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Evergreen Venture Capital Association


									Evergreen Venture Capital Association
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July, 2003

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   2. About Us
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      b. Officers

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     Bill Tenneson
     Digital Partners

     Bill Tenneson is a Managing Director of Digital Partners. He was
     previously a Managing Director of Kirlan Venture Capital. Prior to joining
     Kirlan in June 1999, Bill was Managing Director at FirstCorp Ventures, a
     venture capital debt and venture leasing firm. During his three-year
     period at FirstCorp he invested in 35 Pacific Northwest companies
     including InterNAP Network Services,, TeraBeam
     Networks, Captura Software,,,
     AdRelevance, and Reflex Communications.

     Prior to FirstCorp Ventures, Bill was Senior Vice President at the Paul
     Allen Group, a sister company of Vulcan Ventures. He was also a
     consultant to The Walter Group, a wireless telecommunications consulting
     company. In 1986, he founded the West Coast office of Comdisco
     Ventures. While at Comdisco, he financed over 60 venture-backed

     Bill currently sits on the Board of Directors of Ontain Corporation

     Tom Simpson
     Northwest Venture Associates
Past President

Northwest Venture Associates Managing Partner Tom Simpson has 15
years of experience as a venture capitalist and investment banker
building and serving successful Northwest businesses in several markets.
Prior to forming Northwest Venture Associates, he was a managing
director in Dain Rauscher Wessels' Seattle-based investment banking
group, where he spearheaded the fund raising of more than $350 million
for several of the region's most successful emerging companies. Tom is a
director of Confirma, Pacific Edge Software, Pet’s Choice, Sightward, Sur
La Table, Telect, TeleSym and VoteHere and a former director of
AdRelevance (now NetRatings), Netpodium (now Akamai) and Packet
Engines (now Alcatel). He is a board member and past president of the
Evergreen Venture Capital Association, which oversees the 40 plus
venture capital firms in Washington State. Tom serves on the boards of
the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies and the
Technology Alliance of Washington. He holds a bachelor's degree in
business administration from the University of Washington and a master's
degree in business administration from The Wharton School.

Dennis P. Weston
Fluke Venture Partners
Treasurer and Membership Chair

Denny joined Fluke Venture Partners at its inception in 1982 with
expertise in the areas of finance, operations management and retail
merchandising. He was solely responsible for FVP’s venture capital
activities from 1982 until 1997, when the increase in capital under
management and the expansion in the scope of investment activity
resulted in the addition of Kevin Gabelein to the firm. During his tenure at
FVP, Denny has invested in over 50 early stage companies.

Denny currently serves on the boards of Integrex, Sightward and Sur La
Table. He founded the Washington Venture Capital Association, now
known as the Evergreen Venture Capital Association. Denny is a member
of the Board of Advisors for the School of Business and Economics and a
member of the Foundation Board, both at Central Washington University
and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Center for Technology
Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington School of Business and
Chairman of the Central Washington University Foundation Board. In
addition, Denny serves of the boards of the Evergreen Venture Capital
Association and the Humane Society of Seattle/King County. He is also a
member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the
Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Denny received his B.A. in business administration from Central
Washington University and his M.B.A., with honors, from the University of

Susan Sigl
SeaPoint Ventures
     Events Coordinator and Education Chair

     Susan co-founded SeaPoint Ventures in 1997. She is involved in all
     aspects of the firm's venture capital activities including deal-flow
     generation, review of proposals, due diligence, deal structuring and
     portfolio management. Susan is also actively involved in public relations,
     investor relations and the management of the firm's financial and
     administrative functions.

     Susan began her career at Price Waterhouse in Houston, Texas. She
     subsequently held financial executive positions in several privately held,
     entrepreneurial companies in both Houston and Seattle.

