General Meeting Minutes
                              Hampton Inn - Dearborn, MI
                         7:30 PM Tuesday November 20, 2007
                               Tax I.D. No. 23-7104472

0.0 CALL TO ORDER: Time:       7:40pm                    Presiding: Marshall Wehr


     1.1 Minutes from October 16, 2007 presented for review ( Accepted Schaut, Lobb )

     1.2 Attendance: Quorum

     1.3 Present:

           1.3.1    Schaut, Tom                          1.3.10 Jarosz, Robert
           1.3.2    Mohler, John                                drumrow@yahoo.com
           1.3.3    Rolands, Tom                         1.3.11 Zaher, Melinda
           1.3.4    Baise, Greg                          1.3.12 Taylor, Sandra (via
                                                                Confernce call)
           1.3.5    Bomia, Mark
           1.3.6    Wehr, Marshall
           1.3.7    Tendler, Al
           1.3.8    Lobb, Dan
           1.3.9    Book, Cortland

     1.4 Absent:
           1.4.1  Kohler, Bill                           1.4.12 Hitchcock, Beth (P2
           1.4.2  Simonelli, Tom                                Pharmacy Student)
           1.4.3  Mozug, Theresa                         1.4.13 Richardson, Mike
           1.4.4  Miller, Jenny                          1.4.14 Samojedny, Doug
           1.4.5  Churchwell, Mariann
           1.4.6  McNutt, Debbie
           1.4.7  Britton, Andrew
           1.4.8  Bas, Stuart
                  (248) 872-7616
           1.4.9 Pencak, Christopher
           1.4.10 Tubin, Neil (Community
           1.4.11 Whitaker, Curtiss

3.0 TREASURER’S REPORT:               Presented :Bomia, M     ( Accepted Lobb, Schaut)

     3.1 October 10, 2007 (Beginning Balance) $3,875.64 November 8, 2007 $4,488.78

     3.2 MPA still several deposits behind on membership reimbursement

4.0 Old BUSINESS:                                         Reporting: Marshall Wehr

           4.1 The Michigan Pharmacists Association in Lansing is currently
           working with State Representative Fred Miller- D, sponsor of the Hire
           Michigan First Legislation. Representative Miller (D Mt Clements) is
           working with the LADC to develop a mandatory professional certification
           standard for pharmacy technicians. This dialog with Representative Miller was
           a direct result of dialog with Representative Miller on His Hire Michigan First /
           Our Buy Michigan First Initiatives.

           4.2 Greg Baron and Larry Wagenknecht have an established open dialog
           with Representaive on this issue as a direct result of WCPA efforts on this
           issue. Larry Wagenknecht has contacted our Chris Pencak and has agreed to act
           as our liason with Representative Miller.
           4.2.a As reported by Tom Schaut and relayed in message sent from Greg
           Baran, during the recent PAC Board meeting, discussion was had related to the
           Wayne County Pharmacists Associations proposal of pursuing a Hire Michigan
           First/Buy Michigan First program. Since that time, I have arranged meetings with
           Rep. Mark Meadows (D-East Lansing) and Kathleen Calati, Democratic Senate
           Analyst to discuss this concept.

           4,2b Rep. Meadows chairs the committee, "Retiree Healthcare Reforms" and
           they are currently looking at the MEPSERs program. Ms. Calati and I are
           meeting as a result of a conversation during which I discussed the "outsourcing"
           of prescriptions. I am hopeful that both meetings will plant the seed to explore
           further the issue of "Buy Michigan First."

     4.3 Update on ”environmentally friendly” solutions relative to the proper disposal of
     outdated prescription drugs as it relates to the communities we serve along with ways
     to promote public awareness on this issue .

           4.3A Greg Baise spoke recently with Joseph Kelly CEO, Transgreen
           Energies. The plasma gasification disposal project is moving swiftly forward.



           4.3B After Greg Baise spoke with Joseph Kelly and Larry Wagenknecht
           individually, Larry Wagenknecht will now contact Joseph Kelly to establish
           and maintain a relationship with Transgreen Energies to set up a prototype
           network of community based WCPA pharmacy sites for collection of outdated
           prescription medications to be sent to Transgreen for disposal. This state of
           the art, best practices situation could serve as a model to by the MPA for the
           rest of the state and indeed, the rest of the country.

