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									The Broken Hill Group extends a warm welcome to all AFS Students to
Australia and invites all of you to Bushtrek 2011.

For the last twenty years Bushtrek has been organised to show our
students from overseas a little more of our unique country and to give
them a taste for what it is like to have to live and survive in the remote
Outback regions of Australia. The Broken Hill Bushtrek has grown in
popularity every year and continues to amaze those who decide to join
us on this unique adventure.

Students from all states in Australia are invited. In the beginning only
South Australian students attended but word has got around and there
is now interest from all states in the country.

On behalf of the AFS volunteers involved in the Bushtrek, I invite you all
to join us for Bushtrek 2011.

Karen Kemp
Bushtrek Co-ordinator
                    Depart Adelaide by bus at around 9am. The bus will stop for lunch along the way.
                    Lunch is at own expense. Arrive at Silverton Youth Camp at around 4p.m. for
                    introductions and a few ground rules. Sydney students will arrive in Broken Hill
                    later that night and will be taken to Silverton as well.

                    Saturday in Silverton. Learn about Silverton’s recent popularity in the film and
                    television advertising industries. Ride camels and experience old fashioned
                    underground mining techniques in a tour of the Daydream Mine.

                    Cleanup the camp-site and pack the bus. Travel to Broken Hill for some last minute
                    shopping and a visit to the sculpture symposium and the “Big Picture”. We then bus
                    to our final destination, Tirlta Station, 115km NE of Broken Hill. Meet the Jackson
                    family and your home for the next few days, the Woolshed.

                    Tour Tirlta Station. See sheep, cattle and some of Australia’s unique wildlife. Work
                    in the cattle yards. You can camp out under the stars tonight if you wish. You will
                    marvel at the size of the property, the isolation and the beauty of the Outback.

                    Travel 160km east of Tirlta Station to White Cliffs, opal mining town. Visit an
                    underground home. Fossick for opals and shop for souvenirs. Possibly spend the
                    night in an underground B&B. (This has not been confirmed)

                    Bushtrek Olympic games. This occurs around the woolshed. Groups compete
                    against each other for a unique perpetual trophy

                    Visit the Mutawintji National Park for a tour of the aboriginal paintings and carvings.
                    Lunch is at the Park followed by a walk along the natural gorge to possibly swim in
                    the rock pools. Returning to Tirlta for dinner and some fun. Tonight there is a clay
                    pan dance where you can try out your didgeridoo and corroboree skills.
                    Today will be a day of relaxation around the station, preparation for the Talent Show
                    tonight. Final compilation of Bushtrek Yearbook. Students can see the station
                    museum and the homestead. Group photos. TALENT SHOW tonight

                    Time to clean up the woolshed and pack the buses, then say farewell to Tirlta
                    Station before the trip back to Broken Hill. Bus leaves Tirlta 9.00am

Please Note:   The above itinerary may be subject to the influence of forces which are beyond the
               control of AFS, principally the weather. While every attempt will be made to follow the
               above plan, there may be a need to modify the itinerary at short notice.
What will it cost:
        The Bushtrek will cost $670 (GST inclusive). This fee has been calculated
        based on fuel costs, past experience and estimation of the number of students
        wanting to attend.

        This year we have to impose a strict upper limit on the number of students
        attending Bushtrek of 40. It is therefore in your interest to get your application
        and money in as soon as possible. “First in – First Served”

        Please fill out the attached application form and return it with a cheque/money
        order made out to “AFS” for $670 (please, no cash in the post) to:

                                  Mr. Tim Niemann
                                 256 Williams Street
                              Broken Hill NSW 2880
        For further information please contact Tim Niemann on
                               by Friday 3 April 2011.

What’s Included:
        All accommodation, entry fees, meals and coach travel on Bushtrek are
        included in the cost, except for meals while travelling to Bushtrek.

        There is a coach provided from Adelaide, students living outside of Adelaide
        need to organise their own travel at their own expense. The bus leaves 15th
        April 9am. NSW students can catch the Countrylink xpt train that will depart
        Sydney 7.10am, change to a bus at Dubbo, and arrive in Broken Hill at 10.45pm
        where the AFS group will pick you up. All other students will need to organise
        their own travel at own expense. You can travel to Adelaide and meet up with
        the bus there or go to Sydney and travel to Broken Hill with those students.
        Travel details are available on the Internet through various bus and airline
        services. Google “cheap airfares”.

        As in previous years, a special AFS Windcheater, T-shirt and Cap are included
        in the price.
What do I bring:
    You will need to bring the following items with you to the Bushtrek, so plan ahead:
        a torch with spare batteries,
        a hat,
        a water bottle,
        eating utensils (dinner plate, sandwich plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon,
         tea towel, and mug) - each clearly marked with your name
        sunscreen,
        insect repellent,
        toiletries,
        towel,
        warm clothing and some you wont mind getting dirty (It can get very cold this time
         of year and we recommend you don't bring good clothes or white clothes),
        walking shoes or sneakers,
        you MUST HAVE a water proof ground sheet, as you will be sleeping on the
         ground some nights, foam mattress or air mattress with pump, blankets,
         pillow, sleeping bag or complete swag,
        a camera and batteries and/or charger
        a musical instrument if you so desire, and
        a sense of humour and a desire to have a good time.

    Bushtrek will take you to places where there are no shops or to places with limited
    shopping facilities - so don’t forget to bring enough of life’s little necessities to tide
    you over. You will have an opportunity to buy them in Broken Hill early on the trek
    but none later.
    Please note that AFS rules apply on the Bushtrek and will be enforced. Don’t forget,
    you will need to have the high risk waiver to AFS Head office before you can make
    any arrangements.
                                           Cancellation Policy
        If you cancel the trip after you have paid your fee we will deduct a cancellation fee. Costs
        incurred as a result
        If you cancel:
              21 days before the trip you lose 40% of the full fee = $270.00
              14 days before the trip you lose 60%of the full fee = $400.00
              7 days before the trip you lose 80% of the full fee = $535.00

                  There will be NO REFUNDS on or after the departure date.

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