     Susan is a Certified Public Accountant. She received a BA in English and
     an MBA from the University of Washington. She is actively involved in
     Northwest organizations, holding a board position on the Evergreen
     Venture Capital Association. She was an originating Board member fro
     the Northwest Chapter of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. In
     addition, Susan has been a mentor in the University of Washington's MBA
     Mentor Program since 2000 and was previously an Advisory Board
     member of Seattle University's Entrepreneurship Center. Susan has
     served on the WSA’s (formerly the Washington Software Alliance)
     Investment Forum committee in 2002 and 2003.

      c.     Events
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Evergreen Venture Capital Association Luncheon

> The Evergreen Venture Capital Association and Silicon Valley Bank
> invite you to join them for a luncheon featuring Mark Lowenstein,
> managing director of Mobile Ecosystem (, who will
> discuss the current wireless communications landscape. We encourage
> you to RSVP as soon as possible,
> Attached, please find the full invitation with details of the event.
> At a glance:
> Who: Mark Lowenstein
> What: Exploring the Wireless Landscape
> When: May 15, 2003 - 11:30am-1:30pm
> Where: Columbia Tower Club, 701 Fifth Ave., 76th floor, Seattle, WA
> RSVP: or call directly:
> 425-637-5616

   3. Member Firms

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        About Us | Member Firms | Regional Funding Levels | VC Backed Companies

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Member Firms
Alexander Hutton                   Alexander Hutton is the most established
                                   middle-market investment banking and
                                   venture capital firm in the Pacific
                                   Northwest, with locations in Seattle and
                                   Tacoma, Washington. Our skilled
                                   professionals have a combined total of
                                   over 200 years of operational and
                                   transaction experience. They focus on
                                   companies in a variety of fields of
                                   commerce that reflect the Northwest's
                                   worldwide expertise in technology,
                                   manufacturing, service, retail and

Arch Venture Partners              Arch Venture Partners invests in the
                                   development of seed and early stage
                                   technology companies that focus on
                                   innovations in information technology, life
                                   sciences, and physical sciences.

Atlas                              Atlas Venture is the leading international,
                                   early-stage venture capital firm investing
OMIT ATLAS                         in IT, communications, and life sciences
                                   companies. Our offices are strategically
                                   placed to support our portfolio companies
                                   and are split evenly between the United
                                   States and Europe: Amsterdam, Boston,
                                   London, Menlo Park, Munich, Paris and

Benaroya Capital                   Benaroya Capital has been investing in
                                   early stage Northwest companies since the
                                   mid '80s. We specialize in equity and
                                   equity-bridge financings in post seed-stage
                                   growth companies in a wide range of
                                   industries. Our investments have been
                                   from the fields of Internet (b2b and b2c),
                                   telecommunications (chips, equipment,
                                   and software), manufacturing, and
                           consumer. Representative investments
                           are: Briazz, Capital Stream, Coinstar, ELF
                           Technologies, Etera, Integrex, Multiple
                           Zones International, Pet's Choice, Silicon
                           Wave, Stellar One, Tegic Communications,
                           Xypoint, and Our initial
                           investment size typically ranges from
                           $500,000 to $4,000,000.

Cascadia Capital           Cascadia Capital builds bridges between
                           early stage technology firms and financial
OMIT CASCADIA              partners who can help them succeed.

                           Cascadia Capital focuses on the industries
                           that continue to change the world:
                           information technology, the Internet,
                           telecommunications, and software related
                           health care. We work with technology
                           companies that possess strong
                           management, strong technology
                           foundation, large and defensible niches,
                           and excellent market timing.

Digital Partners           Digital Partners is a venture capital firm
                           whose mission is to help talented
                           entrepreneurs build great technology
                           companies. Our managing directors work
                           together as a team to help our
                           entrepreneurs succeed. Each portfolio
                           company has access to the combined
                           resources of our entire firm.

