   through the woods, strolling and
Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela          One day she is accidentally caught,        drinking, to the 'Carnaval du Monde' in
                                            while her son escapes. A punch in          Stavelot. The drunken procession
Austria                                     the belly and an indictment of the         appeals to them so much that they
                                            system.                                    forget house and home. Like medieval
Rose and Jasmine (SP) wp                    Territories Sold: US, Greece,              wandering scholars, they travel from
Director(s): Michael Pilz                   Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Israel        fair to village fête. Then their leader
Prod. Countries: Austria
                                            Illégal (BF)                               says he’ll stop taking drink and drugs.
Prod. Year: 2011
                                            Director(s): Olivier Masset-Depasse        What next?
Length (min.): 106
                                            Prod. Countries: Belgium,                  Territories Sold: All available
Format: Betacam Digi PAL
Genre: Creative Documentary                 Luxembourg, France                         After Empire (TS) wp
Sales Co.:Michael Pilz Film                 Prod. Year: 2010                           Director(s): Herman Asselberghs
Sales Contact: Michael Pilz                 Length (min.): 90                          Prod. Countries: Belgium
Email:                  Format: 35mm                               Prod. Year: 2011
Phone: +43 699 11336581                     Genre: Fiction                             Length (min.): 52
Log line: A cinematographic poem            Sales Co.:Films Distribution               Format: HDcam
based on the director's journeys in         Sales Contact: François Yon                Genre: Creative Documentary
Iran from 2006-7. By patiently and          Email:           Sales Co.:Auguste Orts
gently observing both people and            Phone: +33 1 53103399                      Sales Contact: Marie Logie
place, Michael Pilz collects images         Log line: Overwhelming leading role        Email:
and sounds of ravishing beauty. A           by Anne Coessens as a suspicious,          Phone: +32 25 500369
meditative experience.                      hard-working Belarussian illegal           Log line: Where were you on the
Territories Sold: All available             immigrant who has come to Belgium          Fifteenth February Day of the Year
                                            looking for a better future for her son.   Three of the New Time? That
AUN - The Beginning and the End             One day she is accidentally caught,        Saturday, history happened. History
of All Things (SP) wp                       while her son escapes. A punch in          happened and we forgot about it...
Director(s): Edgar Honetschläger            the belly and an indictment of the         Territories Sold: All available
Prod. Countries: Austria, Japan             system.
Prod. Year: 2011                                                                       Grande Hotel (BF) wp
                                            Territories Sold: US, Greece,              Director(s): Lotte Stoops
Length (min.): 100                          Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Israel
Format: 35mm                                                                           Prod. Countries: Belgium
Genre: Fiction                              Pulsar (RT)                                Prod. Year: 2011
Sales Co.:Ribo Ltd                          Director(s): Alex Stockman                 Length (min.): 70
Sales Contact: Kudo Yukika                  Prod. Countries: Belgium                   Format: HDcam
Email:                Prod. Year: 2010                           Genre: Creative Documentary
Phone: +81 35 3082454                       Length (min.): 94                          Sales Co.:Serendipity Films
Log line: In the first place, it’s a work   Format: 35mm                               Sales Contact: de Ellen Waele
of art. So much fantasy, so much            Genre: Fiction                             Email:
wisdom, so many wonderful images            Sales Co.:Corridor                         Phone: +32 54 568465
and such idiosyncratic music, it’s          Sales Contact: Kaat Camerlynck             Log line: In the 1950s, a majestic
almost too much and too confusing for       Email:               Grande Hotel was built in Beira in the
one film. Confusion that will make an       Phone: +32 2 2196076                       former Portuguese colony
impression. Immersed in Japan, but          Log line: Girlfriend temporarily in New    Mozambique, as if it were the Côte
with a dash of Brazil.                      York and himself, all alone, at home in    d´Azur. It was doomed from the start
Territories Sold: All available             Brussels with every possible means of      and has now been stripped of
                                            communication: how fragile modern          everything of value: this film is a
                                            love can be becomes apparent when          portrait of a skeleton and of some of
                                            Sam’s computer is hacked. Plenty of        the 3500 people who live there now.
Territories Sold: Belgium (free TV         Yugoslavia still existed (early 1990s)     and poetic result is wonderful to watch
only: Canvas)                              but the tension of the coming war was      and balm to the soul.
22 mei (RT)                                already felt. Based on a popular           Territories Sold: All available
Director(s): Koen Mortier                  Croatian novel, with the famous Miki       The Joy (BF)
Prod. Countries: Belgium                   Manojlovic.                                Director(s): Felipe Bragança, Marina
Prod. Year: 2010                           Territories Sold: Germany, Benelux,        Meliande
Length (min.): 88                          ex-Yugoslavia, France (Happiness           Prod. Countries: Brazil
Format: 35mm                               Distribution), Austria (Polyfilm),         Prod. Year: 2009
Genre: Fiction                             Switzerland(Filmcoopi), Italy              Length (min.): 100
Sales Co.:Reel Suspects                    (Archibald), Sweden (TriArt), Romania      Format: 35mm
Sales Contact: van der Anne Pol            (Bucharest IFF), Hungary (Cirko Film),     Genre: Fiction
Email:                     Baltic States & CIS (Russian Report),      Sales Co.:FiGa Films
Phone: +33 1 42401284                      Bulgaria (Artfest), Turkey (Bir Film),     Sales Contact: Sandro Fiorin
Log line: If Tiger film Ex Drummer was     Israel (Lev Films)                         Email:
the hammer blow, then 22 May is the                                                   Phone: +1 323 2585241
slowly settling dust after the bang.       Brazil                                     Log line: Luiza (16) has had enough of
About the insignificant guard at the                                                  stories about the end of the world. On
                                           The Sky Above (TG) ip
shopping centre where a young man                                                     Christmas Eve, her cousin is shot; a
                                           Director(s): Sérgio Borges
detonates a rucksack full of                                                          few weeks later she bumps into him as
                                           Prod. Countries: Brazil
explosives. Hypnotic, worrying and                                                    a ghost. In a conscious change of
                                           Prod. Year: 2010
moving meditation about love and                                                      style with many recent Brazilian films,
                                           Length (min.): 72
terror.                                                                               The Joy is utopian and fairy-tale: an
                                           Format: 35mm
Territories Sold:                                                                     ode to young courage.
                                           Genre: Fiction
Noir océan (SP)                                                                       Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert
                                           Sales Co.:FiGa Films
Director(s): Marion Hänsel                                                            Bals), Brazil (Figa Films)
                                           Sales Contact: Sandro Fiorin
Prod. Countries: Belgium, France,          Email:
Germany                                    Phone: +1 323 2585241                      Bulgaria
Prod. Year: 2010                           Log line: A transsexual academic, a        Shelter (BF)
Length (min.): 87                          Hare Krishna football supporter and an     Director(s): Dragomir Sholev
Format: 35mm                               indolent would-be writer (working on       Prod. Countries: Bulgaria
Genre: Fiction                             nine books at once). Docu-fiction          Prod. Year: 2010
Sales Co.:Doc & Film International         follows three 'ordinary' men aged          Length (min.): 88
Sales Contact: Hwa-Seon Choi               about 30 who play their own urban          Format: 35mm
Email:              existence. Cinema as a metaphor for        Genre: Fiction
Phone: +33 1 42775687                      who we can be. It has already won five     Sales Co.:Klas Film
Log line: 1972, on board a French          prizes at a leading film festival in       Sales Contact: Rossitsa Valkanova
navy vessel near the Mururoa atoll in      Brazil.                                    Email:
the Pacific, waiting for an atomic test.   Territories Sold: Brazil (Producers)       Phone: +359 29815343
Supported by beautiful photography
                                           Neverquiet (Film of Wonders) (BF)          Log line: Teenage Bulgarian boy
and atmosphere, Black Ocean depicts
                                           ip                                         Radostin collides with his parents by
the inner journey to adulthood of a
                                           Director(s): Felipe Bragança, Marina       disappearing for two days and then
number of young sailors in a loving
                                           Meliande, Karim Aïnouz, Ivo Lopes          bringing home his two new friends -
and, naturally, also melancholy
                                           Araujo, Gustavo Bragança, Helvécio         devoted punks. Their encounters in a
                                           Marins Jr., Clarissa Campolina,            small flat are challenging, serious and
Territories Sold:
                                           Caetano Gotardo Soares, Raphael            at the same time funny.
                                           Mesquita, Leonardo Levis, Carolina         Territories Sold: All available except
Bosnia and Herzegovina                     Durão, Andrea Capella, Marco Dutra,        for Bulgaria (KLAS Film)
Cirkus Columbia (SP)                       Juliana Rojas, Collective Film by 14       The Eighth (RW)
Director(s): Danis Tanovic                 directors                                  Director(s): Zako Heskiya
Prod. Countries: Bosnia and                Prod. Countries: Brazil                    Prod. Countries: Bulgaria
Herzegovina                                Prod. Year: 2010                           Prod. Year: 1969
Prod. Year: 2010                           Length (min.): 65                          Length (min.): 107
Length (min.): 113                         Format: HDcam                              Format: 35mm
Format: 35mm                               Genre: Experimental                        Genre: Fiction
Genre: Fiction                             Sales Co.:Vitrine Filmes                   Sales Co.:Bulgarian National Film
Sales Co.:The Match Factory GmbH           Sales Contact: Felipe Bragança             Center
Sales Contact: Brigitte Suarez             Email:                                     Phone: +359 2 9883831
Email:                                          Log line: One of three Bulgarian Red            Log line: A collective film, coordinated   Westerns of the 1960s that was
Phone: +49 221 5397090                     by Felipe Bragança and Marina              ordered by the authorities in an
Log line: Bosnian director and Oscar       Meliande (see also The Joy). They          attempt to bring the subject of
winner Danis Tanovic (No Man’s             sent a letter of ‘unease’ to filmmakers    anti-fascism to a broader and younger
Land) returns to the times when            in which they asked for love, utopia       audience. It zooms in on post-World
                                           and explosions... The many-faceted
War II Bulgaria and its partisan            won prizes in Locarno for best director   other’s chances with this young god.
heroes.                                     and best actor.                           The second film by the young director
Territories Sold:                           Territories Sold: Canada (Metropole       of the widely praised I Killed My
                                            Films Distribution)                       Mother(IFFR 2010).
                                            Voulez-vous coucher avec God?             Territories Sold: Benelux (ABC /
Canada                                                                                Cinemien), France (MK2)Germany
                                            (RG) ip
La fille de Montréal (SP) ip                                                          (Kool), Switzerland (Filmcoopi),Finland
                                            Director(s): Michael Hirsh, Jack
Director(s): Jeanne Crépeau                                                           (Bio Rex), Sweden (Folkets),Norway
Prod. Countries: Canada                                                               (Arthaus), Portugal
                                            Prod. Countries: Canada
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                      (Alambique)Greece (Feelgood),
                                            Prod. Year: 1972
Length (min.): 92                                                                     Turkey (Adrenal)UK/Ireland (Network),
                                            Length (min.): 69
Format: 35mm                                                                          Ex Yugoslavia (Megacom), Hungary
                                            Format: HDcam
Genre: Fiction                                                                        (Cirko), Poland (Gutek Film), Czech /
                                            Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:Box Film                                                                    Slovak Reps (Aerofilms),Russia
                                            Sales Co.:Films We Like
Sales Contact: Jeanne Crépeau                                                         (Leopart), South Korea (Cinus),Taiwan
                                            Sales Contact: Ron Mann
Email:                                                              (Serenity), USA ( IFC), Canada
Phone: +1 514 2882899                                                                 (Remstar) Australia (Madman).
                                            Phone: +1 416 9719131
Log line: Ariane has six months to
                                            Log line: A racist, sexist, war-hungry    Small Town Murder Songs (BF) -
leave the house where she has lived
                                            God sends a choirboy from Hashish         Director(s): Ed Gass-Donnelly
ever since she was a student. It’s not
                                            Seventh Heaven down to earth to           Prod. Countries: Canada
easy for this collector and filmmaker,
                                            become President. Experimental film       Prod. Year: 2010
who relives her many memories of the
                                            combining 1960s rock with nudity,         Length (min.): 75
house. Comical and moving, yet never
                                            animation and television footage. Can     Format: HDcam
                                            also be enjoyed in a smoker-friendly      Genre: Fiction
Territories Sold: All available
                                            underground setting! (see Index XL        Sales Co.:Visit Films
You Are Here (BF)                           locations)                                Sales Contact: Ryan Kampe
Director(s): Daniel Cockburn                Territories Sold:                         Email:
Prod. Countries: Canada                                                               Phone: +1 718 3128210
                                            Incendies (SP)
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                      Log line: Peter Stormare excels as a
                                            Director(s): Denis Villeneuve
Length (min.): 78                                                                     tormented sheriff in a Canadian
                                            Prod. Countries: Canada
Format: DCP                                                                           Mennonite hamlet where the body of
                                            Prod. Year: 2010
Genre: Fiction                                                                        an unknown woman is found.
                                            Length (min.): 130
Sales Co.:Insomnia World Sales                                                        Everyone did their best for this film, as
                                            Format: 35mm
Sales Contact: Luc Ntonga                                                             is apparent from the beautiful
                                            Genre: Fiction
Email:                                                         photography and the powerful
                                            Sales Co.:Entertainment One
Phone: +33 1 43580804                                                                 thunderous music by Bruce Peninsula.
                                            Sales Contact: Charlotte Mickie
Log line: Meticulous web spun around                                                  Territories Sold: Canada, Scandinavia
characters who all seem to be looking
                                            Phone: +1 905 624 7337                    Primordial Ties (BF) ip
for the essence of life. Searching
                                            Log line: Oppressive thriller and drama   Director(s): Otto Buj
becomes more important than finding
                                            of fate all in one. The twins Jeanne      Prod. Countries: Canada
in a narrative that the maker himself
                                            and Simon go looking for their roots in   Prod. Year: 2010
describes as 'part science fiction, part
                                            a war-torn Middle East. There they        Length (min.): 90
meta-narrative, part philosophical
                                            make a gruesome discovery. Based          Format: HDcam
                                            on the successful play that was           Genre: Fiction
Territories Sold: All available except
                                            performed last year in Rotterdam          Sales Co.:Systematic Pictures Inc.
for U.S. sales (Traction Media), U.S.
                                            under the title Branden.                  Sales Contact: Otto Buj
distribution available
                                            Territories Sold:                         Email:
Curling (SP)                                                                          Phone: +1 519 2557354
                                            Les amours imaginaires (BF)
Director(s): Denis Côté                                                               Log line: Coming-of-age story of
                                            Director(s): Xavier Dolan
Prod. Countries: Canada                                                               Marjorie Ely, a beautiful 19-year-old
                                            Prod. Countries: Canada
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                      who imagines that she was created
                                            Prod. Year: 2010
Length (min.): 92                                                                     through extraordinary, magical means
                                            Length (min.): 95
Format: 35mm                                                                          by her mysterious and long-dead
                                            Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                                                                        father. As time passes, she
                                            Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:Doc & Film International                                                    disengages further from an ordinary
                                            Sales Co.:Rezo
Sales Contact: Daniela Elstner                                                        world full of banalities and loneliness.
                                            Sales Contact: Delphyne Besse
Email:                                                       Territories Sold: All available
Phone: +33 1 42775687
                                                Blinding (SP) wp
Log line: Taciturn single father tries to
                                            Phone: +33 1 42464630                     Director(s): Steve Sanguedolce
keep his 12-year-old daughter away
                                            Log line: Cheerful sketch about the       Prod. Countries: Canada
from the world as far as possible. That
                                            love life of a group of                   Prod. Year: 2011
can’t last forever, not even in wintry
                                            twenty-somethings. Marie and her          Length (min.): 72
Canada. Meticulously observed and
                                            best male friend fall for the same guy    Format: HDcam
filmed drama by the productive Côté
                                            and creatively try to scupper each        Genre: Experimental
Sales Co.:Cinema Esperança                  Length (min.): 98                          The Swordswoman of Huangjiang
International Inc.                          Format: 35mm                               (WI)
Sales Contact: André Bennett                Genre: Fiction                             Director(s): Chen Kengran
Email:                                      Sales Co.:Funny Balloons                   Prod. Countries: China                Sales Contact: Peter Danner                Prod. Year: 1930
Phone: +1 416 4620870                       Email:          Length (min.): 80
Log line: The title is Blinding, but in     Phone: +33 140130584                       Format: Betacam Digi
fact the film is about looking and          Log line: In the sequel to Tony            Genre: Fiction
vision. And that while one of the three     Manero, the nauseating immorality of       Sales Co.:Chinese Film Archives
people portrayed is a blind writer. An      oppression and dictatorship - in this      Phone: +86 10 8229 6142
essay about observing the world.            case Pinochet’s Chile - is given a         Log line: Female warriors have existed
Hand-coloured. Experimental and             lugubrious and compelling portrayal.       in Chinese cinema from its earliest
political are not always so hypnotically    Mortuary assistant Mario has an affair     days. Here, as tough as a Western
joined.                                     with nightclub butterfly Nancy, while      gunslinger, Fang roams around
Territories Sold: All available             the corpses pile up ‘at work’.             fighting injustice, and dispensing
                                            Territories Sold: Greece, Italy, France,   protection to the innocent. The only
                                            Belgium, Netherlands                       remaining episode in a very popular
Chile                                                                                  series of thirteen films.
                                            Ocaso (BF) ip
Tres semanas después (RT) -                                                            Territories Sold:
                                            Director(s): Théo Court
Director(s): José Luis Torres Leiva
                                            Prod. Countries: Chile, Dominican          Winter Vacation (SP)
Prod. Countries: Chile
                                            Republic                                   Director(s): Li Hongqi
Prod. Year: 2010
                                            Prod. Year: 2010                           Prod. Countries: China, Switzerland
Length (min.): 60
                                            Length (min.): 80                          Prod. Year: 2010
Format: Betacam Digi PAL
                                            Format: HDcam                              Length (min.): 91
Genre: Creative Documentary
                                            Genre: Fiction                             Format: Betacam Digi PAL
Sales Co.:
                                            Sales Co.:Aurora Dominicana                Genre: Fiction
Sales Contact: José Luis Torres Leiva
                                            Sales Contact: Laura Amelia Guzmán         Sales Co.:Capricci Films
                                            Email:                  Sales Contact: Julien Rejl
                                            Phone: +1 809 5677677                      Email:
Log line: Torres Leiva (winner of the
                                            Log line: With the eye of a practised      Phone: +33 1 83624375
Fipresci Award with El cielo, la tierra y
                                            photographer, the debutant Court           Log line: This hilarious minimalist film
la lluvia) takes a sympathetic look at
                                            makes an atmospheric elegy for an          from poet/writer/filmmaker Li Hongqi
the emotions of the landscape and
                                            unnecessary person. In a derelict          won the Golden Leopard. Deadly dry
what people do with them. It feels like
                                            mansion in the misty Chilean               humour, inimitable dialogues and long,
a gentle after-shock, this film essay
                                            countryside, the old major-domo            sad silences depict the world of
shot soon after the destructive
                                            Rafael does his work with routine          sharp-witted, layabout school pupils
earthquake in Chile in February 2010.
                                            regularity. But he cannot hold back the    and their parents in a wintry Inner
Territories Sold: All available
                                            consequences of decay.                     Mongolia.
Lucía (BF)                                  Territories Sold: México, Chile,           Territories Sold: All available
Director(s): Niles Atallah                  Benelux (Hubert Bals Fund)                 My Father's House (RA) wp
Prod. Countries: Chile
                                                                                       Director(s): Zhao Dayong
Prod. Year: 2010
                                            China                                      Prod. Countries: China, Hong Kong
Length (min.): 80
                                                                                       Prod. Year: 2011
Format: HDcam                               Red Heroine (WI)
                                                                                       Length (min.): 63
Genre: Fiction                              Director(s): Wen Yimin
                                                                                       Format: HDcam
Sales Co.:RAMONDAParis                      Prod. Countries: China
                                                                                       Genre: Creative Documentary
Sales Contact: Pascale Ramonda              Prod. Year: 1929
                                                                                       Sales Co.:Lantern Films China Co, Ltd
Email:                   Length (min.): 95
                                                                                       Sales Contact: David Bandurski
Phone: +33 6 62013241                       Format: Betacam Digi
Log line: A beautifully made portrait of    Genre: Fiction
the seamstress Lucia, who lives with        Sales Co.:Chinese Film Archives
                                                                                       Phone: +852 91 866452
her father in an old house in Santiago,     Sales Contact:
                                                                                       Log line: In China, they call the port of
that offers an unexpected glimpse of        Email:
                                                                                       Guangzhou 'Chocolate City', because
the consequences of Pinochet’s              Phone: +86 10 8229 6142
                                                                                       so many Africans come here to trade,
dictatorship that have not been dealt       Log line: The Burning of the Red Lotus
                                                                                       live and even set up churches. A
with. Young filmmaker proves that if        Temple in 1928 set off a formidable
                                                                                       young Chinese documentary maker
you look closely, you always see            wave of Chinese wu xia, from which
                                                                                       mixes with the immigrants and makes
unexpected things.                          Red Heroine is a rare surviving film.
