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									                   ENHANCEMENT OF MINICHECK ID

MiniCheck-OCR developed a software product called MiniCheck MGR to scan, validate
and process checks and barcodes. It is developed with the aim of minimizing the fraud
due to fake ID’s such as driver’s license and state ID. This software provides features for
ID and Check validation thereby empowering the sales representative. There are three
types of cards, cards with Magnetic stripes, Barcode and MagnePrint cards. When a card
is swiped, the raw data encoded on these cards is parsed and converted into meaningful
information and displayed on the user interface to verify if the information displayed on
the card is same as on the screen thereby reducing the fraud of using fake ID’s.

In fall 2007, Capstone Team #3 enhanced the existing standalone application by
improving the user interface and making it more powerful than before in terms of
functionality. They changed the user interface to make it more user friendly for the end
users. This application worked with MiniSwipe, Card Scan, MICR, Excella STX and
MagenPrint scanners. MiniSwipe, MICR and Excella STX scanners read Magnetic
stripe, Card Scan and Excella STX scanners read Barcode and MagnePrint scanner reads
Magneprint. They replaced the ClearImage Software Development Kit with Atalasoft
imaging toolkit used for parsing barcodes images. They integrated various SDKs for
supporting Magtek Excella STX, CardScan. They also integrated MagnePrint API in
order to avoid the user from getting redirected to MagneSafe website. They developed the
application in .NET and C#.

Requirement Specifications

     Improve the User Interface of the existing standalone application to make it easier
      and better for the end users. One way is to use radio buttons in the configuration
      window instead of check boxes for selecting the scanners. This would let users
      configure one scanner and proceed further. Second is to increase the window size
      of the application window. In the existing application the user doesn’t have an
      option to increase/decrease the window size of the User Interface and
      Configuration windows. The window size is standard in the existing application.
      Provide an option to maximize and minimize the UI and the Configuration
      window which would provide usability for the end users. Provide a tab in the User
      Interface window to navigate to the Configuration window unlike selecting
      configuration option from the menu.

     RDM EC7000i captures a high quality two-sided binary image of the checks and
      bi-directional magnetic stripe reader. It is a new scanner provided to add to the
      existing application. Facilitate RDM EC7000i in the Configuration window like
      other scanners, providing an option for the users to select this scanner. Expand
      MiniCheck ID to support the scanner RDM EC7000i, by integrating the API of
      RDM with the existing application. This will let users use RDM EC7000i scanner
      with the MiniCheck ID.

     Expand MiniCheck ID to support EPSON TM-H6000II with Image scanner
      machine. Facilitate EPSON TM-H6000II with Image scanner in the Configuration
      window with other scanners, providing an option for the users to select this
      scanner. If the Epson gives a good resolution image, good enough for actually
      reading the ID then the application should be able to capture and store images of
      the ID cards and display the information in the User Interface.
   According to the previous team’s application, when a MagnePrint card is swiped,
    the application verifies the card by making a call to the magnesafe in the backend
    without the user’s knowledge. This was done on Demo server or standalone
    system. New Requirement is to report the information to the remote server located
    at Dallas by integrating new API with the existing code and verify if the
    information on the card matches with the information stored in the remote
    database. This remote server located at Dallas is an intermediate server. This
    contacts MagnePrint server which actually has all the information about all the

   VERIS is a third-party service provider that offers a database so that a user can
    actually verify someone's identity to a higher level like a social security number
    previous address etc., than just a local validation of an ID. It requires to login with
    username and password in the configuration window and also requires providing
    another option to "Verify Identity" from the MiniCheck ID user interface, where
    the user would be taken to an online database for verification. The information
    needed to populate the online template would be automatically derived from
    swiping the ID card.

   Devise and implement a thorough test plan including collecting test cases, such as
    driver licenses from different states. Test the final application rigorously with all
    the scanners and all resolution barcodes to test the efficiency of the final product.
    Also test the application on Windows Vista Operating system if it allows to run
    all the features and scanners within the application.

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