Eagle Creek Capital, LLC
                           Eagle Creek Capital, LLC

eFund                      eFund is an investment partnership
                           focused on early-stage investments in
                           communications and Internet companies.
                           We are experienced company founders and
                           builders who have been actively involved
                           in starting, growing, managing, financing
                           and supporting high-growth technology
                           companies. We have been engaged both in
                           senior management positions, as advisors
                           and investors. As investors, we have
                           invested in over 60 high-tech investments
                           in the past few years which have a
                           combined equity today of over $20 billion.
Encompass Ventures           With $62 million under management,
                             Encompass Ventures specializes in
                             providing technology companies with a
                             bridge to Asia and Europe, the two largest
                             and fastest growing technology markets in
                             the world. We build this bridge by
                             providing the four essential elements for
                             success in this marketplace: capital,
                             product localization, market knowledge
                             and product distribution. We have the
                             unique capability to provide companies
                             with a turnkey solution for entering the
                             huge Asian and European markets. It is
                             this vision that differentiates Encompass
                             Ventures from all other venture firms; it
                             may also make the difference in your

Fluke Venture Partners       Fluke Venture Partners is the most
                             experienced active venture fund in the
                             Northwest. Fluke Venture Partners has a
                             tradition of assisting entrepreneurs in
                             building successful and enduring
                             companies. We view our relationship with
                             each management team as a long-term
                             partnership that extends from the
                             venture’s formative stages all the way to
                             industry leadership and beyond. We work
                             closely with management to shape
                             strategy, enhance the team and develop
                             critical strategic and financial relationships.

Frazier & Co. - Healthcare   Frazier & Co. - Healthcare provides capital
                             to emerging growth companies across the
                             entire spectrum of the healthcare industry,
                             at all stages of development, from
                             incubation to late stage.

Frazier & Co. - Technology   Frazier & Co. - Technology identifies
                             emerging technology and business trends
                             that will shape the future and works with
                             entrepreneurs in creating enduring

Ignition                     Ignition is a premier venture capital firm
                             whose partners all have operational
                             leadership experience in the software,
                             internet, communications and wireless
Jaguar Ventures         Jaguar Ventures advises the Metropolitan
                        Financial Group of Companies and is a
                        Northwest regionally focused venture
                        capital company. Our investment
                        opportunities are not limited to any
                        industry or sector. Our investment
                        approach is flexible and allows us to take
                        an active lead or co-investor role in
                        exceptional early-stage companies with
                        potential to become market leaders. We at
                        Jaguar Ventures see relationships as being
                        the key to success. It should be reflected
                        in every aspect and every level of the
                        company from manager and employee, to
                        investors and ultimately the customers.
                        Companies that have the vision and desire
                        to build solid long-lasting relationships
                        create a strong sense of community and a
                        global brand built on trust. A relationship
                        is an emotional bond that brings all facets
                        of the company together, hence the
                        stronger the relationship, the stronger the

Madrona Venture Group   Madrona Venture Group is the leading
                        venture capital investor focused on the
                        Internet economy in the Pacific Northwest,
                        one of the world's most dynamic regions
                        for producing early-stage, technology-
                        based ventures. Madrona is focused on
                        technology and software opportunities that
                        leverage the driving forces of the New
                        Economy: Internet, Broadband,
                        Semiconductor and Wireless technologies.
                        Headquartered in Seattle and Portland,
                        Madrona manages a $250 million fund that
                        includes early-stage investments such as
                        WildTangent, Nimble Technology and

Maveron                 Maveron sees branding as something
                        which is reflected in every element, every
                        level of a company. It's the ability to make
                        specific promises and deliver on them; it's
                        the desire to exceed expectations. Strong
                        brands forge long-term relationships based
                        on trust, both inside and outside a
                        company. They build a sense of
                        community. They are always relevant:
                        they succeed because people need and
                        want what they have to offer. A great
                             brand has the power to make our lives
                             bigger, livelier, more comforting, more

Mohr, Davidow                Mohr, Davidow Ventures (MDV) is a
                             venture partnership with a single purpose -
OMIT MOHR DAVIDOW            to help talented entrepreneurs build great
                             companies. We specialize in making early
                             stage investments in companies with a
                             strong information technology component.
                             As you explore further, you'll find that our
                             firm's philosophy is distinctive, and the
                             role we play is quite unique. We invite you
                             to learn about MDV and how we can help
                             you grow a successful company.