                                                                                       a personal portrait of religious
Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals      The fluid storytelling and special
Fund)                                       effects - think cloud-surfing and
                                                                                       Territories Sold: All available
Post Mortem (SP)                            disappearance by white smoke - are a
Director(s): Pablo Larraín                  pure treat.
Prod. Countries: Chile, Mexico              Territories Sold:
Prod. Year: 2010
The High Life (BF)                          Prod. Year: 2010                            Genre: Creative Documentary
Director(s): Zhao Dayong                    Length (min.): 112                          Sales Co.:dGenerate Films
Prod. Countries: China, Hong Kong           Format: HDcam                               Sales Contact: Karin Chien
Prod. Year: 2010                            Genre: Fiction                              Email:
Length (min.): 96                           Sales Co.:Li Ruijun Film Studio             Phone: +1 917 2099602
Format: HDcam                               Sales Contact: Li Ruijun                    Log line: With disturbing honesty,
Genre: Fiction                              Email:                performance dancer Li Ning turned his
Sales Co.:Lantern Films China Co, Ltd       Phone: +86 10 82040387                      life in China into a work of art. Using a
Sales Contact: David Bandurski              Log line: With as much feeling for          range of cinematographic means for
Email:                                      irony as for justice, the young director    five often absurd years, swerving              studies the older generation from his       between harsh reality and artistic
Phone: +852 91 866452                       home village, the people who do not         pretensions, between pathos and
Log line: This first fiction film by a      experience the pros but only the cons       insight, between perseverance and
prize-winning documentary maker is a        of a changing China. Ma, nicknamed          self-pity.
very sharp and realistic, but also          the Old Donkey, saw his children            Territories Sold: All available
dreamy and surreal urban portrait from      leave for the city but refused to give up   The Piano in a Factory (BF) ep
today’s China. A young Chinese man          his land.                                   Director(s): Zhang Meng
with a fake temp agency exploits naive      Territories Sold: All available except      Prod. Countries: China
migrant workers in Guangzhou. But it        for Benelux (Hubert Bals Fund).             Prod. Year: 2010
doesn’t make him any happier.               The Swordsman in Double Flag                Length (min.): 105
Territories Sold: All available             Town (WI)                                   Format: 35mm
Black Blood (BF) wp                         Director(s): He Ping                        Genre: Fiction
Director(s): Zhang Miaoyan                  Prod. Countries: China                      Sales Co.:Golden Network Asia Ltd.
Prod. Countries: China, France              Prod. Year: 1991                            Sales Contact: Carrie Wong
Prod. Year: 2011                            Length (min.): 91                           Email:
Length (min.): 128                          Format: 35mm                                Phone: +852 2 7511886
Format: HDcam                               Genre: Fiction                              Log line: After their divorce, an
Genre: Fiction                              Sales Co.:China West Film Group             unemployed steelworker and his
Sales Co.:Arizona Films                     Log line: Exceptional in quality and        nouveau riche ex-wife quarrel about
Sales Contact: Guillaume de Seille          style among Chinese wuxia films. It is      their daughter, who decides to go and
Email:           no coincidence that this was filmed         live with the one who buys a piano.
Phone: +33 95 4525572                       after the Tiananmen clampdowns.             Charmingly acted morality play is not a
Log line: Not everything is progress in     Unique characters, atmospheric              Chinese version of Kramer vs.
China. Less and less rain means that        images of vast, dusty lands, and a          Kramer, but a warm comic drama
the inhabitants of Inner Mongolia have      happy marriage between 5th                  punctuated with musical intermezzos.
to do everything to survive. For            Generation cinema and the Western.          Territories Sold: All available
instance, sell their own blood. And in      Territories Sold:
order to sell enough blood, you have        Reign of Assassins (WI)
to drink. A drama of fate shot in                                                       Colombia
                                            Director(s): Su Chao-pin, John Woo
impressively expressive                                                                 Todos tus muertos (TG) ep
                                            Prod. Countries: China, Hong Kong,
black-and-white.                                                                        Director(s): Carlos Moreno
Territories Sold: All available                                                         Prod. Countries: Colombia
                                            Prod. Year: 2010
                                                                                        Prod. Year: 2011
Fortune Teller (BF) ep                      Length (min.): 120
                                                                                        Length (min.): 90
Director(s): Xu Tong                        Format: DCP
                                                                                        Format: HDcam
Prod. Countries: China                      Genre: Fiction
                                                                                        Genre: Fiction
Prod. Year: 2010                            Sales Co.:Fortissimo Films
                                                                                        Sales Co.:Shoreline Entertainment
Length (min.): 157                          Sales Contact: Nelleke Driessen
                                                                                        Sales Contact: Sam Eigen
Format: DV cam                              Email:
Genre: Creative Documentary                 Phone: +31 20 6273215
                                                                                        Phone: +1 310 5512060
Sales Co.:                                  Log line: A return to old-style wuxia as
                                                                                        Log line: Ordinary Colombian farmer
Sales Contact: Jason Huang                  seen revived in Crouching Tiger,
                                                                                        finds a pile of corpses in a field of
Email:               Hidden Dragon. Su's ambition to
                                                                                        maize one morning. He reports the
Log line: Unpolished jewel from             create an original masterpiece is clear
                                                                                        mysterious bloodbath to the
China's blossoming documentary              in the film’s unusual composition.
                                                                                        authorities, but on election day the
scene: not far from Beijing lives old Li,   Michelle Yeoh's outstanding
                                                                                        authorities are not what they should
a dwarf-like charismatic soothsayer,        performance raises her above the best
                                                                                        be. A tragicomic allegory, is what they
who is married to the simple, deaf and      of the wuxia heroines.
                                                                                        call that. Or a worrying drama.
dumb Little Pearl. Xu Tong films life on    Territories Sold: All available
                                                                                        Territories Sold: Columbia (Cine
the fringe: stranger than fiction, but      Tape (BF) ep                                Columbia)
also more intimate and confusing.           Director(s): Li Ning
Territories Sold: All available             Prod. Countries: China
The Old Donkey (BF) ep                      Prod. Year: 2010
Director(s): Li Ruijun                      Length (min.): 168
Prod. Countries: China                      Format: DV cam PAL
Czech Republic                             Phone: +20 12 3101194                      Sales Co.:Bufo Film Production
Surviving Life (SP)                        Log line: All the while improvising, El    Company
Director(s): Jan Svankmajer                Batout shot this mosaic film set in        Sales Contact: Mark Lwoff
Prod. Countries: Czech Republic,           Alexandria, where everybody is             Email:
Slovakia                                   looking for something or someone. A        Phone: +35 8451314652
Prod. Year: 2010                           prisoner is released and is given a        Log line: Peter von Bagh is not only an
Length (min.): 105                         special mission, a man is shuffling        eminent film historian and director, but
Format: 35mm                               through the city with his sick horse and   since 1986 he has also been a film
Genre: Animation                           a TV presenter needs a guest for his       festival director in Sodankylä, Northern
Sales Co.:Athanor - Film Production        show.                                      Finland. He has edited hours of
Company, Llc                               Territories Sold: All available            festival footage, featuring countless
Sales Contact: Pavla Kallistova                                                       famous directors, into an inspiring ode
Email:                   678 (BF) ep                                to classic and contemporary cinema.
Phone: +420 603 499828                     Director(s): Mohamed Diab                  Territories Sold: All available
Log line: Surrealist Jan Svankmajer        Prod. Countries: Egypt
deals with one of the biggest              Prod. Year: 2010                           France
obsessions in his life: dreams. The        Length (min.): 100
main protagonist Evzen is having                                                      Fleurs du mal (BF)
                                           Format: Betacam Digi
obscure dreams and desperately                                                        Director(s): David Dusa
                                           Genre: Fiction
trying to control them. The author uses                                               Prod. Countries: France
                                           Sales Co.:Fortissimo Films
a very special technique, creating a                                                  Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Sales Contact:
film collage of sorts.                                                                Length (min.): 100
Territories Sold: Czech Republic                                                      Format: DCP
                                           Phone: +31 20 6273215
(Athanor), Slovakia (C-Ga Film),                                                      Genre: Fiction
                                           Log line: 678 reveals revealing a raw
Japan (Ren Corporation)                                                               Sales Co.:Sciapode
                                           side of Egypt that the world has barely
                                                                                      Sales Contact: Emilie Blézat
                                           seen. The film unfolds the poignant
                                           story of three women and their search
Dominican Republic                                                                    Phone: +33 1 78342525
                                           for justice from the daily plight of
Jean Gentil (BF)                                                                      Log line: Bubbly and energetic love
                                           sexual harassment in Egypt. When
Director(s): Laura Amelia Guzmán,                                                     story about a boy who is a free spirit
                                           one of the women resorts to stabbing
Israel Cárdenas                                                                       and moves through Paris dancing and
                                           harassers in the groin, she becomes a
Prod. Countries: Dominican Republic,                                                  an Iranian girl who is in exile in the
                                           phantasmal hero that causes a
Mexico, Germany                                                                       City of Light. Using media such as
                                           nationwide stir.
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                      YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, they
                                           Territories Sold:
Length (min.): 84                                                                     follow the situation in Iran and each
Format: 35mm                                                                          other. Rebellious feature debut by
Genre: Fiction                             Finland                                    David Dusa.
Sales Co.:Aurora Dominicana                The Painting Sellers (SH)                  Territories Sold: All available
Sales Contact: Laura Amelia Guzmán         Director(s): Juho Kuosmanen                Simon Werner a disparu... (BF)
Email:                  Prod. Countries: Finland                   Director(s): Fabrice Gobert
Phone: +1 809 5677677                      Prod. Year: 2010                           Prod. Countries: France
Log line: The journey by the Haitian       Length (min.): 59                          Prod. Year: 2010
Jean Remy Genty, a French teacher          Format: 35mm                               Length (min.): 87
looking for work in the Dominican          Genre: Fiction                             Format: 35mm
Republic, takes him from the urban         Sales Co.:Aamu Filmcompany ltd.            Genre: Fiction
bustle to the jungle. Yet his journey is   Sales Contact: Jussi Rantamäki             Sales Co.:TF1 International
primarily an inner struggle. The           Email:                                     Sales Contact: Adeline Falampin
second film by the makers of the                Email:
award-winning Cocochi.                     Phone: +358 40 7355977                     Phone: +33 1 41412168
Territories Sold: Mexico (Cineteca         Log line: Winner of the student            Log line: High school thriller about the
Nacional), Dominican Republic              competition in Cannes is a delicate        disappearance of Simon Werner, pupil
                                           family drama about an exceptional          at a lycée just outside Paris. The only
                                           friendship in icy Finland.                 clue: bloodstains in a classroom. A
                                           Territories Sold: Arte: France,            few days later, a girl disappears. And
Hawi (SP) ip                               Germany, Belgium, Austria,                 then another one... Four pupils tell
Director(s): Ibrahim El Batout             Luxembourg, Switzerland; YLE               their version of the story. With a
Prod. Countries: Egypt, Qatar              Finland: Finland                           striking and strange melancholy score
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                      by Sonic Youth.
Length (min.): 112                         Sodankylä Forever (RG) wp
                                           Director(s): Peter von Bagh                Territories Sold:
Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Countries: Finland                   L' affaire des divisions Morituri (OS)
Sales Co.:Ein Shams Films                  Prod. Year: 2011                           Director(s): F.J. Ossang
Sales Contact: Hossam Elouan               Length (min.): 270                         Prod. Countries: France
Email:                                     Format: Betacam Digi                       Prod. Year: 1984            Genre: Creative Documentary                Length (min.): 81
Format: 35mm                                  Sales Contact: Christophe Barral            entertaining film version of The
Genre: Fiction                                Email:          Sleeping Beauty. In a journey through
Sales Co.:UMedia                              Phone: +33 1 45440770                       time and space, Breillat has an eye for
Sales Contact:                                Log line: A director feels his death is     detail as she portrays the innocent yet
Phone: +33 1 48704656                         imminent and takes a bear's advice.         sexually tinted world of Anastasia.
Log line: A bookmaker is                      Unmistakeable, with filmmaker               After sleeping for 100 years, the story
cross-examined about prostitution and         Betbeder's light, mystical touch.           moves from the seventeenth century
clandestine gladiator fights by a police      Territories Sold: All available             to the present day.
commissioner who has a complete file,         Chantrapas (SP)                             Territories Sold: France, United
but no hard evidence. Set in a world          Director(s): Otar Iosseliani                States, Canada, CIS, Baltic States,
where pseudo-punks have turned their          Prod. Countries: France, Georgia            Korea
backs on bourgeois society and flirt          Prod. Year: 2010                            Free Radicals - A History of
with death.                                   Length (min.): 122                          Experimental Cinema (RG)
Territories Sold:                             Format: 35mm                                Director(s): Pip Chodorov
Film socialisme (SP)                          Genre: Fiction                              Prod. Countries: France
Director(s): Jean-Luc Godard                  Sales Co.:Les Films du Losange              Prod. Year: 2010
Prod. Countries: France, Switzerland          Sales Contact: Agathe Valentin              Length (min.): 82
Prod. Year: 2010                              Email:         Format: HDcam
Length (min.): 101                            Phone: +33 1 44438728                       Genre: Creative Documentary
Format: DCP                                   Log line: Iosseliani returns to his         Sales Co.:Celluloid Dreams
Genre: Fiction                                native country Georgia with a parable       Sales Contact: Johan de Faria
Sales Co.:Wild Bunch                          about the need to remain faithful to        Email:
Sales Contact: Esther Devos                   yourself despite all obstacles. A           Phone: +33 1 49700370
Email:                    filmmaker who has a conflict with           Log line: Named after the
Phone: +33 1 53015020                         Russian censorship leaves for France.       experimental film classic by Len Lye,
Log line: Film essay by the French            There, he also experiences a form of        Free Radicals is an informative yet
maestro about the situation in Europe.        censorship.                                 above all passionate film essay, as
It’s a symphony in three parts: a             Territories Sold: Switzerland (JMH          well as a fine introduction to the world
Mediterranean cruise with multilingual        Distribution), Portugal (Clap Filmes),      of avant-garde film.
conversations between the                     Poland (Against Gravity), Japan             Territories Sold: All available
holiday-makers; a sister and her little       (Bitters Ends)                              Je suis un No Man's Land (BF) ip
brother who indict their parents for the      El Sicario Room 164 (BF)                    Director(s): Thierry Jousse
tribunal of their youth; and a visit to six   Director(s): Gianfranco Rosi                Prod. Countries: France
legendary spots.                              Prod. Countries: France                     Prod. Year: 2011
Territories Sold: Information not             Prod. Year: 2010                            Length (min.): 92
available                                     Length (min.): 84                           Format: 35mm
Dharma Guns (OS)                              Format: Betacam Digi PAL                    Genre: Fiction
Director(s): F.J. Ossang                      Genre: Creative Documentary                 Sales Co.:Les films Hatari
Prod. Countries: France, Portugal             Sales Co.:Doc & Film International          Sales Contact: Julia Coudray
Prod. Year: 2010                              Sales Contact: Daniela Elstner              Email:
Length (min.): 93                             Email:             Phone: +33 1 40220140
Format: 35mm                                  Phone: +33 1 42775687                       Log line: After a concert in his
Genre: Fiction                                Log line: Limited means, maximum            birthplace and a bizarre night with a
Sales Co.:UMedia                              effect. The stunning story of El Sicario,   groupie, singer Philippe happens to
Sales Contact: Virginie Devesa                a hitman for organised crime in Ciudad      end up back at his parents’ place. But
Email:                     Juárez, the murder capital of the           he doesn't manage to get away again.
Phone: +33 1 48704656                         world. He tells all: how, what, where,      An enchantment stops him. Is it the
Log line: This film opens with a              who and why. In a hotel room, with a        ornithologist who operates at night? A
beautiful scene: a speedboat, steered         bag over his head, because if they find     cheerful comedy.
by a woman, races at high speed over          him, he’s dead.                             Territories Sold: France (Sophie Dulac
the water. Behind it a water-skier, who       Territories Sold: France & Italy (TV        Distribution)
suddenly crashes. The man wakes               rights)                                     Un poison violent (BF)
from a coma to discover that                  La belle endormie (SP)                      Director(s): Katell Quillévéré
genealogists are looking for an               Director(s): Catherine Breillat             Prod. Countries: France
individual whose identity matches his.        Prod. Countries: France                     Prod. Year: 2010
Territories Sold: All available               Prod. Year: 2010                            Length (min.): 92
Yoshido (Les autres vies) (SH) wp             Length (min.): 82                           Format: 35mm
Director(s): Sébastien Betbeder               Format: HDcam                               Genre: Fiction
Prod. Countries: France                       Genre: Fiction                              Sales Co.:Films Distribution
Prod. Year: 2011                              Sales Co.:Pyramide International            Sales Contact: Sébastien Beffa
Length (min.): 53                             Sales Contact: Yoann Ubermulhin             Email:
Format: HDcam                                 Email:              Phone: +33 1 53103399
Genre: Fiction                                Phone: +33 1 42960220                       Log line: When the young teenager
Sales Co.:Les Films du Worso                  Log line: Visual, intellectual and          Anna comes home from boarding
school, she discovers that her father       Territories Sold:                           Length (min.): 97
has left. Her mother clings onto the        Julien (BF)                                 Format: 35mm
local priest, a childhood friend. With      Director(s): Gaël Lépingle                  Genre: Fiction
the aid of her grandfather and her          Prod. Countries: France                     Sales Co.:UMedia
free-spirited boyfriend, Anna tries to      Prod. Year: 2010                            Phone: +33 1 48704656
hold her own in this new situation.         Length (min.): 80                           Log line: Angstel trades in forged
Territories Sold: All available             Format: Betacam Digi PAL                    paintings, under the guidance of his
L' illusion comique (SP) ip                 Genre: Creative Documentary                 mother, Milady. Their network extends
Director(s): Mathieu Amalric                Sales Co.:Bathysphere Productions           into other murky affairs, provoking the
Prod. Countries: France                     Sales Contact: Nicolas Anthomé              wrath of a rival gang. Angstel falls in
Prod. Year: 2010                            Email:               love with Ancetta, a prostitute, and
Length (min.): 77                           Phone: +33 1 40213702                       flees with her to the north of Chile.
Format: HDcam                               Log line: Teenagers playing knights.        Territories Sold:
Genre: Fiction                              They dream of a future far from their
Sales Co.:Le Pacte                          native village of Beauce. A loving and      Germany
Sales Contact: Arnaud Aubelle               poetic glimpse of the young people
                                                                                        Drei (SP)
Email:               and their surroundings, the French
                                                                                        Director(s): Tom Tykwer
Phone: +33 1 44695959                       countryside. Julien prepares to leave
                                                                                        Prod. Countries: Germany
Log line: A father is looking for the son   his friends, his parents and the
                                                                                        Prod. Year: 2011
he hasn’t seen for years in this            landscape of his childhood.