           4.3C Greg Baise received an update form Mike Toscano who has been
           exploring the possibility of a committee presentation for the Michigan
           Pharmaceutical Representative Society (MPRS) - about this issue and it’s
           impact on the environment and the important role industry could serve with
           the support of this project. Unfortunately Mike Toscano has reported back
           that he has not been able to advance this topic with MPRS. This is because
           our affiliate has some membership challenges due to industry downsizing,
           consolidation, etc. and their board has not met recently. Mike, who remains a
           strong supporter of WCPA is still forward to attending a WCPA board meeting
           in the future

5.0 New BUSINESS:                                          Reporting Marshall Wehr

     5.1 Tom Rolands presented an article written for the October 2007 Michigan
     Pharmacist by MSCP President Jim Bock making the important point that pharmacy,
     the practice and the business is not within the control of the profession. His point is
     that we need to each take charge and be in control of our own profession. Even
     those who are employee practitioners have no excuse to sit back and let others
     fight the many battles we face, prime examples being the amount of time we have
     to devote weekly involved in doing administrative work for third party carriers on
     behalf of our patients,, and in many instances being forced to accept
     reimbursement rates that average 36% below the cost of the drug alone, to name
     two. All pharmacists need to have an awareness of these issues and seek out and
     engage decision makers, particularly in the political arena to achieve fairness in our
     business relationships to keep the best interests of our patients at the forefront.

      5.2 Issue in Oakland County relative to straight Medicaid and ABW patients being
      restricted to large chain stores only for pharmacy services.

               5.2A. Apparently the National Association of County Commissioners has
              “sold” this closed network system to the Oakland County Commissioners and
              this plan unbeknownst to anyone (including the patients) started October 1,
                5.2.B Larry Wagenknecht as well as Santa Zawaideh , (Past President
              Oakland County pharmacists Association) are actively persuing this issue

     5.3 Tom Rolands spoke with Ron Meleragni about a company located in Commerce Twp
     that re- packages drugs with their NDC to get higher reimbursements from third parties.
     This is what the chains are doing and the PBMs are allowing it.


    6.1 Awards & Installation Dinner –Marshall Wehr, Chair

              6.1 Awards and Installation Dinner Wayne County Pharmacists Association

              Date: Friday December 7, 2007

              Time: 7:30PM
              Location: Andiamos Dearborn

              Cost $30/person.

Much thanks again to Boerringer for its generous support in making this event an overwhelming success
Reminder this being a fundraising event, attendees should bring/send their $30 Per person suggested
donation to the WCPA January Meeting. Award recipients and their guests may donate but are not
required to_Greg

    6.2 Continuing Education Committee: Tom Rolands, Chair

               6.2 A Bob Jarosz attended MTM Training program in Grand Rapids 2 weeks
           ago, MPro was present. Incentive for MTM: $40 for a one hour, one time
           intervention. Problem, If we don’t do it the nurses will.

            6.2B Criteria: $4000 drug cost per year, based 8-10 identifier drugs. May change
        in future.

           6.2C MPA Now has an MTM Company- WELLSTREET-They are looking for
        pharmacists who want to be part of their network.

           6.2D Humana is now hiring full time pharmacists to provide MTM Services.

    6.3 Fundraising Committee: Reporting: Melinda Zaher, Greg Baise Co-Chairs

         6.3.1 Looking to do a sponsored fund raiser between January 1 and Spring 2008.

    6.4 Membership Committee: Penzac, Chris, Chair

         6.4.1 No Report

         6.42       Website now active

      6.5 Newsletter Committee: D Lobb, Chair               Reporting: Lobb, Dan

                6.51 Harbinger issued last month by e-mail and “snail” mail among other
                things it will contain:

                          Call for Nomination for the WCPA Executive Board Officers


                          Update on what our chapter is doing

      6.6 Nominations & Elections Committee:           Lobb, John Mohler

           6.6.1 Nominations are in and votes tabulated for WCPA Awards:

                    John Mohler- Webster
                    Tom Rolands –Lakey
                    Cabrini Clinic-Goyette
                    Sandy Taylor

      6.7 Political Action Committee: Al Tendler, Chair

                6.7.1 Pac Meeting November 7, 2007 (see above report from Tom Schaut)

      6.8 Professional/Public Affairs: Chair Bob Jarosz, Reporting: John Mohler

             6.8.1 AWP-25% in court, Nothing new about AMP

            6.8.2 John Mohler in Marquette for a conference, engaged local Representative
            of the Michigan House on the “Buy Michigan 1st Issue.”

             6.8.5 John Mohler lost his bid for president of the MPA to Jim Vanderlin.

             6.8.6 Dan Lobb will be the next vice president of WCPA.

            6.8.7 Relative to Nursing home facilities, they must return all unused and
            partially used drugs to the pharmacy, and these must be credited to the state of
            Michigan if the state is the Payor. John Mohler has sought a meeting with Paul
            Reinhardt who is the director of Medicaid on this issue.


      7. 1 No WCPA Meeting in Decmber (in lieu of the December Honors and Instalation
      Dinner),he next WCPA meeting will occur on Tuesday January 15, 2007, 7:30pm.
      Hampton Inn, Dearborn, MI:


          8.42     Motion to Close at 9:05 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Gregory Baise, WCPA Secretary

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