Northwest Venture Associates Northwest Venture Associates has $190
                             million under management and is the
                             largest venture capital fund manager
                             focused exclusively on companies
                             headquartered in the Pacific Northwest.
                             The funds were established to provide
                             equity capital and financial guidance to
                             successful, rapidly growing Northwest
                             businesses managed by entrepreneurial,
                             creative and ethical individuals.

OVP Venture Partners         OVP Venture Partners does what a lot of
                             other VC firms do. We invest capital in new
                             companies in growing markets—software,
                             communications, Internet, and
                             biotechnology. Our initial investment is
                             typically about $1-5 million, and we
                             usually partner with other venture capital

Perennial Ventures

Phoenix Partners             Phoenix Partners seeks to invest in early
                             and mid-stage companies that have
                             developed a long term viable business
OMIT PHOENIX                 model, have an experienced management
                             team and possess a major market
                             opportunity. We invest in emerging
                             technology companies with talented and
                             visionary management teams in rapidly
                             growing markets. Our group works closely
                             with management to provide capital,
                             expertise, resources and strategic thinking
                            to build industry leading companies. Our
                            investment philosophy stresses patience,
                            understanding and integrity in order to
                            create world-class organizations.

Polaris Ventures            We believe that venture investing should
                            be a partnership between investors and
                            entrepreneurs. We seek entrepreneurs
                            who share our values, and we are
                            extremely selective: we typically review
                            more than 100 potential investments for
                            every company added to our portfolio.

Prism Capital               Prism Capital is a venture capital fund
                            headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Prism
                            makes direct equity investments in
                            emerging, privately-held companies with
                            driven, entrepreneurial management
                            teams and market validated products,
                            services, or technologies. A combination of
                            private investment and SBA (Small
                            Business Administration) leverage provides
                            us with $50 million under management.
                            As an SBIC (Small Business Investment
                            Company), our lower cost of funds affords
                            us the flexibility to structure more
                            attractive terms for our investment

SeaPoint Ventures           SeaPoint Ventures began as a Pacific
                            Northwest "point fund" associated with
                            three preeminent venture capital firms:
                            Oak Investment Partners, Sevin Rosen
                            Funds, and Venrock Associates. SeaPoint
                            has since evolved into a "stand alone"
                            venture capital firm that maintains strong
                            strategic ties to these larger funds.

Staenburg Private Capital   Staenburg Private Capital was formed in
                            1998 to focus on private equity
                            investments in Internet, software, and
                            telecommunications companies in the
                            Pacific Northwest and Silicon Valley.

Voyager Capital             Voyager Capital is Seattle's leading
                            ebusiness venture capital firm and
                            provides entrepreneurs with the resources,
                            experience, and connections to build
                            successful companies. Voyager invests in
                                         early stage e-business software and
                                         services, Internet infrastructure, and
                                         wireless companies. Voyager's managing
                                         directors bring experience from a variety
                                         of senior management, business
                                         development, and venture capital roles.
                                         Voyager's advisory board members and
                                         investors provide important contacts for e-
                                         business startups, and are among the
                                         most successful information technology
                                         executives and investors in Seattle and
                                         Silicon Valley.

      Vulcan Northwest                   Vulcan Northwest

             About Us | Member Firms | Regional Funding Levels | VC Backed Companies

               Raising Venture Capital | Press Releases & Links | VC Resources | Home

ADD these firms in alpha order, with links to each of their websites:
Buerk Craig Victor
IDG Ventures     
Intel Capital    
UV Partners      
Velocity Capital 
Washington Mutual
WRF Capital      

I will ask each of these firms to indicate what text they would like in their one
paragraph summary as well, and forward those to you also.