                                                                                        Length (min.): 119
contemporary adaptation of the              Territories Sold: All availables
                                                                                        Format: 35mm
seventeenth-century play by Pierre          La BM du Seigneur (BF) ip                   Genre: Fiction
Corneille. Acted vivaciously by             Director(s): Jean-Charles Hue               Sales Co.:The Match Factory GmbH
performers from the Comédie                 Prod. Countries: France                     Sales Contact: Brigitte Suarez
Française, who recite their texts in        Prod. Year: 2010                            Email:
alexandrines.                               Length (min.): 84                 
Territories Sold:                           Format: HDcam                               Phone: +49 221 5397090
Le trésor des îles chiennes (OS)            Genre: Fiction                              Log line: Hanna and Simon have been
Director(s): F.J. Ossang                    Sales Co.:Capricci Films                    a couple for 20 years. Without either
Prod. Countries: France, Portugal           Sales Contact: Julien Rejl                  knowing, and through an incredible
Prod. Year: 1990                            Email:              accumulation of coincidences, both
Length (min.): 109                          Phone: +33 1 83624375                       begin an affair with Adam. A funny and
Format: 35mm                                Log line: In this western-like              tragic, playful and poetic trip to a
Genre: Fiction                              docufiction, the inhabitants of a trailer   bourgeois, bohemian, picture-book
Sales Co.:UMedia                            park play themselves. Fred and his          Berlin.
Phone: +33 1 48704656                       friends are involved in dubious affairs:    Territories Sold:
Log line: The world after the atomic        stealing expensive cars. Then a white       Eika Katappa (RG)
age. An engineer disappears, together       stray dog brings about a complete           Director(s): Werner Schroeter
with his consortium (Kryo'Corp) and         change in Fred’s life. His surroundings     Prod. Countries: West Germany
his discovery: a new energy source          have trouble understanding.                 Prod. Year: 1969
powered by the fusion of two primary        Territories Sold: All available excpet      Length (min.): 144
substances. Ulysses, Kryo'Corp's heir,      for TV rights in France, Germany,           Format: 35mm
organises an expedition to the only         Switzerland and Belgium.                    Genre: Experimental
place these substances occur.               Une sorte de journal vidéo (OF) wp          Sales Co.:Agentur M.A.R.S
Territories Sold:                           Director(s): agnès b.                       Phone: +49 30 37591957
El passatger clandestí (AV)                 Prod. Countries: France                     Log line: Collage of images and
Director(s): Agustí Villaronga              Prod. Year: 2011                            sounds which the spectator can
Prod. Countries: France, Spain              Length (min.): 75                           compile into a unit in his head. The
Prod. Year: 1995                            Format: Betacam Digi                        soundtrack, as we might expect from
Length (min.): 96                           Genre: Experimental                         Schroeter, contains plenty of opera,
Format: Betacam SP                          Sales Co.:Love Streams agnès b.             including music by Verdi and Wagner.
Genre: Fiction                              Productions                                 The leading role is played by diva
Sales Co.:Massa d'Or Produccions            Phone: +33 1 53384345                       Magdalena Montezuma, a regular
Sales Contact:                              Log line: Designer agnès b. is also a       guest in Schroeter’s films.
Email:                                      patron of film, and has been a              Territories Sold:
Phone: +34 933103510                        filmmaker for 20 years. She compiled        Headshots (TG) ip
Log line: Simenon story with Simon          this video diary from her archives,         Director(s): Lawrence Tooley
Callow, Bruno Todeschini and Mercè          about her work and sources of               Prod. Countries: Germany, Austria
Pons. Generally seen as a less              inspiration.                                Prod. Year: 2010
successful Villaronga, but this             Territories Sold:                           Length (min.): 92
commissioned work - a detective film        Docteur Chance (OS)                         Format: 35mm
about the death of a film distributor -     Director(s): F.J. Ossang                    Genre: Fiction
offers plenty of (viewing) fun. Largely     Prod. Countries: France, Chile              Sales Co.:AskimAskim Film
situated on Tahiti.                         Prod. Year: 1997                            Sales Contact: Lawrence Tooley
Email:              Territories Sold:                             surprisingly structured narrative about
Phone: +49 30 61288255                     My Joy (SP)                                   a young woman (Labed, best actress
Log line: It’s always the way: it took a   Director(s): Sergei Loznitsa                  in Venice), who prefers to look at
young American filmmaker to make           Prod. Countries: Germany, Ukraine             human love from a distance. The
the most German, most Berliner film of     Prod. Year: 2010                              director produced for instance the
the year. We follow a photographer         Length (min.): 127                            kindred Dogtooth.
through a city filled with artistic,       Format: 35mm                                  Territories Sold: Greece, Austria
complicated people. She sees and           Genre: Fiction                                (Stadtkino), UK (Artificial Eye),
undergoes it. When she realises she is     Sales Co.:Fortissimo Films                    Portugal (Alambique), Sweden,
pregnant, she sees it even better.         Sales Contact: Nelleke Driessen               BeNeLux (eye Film), ex-Yugoslavia
Territories Sold: All available            Email:                  (Gutek Film), Canada
Herz aus Glas (RG)                         Phone: +31 20 6273215                         Wasted Youth (TG) wp
Director(s): Werner Herzog                 Log line: Dark, nihilist political allegory   Director(s): Argyris Papadimitropoulos,
Prod. Countries: West Germany              about a gullible lorry driver who gets        Jan Vogel
Prod. Year: 1976                           stranded in an ominous and very               Prod. Countries: Greece
Length (min.): 94                          hostile stretch of country. Feature           Prod. Year: 2011
Format: 35mm                               debut by documentary maker                    Length (min.): 98
Genre: Fiction                             Loznitsa, with impressive camerawork          Format: DCP
Sales Co.:Werner Herzog Film Gmbh          by Oleg Mutu (4 Months, 3 Weeks and           Genre: Fiction
Phone: +43 1 512 9444                      2 Days).                                      Sales Co.:Oxymoron Films
Log line: A village in the Bavarian        Territories Sold: All available               Sales Contact: George Karnavas
Forest is set completely adrift when its                                                 Email:
                                           Unter Dir die Stadt (SP)
most important glassblower takes the                                                     Phone: +30 21 07016166
secret of ruby red glass with him to his   Director(s): Christoph Hochhäusler
                                           Prod. Countries: Germany, France              Log line: During a hot summer in
grave. Clairvoyant Hias has to solve                                                     Athens, the lives of two protagonists
the puzzle. Werner Herzog's mystical,      Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Length (min.): 105                            unexpectedly cross paths: a
apocalyptic Heimat film is imbued with                                                   passionate teenage skater and a
German Romanticism.                        Format: 35mm
                                           Genre: Fiction                                policeman in his midlife crisis. The
Territories Sold: Not applicable                                                         opening film of IFFR 2011gives a
                                           Sales Co.:The Match Factory GmbH
Studien zum Untergang des                  Sales Contact: Brigitte Suarez                great and urgent feeling of
Abendlands (SP)                            Email:                                        contemporary Greek society.
Director(s): Klaus Wyborny                      Territories Sold: All available
Prod. Countries: Germany                   Phone: +49 221 5397090
Prod. Year: 2010                           Log line: In an alienating world beyond
Length (min.): 80                                                                        Guatemala
                                           the reflective glass of Frankfurt’s
Format: Betacam Digi PAL                                                                 Las marimbas del infierno (BF)
                                           skyscrapers, Svenja Steve, the young
Genre: Creative Documentary                                                              Director(s): Julio Hernández Cordón
                                           wife of a bank employee, chances
Sales Co.:Typee Film Hamburg                                                             Prod. Countries: Guatemala, France,
                                           upon top dog Roland Cordes. With
Sales Contact: Klaus Wyborny                                                             Mexico
                                           stunning cinematography,
Email:                                                                  Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Hochhäusler tells a fierce, dizzying
Phone: +49 40 6773215                                                                    Length (min.): 73
                                           tale of l’amour fou.
Log line: In Wyborny's 'musical film',                                                   Format: HDcam
                                           Territories Sold: Benelux (ABC
every new sound triggers a new                                                           Genre: Fiction
                                           Cinemien), Germany, France (Bodega
image: 6,299 shots, all directly edited                                                  Sales Co.:RAMONDAParis
                                           Films), Turkey ( Bir Film), Israel
within his Super-8 camera. An                                                            Sales Contact: Pascale Ramonda
                                           (United King), Taiwan (Joint
intoxicating, stroboscopic trip to                                                       Email:
industrial, natural and urban                                                            Phone: +33 6 62013241
landscapes in East Africa, New York,                                                     Log line: A melancholy marimba
the Ruhr district and Rimini.              Greece                                        player, a long-haired doctor who sings
Territories Sold: All available            Attenberg (BF)                                heavy metal and a wannabe rapper
                                           Director(s): Athina Rachel Tsangari           form the unlikely musical group that
Der Tod der Maria Malibran (RG)
                                           Prod. Countries: Greece                       dreams of success. Stylised surprise
Director(s): Werner Schroeter
                                           Prod. Year: 2010                              from Guatemala, shot in a guerrilla
Prod. Countries: Germany
                                           Length (min.): 95                             style, is now collecting film prizes
Prod. Year: 1972
                                           Format: 35mm                                  galore.
Length (min.): 104
                                           Genre: Fiction                                Territories Sold: All available except
Format: 35mm
                                           Sales Co.:The Match Factory GmbH              for USA (FiGa Films), France
Genre: Experimental
                                           Sales Contact: Brigitte Suarez                (RamondaParis)
Sales Co.:Agentur M.A.R.S
Phone: +49 30 37591957                     Email:
Log line: Lyrical film about a   
nineteenth-century prima donna. With       Phone: +49 221 5397090
Maria Montezuma, Warhol actress            Log line: Attenberg proves once again
Candy Darling, and Fassbinder              that Greek film is making great
actress Ingrid Caven.                      progress. Rebelliously designed and
Hong Kong                                   Macau (Lighten Distribution Co. Ltd.)      Prod. Countries: Hong Kong
Love in a Puff (SP)                         The Ghost with Six Fingers: Part 1         Prod. Year: 1949
Director(s): Pang Ho-cheung                 (WI) -                                     Length (min.): 72
Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                  Director(s): Chan Lit-ban                  Format: Betacam Digi
Prod. Year: 2010                            Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Genre: Fiction
Length (min.): 103                          Prod. Year: 1965                           Sales Co.:Hong Kong Film Archive
Format: 35mm                                Length (min.): 94                          Phone: +852 273 92139
Genre: Fiction                              Format: Betacam Digi                       Log line: Wong Fei-hung was an
Sales Co.:Media Asia Distribution           Genre: Fiction                             ordinary fight instructor before over
Limited                                     Sales Co.:Hong Kong Film Archive           100 films raised him to legendary
Sales Contact: Fred Tsui                    Phone: +852 273 92139                      status. Superstar Jet Li then picked up
Email:         Log line: A couple are hired to guard      the role. With an effort to feature
Phone: +852 2314 4288                       and deliver an empty box, but are          authentic fights, this film was the start
Log line: The film has been described       sucked into a bitter dispute. Become       of it all and led to a reinvention of the
as charming and intelligent. It is          drawn into a vivid imaginary world,        genre.
supposedly a jewel. A minor                 where the sound of a lute can render       Territories Sold:
masterpiece. That last comment is not       men unconscious, and an evil kung fu       Pedicab Driver (WI)
true. It is a masterpiece, but not minor.   master takes on the form of Yama,          Director(s): Sammo Hung
A sparkling comedy set in today’s           King of Hell.                              Prod. Countries: Hong Kong
Hong Kong, but it could have been           Territories Sold:                          Prod. Year: 1989
any other city with secret relationships    Yip Man (WI)                               Length (min.): 95
and a smoking ban.                          Director(s): Wilson Yip                    Format: 35mm
Territories Sold:                           Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Genre: Fiction
Zu: Warriors from the Magic                 Prod. Year: 2008                           Sales Co.:Hollywood Classics /
Mountain (WI)                               Length (min.): 107                         Altadena Films
Director(s): Tsui Hark                      Format: 35mm                               Phone: +44 207 4247280
Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                  Genre: Fiction                             Log line: 1980s Hong Kong action
Prod. Year: 1983                            Sales Co.:Mandarin Films                   cinema drew upon new elements such
Length (min.): 97                           Sales Contact: Leung Chiu-yi               as romance and burlesque. This fine
Format: 35mm                                Email:           example has heart-warming love
Genre: Fiction                              Phone: +852 25791718                       stories, fun tricycle chases and
Sales Co.:Fortune Star Entertaiment         Log line: Jet Li’s defection to            spectacular fights. The sparring
United                                      Hollywood endangered Hong Kong             between Sammo Hung and Lau
Phone: +85 2 26218888                       kung fu cinema. A team of Yip,             Kar-leung is particularly memorable.
Log line: Inspired by Star Wars, Tsui       Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen                  Territories Sold:
Hark was determined to develop a            brought the genre back to life. In this    Drunken Master (WI)
brand of special effects with Chinese       account of Bruce Lee’s master, Yen’s       Director(s): Yuen Woo-ping
imagery. In a great leap forward, he        fighting skills flourished alongside       Prod. Countries: Hong Kong
trained a whole generation of special       Hung’s impeccable choreography.            Prod. Year: 1978
effects experts, laying the foundations     Territories Sold: Topkey International     Length (min.): 106
for the 1980s golden age of Hong            (Australia), California Filmes (Brazil),   Format: Betacam Digi
Kong Cinema.                                Polmedia (Eastern Europe),                 Genre: Fiction
Territories Sold:                           Metropolitan Filmexport (France),          Sales Co.:Park Circus Limited
Merry-Go-Round (SP) ep                      Splendid Film (Germany), Star              Phone: +44 141 332 2175
Director(s): Mak Yan Yan, Clement           Entertainment (India), P.T. Teguh          Log line: One of Jackie Chan’s early
Cheng                                       Bakti Mandiri (Indonesia), Someno          films that saved the kung fu genre
Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                  Enterprise (Japan), Golden Screen          from plunging further down the box
Prod. Year: 2010                            (Malaysia), Gulf Film (Middle East),       office after Bruce Lee’s death.
Length (min.): 124                          Skycity (New Zealand), Soundspace          Features acrobatic feats of kung fu
Format: 35mm                                International (Philippines & Vietnam),     and moments of high comedy. A
Genre: Fiction                              Central Partnership (Russia), Cathay       beautifully choreographed and
Sales Co.:Dragonfly J Co. Ltd               (Singapore), Zenith Film (S. Africa),      trendsetting masterpiece.
Sales Contact: Mak Yan Yan                  Keowon Film (S. Korea), Lolafilms          Territories Sold:
Email:               (Spain), Entertaining Power (Taiwan),      Fong Sai Yuk (WI)
Phone: +852 97404369                        Rose Media & Entertainment                 Director(s): Yuen Kwai
Log line: An epic and visual                (Thailand), Horizon International          Prod. Countries: Hong Kong
merry-go-round about the sick and the       (Turkey), Showbox Media (UK), Well         Prod. Year: 1993
dead in Hong Kong, yet it remains           Go USA (North America), ATM                Length (min.): 100
light-hearted. A story filled with pop      Distributors (West Indies), Emphasis       Format: 35mm
music, with a pop singer in the leading     Video (In-flight)                          Genre: Fiction
role (Ella Koon), yet the tone remains      The Story of Wong Fei-hung, Part 1:        Sales Co.:Eastern Film Production
serious. With a very special funeral        Wong Fei-hung's Whip That                  Phone: +852 320 3387
director, one you’ll remember.              Smacks the Candle (WI)                     Log line: Jet Li may be better known
Territories Sold: Hong Kong and             Director(s): Wu Pang                       for his role in Once Upon a Time in
China, but this humorous                   Duel to the Death (WI)                     Hungary
interpretation of the Shao Lin legend      Director(s): Ching Siu-tung                Tender Son - The Frankenstein
brought out the best of him. A perfect     Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Project (SP)
cast, well-woven plot and colourful        Prod. Year: 1983                           Director(s): Kornél Mundruczó
images provide a storytelling rarely       Length (min.): 86                          Prod. Countries: Hungary, Germany,
seen in Hong Kong cinema.                  Format: 35mm                               Austria
Territories Sold:                          Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Year: 2010
King Boxer (WI)                            Sales Co.:Fortune Star Entertaiment        Length (min.): 105
Director(s): Jeong Chang-Hwa               United                                     Format: 35mm
Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Phone: +85 2 26218888                      Genre: Fiction
Prod. Year: 1972                           Log line: The storyline is just an         Sales Co.:Coproduction Office
Length (min.): 97                          excuse for Ching to reinvent wuxia in      Sales Contact: Claire Brunel
Format: 35mm                               cinema, incorporating western              Email:
Genre: Fiction                             techniques and his own innovations.        Phone: +33 1 56026000
Sales Co.:Celestial Pictures               Acrobatic combats with ninjas and          Log line: Has he begotten a monster?
Phone: +852 2626 8000                      opponents in kites are a pure treat.       A father becomes involved in a
Log line: The film that introduced kung    The final battle along a seaside cliff     desperate conflict with his son. A son
fu to the West in 1972. More violent       has long become a classic.                 he did not bring up, but who was
than its contemporaries, King Boxer's      Territories Sold:                          rejected by his mother. The father is a
eye-gouging, skull-cracking fight          Killer Clans (WI)                          director and also the father of this
scenes, paired with Quincy Jones’          Director(s): Chu Yuan                      oppressive film. A monster of a film.
Ironside theme and the power of 'Iron      Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Before that it was a monster of a play.
Palm', makes it a treat not to be          Prod. Year: 1976                           Territories Sold: Austria (Poool),
missed.                                    Length (min.): 103                         Armenia (Artcinema), Azerbaijan
Territories Sold:                          Format: Betacam Digi PAL                   (Artcinema), Belarus
Golden Swallow (WI)                        Genre: Fiction                             (Artcinema),Belgium (Lumière
Director(s): Chang Cheh                    Sales Co.:Celestial Pictures               Productions), Bosnia (Megacom),
Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Phone: +852 2626 8000                      Bulgaria (A Plus Cinema), Croatia
Prod. Year: 1968                           Log line: A godfather meets a romantic     (Megacom), Czech Republic
Length (min.): 108                         killer against a backdrop of traditional   (Cinemart),Herzegovina (Megacom),
Format: 35mm                               chivalry. An ingénue falls for an          Kazakhstan(Artcinema), Kyrgyzstan
Genre: Fiction                             assassin with a penchant for poetry.       (Artcinema),Luxembourg (Lumière
Sales Co.:Celestial Pictures               Vicious fight sequences are set            Productions), Moldova (Artcinema),
Phone: +852 2626 8000                      against poetic scenery, a contrast that    Macedonia (Megacom), Mexico
Log line: Following on from the            brings a sense of modernity to the         (Cineteca Nacional México),
success of The One-Armed                   ancient genre.                             Montenegro (Megacom),
Swordsman, director Chang Cheh             Territories Sold:                          Netherlands (Lumière Productions),
branched out into new territory. Full of   Ashes of Time Redux (WI)                   Poland (New Horizons), Portugal
machismo, and with a hero dressed in       Director(s): Wong Kar-wai                  (Atalanta Film), Romania (Clorofilms),
white, reflecting Peking Opera and         Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Russia (Artcinema), Serbia
Westerns, Chang took bold risks with       Prod. Year: 2008                           (Megacom),Slovenia (Megacom),
his roving camera, never shying away       Length (min.): 93                          Spain (Aquelarre),Tajikistan
from the full blood and guts of the        Format: 35mm                               (Artcinema), Turkmenistan
violence.                                  Genre: Fiction                             (Artcinema), Ukraine (Artcinema),
Territories Sold:                          Sales Co.:Fortissimo Films                 Uzbekistan (Artcinema)
Executioners from Shaolin (WI)             Sales Contact: van Anouk Dijk              Adrienn Pál (BF)
Director(s): Lau Kar-leung                 Email:                 Director(s): Ágnes Kocsis
Prod. Countries: Hong Kong                 Phone: +31 20 6273215                      Prod. Countries: Hungary,
Prod. Year: 1977                           Log line: For Ashes of Time, Wong          Netherlands, France, Austria
Length (min.): 100                         Kar-wai swapped the conventions of         Prod. Year: 2010
Format: Betacam Digi PAL                   the wuxia genre for his beloved theme      Length (min.): 136
Genre: Fiction                             of love and loss. The film can also be     Format: 35mm
Sales Co.:Celestial Pictures               regarded as a wuxia version of Days        Genre: Fiction
Phone: +852 2626 8000                      of Being Wild. For Ashes of Time           Sales Co.:Elle Driver
Log line: Evil Bai Mei has burnt down      Redux, the whole film was put back in      Sales Contact: Severine Garusso
the Shaoling Temple. Hong Xiguan           the post-production mill with a result     Email:
fiercly vows vengeance, but first must     that appeals to ear and eye.               Phone: +33 1 56 43 48 70
wed Yongchun, a martial equal, who         Territories Sold: Information not          Log line: An alienated, overweight
uses her 'Crane' technique against         available                                  nurse whose life is surrounded by
him on their wedding night.                                                           death sets off to find her long-lost
Technically impressive, Lau Kar-leung                                                 childhood friend, Adrienn Pál. In the
is also a master of burlesque.                                                        process, she embarks on a
Territories Sold:                                                                     paradox-filled voyage within her own
                                                                                      memory, and the memory of those she
encounters.                               Log line: Carnivalesque parable about      hide there one night, his world shifts. A
Territories Sold: South Korea             a man’s love for his goat turns into an    harrowing metaphor for unrelenting
(Yeslink), Ex -Yougoslavia                obsessive drama of fate. Camera d'Or       inequalities.
