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Get the Summer Glow


									Get the Summer Glow
             With tips from celebrity make-up artist
                                                            Christy Coleman
                                                           I asked Christy to give us some inside tips
                                                           on how to achieve the perfect summer glow:

                                                                                         To achieve a glowing summer look,
                                                                                         prep the skin on your body and
                                                                                         begin in the shower with The Organic
                                                                                         Pharmacy’s Cleopatra’s Body Scrub to
                                                                                         remove dead skin cells and scrub away
                                                                                         dull looking skin.

                                                                  2      To prep the skin on the face for makeup, lightly apply a
                                                                         small amount of The Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Rescue
                                                                         Oil all over the face to even out skin tone and provide a
                                                                         fresh surface for make-up.


                                                           Next, blend The Organic Pharmacy’s Sheer Tint into the face and neck
                                                           in the desired shade to match your skin tone. Choose from Natural
                                                           Glow, Ivory Glow, Rose Glow or Bronze Glow.
Christy Coleman is responsible for Winona Ryder ‘s
look on this month’s cover of Elle Magazine using
                                                           Following the sheer tint, apply the Organic
Organic Glam: Antioxidant Foundation no.2, Lipstick        Glam Bronzer in Light Bronze or Golden
Dark Pink, Mat Powder, Pink Blush and Nude eye             Bronze to the apples of each cheek,
                                                           blending upwards. Lightly dust the bridge of
Shadow Palette.                                            the nose and eyelids.

                           I had the opportunity to meet
                           up with Christy Coleman         For a more sultry
                           when I was in LA a few
                           months ago. Within minutes
                                                           summer glow, apply
                                                           the Organic Glam
                                                           Liquid Shimmer
                                                                                                          In the inside corners of
                           of meeting her I knew she       Highlighter in Warm
                                                                                                          the eyes, apply Organic
                                                           Gold. Utilize this
                           was a woman after my own        highlighter as an                              Glam Liquid Shimmer
                           heart. We both shared the       eyeliner to make the                           Highlighter in Pink Ice by
                                                           eyes pop. Be sure                              dabbing it lightly with the
                           unique vision that we can                                                      tip of your pinky finger in
                                                           to line the upper and
                           make a success of our           lower lash line.                               the corner of each eye.
                           respective businesses
                           without compromising our
ethics. Christy is a highly successful make up artist
who has made up nearly every face in Hollywood and
beyond and yet within this professional forum she is

committed to use products free from toxins on her
clients. She was one of the first make up artists to
switch to an all natural and eco conscious cosmetics
                                                           To finish the look, combine The Organic Pharmacy’s Rose Plus
and to show that ‘green’ can be glamorous. To find         Anti-Aging Body Cream with a small amount of the Organic Shimmer
out more about Christy visit        Body Cream and smooth over the tops of arms, shoulders and
                                                           decollete. If they are showing; don’t forget the legs.

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