4.     Regional Funding Levels
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       slides in.

5.     VC backed companies
         Omit the following:
         a. Atlas
         b. Beyond
         c. Greenstone
         d. IStart
         e. Phoenix

6.     VC Resources
Legal, Accounting & Banking Resources

Law Firms
    Cooley Godward is a recognized leader in representing emerging
    and established information technology and life sciences
    companies. Our clients include leading entrepreneurs, venture
    capitalists, financial service organizations, noted research
    institutions and private and public companies in all major
    technology fields.
    Davis Wright Tremaine practice is as diverse as it is sophisticated,
    offering a range and scope of experience few other law firms can
    match. With more than 350 attorneys involved in virtually every
    specialty area of the law, we represent a single, powerful industry-
    focused resource for dealing with the host of interrelated legal
    issues businesses face today.
    Dorsey Whitney is an international law firm dedicated to helping
    your business succeed in today's competitive marketplace, with a
    wide range of business groups, and trial, regulatory and
    technology groups.
    Foster Pepper & Shefelman PLLC is one of the largest, full-service
    law firms in the Pacific Northwest, maintaining a strong presence
    in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.
    Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich
    Perkins Coie is committed to providing high-quality legal services
    in a cost-effective manner.
    Preston Gates & Ellis Preston Gates & Ellis LLP was founded in
    1883 when Seattle was just a small town on the edge of the
    Northwest frontier. With the addition of other offices along the
    West Coast, in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong, what began as
    the solo practice of a 25-year-old attorney has grown into a firm
    with an international presence. Firm founders have included
    multiple Rhodes scholars, civic activists, a Yukon gold miner,
    fathers and sons, former and future politicians, and the first
    female president of the Seattle King County Bar Association. Many
    attorneys who worked at the firm have gone on to prestigious
    positions in other areas. Firm alumni include the fourth governor
    of Washington state, a Washington State Supreme Court justice
    and a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge.
    Summit Law Group is a full-service law firm founded by a group of
    attorneys from large Seattle law firms who wanted to re-think, re-
    structure and re-engineer the way law is practiced.
    Stoel Rives is more than the sum of its 330 attorneys and 400-plus
    support professionals. We are a leading Northwest business-to-
    business law firm with both the technical expertise and know-how
    to provide creative solutions to help your company succeed.
    Venture Law Group is a 110 lawyer law firm which specializes in
    representing deal-intensive technology companies, both public and
     private, and the venture capital funds and investment banking
     firms that finance them.
     Wilson Sonsini is the leading law firm representing technology
     companies at all stages of their growth, as well as the investment
     banks and venture capital firms that finance them.
Accounting Firms
     Deloitte & Touche , one of the nation’s leading professional
     services firms, provides assurance and advisory, tax, and
     management consulting services through 30,000 people in more
     than 100 U.S. cities.
     Ernst & Young is the professional services firm that contributes
     most to the success of its people and its clients by creating value
     and confidence.
     KPMG helps clients successfully respond to changing opportunities
     by providing professional services, wherever and whenever they're
     Moss Adams , founded in 1913, is the 13th largest accounting and
     consulting firm in the nation with offices in Washington, Oregon,
     California, and a reach extending far beyond the West Coast. We
     serve clients with regional and national needs, and have an
     international practice enabling clients to develop and build
     business on a global scale.
     Price Waterhouse Coopers is organized to deliver our industry
     expertise to some 24 market sectors and have grouped these
     market sectors into four clusters consistent with effective delivery
     to the marketplace: Consumer and Industrial Products, Financial
     Services, Services Industry, and Technology Info-Com and
     Entertainment. We have developed multi-disciplined teams to
     work with clients in these sectors-teams with extensive industry
     knowledge and experience.
     Comerica knows how to make things happen, particularly for our
     customers. Which is why responsive service, innovative ideas, and
     flexibility all come with the territory at Imperial. This "can-do"
     approach is part of Imperial's entrepreneurial spirit. So we
     understand that businesses can't grow with rigid thinking or
     inflexible, formula-based banking programs. That means we look
     beyond the paperwork. And it definitely means looking at your
     business through your eyes.
     Silicon Valley Bank has concentrated expertise in niche industries
     that strengthens our understanding of our target markets and
     enables us to better serve our clients in each industry segment.
     This focus helps us better appreciate the market dynamics our
     clients face, and enhances our understanding of the unique
     financial characteristics of our client companies. A comprehensive
     knowledge of our markets, a national presence, and dedicated
     teams of experienced professionals are a hallmark of our long-
     term commitment to serve our clients throughout their business
     and industry life cycles.

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