(Discovery), France (Shellac),            winner Nair (Throne of Death) has          Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals
Austria (Poool Filmdistribution),         already made several dramas about          Fund), USA/Canada (The Global Film
Belgium (Film Freak)                      the middle class in the Indian             Initiative)
                                          countryside. He portrays better than
                                          anybody the tragedy of their habitual
India                                     ways of thinking.                          Indonesia
The Image Threads (TG) ep                 Territories Sold: All available            Belkibolang (BF) ip
Director(s): Vipin Vijay                                                             Director(s): Agung Sentausa, Ifa
                                          Out of Thin Air (SH)
Prod. Countries: India                                                               Isfansyah, Tumpal Christian
                                          Director(s): Samreen Farooqui,
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                     Tampubolon, Rico Marpaung, Anggun
                                          Shabani Hassanwalia
Length (min.): 104                                                                   Priambodo, Azhar Lubis, Wisnu Surya
                                          Prod. Countries: India
Format: 35mm                                                                         Pratama, Edwin, Sidi Saleh
                                          Prod. Year: 2010
Genre: Fiction                                                                       Prod. Countries: Indonesia
                                          Length (min.): 50
Sales Co.:Unknown Film                                                               Prod. Year: 2010
                                          Format: DV cam PAL
Sales Contact: Altaf Mazid                                                           Length (min.): 87
                                          Genre: Creative Documentary
Email:                                                         Format: Betacam SP
                                          Sales Co.:Hit and Run Films
Phone: +91 361 2342236                                                               Genre: Fiction
                                          Sales Contact: Samreen Farooqui
Log line: An exciting surrealist tale                                                Sales Co.:babibutafilm
about a computer teacher, a black                                                    Sales Contact: Meiske Taurisia
                                          Phone: +91 10 9810950999
magician and a cyber creature who                                                    Email:
                                          Log line: Intriguing and funny
are predestined for online and offline                                               Phone: +62 812 9405664
                                          documentary on a thriving film industry
encounters. The story oscillates                                                     Log line: Turithrepe could be the
                                          in beautiful Ladakh. Buddhist monks,
between Indian mythology, personal                                                   translation of Belkibolang, a
                                          taxi drivers and shopkeepers make
symbolism and the cyber world.                                                       contraction of 'Belok kiri boleh
                                          their own masala blockbusters.
Stunningly original.                                                                 langsung' ('Turning right through red
                                          Territories Sold: All available
Territories Sold: All available                                                      permitted'). An exception to the rule.
                                          Nainsukh (BF)                              Nine young Indonesian filmmakers
Autumn (BF)
                                          Director(s): Amit Dutta                    take a light-hearted yet profound look
Director(s): Aamir Bashir
                                          Prod. Countries: India, Switzerland        at rapidly changing rules in their
Prod. Countries: India
                                          Prod. Year: 2010                           society.
Prod. Year: 2010
                                          Length (min.): 75                          Territories Sold: All available
Length (min.): 99
                                          Format: HDcam
Format: 35mm
                                          Genre: Fiction
Genre: Fiction                                                                       Iran
                                          Sales Co.:Rietberg Museum
Sales Co.:Chasing Tales
                                          Sales Contact: Eberhard Fischer            Gesher (BF)
Sales Contact: Aamir Bashir
                                          Email:              Director(s): Vahid Vakilifar
                                          Phone: +41 44 206 31 31                    Prod. Countries: Iran
Phone: +91 98 20475300
                                          Log line: A compelling tale on a 18th      Prod. Year: 2010
Log line: Rafiq's brother has been
                                          century Indian painter from a small hill   Length (min.): 84
missing for more than four years as a
                                          state, created as a stunning poetic        Format: HDcam
result of the violence in the Indian
                                          meditation on universal notions of         Genre: Fiction
state of Kashmir. As a result, his
                                          devotion, love and passion. Recreated      Sales Co.:DreamLab Films
parents are slowly going downhill and
                                          images of the artist's miniatures          Sales Contact: Nasrine Médard de
the same fate almost overcomes
                                          perfectly merge with the stunning          Chardon
Rafiq, until he finds his brother’s old
                                          landscape of the locations.                Email:
camera. An oppressive film about life
                                          Territories Sold: All available            Phone: +33 4 93387561
with no prospects for young people in
                                          Soul of Sand (BF) ep                       Log line: Film debut from the tradition
                                          Director(s): Sidharth Srinivasan           of semi-documentary filmmaking in
Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals
                                          Prod. Countries: India                     Iran, looking at three emigrant workers
Fund), UK (Channel Four TV
                                          Prod. Year: 2010                           and their everyday hardship to earn
terrestrial rights)
                                          Length (min.): 99                          money. It unveils the southern part of
Virgin Goat (SP) ep                                                                  the country, and the modernization of
                                          Format: HDcam
Director(s): Murali Nair                                                             its industrial landscapes.
                                          Genre: Fiction
Prod. Countries: India                                                               Territories Sold: All available
                                          Sales Co.:Reel Illusion Films
Prod. Year: 2010
                                          Sales Contact: Sidharth Srinivasan         Rainy Seasons (TG) ep
Length (min.): 87
                                          Email:      Director(s): Majid Barzegar
Format: Betacam Digi PAL
                                          Phone: +91 11 46105657                     Prod. Countries: Iran
Genre: Fiction
                                          Log line: A very Indian film in very       Prod. Year: 2010
Sales Co.:Unlimited
                                          Indian surroundings, yet not a very        Length (min.): 86
Sales Contact: Philippe Avril
                                          Indian film. A guard keeps watch           Format: 35mm
                                          strictly but pointlessly at a deserted     Genre: Fiction
Phone: +33 3 88194202
                                          mine. When a fleeing couple wants to       Sales Co.:Iranian Independents
Sales Contact: Mohammad Atebbai             Off the Beaten Track (BF)                    Israel
Email:         Director(s): Dieter Auner                    The Wanderer (BF)
Phone: +98 912 3198693                      Prod. Countries: Ireland, Romania            Director(s): Avishai Sivan
Log line: An intimate, unusual Iranian      Prod. Year: 2010                             Prod. Countries: Israel
urban story of a teenage boy trapped        Length (min.): 93                            Prod. Year: 2010
in the middle of his parents’ divorce       Format: 35mm                                 Length (min.): 86
and his own teenage troubles. It            Genre: Creative Documentary                  Format: 35mm
reveals an unknown part of Iran - a         Sales Co.:EastWest Filmdistribution          Genre: Fiction
middle class urban youth that               Sales Contact: Van Olivier Bockstael         Sales Co.:Rendez-Vous Pictures Intl.
surprisingly does not differ so much        Email:                                       Sales Contact: Philippe Tasca
from others.                                  Email:
Territories Sold: Iran (Iranian             Phone: +43 1 524931034             
Independents)                               Log line: When their wives go to work        Phone: +33 9 50707830
                                            in Germany, the men in a rural               Log line: Debut with a clean design
                                            Romanian village suddenly don’t have         about a young Orthodox Jewish
Iraq                                        any spare time any more. Beautifully         student with failing parents and a
Qarantina (BF) ep                           observed, powerful but gentle                failing body. He silently seeks solace
Director(s): Oday Rasheed                   documentary about the changing               in long and increasingly desperate
Prod. Countries: Iraq, Germany              world of shepherds in Transylvania.          roamings through the city at night and
Prod. Year: 2010                            With great empathy and original ‘sheet       a clumsy way of approaching women,
Length (min.): 90                           music’.                                      vainly searching for redemption.
Format: DCP                                 Territories Sold: All available              Territories Sold: All available
Genre: Fiction
                                            Parked (BF)
Sales Co.:Enlil Film & Art
                                            Director(s): Darragh Byrne
Sales Contact: Furat al Jamil                                                            Italy
                                            Prod. Countries: Ireland, Finland
Email:                                                          Butterfly L'Attesa (SP) ip
                                            Prod. Year: 2011
Phone: +96 4 7702614471                                                                  Director(s): Tonino De Bernardi
                                            Length (min.): 90
Log line: Refined drama about an Iraqi                                                   Prod. Countries: Italy
                                            Format: 35mm
family that has been forced to move                                                      Prod. Year: 2010
                                            Genre: Fiction
into a derelict building and the hitman                                                  Length (min.): 97
                                            Sales Co.:The Yellow Affair
who has moved into the top floor.                                                        Format: Betacam Digi PAL
                                            Sales Contact: Miira Paasilinna
Despite the many domestic and social                                                     Genre: Fiction
problems that haunt the family, Oday                                                     Sales Co.:Lontane Province Film
                                            Phone: +358 9 46 8 645 12 12
also makes room for a hopeful note                                                       Sales Contact: Tonino De Bernardi
                                            Log line: Documentary director Darrah
about the future.                                                                        Email:
                                            Byrne turns to fiction with this
Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals                                                   Phone: +39 11 4366446
                                            beautifully shot film. Set in Dublin, with
Fund)                                                                                    Log line: Music academic and
                                            the powerful Colm Meaney as Fred,
                                            Parked tells the story of a man down         experimental film veteran organises a
Ireland                                     on his luck, who absolutely wants to         small opera in the back garden of his
                                            blend in. Problem is, he lives in his        old farm. The farmers just carry on
Sensation (BF)                                                                           with their work and life in the house of
Director(s): Tom Hall                       car.
                                            Territories Sold: Ireland, Finland           the filmmaker also goes on as usual.
Prod. Countries: Ireland, Netherlands                                                    But we do get closer to Puccini's
Prod. Year: 2010                            Parked (BF)                                  mythical Madame Butterfly.
Length (min.): 107                          Director(s): Darragh Byrne                   Territories Sold: All available
Format: 35mm                                Prod. Countries: Ireland, Finland
Genre: Fiction                              Prod. Year: 2011                             La nostra vita (SP)
Sales Co.:Shoreline Entertainment           Length (min.): 90                            Director(s): Daniele Luchetti
Sales Contact: Brandon Paine                Format: 35mm                                 Prod. Countries: Italy, France
Email:                                      Genre: Fiction                               Prod. Year: 2010          Sales Co.:The Yellow Affair                  Length (min.): 98
Phone: +1 310 5512060                       Sales Contact: Dominic Wright                Format: 35mm
Log line: When all you have left to         Email:                   Genre: Fiction
make love to is sheep, life can only        Phone: +358 9 46 8 645 12 12                 Sales Co.:Celluloid Dreams
improve. Except that we are in Ireland,     Log line: Documentary director Darrah        Sales Contact: Johan de Faria
a bankrupt economy where 26 year            Byrne turns to fiction with this             Email:
old Donal must buy sex before he can        beautifully shot film. Set in Dublin, with   Phone: +33 1 49700370
find love. And even then, he’ll find love   the powerful Colm Meaney as Fred,            Log line: After a family drama, the
in rather dodgy ways...                     Parked tells the story of a man down         building worker Claudio and his three
Territories Sold: All available             on his luck, who absolutely wants to         young children are on their own. He
                                            blend in. Problem is, he lives in his        tries his best to make ends meet and
                                            car.                                         is in danger of losing out to dubious
                                            Territories Sold: Ireland, Finland           practices. Fortunately there’s always
                                                                                         the family. By the makers of My
                                                                                         Brother Is an Only Child.
                                                                                         Territories Sold: Italy, Canada, France,
Benelux, Spain, Australia, NZ,             creditors. The owner of a smaller shop      not need to make a short. He sees
Switzerland, Portugal, Israel.             becomes the victim of this money- and       that entirely differently.
I Am Jesus (BF)                            sex-hungry shark.                           Territories Sold:
Director(s): Valerie Gudenus, Heloisa      Territories Sold: France (Wild Side         Hot as Hell: The Deadbeat March
Sartorato                                  Films), Germany (Rapid Eye Movies),         (BF) ip
Prod. Countries: Italy                     Hong Kong (Edko Films), UK (Third           Director(s): Okuda Yosuke
Prod. Year: 2010                           Window Films)                               Prod. Countries: Japan
Length (min.): 75                          Pure Asia (SP)                              Prod. Year: 2010
Format: Betacam Digi PAL                   Director(s): Katashima Ikki                 Length (min.): 75
Genre: Creative Documentary                Prod. Countries: Japan                      Format: HDcam
Sales Co.:Fabrica                          Prod. Year: 2009                            Genre: Fiction
Sales Contact: Loredana Rigato             Length (min.): 108                          Sales Co.:PIA Film Festival
Email:          Format: Betacam Digi PAL                    Sales Contact: Miki Ohi
Phone: +39 4 22516340                      Genre: Fiction                              Email:
Log line: Can you make a                   Sales Co.:Pictures Dept. Co. Ltd.           Phone: +81 3 57745296
documentary portrait of a man who          Sales Contact: Shiomaki Yuko                Log line: The recipe seems simple: a
says he is Jesus? Fictional not, the       Email:                                      drugs deal goes awry and then a
directors found three Jesuses in               thousand things go wrong. A pinch of
different continents and played the        Phone: +81 80 1246 5869                     Tarantino, yet most comes from the
game with them. Or is it real?             Log line: It doesn't often happen in our    Japanese director/actor (he is the fat
Respectable documentary - if               era of YouSendIt and digital platforms,     gangster) himself. Done often enough,
respectable is the right word here.        but occasionally films do get missed.       but different. That’s how you prove
Territories Sold: All available            For instance this black-and-white           your talent.
                                           miracle that almost escaped our             Territories Sold: All available
                                           attention. Boy and girl take up arms        Genpin (RT)
Japan                                      against the rest of the world on            Director(s): Naomi Kawase
Pyuupiru 2001-2008 (OF)                    bicycles. And they’re dangerous too.        Prod. Countries: Japan
Director(s): Matsunaga Daishi              Territories Sold: All available             Prod. Year: 2010
Prod. Countries: Japan
                                           Karate-Robo Zaborgar (SP) wp                Length (min.): 92
Prod. Year: 2009
                                           Director(s): Iguchi Noboru                  Format: Betacam Digi PAL
Length (min.): 93
                                           Prod. Countries: Japan                      Genre: Creative Documentary
Format: DV cam NTSC
                                           Prod. Year: 2011                            Sales Co.:Kumie Inc.
Genre: Creative Documentary
                                           Length (min.): 101                          Sales Contact: Naito Yuko
Sales Co.:Dreamkid Inc.
                                           Format: HDcam                               Email:
Sales Contact: Naotaka Yanagawa
                                           Genre: Fiction                              Phone: +81 742 272216
                                           Sales Co.:Nikkatsu Corporation              Log line: A poetic film for women who
Phone: +81 050 68605193
                                           Sales Contact: Matsuda Shinako              want to have children, have them
Log line: An intimate portrait of the
                                           Email:            already or might want them. Maybe
phenomenon Pyuupiru. A visual artist
                                           Phone: +81 3 56891014                       also for new or future fathers. Less for
whose body is the heart of his work,
                                           Log line: Don’t take it seriously. A real   people who are not enamoured with
he undergoes a difficult sex change
                                           tokusatsu (special-effects film) which      the art of natural birthing. Kawase's
operation. Filmed by Matsunaga, a
                                           focuses on the fun of ridiculous            Tiger film Suzaku won the Fipresci
talented director and dear friend of
                                           effects. The hero with his racing           Award in 1997.
Pyuupiru, this is a must see for
                                           engine that can take on all kinds of        Territories Sold: All available
everyone who's interested in art and
                                           robotic forms fights against even more      Alice in the Underworld: The Dark
                                           ridiculous robot monsters. Once a cult      Märchen Show!! (SH)
Territories Sold: All available except
                                           TV series.                                  Director(s): Terashima Mari
for South Korea
                                           Territories Sold: All available             Prod. Countries: Japan
Cold Fish (SP)
                                           Ishii Yuya Short Film Collection            Prod. Year: 2009
Director(s): Sono Sion
                                           (SH) ip                                     Length (min.): 58
Prod. Countries: Japan
                                           Director(s): Ishii Yuya                     Format: HDcam
Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Prod. Countries: Japan                      Genre: Experimental
Length (min.): 146
                                           Prod. Year: 2010                            Sales Co.:
Format: 35mm
                                           Length (min.): 68                           Sales Contact: Terashima Mari
Genre: Fiction
                                           Format: DV cam NTSC                         Email:
Sales Co.:Nikkatsu Corporation
                                           Genre: Fiction                              Phone:
Sales Contact: Matsuda Shinako
                                           Sales Co.:Breath inc.Chavez                 Log line: An unashamedly gothic
                                           Sales Contact: Nakamura Mukau               version of Alice. For a start, the lead is
Phone: +81 3 56891014
                                           Email:                                      played by a man. The viewer can
Log line: Sushi is usually made of fish,
                                                 determine whether it is kitsch, camp or
but fish knives are also good for
                                           Phone:                                      cult.
filleting people. The owner of a large
                                           Log line: A filmmaker who shoots            Territories Sold: All available
aquarium shop employs chilling
                                           three to four feature films per year
methods for ridding himself of
                                           before leaving school probably does
Midori-ko (SH) ep                          Genre: Fiction                                  Kaidan - Horror Classics (SP) ip
Director(s): Kurosaka Keita                Sales Co.:Celluloid Dreams                      Director(s): Ochiai Masayuki,
Prod. Countries: Japan                     Sales Contact: Johan de Faria                   Tsukamoto Shinya, Lee Sang-Il,
Prod. Year: 2010                           Email:               Kore-eda Hirokazu
Length (min.): 56                          Phone: +33 1 49700370                           Prod. Countries: Japan
Format: DV cam NTSC                        Log line: It often happens with great           Prod. Year: 2010
Genre: Animation                           masters. At the end of their career,            Length (min.): 163
Sales Co.:Mistral Japan                    their work gets increasingly scarce             Format: HDcam
Sales Contact: Mizuyoshi Akira             and minimal. So too in the case of              Genre: Fiction
Email:       Kitano. The maestro of the hard and             Sales Co.:NHK Enterprises, Inc
Phone: +81 42 3808270                      absurd Yakuza film (Japanese Mafia              Sales Contact: Takahiro Hamano
Log line: It took the filmmaker ten        film) has left out all the ornamentation.       Email:
years, but resulted in a beautiful,        It is hard. It is inevitable. It is masterly.   Phone: +81 3 54535260
hand-drawn film. With a dark note and      Territories Sold: France (Metropolitan),        Log line: Horror usually makes us
for an adult audience.                     USA - UK - Australia (Magnolia),                think of screams and blood, but
Territories Sold: All available except     Canada (Mongrel), Spain                         Kaidan revolves around refined ghost
for Japan (Mistral Japan)                  (Vertigo),Portugal (Midas), Japan               stories from a forgotten Japan. The
13 Assassins (SP)                          (Warner Bros), Scandinavia (Non                 films are based on stories by the great
Director(s): Miike Takashi                 Stop), Greece (Feelgood), Isreal                writers in the genre. Four mysterious
Prod. Countries: Japan                     (United King), Russia (Russian                  stories. Four outstanding filmmakers.
