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By Emma Blair

 Prenzlau is a town in Brandenburg,
 The population is about 23,000 and
  their main language is German.
 Their main religion is Catholic and the
  currency is Euro and also the capital
  city is Berlin.
Food and Drink

   In Germany they have a small
    breakfast, a big lunch and a small
    dinner which is served at around 7pm.
   At lunch you eat: grilled ,fried or
    boiled sausages with a crusty bread
    roll and potato salad.
   Apart from Germany’s traditional foods
    they also have a speciality in
          Boris Becker
• Boris Becker is a former World No.1
  professional tennis player from
• He is a six-time Grand Slam singles
  champion, an Olympic gold medalist, and
  the youngest-ever winner of the men's
  singles title at Wimbleton at the age of
• Since he retired from the professional
  tour, media work and colourful aspects
  of his personal life.
Germany’s Flag
   Germany has a mild weather, with hot summers
    and cold winters, although long periods of
    freeze or snow are very rare.
   It rains during the year, specially in July. During
    the summer, the storms usually bring thunders
    and lightning storms.
   It can get to be very cold in winter, and the
    lakes and channels of the country usually freeze.
   The average temperatures are 2°C in winter and
    24°C in summer.
Popular Hotels
Maps of Germany
     Wine and Beer
   The range of beer varieties is enough to make
    your head spin without drinking a drop.
   Even alkoholfreies Bier (non-alcoholic beer) has
    grown in popularity in Germany; but light beers
    have been slow to find a market.
   In Germany, Pils (Pilsner) is the most popular
    beer variety, with Export taking a distant second.
   No matter which variety, Germany’s strict purity
    law, the Reinesbot, dating back to 1516, dictates
    that German beer may contain no ingredients
    other than hops, malt (barley), yeast, and water.
     Health and Fitness
• All of the German-speaking countries
  enjoy a high level of health care.
• Most Europeans are accustomed to
  socialized, cradle-to-grave health care
  paid for by the employer, employee, and
• In Germany, the average employee salary
  contribution is about 13 percent.
  Europeans, including the Germans, have
   traditionally tended to regard filmmaking as an
   art rather than a business.
  Because the resulting European films are
   often limited-budget, intellectually challenging
   productions that lack the Hollywood big-star,
   action/blockbuster formula, their mass appeal
   has been limited.
Franka Potenete

   Franka Potente, born in 1974, is one of
    Germany's most promising young film actors
    After studying acting in Munich and New
    York City, she made her first big splash on
    screen in 1998 as Lola in the international
    hit movie Run, Lola, Run.
       Franka Potenete
• She must have made a big impression on
  Hollywood: In 2001, she played opposite
  Johnny Depp in her first U.S. movie,
  Blow, and since then has played in other
  major American productions.
• As soon as I saw her picture I
  recognised her straight away because I
  had watched a movie with her in it
  called the Bourne Idenity.
The End

  Now that you have seen everything
   about Germany, why don’t you jump on a
   computer and start researching?
  Thank you for looking at this.
  By Emma Blair

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