Prod. Year: 2010                           Report)                                         Territories Sold: All available
Length (min.): 121                         Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City                Haru's Journey (SP)
Format: 35mm                               (SP)                                            Director(s): Kobayashi Masahiro
Genre: Fiction                             Director(s): Miike Takashi                      Prod. Countries: Japan
Sales Co.:HanWay Films                     Prod. Countries: Japan                          Prod. Year: 2010
Sales Contact: Sofia Neves                 Prod. Year: 2010                                Length (min.): 134
Email:                  Length (min.): 106                              Format: 35mm
Phone: +44 207 2900750                     Format: 35mm                                    Genre: Fiction
Log line: Spectacular film in the best     Genre: Fiction                                  Sales Co.:T-JOY Co., Ltd.
samurai tradition. Cult director Miike     Sales Co.:Toei Company, Ltd.                    Sales Contact: Sakura Wakita
made an overwhelming version for the       Sales Contact: Okubo Tadayuki                   Email:
Japanese cinemas, and the audience         Email:                     Phone: +81 3 32488174
started whispering admiringly Seven        Phone: +81 3 35357621                           Log line: Old fisherman takes a
Samurai. But Miike didn’t think even       Log line: Master Miike can create a             journey so he'll no longer burden his
that was enough and he made a              fantastic samurai film (see 13                  granddaughter Haru. Together they
longer director's cut of his film (to be   Assassins), but his real speciality is          visit family in search of a new home.
screened once on Wednesday 2-2).           completely insane fantasy and cult. A           Japanese actor Nakadai Tatsuya, as
Territories Sold:                          beautifully styled parody featuring an          the grandfather, is still as impressive
Love Addiction (TG) ip                     amnesiac superhero. Miike not only              as when he made Kurosawa's
Director(s): Uchida Nobuteru               parodies the superhero, he parodies             magnificent films even more
Prod. Countries: Japan                     everything.                                     magnificent.
Prod. Year: 2010                           Territories Sold:                               Territories Sold: All available
Length (min.): 92                          Hospitalité (SP) ip                             Sleep (SP) wp
Format: DV cam NTSC                        Director(s): Fukada Koji                        Director(s): Sakaguchi Katsumi
Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Countries: Japan                          Prod. Countries: Japan
Sales Co.:Eizo Kobo NOBU                   Prod. Year: 2010                                Prod. Year: 2011
Sales Contact: Kamiya Naoki                Length (min.): 96                               Length (min.): 96
Email:                   Format: HDcam                                   Format: HDcam
Phone: +81 3 53568328                      Genre: Fiction                                  Genre: Fiction
Log line: The film was made for the        Sales Co.:WA Entertainment Inc                  Sales Co.:Supersaurus
price of a second-hand car. So now         Sales Contact: Pascale Ramonda                  Sales Contact: Toshiyuki Hasegawa
anyone can make a film? On the             Email:                       Email:
contrary. If all you have is a             Phone: +81 90 16021599                          Phone: +81 3 35515530
videocamera and four actors playing        Log line: Tokyo is bigger and different         Log line: Mother is a masseuse and
out their relationships, that’s when       from what people often think. Some              her daughter watches, even when
talent really emerges. Certainly the       neighbourhoods are like forgotten               clients demand extra services.
actors’.                                   villages. One of these is home to a             Grandpa is paralysed. The
Territories Sold: All available            hard-working family with a small                granddaughter changes and washes
Outrage (SP)                               printing business. A man arrives who            him. The three of them search for the
Director(s): Kitano Takeshi                will not leave. The unease of                   rapist who got mother pregnant.
Prod. Countries: Japan                     hospitality. Xenophobia exists in               Whores and nurses. A sick, yet
Prod. Year: 2010                           Japan too. As does humour.                      beautiful film.
Length (min.): 109                         Territories Sold: All available                 Territories Sold: Japan (Go Cinema,
Format: 35mm                                                                               theatrical)
Malaysia                                    Paraísos artificiales (BF) wp                 also an ode to Buenos Aires, by the
Year Without a Summer (RT) ep               Director(s): Yulene Olaizola                  maker of the beautiful The Great Post
Director(s): Tan Chui Mui                   Prod. Countries: Mexico                       Road.
Prod. Countries: Malaysia                   Prod. Year: 2011                              Territories Sold: All available
Prod. Year: 2010                            Length (min.): 90                             Triptiek - Beelden van een
Length (min.): 90                           Format: HDcam                                 koninkrijk (SH) wp
Format: 35mm                                Genre: Fiction                                Director(s): Paul van den Wildenberg,
Genre: Fiction                              Sales Co.:Interior13 Cine                     Jan Ketelaars
Sales Co.:Da Huang Pictures                 Sales Contact: Sandra Gómez                   Prod. Countries: Netherlands
Sales Contact: Foo Fei Ling                 Email:                   Prod. Year: 2011
Email:                 Phone: +52 55 47536795                        Length (min.): 59
Phone: +60 3 78773014                       Log line: The director of the                 Format: Betacam Digi
Log line: A sensitive film, constructed     award-winning documentary                     Genre: Creative Documentary
as ebb and flow. In the first part, old     Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's                 Sales Co.:Terrain Vague Film
friends look back on their childhood by     Intimacies makes an impressive                Sales Contact: Ronald Groenink
the light of the moon. In the second        feature debut with an atmospheric             Email:
part, young people come together in a       narrative about a young woman                 Phone: +31 30 2730721
place in the sun. The director of Love      addicted to heroin who tries to break         Log line: Triptiek is a poetic, lyrical film
Conquers All, Tiger winner in 2007,         the habit in a week on the Mexican            that features a trio of locations as
shot the film in the Malaysian village      Gulf Coast and makes contact there            intriguing leads: how we live, work and
where she was born.                         with a mysterious neighbour.                  relax in the Netherlands.
Territories Sold: All available             Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals        Territories Sold: All available
The Tiger Factory (SP)                      Fund), Mexico (Interior 13)
                                                                                          Our Newspaper (SH) wp
Director(s): Woo Ming Jin                   Verano de Goliat (SP)                         Director(s): Eline Flipse
Prod. Countries: Malaysia, Japan            Director(s): Nicolás Pereda                   Prod. Countries: Netherlands
Prod. Year: 2010                            Prod. Countries: Mexico, Canada               Prod. Year: 2011
Length (min.): 84                           Prod. Year: 2010                              Length (min.): 58
Format: Betacam Digi PAL                    Length (min.): 76                             Format: HDcam
Genre: Fiction                              Format: 35mm                                  Genre: Creative Documentary
Sales Co.:Greenlight Pictures               Genre: Fiction                                Sales Co.:Elifli Film
Sales Contact: Woo Ming Jin                 Sales Co.:FiGa Films                          Sales Contact: Eline Flipse
Email:                   Sales Contact: Sandro Fiorin                  Email:
Phone: +60 12 2003865                       Email:                   Phone: +31 20 3302478
Log line: The maker was too honest in       Phone: +1 323 2585241                         Log line: Charming documentary
an interview: he made the film really       Log line: Pereda is rapidly acquiring         about Our Newspaper and journalism
quickly. Too quickly, said the critics.     admirers for his equally rapidly              in a forgotten region, against the
An easy target. But the film was made       expanding, cohesive oeuvre. The fifth         imposing backdrop of contemporary
at the speed of real life and with real     film is a beautiful mix of fiction and        Russia.
emotions. A girl becomes the victim of      documentary, which reveals a small            Territories Sold: All available
illegal insemination. Like a pig.           Mexican village community in all its
                                                                                          Je vis dans le rêve de ma mère (SP)
Territories Sold: Germany, Malaysia         beauty, including moving and shocking
                                            details.                                      wp
                                            Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals        Director(s): Jan Willem van Dam
Mexico                                      Fund), USA/ Canada (Figa Films),              Prod. Countries: Netherlands
Vete más lejos, Alicia (TG) ip              Mexico (Interior 13)                          Prod. Year: 2011
Director(s): Elisa Miller                                                                 Length (min.): 150
Prod. Countries: Mexico                                                                   Format: HDcam
Prod. Year: 2010                            Netherlands                                   Genre: Fiction
Length (min.): 67                           Hoy como ayer (SP) wp                         Sales Co.:Geen Dank Produkties
Format: 35mm                                Director(s): Bernie IJdis                     Sales Contact: van Jan Willem Dam
Genre: Fiction                              Prod. Countries: Netherlands,                 Email:
Sales Co.:Funny Balloons                    Argentina                                     Phone: +31 10 2762531
Sales Contact: Peter Danner                 Prod. Year: 2011                              Log line: The film is the dream of the
Email:           Length (min.): 70                             real mother of the maker, about a
Phone: +33 140130584                        Format: HDcam                                 young dark filmmaker who travels
Log line: Feature debut by the winner       Genre: Creative Documentary                   through many European and Asian
of the Golden Palm for short film is an     Sales Co.:                                    countries looking for knowledge. This
intimate, poetic portrait of a dreamy       Sales Contact: Bernie IJdis                   globetrotting, epic fabrication is the
girl looking for herself and her place in   Email:                    stubborn proof that people discover
the universe. Alicia (19) swaps her         Phone:                                        the most adventurous panoramas via
parental home in Mexico for Buenos          Log line: Meditative and loving report        detours.
Aires with the ambition of becoming an      of several hours from the life of Juan        Territories Sold: All available
acrobat.                                    Carlos Godoy, a legend in Argentine           De stad die nooit rust (RG)
Territories Sold: All available             tango singing. The maestro is in his          Director(s): Andor von Barsy
                                            late 80s, but still very active. Inevitably   Prod. Countries: Netherlands
Prod. Year: 1928                          TV                                          Philippines
Length (min.): 57                         Sales Contact: van Pieter Huystee           Presa (SP) ip
Format: 35mm                              Email:                    Director(s): Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
Genre: Creative Documentary               Phone: +31 20 4210606                       Prod. Countries: Philippines
Sales Co.:Gemeentearchief                 Log line: Documentary essay for the         Prod. Year: 2010
Rotterdam                                 IFFR's fortieth anniversary. Portraits of   Length (min.): 86
Phone: +31 10 267 55 00                   a number of the festival’s                  Format: DV cam NTSC
Log line: Cameraman and                   characteristic directors. With Jim          Genre: Fiction
photographer Andor von Barsy has          Jarmusch, Wim Wenders, Abbas                Sales Co.:Bicycle Pictures
made a dynamic, modernist                 Kiarostami, Abderrahmane Sissako,           Sales Contact: Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
impression of life in a port town.        Michael Haneke and Apichatpong              Email:
Recently restored and provided with a     Weerasethakul.                              Phone: +63 918 9301817
soundtrack on the initiative of the       Territories Sold: All available             Log line: A week in the life of an
Rotterdam City Archives.                                                              elderly prisoner. She was once a
Territories Sold:                                                                     celebrated actress, but was sentenced
Club Zeus (RT) wp                                                                     for drug trafficking. She’s one of the
                                          King of Devil's Island (SP)                 hundreds of women in a prison that
Director(s): David Verbeek
                                          Director(s): Marius Holst                   sometimes seems almost cheerful.
Prod. Countries: Netherlands, China
                                          Prod. Countries: Norway, France,            The despair remains repressed. With
Prod. Year: 2011
                                          Poland                                      great actresses like Anita Linda and
Length (min.): 75
                                          Prod. Year: 2010                            Rosanna Roces.
Format: HDcam
                                          Length (min.): 112                          Territories Sold: All available
Genre: Fiction
                                          Format: 35mm
Sales Co.:Revolver                                                                    Son of God (SP) ip
                                          Genre: Fiction
Sales Contact: van der Raymond Kaaij                                                  Director(s): Khavn De La Cruz,
                                          Sales Co.:Les Films du Losange
Email:                                                            Michael Noer
                                          Sales Contact: Agathe Valentin
Phone: +31 10 2760773                                                                 Prod. Countries: Philippines, Denmark
Log line: Made as a guerilla project                                                  Prod. Year: 2010
                                          Phone: +33 1 44438728
while waiting for finance for R U                                                     Length (min.): 70
                                          Log line: Drama based on historic
There. Verbeek, a Tiger candidate in                                                  Format: Betacam Digi
                                          facts about a brutal juvenile offenders'
2008 with Shanghai Trance, proves                                                     Genre: Creative Documentary
                                          prison in the early 1900s on the
that his creative production is on the                                                Sales Co.:Kamias Road
                                          Norwegian island of Bastøy. When
rise and that China seems an endless                                                  Sales Contact: Khavn De La Cruz
                                          Erling (17) arrives, he is determined to
source of inspiration in this drama                                                   Email:
                                          escape and this heralds a dramatic
about a gigolo club for nouveau riche                                                 Phone: +63 2 4358354
                                          chain of events. With a wonderful
women in Shanghai.                                                                    Log line: The Son of God is a dwarf.
                                          Stellan Skarsgård.
Territories Sold: All available                                                       He has a blonde wig and allows
                                          Territories Sold: Norway (Euforia
The Day I Disappeared (BF) wp             Film), Finland, Sweden, Denmark,            himself to be carried around by
Director(s): Atousa Bandeh                Iceland, France (Les Films du               Filipinos. Two filmmakers, one Filipino
Ghiasabadi                                Losange), Poland                            and one Danish, follow him at first, but
Prod. Countries: Netherlands, Iran                                                    end up largely following each other. A
Prod. Year: 2011                                                                      kind of documentary. A glimpse from
Length (min.): 61                         Paraguay                                    the outside and at the same time from
Format: HDcam                             Novena (BF)                                 within.
Genre: Creative Documentary               Director(s): Enrique Collar                 Territories Sold: All available
Sales Co.:A Bandeh                        Prod. Countries: Paraguay,                  Chassis (SP) ep
Sales Contact: Atousa Bandeh              Netherlands                                 Director(s): Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
Ghiasabadi                                Prod. Year: 2010                            Prod. Countries: Philippines
Email:              Length (min.): 96                           Prod. Year: 2010
Phone: +31 6 18495622                     Format: HDcam                               Length (min.): 73
Log line: Very personal film essay        Genre: Fiction                              Format: HDcam
about immigration, seen through the       Sales Co.:AreachikaCine                     Genre: Fiction
eyes of a refugee. About what it’s like   Sales Contact: André Schreuders             Sales Co.:Bicycle Pictures
to be a foreigner in a strange country,   Email:                       Sales Contact: Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
about loneliness, homesickness and        Phone: +595 21 418749                       Email:
doubt.                                    Log line: Painter and filmmaker Collar      Phone: +63 918 9301817
Territories Sold: All available           allows his uncle Juan de Dios and his       Log line: The chassis is the foundation
Tiger Eyes (SH) wp                        Paraguayan fellow villagers to more or      of a car. You could hardly call it the
Director(s): Frank Scheffer               less play themselves in this authentic      foundation of a house, but for young
Prod. Countries: Netherlands              portrait of rural culture. During nine      mother Norah and her little daughter
Prod. Year: 2011                          days of mourning ('novena') for his         Sarah this is actually the case. For
Length (min.): 53                         deceased mother, uncle Juan reflects        lack of anything better, they sleep
Format: HDcam                             on life as a guest worker in Buenos         under parked lorries. Dirty and far from
Genre: Creative Documentary               Aires.                                      safe. In moving black-and-white.
Sales Co.:Pieter van Huystee Film &       Territories Sold: All available             Territories Sold:
Kommander Kulas: The One and               for a superb ensemble cast, with a fine         Log line: Breathtaking film version of
Only Concert of the Amazing                leading role by actor Gustaw Holoubek           the classic Portuguese novel by
Kommander Kulas and His Poor               as the lonely hero who must take a              Camilo Carlos Branco. Lisbon in the
Carabao in the Long and Unwinding          stand.                                          19th century: a boy discovers the
Road of Kamias (SP) wp                     Territories Sold:                               secret of his aristocratic roots and a
Director(s): Khavn De La Cruz              Essential Killing (SP)                          French heiress takes revenge on her
Prod. Countries: Philippines               Director(s): Jerzy Skolimowski                  husband. A spiral of stories, in which
Prod. Year: 2011                           Prod. Countries: Poland, Norway,                nothing and no-one is what it seems.
Length (min.): 80                          Ireland, Hungary                                Territories Sold: UK/ Ireland (New
Format: DV cam NTSC                        Prod. Year: 2010                                Wave Films), Brazil (Mostra de Sao
Genre: Fiction                             Length (min.): 83                               Paolo)
Sales Co.:Kamias Road                      Format: 35mm                                    O estranho caso de Angélica (SP)
Sales Contact: Khavn De La Cruz            Genre: Fiction                                  Director(s): Manoel de Oliveira
Email:              Sales Co.:HanWay Films                          Prod. Countries: Portugal, Spain,
Phone: +63 2 4358354                       Sales Contact: Sofia Neves                      France, Brazil
Log line: Filipino                         Email:                       Prod. Year: 2010
author/musician/filmmaker Khavn            Phone: +44 207 2900750                          Length (min.): 95
(Madonna doesn't need a surname            Log line: Based on a newspaper                  Format: 35mm
either) has a reputation for wild films.   article, this almost entirely silent thriller   Genre: Fiction
However, this balanced, even               concerns an Afghan captured by US               Sales Co.:Pyramide International
minimalist work demonstrates his wide      forces and transported to an                    Sales Contact: Yoann Ubermulhin
range. With a commander on a water         anonymous European country. He                  Email:
buffalo, but also a roaming grand          manages to escape but has to survive            Phone: +33 1 42960220
piano.                                     the harsh winter landscape. With an             Log line: Love is stronger than death
Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals     excellent Vincent Gallo in the main             in this charming, magical tale, which
Fund)                                      role.                                           seems set both in the present and the
                                           Territories Sold:                               1950s. The 102-year-old Portuguese
Poland                                                                                     master shows his romantic, accessible
                                                                                           side with a leading role for his
The Mill and the Cross (SP) ep             Portugal                                        grandson.
Director(s): Lech Majewski                 The Baron (SP) wp                               Territories Sold: France, Portugal,
Prod. Countries: Poland, Sweden            Director(s): Edgar Pera                         Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay,
Prod. Year: 2011                           Prod. Countries: Portugal                       Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, Japan,
Length (min.): 91                          Prod. Year: 2011                                United States
Format: HDcam                              Length (min.): 94
Genre: Fiction                             Format: HDcam
Sales Co.:Wide Management                  Genre: Fiction                                  Romania
Sales Contact: Loïc Magneron               Sales Co.:Cinemate                              The Autobiography of Nicolae
Email:               Sales Contact: Rita Nunes                       Ceausescu (SP) -
Phone: +33 1 53950464                      Email:                                          Director(s): Andrei Ujica
Log line: Artist and filmmaker Lech                 Prod. Countries: Romania
Majewski picks up the stories of a         Phone: +351 21 982 7310                         Prod. Year: 2010
dozen characters in Peter Bruegel's        Log line: Stylised as a superior mixture        Length (min.): 180
famous painting from 1564: Christ          of German Expressionism and                     Format: 35mm
Carrying the Cross. The painter is         American Gothic, this confrontation             Genre: Creative Documentary
played by Rutger Hauer. Also starring      between an observer and a feudal                Sales Co.:Mandragora International
Charlotte Rampling and Michael York.       baron has rightly been described as             Sales Contact: Ronald Chammah
Territories Sold: All available            Kafkaesque. It reveals itself as a              Email:
The Law and the Fist (RW)                  remake of a film destroyed in the               Phone: +33 1 40209170
Director(s): Jerzy Hoffman, Edward         1940s by the repressive Portuguese              Log line: His found footage analyses
Skórzewski                                 regime.                                         Out of the Present and Videograms of
Prod. Countries: Poland                    Territories Sold: All available                 a Revolution became classics. Now
Prod. Year: 1964                           Mistérios de Lisboa (SP)                        Ujica presents a montage epic of
Length (min.): 93                          Director(s): Raúl Ruiz                          official reports of the Romanian
Format: 35mm                               Prod. Countries: Portugal, France               dictator Ceausescu with his 'friends'
Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Year: 2010                                Brezhnev, Mao, Kim Il-Sung, Nixon,
Sales Co.:Polish National Film             Length (min.): 330                              Queen Elizabeth etc. High point.
Archive/ Filmoteka Narodowa                Format: DVD                                     Territories Sold: Italy (Cinecittà Luce),
Sales Contact:                             Genre: Fiction                                  Portugal (Clap Filmes)
Email:                                     Sales Co.:Alfama Films                          Aurora (SP)
Phone: +48 22 8430416                      Sales Contact: Guillaume Mannevy                Director(s): Cristi Puiu
Log line: This Polish take on the Red      Email:                                          Prod. Countries: Romania, France,
Western occurs after World War II, in                 Switzerland, Germany
the territories previously inhabited by    Phone: +33 1 42010705                           Prod. Year: 2010
Germans. Until now it is remembered
Length (min.): 179                         The Actress, the Dollars and the          Length (min.): 104
Format: 35mm                               Transylvanians (RW)                       Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                             Director(s): Mircea Veroiu                Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:Coproduction Office              Prod. Countries: Romania                  Sales Co.:TVINDIE Film Production
Sales Contact: Celine Lin                  Prod. Year: 1979                          Sales Contact: Yevgeny Gindilis
Email:         Length (min.): 97                         Email:
Phone: +33 1 56026000                      Format: 35mm                              Phone: +7 495 6296726
Log line: This sequel to The Death of      Genre: Fiction                            Log line: Funny, serious and touching
Mr. Lazarescu is a freeze-dried black      Log line: Part two in the popular         at the same time, the film follows three
comedy and neo-realistic thriller at the   Romanian Red Western                      parallel stories of old school friends
same time. Puiu himself plays the          'Transylvanian trilogy'. Made during a    and former fellow band members. Now
leading role of the exhausted              productive 1970s that were marked by      a police officer, taxi driver and
forty-something. The camera                a new freedom in subject matter, the      surgeon, all in their forties, they cross
imperturbably follows his actions one      western became a new genre put into       paths without realising it.
cold day in Bucharest. It’s obvious he     national film production.                 Territories Sold: All available
has some kind of problem.                  Territories Sold:                         Truce (SP)
Territories Sold: Information not          Tuesday, After Christmas (SP)             Director(s): Svetlana Proskurina
available                                  Director(s): Radu Muntean                 Prod. Countries: Russia
If the Seed Doesn't Die (RT) ep            Prod. Countries: Romania                  Prod. Year: 2010
Director(s): Sinisa Dragin                 Prod. Year: 2010                          Length (min.): 95
Prod. Countries: Romania, Serbia,          Length (min.): 109                        Format: 35mm
Austria                                    Format: 35mm                              Genre: Fiction
Prod. Year: 2010                           Genre: Fiction                            Sales Co.:Studio SLON
Length (min.): 115                         Sales Co.:Films Boutique                  Sales Contact: Sabina Eremeeva
Format: 35mm                               Sales Contact: Valeska Neu                Email:
Genre: Fiction                             Email:          Phone: +7 499 1439595
Sales Co.:Insomnia World Sales             Phone: +49 30 69537850                    Log line: The latest film of former
Sales Contact: Sinisa Dragin               Log line: This is an unforgettable new    Filmmaker in Focus Svetlana
Email:                   contribution to the flourishing cinema    Proskurina is probably her most
Phone: +33 1 43580804                      of Romania. Micro-stories on              mature and received the main prize at
Log line: Played out against the           relationships, love, infidelity and       the national film festival in Sochi. The
background of the sombre and corrupt       jealousy take place within the            film’s central character, truck driver
Balkans is this story about two fathers.   microcosm of one family. With             Egor, is played by the talented Ivan
One is looking for the corpse of his       excellent dialogue and drama, as if       Dobronravov.
son, killed in an accident; the other is   straight from real life.                  Territories Sold: All available
looking for his daughter who has           Territories Sold: Not available           Silent Souls (SP)
ended up in prostitution. The dramatic     Outbound (BF)                             Director(s): Alexey Fedorchenko
situations are laced with black humour     Director(s): Bogdan George Apetri         Prod. Countries: Russia
by Dragin (Tiger Award winner 2002).       Prod. Countries: Romania                  Prod. Year: 2010
Territories Sold:                          Prod. Year: 2010                          Length (min.): 75
Morgen (BF)                                Length (min.): 87                         Format: 35mm
Director(s): Marian Crisan                 Format: 35mm                              Genre: Fiction
Prod. Countries: Romania, France,          Genre: Fiction                            Sales Co.:Memento Films
Hungary                                    Sales Co.:MK2                             Sales Contact: Marion Klotz
Prod. Year: 2010                           Sales Contact: Juliette Schrameck         Email:
Length (min.): 100                         Email:         Phone: +33 1 53349020
Format: 35mm                               Phone: +33 1 44673011                     Log line: Refined drama of fate
Genre: Fiction                             Log line: Original story of a young       interspersed with the culture and
Sales Co.:Les Films du Losange             woman who is released from prison to      folklore of the Meri, a people of
Sales Contact: Agathe Valentin             attend her mother’s funeral, and who      Finnish origin in Russia.The two men
Email:        takes this opportunity as a challenge     get in a car and drive, with a corpse in
Phone: +33 1 44438728                      to solve various issues in her life. An   the back, to the river where they are to
Log line: A human story of an emigrant     outstanding debut from a Romania          cremate the woman. A magical
who seeks a way to the West and gets       continually impressive with its output    journey filled with absurdism,
stuck in the house of an ordinary man      of cinema.                                anthropology and melancholy.
on the Hungarian border. A                 Territories Sold: Switzerland (Secondo    Territories Sold: USA & Canada,
deliberation on a contemporary world       Film), Israel (Orlando)                   France, UK& Ireland, Benelux,
divided into those who want to get in                                                Switzerland, Norway Greece, Cyprus,
and those who control the law and the                                                Ex Yougoslavia, South Korea, Brazil,
borders.                                   Russia                                    Australia, New Zealand
Territories Sold: Switzerland (Secondo     Gromozeka (TG) wp
                                                                                     I Love You (BF) wp
Film)                                      Director(s): Vladimir Kott
                                                                                     Director(s): Alexander Rastorguev,
                                           Prod. Countries: Russia
                                                                                     Pavel Kostomarov
                                           Prod. Year: 2011
                                                                                     Prod. Countries: Russia
Prod. Year: 2011                           Singapore                                  Magic-realistic fairytale about courage
Length (min.): 72                          Water Hands (BF) wp                        and compassion, in which acrobats
Format: Betacam Digi PAL                   Director(s): Vladimir Todorovic            dance with a tank.
Genre: Experimental                        Prod. Countries: Singapore, Serbia,        Territories Sold: All available
Sales Co.:Non-Stop Production              Montenegro                                 Silent Sonata (SP) ip
Sales Contact: Ekaterina Shneyderova       Prod. Year: 2011                           Director(s): Janez Burger
Email:               Length (min.): 93                          Prod. Countries: Slovenia, Ireland,
Phone: +7 499 1439033                      Format: HDcam                              Finland, Sweden
Log line: An original portrait of young    Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Year: 2010
people in Russia, mostly amateurs          Sales Co.:tadar studios                    Length (min.): 75
who received cameras from the              Sales Contact: Vladimir Todorovic          Format: 35mm
directors and help in filming their own    Email:        Genre: Fiction
life stories. A mosaic of everyday         Phone:                                     Sales Co.:Fortissimo Films
situations with unexpected camera          Log line: 'Water hands' is the literal     Sales Contact: van Anouk Dijk
angles revealing characters’ ordinary      Chinese word for 'sailor'. The sailor      Email:
but also hidden lives.                     himself remains off-screen in this film,   Phone: +31 20 6273215
Territories Sold: All available            just like the woman who is waiting for     Log line: A family traumatised by war
A Stoker (SP) ip                           him. The tight black-and-white images      slowly rediscovers colour in their lives
Director(s): Alexey Balabanov              move through Singapore and                 when a circus encamps by their
Prod. Countries: Russia                    Montenegro, while a logic all of its own   house. Almost entirely without words,
Prod. Year: 2010                           links the various worlds and               a special bond develops between the
Length (min.): 80                          narrations.                                family and the strange circus guests.
Format: DCP                                Territories Sold: All available            Magic-realistic fairytale about courage
Genre: Fiction                             Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (BF) ep           and compassion, in which acrobats
Sales Co.:Intercinema Agency               Director(s): Wang Jing, Anocha             dance with a tank.
Sales Contact: Raisa Fomina                Suwichakornpong, Kaz Cai                   Territories Sold: All available
Email:                    Prod. Countries: Singapore                 Dad (SP)
Phone: +7 499 2559052                      Prod. Year: 2010                           Director(s): Vlado Skafar
Log line: The latest film of the Russian   Length (min.): 87                          Prod. Countries: Slovenia
master takes us to the early1990s and      Format: HDcam                              Prod. Year: 2010
the city of St.Petersburg, right before    Genre: Fiction                             Length (min.): 71
the disintegration of the Soviet           Sales Co.:Wormwood Films                   Format: 35mm
imperium. The stoker writes his book,      Sales Contact: Tay Bee Pin                 Genre: Fiction
makes people’s houses warm and             Email:                  Sales Co.:Gustav Film
does not see strange things                Phone: +65 6404 2699                       Sales Contact: Nerina T. Kocjancic
happening around him.                      Log line: Three tasty shorts. The lunch    Email:
Territories Sold:                          is from a female Tiger winner, but the     Phone: +386 41 992076
                                           breakfast and dinner are also              Log line: Vulnerable, lyrical and
Serbia                                     top-notch. However, there is an            dreamy story about a divorced father
                                           aftertaste, because these are three        and his son. For the first time in ages,
Tilva Rosh (BF)                            refined recipes for ending a               they spend a lovely autumn day
Director(s): Nikola Lezaic                 relationship. A dinner can also be very    together. About the indescribable love
Prod. Countries: Serbia                    unromantic.                                between father and child, alienation
Prod. Year: 2010                           Territories Sold: All available            and connection.
Length (min.): 102
                                                                                      Territories Sold: All available
Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                             Slovenia
Sales Co.:Visit Films                      Silent Sonata (SP) ip                      South Africa
Sales Contact: Ryan Kampe                  Director(s): Janez Burger                  A Small Town Called Descent (BF)
Email:                   Prod. Countries: Slovenia, Ireland,        Director(s): Jahmil XT Qubeka
Phone: +1 718 3128210                      Finland, Sweden                            Prod. Countries: South Africa
Log line: A childhood filled with          Prod. Year: 2010                           Prod. Year: 2010
hanging around, skating, doing silly       Length (min.): 75                          Length (min.): 106
stunts and especially friendship is        Format: 35mm                               Format: 35mm
bound to come to an end for Toda and       Genre: Fiction                             Genre: Fiction
Stefan. Stefan is going to university,     Sales Co.:Fortissimo Films                 Sales Co.:Videovision Entertainment
Toda is staying behind in the biggest      Sales Contact: Nelleke Driessen            Sales Contact: Firdoze Bulbulia
dump in Europe. There is also a girl in    Email:               Email:
between the two friends. Growing up        Phone: +31 20 6273215                      Phone: +27 31 2046000
isn’t easy anywhere.                       Log line: A family traumatised by war      Log line: They were called Scorpions.
Territories Sold: All available            slowly rediscovers colour in their lives   A South African elite unit that was
                                           when a circus encamps by their             allowed to operate above the police
                                           house. Almost entirely without words,      and beyond politics. Trained fighters in
                                           a special bond develops between the        black suits. Like cowboys, they tackled
                                           family and the strange circus guests.
corrupt police chiefs. A kind of           In his 12th feature, structured as four    an established name as a visual artist
Western, but then about things that        short films about a three-cornered         - but in film circles is still primarily
really happened not so long ago.           relationship, he narrates with ironic      known as ‘the brother of Park
Territories Sold: South-Africa             wisdom about the differences between       Chan-wook'.
(Videovision)                              men and women, jealousy,                   Territories Sold: All available
                                           dipsomania, cinematic art and related      Poetry (SP)
                                           neuroses.                                  Director(s): Lee Chang-Dong
South Korea                                Territories Sold: All available except     Prod. Countries: South Korea
End of Animal (BF)                         for South Korea (Finecut).                 Prod. Year: 2010
Director(s): Jo Sung-Hee
                                           Bleak Night (TG) ip                        Length (min.): 135
Prod. Countries: South Korea
                                           Director(s): Yoon Sung-Hyun                Format: 35mm
Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Prod. Countries: South Korea               Genre: Fiction
Length (min.): 114
                                           Prod. Year: 2010                           Sales Co.:Finecut Co, Ltd
Format: HDcam
                                           Length (min.): 116                         Sales Contact: Youngjoo Suh
Genre: Fiction
                                           Format: HDcam                              Email:
Sales Co.:CJ Entertainment
                                           Genre: Fiction                             Phone: +82 2 5698777
Sales Contact: Eric Kim
                                           Sales Co.:CJ Entertainment                 Log line: Justified winner of best script
                                           Sales Contact: Eric Kim                    in Cannes: Lee tells stories seemingly
Phone: +82 2 3716272
                                           Email:                      written by a great novelist. Legendary
Log line: The debutant Jo took an
                                           Phone: +82 2 3716272                       actress Yun Jung-Hee's delivers a
almost Lynchian approach with limited
                                           Log line: They’re all boys, but they’re    phenomenal performance as the
means and plenty of surrealist talent to
                                           not all nice boys. Derailed rivalry        grandma raising her grandson in a
make an apocalyptic road movie. A
                                           between schoolfriends is a familiar        sleepy little town. Blind to the cruelty
pregnant teenager is in a taxi on her
                                           subject, but in his debut, Yoon reveals    of reality, she takes a poetry class.
way to the remote village where she
                                           he has the necessary precision to          Territories Sold: Benelux, Brasil,
was born. They pick up an eloquent
                                           blow fresh life into it. Excellently       ex-USSR (excl. Baltic), ex-Yugoslavia,
hitchhiker who turns out to have
                                           photographed and acted. Winner of          French Speaking, Greece (inc.
special talents.
                                           the New Currents Award.                    Cyprus), Hungary, Inflight (WW except
Territories Sold: All available
                                           Territories Sold: All available            Korea, Taiwan, France, UK, US),
Oki's Movie (RT)                                                                      Spain (inc. Andorra), Taiwan, USA,
                                           Characters (BF) wp
Director(s): Hong Sang-Soo                                                            Hong Kong, Syria, Japan, Portugal,
                                           Director(s): Son Kwang-Ju
Prod. Countries: South Korea                                                          Sweden, Norway, Singapore
                                           Prod. Countries: South Korea
Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Prod. Year: 2011                           The Journals of Musan (TG) ep
Length (min.): 80
                                           Length (min.): 99                          Director(s): Park Jung-Bum
Format: 35mm
                                           Format: HDcam                              Prod. Countries: South Korea
Genre: Fiction
                                           Genre: Fiction                             Prod. Year: 2010
Sales Co.:Finecut Co, Ltd
                                           Sales Contact: Son Kwang-Ju                Length (min.): 127
Sales Contact: Yura Kwon
                                           Email:                  Format: HDcam
                                           Log line: Clever and moving play with      Genre: Fiction
Phone: +82 2 5698777
                                           double mirrors. A melancholy female        Sales Co.:Finecut Co, Ltd
Log line: With his debut, Hong
                                           scriptwriter is working with a             Sales Contact: Youngjoo Suh
Sang-Soo won a Tiger Award in 1997.
                                           narcissistic director on a new script. A   Email:
In his 12th feature, structured as four
                                           personal ode to ambition and               Phone: +82 2 5698777
short films about a three-cornered
                                           perseverance in the creative process,      Log line: The protagonist is one of the
relationship, he narrates with ironic
                                           but also an ironic deconstruction of the   growing group of poor North Korean
wisdom about the differences between
                                           vain laziness with which scripts are       refugees who are trying to adapt in
men and women, jealousy,
                                           often made.                                capitalist South Korea. The maker,
dipsomania, cinematic art and related
                                           Territories Sold: All available            former assistant director to Lee
                                           Anyang, Paradise City (BF) wp              Chang-dong, has made a deeply
Territories Sold: All available except
                                           Director(s): Park Chan-Kyong               moving and profound film about the
for South Korea (Finecut).
                                           Prod. Countries: South Korea               position of the unwanted guest.
Oki's Movie (RT)                                                                      Territories Sold: All available
                                           Prod. Year: 2011
Director(s): Hong Sang-Soo
                                           Length (min.): 102
Prod. Countries: South Korea
                                           Format: HDcam                              Spain
Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Genre: Experimental
Length (min.): 80                                                                     Biutiful (SP)
                                           Sales Co.:
Format: 35mm                                                                          Director(s): Alejandro González
                                           Sales Contact: Min-Kyung Kim
Genre: Fiction                                                                        Iñárritu
Sales Co.:Finecut Co, Ltd                                                             Prod. Countries: Spain, Mexico
Sales Contact: Youngjoo Suh                                                           Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Log line: Successful mix between
Email:                                                         Length (min.): 148
                                           documentary and ficiton is a layered
Phone: +82 2 5698777                                                                  Format: 35mm
                                           quest through history, modern life and
Log line: With his debut, Hong                                                        Genre: Fiction
                                           architecture and politics in the Korean
Sang-Soo won a Tiger Award in 1997.                                                   Sales Co.:Focus Features
                                           city of Anyang. The maker is already
International                              Sales Co.:Beta Cinema                       El niño de la luna (AV)
Sales Contact: Neil Price                  Phone: +49 89 673469823                     Director(s): Agustí Villaronga
Email:        Log line: Accomplished, engrossing          Prod. Countries: Spain
Phone: +44 207 3071324                     film about the loss of innocence set in     Prod. Year: 1989
Log line: Bardem delivers a powerful       a polarised, post-war Catalan               Length (min.): 118
performance as a hustler with a            countryside. Based on a novel, but          Format: 35mm
golden heart. In the grubby slums of       nevertheless perfect for Villaronga. A      Genre: Fiction
Barcelona, he organises illegal            clever boy discovers the corpses of a       Sales Co.:Instituto de Cine (ICAA)
workers and other activities, while also   friend and his father in the woods, and     Phone: +34 91 7017187
looking after his children. Then it        subsequently learns more than he            Log line: Fantasy film that delights the
becomes apparent that he is incurably      really wanted to.                           eye. The moon-child is a blonde
ill. Heartrending, pitch-black and yet     Territories Sold:                           orphan during the Interbellum, who
hopeful epic by the director of Babel,     Al-Andalus: las artes islámicas en          believes that he has been chosen to
Amores Perros.                             España (AV)                                 fulfil an ancient African prophecy. To
Territories Sold: All sold/ None           Director(s): Agustí Villaronga              do so he must escape from a
available                                  Prod. Countries: Spain                      mysterious organisation. With an
Finisterrae (TG) ip                        Prod. Year: 1992                            unreleased Dead Can Dance
Director(s): Sergio Caballero              Length (min.): 57                           soundtrack.
Prod. Countries: Spain                     Format: Betacam Digi                        Territories Sold:
Prod. Year: 2010                           Genre: Creative Documentary                 Aro Tolbukhin - En la mente del
Length (min.): 80                          Sales Co.:Video Mercury Films, S.A.         asesino (AV)
Format: HDcam                              Phone: +34 915120200                        Director(s): Agustí Villaronga, Lydia
Genre: Fiction                             Log line: Commissioned for                  Zimmermann, Isaac Pierre Racine
Sales Co.:Film Sharks                      Al-Andalus: the Art of Islamic Spain        Prod. Countries: Spain, Mexico
Sales Contact: Guido Rud                   exhibition at the Alhambra and the          Prod. Year: 2002
Email:            MoMA. Much more extravagant than it         Length (min.): 98
Phone: +54 11 6380 8303                    sounds.                                     Format: 35mm
Log line: A film with a logic, beauty      Territories Sold:                           Genre: Fiction
and humour all of its own. Two ghosts      Tras el cristal (AV)                        Sales Co.:Imagina International Sales
- recognisable by their white robes        Director(s): Agustí Villaronga              Phone: +34 917285738
with holes for the eyes - leave the        Prod. Countries: Spain                      Log line: Refined game of truth and
Sonar Music Festival and set off for       Prod. Year: 1987                            fiction in the virtuosic unravelling of a
Finisterre, at the end of Jacob’s Way.     Length (min.): 110                          mysterious serial killer's life story.
And an ode to Philippe Garrel’s The        Format: 35mm                                Every cinematic stylistic is upended
Inner Scar, which was shown at the         Genre: Fiction                              and yet the film remains consistent.
very first Rotterdam Festival.             Sales Co.:Filmax                            Villaronga collaborated with two young
Territories Sold: Spain                    Phone: +34 93 3368555                       co-directors.
Després de la pluja (AV)                   Log line: Villaronga's legendary film       Territories Sold:
Director(s): Agustí Villaronga             debut from 1987 is controversial and        El mar (AV)
Prod. Countries: Spain                     has lost nothing of its power. To those     Director(s): Agustí Villaronga
Prod. Year: 2006                           unafraid, it provides an insight into       Prod. Countries: Spain
Length (min.): 94                          human decline. A Nazi death camp            Prod. Year: 2000
Format: Betacam Digi PAL                   doctor who has fled to Spain continues      Length (min.): 107
Genre: Fiction                             his terrible activities, until he ends up   Format: 35mm
Sales Co.:Diagonal Televisió               in an iron lung.                            Genre: Fiction
Sales Contact:                             Territories Sold:                           Sales Co.:Massa d'Or Produccions
Email:                                     Miquel Bauçà: poeta invisible (AV)          Phone: +34 933103510
Phone: +34 932 688530                      Director(s): Agustí Villaronga              Log line: Raw, surrealist, homoerotic
Log line: A select group of actors         Prod. Countries: Spain                      and sometimes violent melodrama - a
(Marisa Paredes, Alex Brendemühl)          Prod. Year: 2005                            highlight of Villaronga's oeuvre.
worked on this television version of a     Length (min.): 56                           Mallorca 1936: a mass execution by
Catalan play, about the desire for         Format: Betacam Digi PAL                    fascists is witnessed by three children
death and other office stress. The odd     Genre: Creative Documentary                 who subsequently take revenge. A
one out in Villaronga's oeuvre, but the    Sales Co.:Diagonal Televisió                decade later, they meet in a
makers obviously enjoyed themselves        Sales Contact:                              sanatorium. Two as patients, the third
in spite of the serious themes.            Email:                                      as a nun.
Territories Sold:                          Phone: +34 932 688530                       Territories Sold:
Pa negre (AV)                              Log line: Bauçà (1940-2005) was a           Aitá (BF)
Director(s): Agustí Villaronga             radical poet and author, contrary and       Director(s): José Maria de Orbe
Prod. Countries: Spain                     unclassifiable. Ideal for Villaronga in     Prod. Countries: Spain
Prod. Year: 2010                           other words. A documentary done as a        Prod. Year: 2010
Length (min.): 108                         feature film.                               Length (min.): 85
Format: 35mm                               Territories Sold:                           Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                                                                         Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:Film Sharks                        Email:               Sales Contact: Erik Hemmendorff
Sales Contact: Guido Rud                     Phone: +94 117 593922                    Email:
Email:              Log line: One of the most talented       Phone: +46 31 7116660
Phone: +54 11 6380 8303                      directors of South Asia returns to       Log line: Danielson filmed his
Log line: The ravages of time take           Rotterdam with a provoking               nephews in the Swedish countryside
their toll on the filmmaker's large,         contemplation on notions of pain,        for 10 years, from the age of nine until
deserted family house. The old               passion, sexual desire, guilt and        they were 19. The result is both a
concierge speaks to the village priest.      death. Expressionist and minimalist,     poetic and universal story about
Shot in a beautifully intriguing style (by   the film focuses on spirituality and     growing up and very specific: while
prize-winning cameraman Gimferrer),          human relationships.                     Gustav grows normally, his twin
the film evokes personal and historical      Territories Sold: All available          brother Oscar remains a dwarf.
memories from all the darkest corners        Flying Fish (TG) wp                      Territories Sold: Sweden (SVT:
of the building.                             Director(s): Sanjeewa Pushpakumara       Television/ Folkets Bio: Theatrical),
Territories Sold: Spain                      Prod. Countries: Sri Lanka               Denmark (DR:Television), Finland
99.9 (AV)                                    Prod. Year: 2011                         (YLE:Television)
Director(s): Agustí Villaronga               Length (min.): 125
Prod. Countries: Spain                       Format: 35mm                             Switzerland
Prod. Year: 1997                             Genre: Fiction
                                                                                      Hinter diesen Bergen (BF) ip
Length (min.): 106                           Sales Co.:Asia Digital Entertainment
                                                                                      Director(s): Michael Krummenacher
Format: 35mm                                 Sales Contact: Manohan Nanayakkara
                                                                                      Prod. Countries: Switzerland,
Genre: Fiction                               Email:
Sales Co.:Video Mercury Films, S.A.          Phone: +94 11 5320000
                                                                                      Prod. Year: 2010
Phone: +34 915120200                         Log line: This daring, exciting story
                                                                                      Length (min.): 76
Log line: After the mysterious death of      from northern Sri Lanka convincingly
                                                                                      Format: HDcam
her ex-boyfriend, a radio presenter is       captures the madness in a land where
                                                                                      Genre: Fiction
troubled by the paranormal. Villaronga       the psychology of war is omnipresent.
                                                                                      Sales Co.:Passanten Filmproduktion
was brought in as the director and           Three parallel stories deal with the
                                                                                      Sales Contact: Michael
gave this pleasantly creepy film - with      attempts of ordinary village people to
an astounding opening and a                  lead a normal life in abnormal
horror-fan approved ending - his own         circumstances.
contrary twist.                              Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals
                                                                                      Phone: +49 89 33097974
Territories Sold:                            Fund)
                                                                                      Log line: School’s out for summer in a
Color perro que huye (BF) wp                                                          small, mountain-encircled town
Director(s): Andrés Duque                    Sweden                                   somewhere in Switzerland. But Milena
Prod. Countries: Spain                                                                has failed to graduate and her best
                                             Pure (BF)
Prod. Year: 2011                                                                      friend Heidi would like to move to the
                                             Director(s): Lisa Langseth
Length (min.): 70                                                                     city. Drenched in heat, the hitherto
                                             Prod. Countries: Sweden
Format: HDcam                                                                         secure world seems to drift away from
                                             Prod. Year: 2010
Genre: Creative Documentary                                                           reality.
                                             Length (min.): 98
Sales Co.:Andrés Duque                                                                Territories Sold: All available
                                             Format: 35mm
Sales Contact: Antoine Segovia
                                             Genre: Fiction                           Imagine, the Sky (BF) wp
                                             Sales Co.:TrustNordisk                   Director(s): Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky
Phone: +34 934154556
                                             Sales Contact: Susan Wendt               Prod. Countries: Switzerland, Sierra
Log line: The Venezuelan-born maker
                                             Email:            Leone
edited shots of friends, of wanderings
                                             Phone: +45 36 868769                     Prod. Year: 2011
around the city of Barcelona where he
                                             Log line: This moving film debut about   Length (min.): 80
lives and the journey to his chaotic,
                                             class, power, art, love and Facebook     Format: Betacam Digi PAL
colourful native country into a complex
                                             touched a sensitive nerve for many       Genre: Creative Documentary
film. An intimate travel diary film, but
                                             film juries. Pure is carried by the      Sales Co.:MagpieDreamPictures
also as absurd and miraculous as a
                                             actress Vikander, who plays a closed,    Sales Contact: Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky
painting by Hieronymous Bosch.
                                             tormented young woman looking for        Email:
Territories Sold: All available
                                             something 'pure', a desire she           Phone: +41 71 3741809
                                             recognises in Mozart’s Requiem.          Log line: Philosophical and
Sri Lanka                                    Territories Sold: All available          observational documentary portrait of
Karma (BF) ep                                Twin Brothers, 53 Scenes from a          the pupils at a School for the Blind in
Director(s): Prasanna Jayakody               Childhood (BF) wp                        Sierra Leone. An improvised court in
Prod. Countries: Sri Lanka                   Director(s): Axel Danielson              the school forms the heart of the film.
Prod. Year: 2010                             Prod. Countries: Sweden, Denmark         An impulsive blind judge questions the
Length (min.): 88                            Prod. Year: 2011                         teenagers from the school about their
Format: 35mm                                 Length (min.): 85                        alleged crimes.
Genre: Fiction                               Format: HDcam                            Territories Sold: All available
Sales Co.:SKY Entertainers (Pvt) Ltd         Genre: Creative Documentary
Sales Contact: Rasitha Jinasena              Sales Co.:Plattform Produktion
Songs of Love and Hate (SP)                  the suburbs of Taipei, a death reveals        The Red Eagle (SP) ep
Director(s): Katalin Gödrös                  secrets.                                      Director(s): Wisit Sasanatieng
Prod. Countries: Switzerland                 Territories Sold:                             Prod. Countries: Thailand
Prod. Year: 2010                             Legend of the Mountain (WI)                   Prod. Year: 2010
Length (min.): 89                            Director(s): King Hu                          Length (min.): 130
Format: 35mm                                 Prod. Countries: Taiwan                       Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                               Prod. Year: 1979                              Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:Cobra Film AG                      Length (min.): 184                            Sales Co.:Five Star Productions
Sales Contact: Susann Rüdlinger              Format: Betacam Digi                          Phone: +66 2 2469025
Email:             Genre: Fiction                                Log line: Art filmmaker created
Phone: +41 44 252 05 76                      Sales Co.:First Distributors (H.K.) Ltd.      fabulous superhero film for a
Log line: Bewitchingly attractive Lilli is   Phone: +852 2 3679147                         commercial studio. The hero is based
confused - at least as much as her           Log line: A scholar travels afar to copy      on a Thai TV series from the 1960s,
father - by her budding teenage              scriptures, only to be possessed by           which was thoroughly
sexuality. Gradually, the previously         evil spirits. Legend of the Mountain          post-modernised. Incidentally, the
harmonious family becomes entangled          saw King Hu do away with the                  filmmaker has had his fill of major
in a destructive power struggle. A           traditional trappings of wu xia. There is     studio spectacles now. So don't miss
dense, dark tragedy told with                a tranquil beauty to this mysterious          this opportunity to see it.
fairy-tale-like images.                      tale that reveals Hu’s innermost              Territories Sold: Benelux (Paradiso
Territories Sold: All available              motivations.                                  Home Entertainment),France (Wild
                                             Territories Sold:                             Side), UK/ Ireland (Kaleidoscope)
Taiwan                                       Dragon Gate Inn (WI)
Pinoy Sunday (BF)                            Director(s): King Hu                          Turkey
Director(s): Ho Wi-ding                      Prod. Countries: Taiwan                       Majority (BF)
Prod. Countries: Taiwan, Philippines,        Prod. Year: 1966                              Director(s): Seren Yüce
Japan, France                                Length (min.): 111                            Prod. Countries: Turkey
Prod. Year: 2009                             Format: 35mm                                  Prod. Year: 2010
Length (min.): 85                            Genre: Fiction                                Length (min.): 102
Format: 35mm                                 Sales Co.:Chinese Taipei Film Archive         Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                               Phone: +886 2 23924243                        Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:Good Films Workshop                Log line: The epitome of a 1960s              Sales Co.:The Match Factory GmbH
Sales Contact: Rita Chuang                   wuxia and a must-see by King Hu.              Sales Contact: Brigitte Suarez
Email:                Mostly taking place at one location -         Email:
Phone: +886 936 968 411                      the inn - the scenes are never      
Log line: It could have been a film          repetitive with impressive feats of           Phone: +49 221 5397090
about Pakistanis in England, but it’s a      acrobatics. Dragon Gate Inn elevated          Log line: A wonderful portrait of a rural
film about Filipinos in Taiwan. A            the wu xia genre to a whole new               family and modern city existence, told
serious film about immigrants in which       status.                                       through the life (and its problems) of a
there is plenty to laugh at, or a            Territories Sold:                             teenage boy, his relatives and friends.
profound comedy. It is both and                                                            The director tackles present day
anything goes in film, apart from taking     Thailand                                      Turkish society in a subtle and
home a sofa you found.                                                                     attractive way.
                                             Eternity (TG) ep
Territories Sold: Japan (NHK), Taiwan                                                      Territories Sold: Turkey
(Changhe Films Ltd.), Philippines            Director(s): Sivaroj Kongsakul
                                             Prod. Countries: Thailand                     Zephyr (BF)
(Pinoy Sunday Limited),Hong Kong                                                           Director(s): Belma Bas
(Lighten Distribution Company Ltd.)          Prod. Year: 2010
                                             Length (min.): 105                            Prod. Countries: Turkey
When Love Comes (RT)                         Format: 35mm                                  Prod. Year: 2010
Director(s): Chang Tso-chi                   Genre: Fiction                                Length (min.): 93
Prod. Countries: Taiwan                      Sales Co.:Pop Pictures Co. Ltd.               Format: 35mm
Prod. Year: 2010                             Sales Contact: Pascale Ramonda                Genre: Fiction
Length (min.): 107                           Email:                     Sales Co.:Medit GmbH
Format: 35mm                                 Phone: +66 2 691 6770                         Sales Contact: Akin Duyar
Genre: Fiction                               Log line: The sort of love story that         Email:
Sales Co.:Chang Tso-Chi Film Studio          can only be believed in Thailand. A           Phone: +49 30 78096410
Sales Contact: Starr Wu                      man returns after his death to the            Log line: Teenage girl Zephyr spends
Email:                 landscape of his youth and relives the        her youth in the house of her
Phone: +886 2 86635179                       love that was meant for eternity. Even        grandparents, in the stunningly
Log line: There are good reasons why         if you don’t believe in reincarnation, it’s   beautiful countryside. Every day she
women are the boss in this warmly            a meditative and above all beautiful          awaits the return of her mother. A
observed film, widely regarded as his        film.                                         deep look into the psyche of the girl
best, by Chang Tso-chi (in the Tiger         Territories Sold: All available               and her discoveries about love, life
Competition with Ah Chung in 1997),                                                        and nature.
in which the cadenza of family life                                                        Territories Sold: All available
shapes the rhythm. In a restaurant in
                                           United Kingdom                             Robinson in Ruins (RT)
Uganda                                     Never Let Me Go (SP)                       Director(s): Patrick Keiller
                                           Director(s): Mark Romanek                  Prod. Countries: United Kingdom
Imani (RA)
                                           Prod. Countries: United Kingdom            Prod. Year: 2010
Director(s): Caroline Kamya
                                           Prod. Year: 2010                           Length (min.): 101
Prod. Countries: Uganda, Sweden
                                           Length (min.): 103                         Format: HDcam
Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Format: 35mm                               Genre: Fiction
Length (min.): 78
                                           Genre: Fiction                             Sales Co.:HanWay Films
Format: Betacam SP PAL
                                           Sales Co.:Fox Searchlight Europe           Sales Contact: Sofia Neves
Genre: Fiction
                                           Sales Contact:                             Email:
Sales Co.:iVAD Productions ltd
                                           Email:                                     Phone: +44 207 2900750
Sales Contact: Caroline Kamya
                                           Phone: +44 207 7537104                     Log line: After London (1993) and
                                           Log line: Third feature by former music    Robinson in Space (Tiger Award
                                           video director Romanek is an               winner in 1997), the mysterious
Log line: The great technical
                                           unadorned drama with science-fiction       Robinson returns in an essayist quest
accomplishment and complex
                                           elements. Three friends, played by         around Oxford for ‘places of historic
narrative structure of Imani are
                                           promising actors, share good               and scientific interest’. A melancholy
exceptional in African cinema, and
                                           memories of a fine childhood at an         ode and bitter indictment at the same
have led comparisons with Magnolia.
                                           exclusive boarding school. But what        time, with a voice-over by Vanessa
The sensitive stories interwoven here
                                           were they being prepared for? Their        Redgrave.
are told in a very special way.
                                           idyll turns out to be a nightmare.         Territories Sold:
Territories Sold: Germany, UK,
Ireland, South Africa                      Territories Sold:                          Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow
                                           Zohra: A Moroccan Fairytale (SP)           (SP)
Snake (RA) wp
                                           wp                                         Director(s): Sophie Fiennes
Director(s): Samson Ssenkaaba
                                           Director(s): Barney Platts-Mills           Prod. Countries: United Kingdom,
                                           Prod. Countries: United Kingdom,           Netherlands, France
Prod. Countries: Uganda, China
                                           Morocco                                    Prod. Year: 2010
Prod. Year: 2011
                                           Prod. Year: 2011                           Length (min.): 94
Length (min.): 56
                                           Length (min.): 80                          Format: DCP
Format: HDcam
                                           Format: HDcam                              Genre: Creative Documentary
Genre: Creative Documentary
                                           Genre: Fiction                             Sales Co.:Doc & Film International
Sales Co.:
                                           Sales Co.:Miraj Films                      Sales Contact: Daniela Elstner
Sales Contact: Samson Ssenkaaba
                                           Sales Contact: Rajita Shah                 Email:
                                           Email:               Phone: +33 1 42775687
                                           Phone: +44 7 756064197                     Log line: Not just a documentary about
                                           Log line: Barney Platts-Mills returns to   art, but a documentary that proves that
Log line: In this film, the snake is a
                                           filmmaking after a thirty year absence,    making documentaries can itself be an
mythical Chinese creature - but also a
                                           with this moving tale of adolescent        art. The director opens up the world of
concrete thought in search of
                                           yearning and innocence in rural            the mystical German artist Anselm
direction. Experimental hip-hop
                                           Morocco. The poignant and poetic           Kiefer. Kiefer recreated the world
filmmaker also tries to find his way.
                                           story shows a remarkable return to         according to his own insight and saw
Territories Sold: All available
                                           form.                                      that it was good.
Speak (BF) ip                              Territories Sold: All available            Territories Sold: USA (Arthouse
Director(s): Yes! That's Us                                                           Films), UK (Artificial Eye)
Prod. Countries: Uganda, South Africa      When China Met Africa (RA)
                                           Director(s): Nick Francis, Marc Francis    This Is England '86 (SP)
Prod. Year: 2010
                                           Prod. Countries: UK, France                Director(s): Shane Meadows, Tom
Length (min.): 85
                                           Prod. Year: 2010                           Harper
Format: Betacam Digi PAL
                                           Length (min.): 75                          Prod. Countries: United Kingdom
Genre: Fiction
                                           Format: HDcam                              Prod. Year: 2010
Sales Co.:DEDDAC
                                           Genre: Creative Documentary                Length (min.): 185
Sales Contact: James Tayler
                                           Sales Co.:Speak-it Films                   Format: HDcam
                                           Sales Contact: Rachel Blain                Genre: Fiction
Phone: +256 787 909305
                                           Email:                 Sales Co.:Studio Canal
Log line: The Ugandan logline is
                                           Phone: +44 207 2260444                     Sales Contact: Anna Marsh
'Obusilise bwogezi', which means
                                           Log line: As a festival, you have to       Email:
'silence speaks'. The protagonist is the
                                           have a good reason to screen a film        Phone: +33 1 71353535
deaf and dumb girl Hope, who is
                                           that is not a premiere - and has even      Log line: A gang of friends are looking
closely followed during an
                                           been shown on national TV. The             for love, fun and a future in 1986
adventurous journey through the
                                           reason is that this is, without a doubt,   England. Celebrated director Shane
hectic city of Kampala. Fiction, yet
                                           the film that best shows how China is      Meadows delivers this 180 minute TV
more realistic than many
                                           making inroads into Africa. Screens        version of his 2006 feature film This Is
                                           only on the Raiding Africa day.            England '86. An exciting experiment in
Territories Sold: All available
                                           Territories Sold: All available            storytelling.
                                                                                      Territories Sold: NonStop
Entertainment: Sweden, Norway,            old-fashioned precise black-and-white      Genre: Creative Documentary
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia,       jewel. About a man whose talents           Sales Contact: Jon Jost
Latvia and Lithuania; Madman              seem to be becoming out of place in        Email:
Entertainment:Australia                   this modern era, when his job at the       Log line: There is a curious difference
Tyrannosaur (BF) ep                       Uruguayan cinematheque is under            between cinema and real life. Anyone
Director(s): Paddy Considine              threat.                                    returning home from a journey to
Prod. Countries: United Kingdom           Territories Sold: Benelux (Hubert Bals     Lisbon, who says how pleasant it is to
Prod. Year: 2011                          Fund), North America(Global Film           sit quietly on a bench in the old city
Length (min.): 91                         Initiative), Spain (Mediapro), Uruguay     and enjoy the light, will be understood
Format: HDcam                             (Figoa Films)                              completely. But if a filmmaker does the
Genre: Fiction                                                                       same, it’s extremely avant-garde.
Sales Co.:Protagonist Pictures                                                       Territories Sold: All available
Sales Contact: van Charlotte Weede                                                   The Fighter (SP)
                                          New Jerusalem (BF) wp
Email:                                                                               Director(s): David O. Russell
                                          Director(s): R. Alverson                                                    Prod. Countries: USA
                                          Prod. Countries: USA
Phone: +44 207 7349000                                                               Prod. Year: 2010
                                          Prod. Year: 2011
Log line: British actor Paddy Considine                                              Length (min.): 115
                                          Length (min.): 92
provides fellow actors Peter Mullan                                                  Format: 35mm
                                          Format: HDcam
and Olivia Colman with beautiful parts                                               Genre: Fiction
                                          Genre: Fiction
in Tyrannosaur, his first film as a                                                  Sales Co.:The Weinstein Company
                                          Sales Co.:Made Bed Productions
director. One day Mullan, a man who                                                  USA
                                          Sales Contact: Chris Swanson
can’t control his fits of violence and                                               Phone: +1 212 941 3800
rage, meets a Christian charity shop                                                 Log line: Film on the life of
                                          Phone: +1 804 5028084
worker.                                                                              professional boxer ‘Irish’ Micky Ward
                                          Log line: Will Oldham excels as a
Territories Sold: UK, Australia,                                                     (Wahlberg) and his older half-brother
                                          naive, cocky American who's found
Scandinavia                                                                          Dicky Eklund (Bale). Amy Adams
                                          God. His co-worker at a tyre shop is
Elmina (RA) ip                                                                       co-stars as a love interest of Ward.
                                          an Irishman who has served in
Director(s): Emmanuel Apea Jr.                                                       The Fighter is Russell and Wahlberg's
                                          Afghanistan. With little to do at work,
Prod. Countries: United Kingdom,                                                     third film collaboration, following Three
                                          the two dance around their inner
Ghana                                                                                Kings and I Heart Huckabees.
                                          struggles and cultural differences. A
Prod. Year: 2010                                                                     Territories Sold:
                                          meditative character study.
Length (min.): 104                        Territories Sold: All available            127 Hours (SP)
Format: DV cam PAL                                                                   Director(s): Danny Boyle
                                          My Perestroika (BF)
Genre: Fiction                                                                       Prod. Countries: USA
                                          Director(s): Robin Hessman
Sales Co.:Flatbush Films                                                             Prod. Year: 2010
                                          Prod. Countries: USA, United
Sales Contact: Doug Fishbone                                                         Length (min.): 94
Email:                                                         Format: 35mm
                                          Prod. Year: 2010
Phone: +44 7961 020352                                                               Genre: Fiction
                                          Length (min.): 87
Log line: One man’s struggle to retain                                               Sales Co.:Pathé Pictures International
                                          Format: HDcam
his lands and his pride against                                                      (UK)
                                          Genre: Creative Documentary
overwhelming odds, Elmina is a story                                                 Log line: Thrillseeker Aron Ralston
                                          Sales Co.:Roco Films International
of love, betrayal and Oil that                                                       (James Franco) had more of an
                                          Sales Contact: Robin Hessman
showcases Ghana’s uneasy                                                             adventure than he intended when he
relationship with China. Curiously we                                                ended up alone trapped under a block
are supposed not to notice the man is                                                of rock, somewhere in a canyon in
                                          Phone: +1 415 3326471
white.                                                                               Utah. Bloodcurdling and true story of
                                          Log line: A warm, intimate look back at
Territories Sold: All available                                                      the 127 hours that followed, portrayed
                                          changes in Russia during the past
                                                                                     with verve by Danny Boyle. Nominated
                                          twenty years. Seen through the eyes
                                                                                     for three Golden Globes.
Uruguay                                   of a few friends who, aided by their
                                                                                     Territories Sold: All sold None
La vida útil (BF)                         home movies, remember a youth
Director(s): Federico Veiroj              spent during the times of the Soviet
                                          Union. Humorous and nostalgic.             Black Swan (OF)
Prod. Countries: Uruguay, Spain
                                          Territories Sold: Television rights sold   Director(s): Darren Aronofsky
Prod. Year: 2010
                                          for USA,Finland Australia, Poland,         Prod. Countries: USA
Length (min.): 67
                                          Israel, Estonia.                           Prod. Year: 2010
Format: 35mm
                                                                                     Length (min.): 103
Genre: Fiction                            Imagens de uma cidade perdida
                                                                                     Format: 35mm
Sales Co.:FiGa Films                      (SP) wp
                                                                                     Genre: Fiction
Sales Contact: Sandro Fiorin              Director(s): Jon Jost
                                                                                     Sales Co.:Fox Searchlight Europe
Email:               Prod. Countries: USA, Portugal, South
                                                                                     Phone: +44 207 7537104
Phone: +1 323 2585241                     Korea
                                                                                     Log line: Nina (Natalie Portman)
Log line: Ode to love and a               Prod. Year: 2011
                                                                                     embodies the White Swan, controlled
melancholy lament about fading film       Length (min.): 92
                                                                                     and technically perfect. For the lead in
culture go hand in hand in this           Format: DV cam PAL
                                                                                     Swan Lake, she risks everything to
also be the Black Swan. Engrossing        Somewhere (SP)                            Atomic Sublime (RG) ep
ballet thriller in which Nina's           Director(s): Sofia Coppola                Director(s): Jesse Lerner
development is mirrored by Rodarte's      Prod. Countries: USA                      Prod. Countries: USA
costumes.                                 Prod. Year: 2010                          Prod. Year: 2010
Territories Sold: All sold/ None          Length (min.): 98                         Length (min.): 72
available.                                Format: 35mm                              Format: DV cam NTSC
Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then          Genre: Fiction                            Genre: Creative Documentary
(BF) ep                                   Sales Co.:Focus Features                  Sales Co.:The American Egypt
Director(s): Brent Green                  International                             Sales Contact: Jesse Lerner
Prod. Countries: USA                      Sales Contact: Neil Price                 Email:
Prod. Year: 2010                          Email:       Phone: +1 213 4131333
Length (min.): 72                         Phone: +44 207 3071324                    Log line: Stimulating found footage
Format: HDcam                             Log line: A Hollywood star who            essay shows how politics has guided
Genre: Experimental                       consumes pills and women yet              the development of modern art in the
Sales Co.:Nervous Films                   remains bored (Stephen Dorff) only        US. Threatening abstract
Sales Contact: Brent Green                realises how empty his life is when he    expressionism was assimilated by the
Email:             is forced to spend some time with his     government and used for propaganda,
Phone: +1 570 7391377                     11-year-old daughter. Once again, this    as the personification of the Western
Log line: Mary is ill and Leonard loves   Sofia Coppola film guarantees a           ideal of freedom.
her so much that he decides to build a    stunning soundtrack.                      Territories Sold: All available
house for her. Brent Green                Territories Sold: All sold/ None          Meek's Cutoff (RT)
reconstructed this house in his garden    available                                 Director(s): Kelly Reichardt
and used it as a film set for a special                                             Prod. Countries: USA
and moving story. A beautiful mix of      Bad Posture (BF) wp                       Prod. Year: 2010
animation, stop motion and live action.   Director(s): Malcolm Murray               Length (min.): 104
Territories Sold:                         Prod. Countries: USA                      Format: 35mm
The Last Buffalo Hunt (BF) wp             Prod. Year: 2011                          Genre: Fiction
Director(s): Lee Anne Schmitt             Length (min.): 93                         Sales Co.:Cinetic Media
Prod. Countries: USA                      Format: HDcam                             Sales Contact: Bart Walker
Prod. Year: 2011                          Genre: Fiction                            Email:
Length (min.): 76                         Sales Co.:THIS                            Phone: +1 212 2047979
Format: HDcam                             Sales Contact: Malcolm Murray             Log line: In 1845, Meek wants to lead
Genre: Creative Documentary               Email:             a group of colonists to Oregon, by
Sales Contact: Lee Anne Schmitt           Phone: +1 781 6985582                     using a shorter route straight across
Email:           Log line: During a hot and boring         unknown mountain ridges. Hardships
Log line: For five years, Schmitt and     summer in Albuquerque, Flo and Trey       mount up quickly in Reichardt’s (he
Lynch followed the buffalo hunt in the    go off the rails. Flo's budding           made Tiger winner Old Joy in 2006)
American West. Their fascinating          infatuation for Marisa puts him in a      first historic film. Indeed, a real
portrait of a disappearing world          difficult position. Will he succumb to    Western yet very topical.
contrasts unspoiled landscapes with       group pressure or choose his own          Territories Sold: North America
commercial influences on the              way? Realistic and visually powerful      (Oscilloscope Pictures), Italy
American myth. A film to make you         feature debut.                            (Archibald Film), U.K. (Soda Pictures),
think.                                    Territories Sold: All available           France (Pretty Pictures), Australia
Territories Sold: All available           The Crab (BF)                             (Madman Entertainment)
Aardvark (BF)                             Director(s): Rona Mark                    Blue Valentine (SP)
Director(s): Kitao Sakurai                Prod. Countries: USA                      Director(s): Derek Cianfrance
Prod. Countries: USA, Argentina           Prod. Year: 2010                          Prod. Countries: USA
Prod. Year: 2010                          Length (min.): 102                        Prod. Year: 2010
Length (min.): 80                         Format: HDcam                             Length (min.): 114
Format: HDcam                             Genre: Fiction                            Format: 35mm
Genre: Fiction                            Sales Co.:Tridango Inc.                   Genre: Fiction
Sales Co.:FiGa Films                      Sales Contact: Rona Mark                  Sales Co.:Hyde Park International
Sales Contact: Sandro Fiorin              Email:                Phone: +1 818 7836060
Email:               Phone: +1 718 2686190                     Log line: During one night in a hotel
Phone: +1 323 2585241                     Log line: His 'crab hands' form a         room, Dean and Cindy try to save their
Log line: Fascinating film is partly      welcome excuse for the blunt cynicism     faltering marriage. This American
based on the life of the blind actor      with which Levi keeps everyone at         independent shows in flashbacks how
Larry Lewis who tries to stop drinking.   arm's length. Disappointed by life, he    it started and where it went wrong with
To improve his defences, he practises     gets on with his daily affairs. In this   the couple, well-acted by Ryan
jiu-jitsu. He makes friends with his      anti-romantic comedy, only his love for   Gosling and Michelle Williams (who
teacher Darren, who is however            his only friend's girlfriend offers him   can also be seen in Meek's Cutoff).
involved in dubious activities. Slowly,   some hope, albeit false.                  Moving and bittersweet love story.
Larry gets dragged in.                    Territories Sold: All available           Territories Sold:
Territories Sold: Spain (Aquelarre)
Behind the Red Motel Door (BF) wp          a single mother and her two sons.         Phone: +1 212 2523187
Director(s): TheWorldFamous Ike            They are all wrestling in their own way   Log line: The tough monotonous work
Prod. Countries: USA, Mexico               with questions about sexuality and        at a dry cleaner's is made tangible in
Prod. Year: 2011                           love, but this does not bring them        Quality Control using long shots with
Length (min.): 92                          closer together. On the contrary, the     great eye for detail. Critical work by
Format: HDcam                              distance between the family members       Kevin Jerome Everson, that exposes
Genre: Fiction                             is always tangible in this visually       working conditions.
Sales Co.:Worldfamous Entertainment        powerful debut.                           Territories Sold: All available
Sales Contact: TheWorldFamous Ike          Territories Sold: All available
Email:                  A Little Closer (BF) wp
Phone: +1 760 8056628                                                                USSR
                                           Director(s): Matthew Petock
Log line: Crazy shit's going down on                                                 No One Wanted to Die (RW)
                                           Prod. Countries: USA
the nightshift at a hopeless Route 66                                                Director(s): Vitautas Zalakiavichus
                                           Prod. Year: 2011
motel. Management gets upset if a                                                    Prod. Countries: USSR
                                           Length (min.): 72
holidaying family watches the Disney                                                 Prod. Year: 1966
                                           Format: HDcam
channel, yet expects the worst of the                                                Length (min.): 107
                                           Genre: Fiction
regulars. Relentlessly throbbing with a                                              Format: 35mm
                                           Sales Co.:Coach 14
kind of fluorescent beauty and forlorn                                               Genre: Fiction
                                           Sales Contact: Pape Boye
humour.                                                                              Sales Co.:Lietuvos Kino Studija
Territories Sold: All available                                                      Phone: +370 2 763444
                                           Phone: +33 1 47001060
                                                                                     Log line: A Red Western from
Septien (BF) ip                            Log line: Intimate family drama about
                                                                                     Lithuania voted as the best film of
Director(s): Michael Tully                 a single mother and her two sons.
                                                                                     1966 by readers of the Soviet Screen
Prod. Countries: USA                       They are all wrestling in their own way
                                                                                     film magazine. Intended to celebrate
Prod. Year: 2011                           with questions about sexuality and
                                                                                     the 20th anniversary of the
Length (min.): 79                          love, but this does not bring them
                                                                                     establishment of communism in
Format: HDcam                              closer together. On the contrary, the
                                                                                     Lithuania, it actually showcases one of
Genre: Fiction                             distance between the family members
                                                                                     the first anti-Soviet voices.
Sales Contact: Michael Tully               is always tangible in this visually
                                                                                     Territories Sold: Not applicable
Email:                                     powerful debut.             Territories Sold: All available           Meeting at the Old Mosque (RW)
Phone:                                                                               Director(s): Sukhbat Khamidov
                                           A Letter to Elia (RG)
Log line: We all have an idea of what                                                Prod. Countries: USSR
                                           Director(s): Kent Jones, Martin
an American film is. Septien may                                                     Prod. Year: 1969
change that. A story that does not                                                   Length (min.): 87
                                           Prod. Countries: USA
allow itself to be predicted. A location                                             Format: 35mm
                                           Prod. Year: 2010
you cannot place. And a brother who                                                  Genre: Fiction
                                           Length (min.): 60
suddenly returns home after 18 years -                                               Sales Co.:Gosfilmofond
                                           Format: DCP
but why? And why did he disappear in                                                 Phone: +7 495 234 1861
                                           Genre: Creative Documentary
the first place?                                                                     Log line: This Central Asian Red
                                           Sales Co.:WME Entertainment
Territories Sold: Sold to Rainbow                                                    Western is a superb blend of classic
                                           Sales Contact: Mark Ankner
Media: North America, France,                                                        cowboy traits and Soviet cinema of the
Benelux, Turkey, Greece, Turkey,                                                     twenties. Taking place in a small Tajik
Asia, East-Central Europe (Poland,                                                   town, a former Civil War hero takes up
                                           Phone: +1 310 2859000
Austria, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia,                                                  his gun once more when an old
                                           Log line: This is an homage to the
Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Belarus,                                                 mosque is besieged by gold-diggers.
                                           work of the American director Elia
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia,                                                       Territories Sold:
                                           Kazan as seen through the eyes of
Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,        another American master, Martin           By the Law (RW)
Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro,            Scorsese. A wonderful, personal trip in   Director(s): Lev Kuleshov
Romania, Serbia), Asia (Singapore,         which Scorsese expresses his              Prod. Countries: USSR
South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines,        admiration for Kazan’s work and its       Prod. Year: 1926
Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,       influence on him.                         Length (min.): 80
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam)               Territories Sold: North American home     Format: Betacam Digi
A Little Closer (BF) wp                    video rights (Fox); US public             Genre: Fiction
Director(s): Matthew Petock                television rights (PBS)                   Log line: Kuleshov’s adaptation of a
Prod. Countries: USA                                                                 Jack London novel follows
                                           Quality Control (SP) wp
Prod. Year: 2011                                                                     gold-diggers on the banks of the
                                           Director(s): Kevin Jerome Everson
Length (min.): 72                                                                    Yukon in Alaska. This silent film has
                                           Prod. Countries: USA
Format: HDcam                                                                        been restored by the Austrian Film
                                           Prod. Year: 2011
Genre: Fiction                                                                       Museum and will be accompanied by
                                           Length (min.): 71
Sales Co.:Coach 14                                                                   live music composed by Franz
                                           Format: DV cam NTSC
Sales Contact: Matthew Petock                                                        Reisecker. Closing film of the Red
                                           Genre: Creative Documentary
Email:                                                          Western programme.
                                           Sales Co.:Picture Palace Pictures
Phone: +33 1 47001060                                                                Territories Sold:
                                           Sales Contact: Madeleine Molyneaux
Log line: Intimate family drama about      Email:
The Extraordinary Adventures of           Log line: Based on the novella The
Mr. West in the Land of the               Smugglers of the Tian Shan, this          Premiere Status:
Bolsheviks (RW)                           popular Kyrgyz film takes place in the    wp WORLD PREMIERE
Director(s): Lev Kuleshov                 1920s and uses the basic formula of       ip INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Prod. Countries: USSR                     the Red Western: a Bolshevik              ep EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Prod. Year: 1924                          superman fights a violent native gang
Length (min.): 86                         of opium traffickers.                     Programme Sections:
Format: 35mm                              Territories Sold:                         TG Tiger Competition
Genre: Fiction                            White Sun of the Desert (RW)              BF Bright Future
Sales Co.:Mosfilm Cinema Concern          Director(s): Vladimir Motyl               SP Spectrum
Phone: +7 495 1439345                     Prod. Countries: USSR                     RG Signals Regained
Log line: This film marks the birth of    Prod. Year: 1969                          SH Short Feature
the Red Western. Made by Lev              Length (min.): 85                         RT Return of the Tiger
Kuleshov, teacher of the Moscow film      Format: 35mm                              RA Raiding Africa
school and pioneer of Soviet montage,     Genre: Fiction                            TS Tiger Shorts (over 50 min.)
the actors included students Boris        Sales Co.:Mosfilm Cinema Concern          WI Water Tiger Inn
Barnet and Vladimir Pudovkin, on the      Phone: +7 495 1439345                     RW Red Western
brink of their own careers. With live     Log line: This cult film from Russia’s
music by the Metropole Orchestra.         Era of Stagnation was another smash
Territories Sold:                         hit in the Soviet Union and is still
At Home Among Strangers, a                popular today. It is the story of a red
Stranger at Home (RW)                     soldier who rescues women from a
Director(s): Nikita Mikhalkov             harem, and has got the feel of a
Prod. Countries: USSR                     typical film from the end of the 1960s.
Prod. Year: 1974                          Territories Sold:
Length (min.): 98                         The Thirteen (RW)
Format: 35mm                              Director(s): Mikhail Romm
Genre: Fiction                            Prod. Countries: USSR
Sales Co.:Russian Cinema Council          Prod. Year: 1936
Phone: +7 495 9785700                     Length (min.): 87
Log line: The directorial debut of the    Format: 35mm
popular actor Nikita Mikhalkov, who       Genre: Fiction
became an icon of Russian cinema. In      Sales Co.:Mosfilm Cinema Concern
his first film Mikhalkov quotes from      Sales Contact:
Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns         Email:
and even appears as a typical bandit      Phone: +7 495 1439345
in a long coat and big hat.               Log line: The only Red Western from
Territories Sold:                         the 1930s, the darkest period of
The Elusive Avengers (RW)                 Stalin’s years of terror, with a
Director(s): Edmond Keosayan              fascinating influence of silent cinema
Prod. Countries: USSR                     from the 1920s, and the earliest sound
Prod. Year: 1967                          experiments. Made by Mikhael Romm,
Length (min.): 78                         who later became a (propaganda)
Format: 35mm                              master of socialist realism.
Genre: Fiction                            Territories Sold:
Sales Co.:Mosfilm Cinema Concern          The Seventh Bullet (RW)
Phone: +7 495 1439345                     Director(s): Ali Khamraev
Log line: Enormously successful           Prod. Countries: USSR
Soviet response to the classic            Prod. Year: 1972
American Western The Magnificient         Length (min.): 84
Seven (1960), a film that was such a      Format: 35mm
box office hit in Russia that communist   Genre: Fiction
                                                                                    Jolinde den Haas
party officials decided to make this      Sales Co.:Gosfilmofond                    Nikolas Montaldi
ideologically correct and yet popular     Sales Contact:
counterpart.                              Email:                                    Film Office
Territories Sold:                         Phone: +7 495 234 1861                    International Film Festival
The Red Poppies of Issyk-Kul (RW)         Log line: One of the many Red
Director(s): B. Shamshiev                 Westerns directly inspired - even in      Rotterdam
Prod. Countries: USSR                     the title - by the hugely popular         Tel: +31.10.8909090
Prod. Year: 1972                          American classic The Magnificent          Fax: +31.10.8909091
Length (min.): 99                         Seven (1960). Made by the                 filmoffice@filmfestivalrotterda
Format: 35mm                              rediscovered master of Soviet/Uzbek
Sales Co.:Gosfilmofond                    (and world) cinema Ali Khamraev.
Phone: +7 495 234 1861                    Territories Sold:               

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