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David K. Henry
Senior Vice President
Our goal is to be the most trusted real estate advisor to mid-sized
companies operating in multiple markets across the world.

           David K. Henry
           Senior Vice President

           T 213.613.3728
           F 213.613.3005
           C 213.631.8246
President’s Welcome

Welcome to CB Richard Ellis. As the global leader in commercial real estate services, CB Richard Ellis
has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor to clients around the world.

We’re not focused solely on closing the deal. We’re committed to helping our clients use real estate to
achieve their business goals and strengthen their bottom lines. To that end, we must approach our work
as strategic planners and creative thinkers – relentless negotiators and hands-on implementers.

That’s why we’re so proud to introduce David Henry.

David shares our values and our approach to real estate. He has extensive experience managing
national and global client relationships, preparing strategic plans for corporate real estate departments,
and negotiating large, complex transactions.

David is a graduate of Duke University and he earned his MBA from The Kellogg School of Management
at Northwestern University. He has deep expertise in strategic planning and financial analysis – and a
passion for serving others.

We’re very fortunate to have David as a member of our CB Richard Ellis team; and we’re confident you
will feel the same.

                                                                                   Steven A. Swerdlow
                                                                     President, Global Corporate Services
                                                                                         CB Richard Ellis

Mid-sized companies that have multiple locations need a real estate provider who brings a strategic

approach to managing their portfolios and who pays careful attention to the details when executing

assignments. They deserve the same service as Fortune 100 companies. But sometimes, they’re not

large enough to attract the attention of the large real estate service providers.

David Henry has made a career out of serving mid-sized companies. For more than a decade, he has

led client service teams whose sole objective is 100% client satisfaction – every time and everywhere

his clients need him. David’s clients have the comfort of knowing that he is their single point of contact

– their single point of accountability for delivering great results.


Below is a list of services that have proven beneficial to mid-sized companies:

Lease Administration        Accurately account for real estate costs.
                            Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements.
                            Ensure awareness of critical notice dates.

Strategic Planning          Develop creative plans for reducing real estate costs.
                            Quantify the impact of pursuing creative plans.
                            Maintain employee satisfaction with the work environment.

Transaction Management      Acquire and dispose of property in an efficient cost-effective manner.
                            Ensure consistent language in all contracts.
                            Avoid re-educating new service providers with every new assignment.

Project Management          Deliver construction projects on-time and on-budget.
                            Establish space standards and designs that improve efficiency and flexibility.
                            Negotiate bulk-rate agreements with contractors and vendors.

Consulting                  Select the most appropriate location for a new facility.
                            Benchmark the performance of the real estate portfolio against industry peers.
                            Evaluate the impact of demographic trends on the business environment.

With such a large portion of their cost structures devoted to real estate, it’s crucial that companies

take a proactive and strategic approach to managing their real estate. David Henry specializes in this

approach to real estate.

Unlike some brokers who may be overly-focused on “closing the deal,” David takes the time to understand

his clients’ business and thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of various real estate strategies. He then

builds consensus around the most appropriate strategy, and leads service teams to implement the

strategy across the entire portfolio or in a single location.

                                                                            E   GY
                                                                                   +   EXE
                                           6. Evaluate                                                 =
                                                                   1. Discover                             S

                                   Measure performance and          Assemble a team of

                                   use the results to establish   subject matter experts to

                                     benchmarks for future          understand business

                                          assignments                     objectives

                       5. Implement                                                    2. Analyze
                        Execute the prescribed       STRATEGIC                         Analyze the current
                         solutions – across the
                        entire portfolio or on a     A P P R O Micro
                                                    Ingram A C H                       portfolio, processes,
                                                                                        and infrastructure
                             single project

                                        4. Organize                3. Prescribe
                                        Assemble a team to            Identify specific
                                       implement the agreed          opportunities and
                                           upon solution              communicate a
                                                                     value proposition

Using this strategic approach, David has completed more than 1.5 million SF of transactions for a total

consideration of $280 million – and has achieved the highest client satisfaction scores in his division in

each of the past five years. He’s an outstanding leader and a tireless advocate for his clients.
Whether they’ve engaged him to oversee activities across a global portfolio, or to manage a
complex individual assignment, David Henry’s clients all agree: They’re thrilled with his
outstanding results.

                        Po r t f o l i o : 2 . 5 M i l l i o n S F a n d 2 3 5 l o c a t i o n s
“When I was Director of Corporate Real Estate for Willis, David Henry was my go-to-guy, my most trusted
advisor. When I needed help developing a portfolio-wide strategy for cost savings, David took the lead. When
I needed help preparing a complex financial analysis, or negotiating with a difficult landlord, David was the
one I turned to. He is a relentless yet diplomatic negotiator. He always gets the job done right. I couldn’t ask
for a better service provider.”

                                                                               JoAnne C. Mathis, Director of Corporate Real Estate

                        Po r t f o l i o : 7 5 0 , 0 0 0 S F a n d 3 5 l o c a t i o n s

“When I go in to talk to our senior management about real estate, I want to bring with me a strategic thinker...
David Henry is an excellent strategic thinker. He ensures that we carefully consider all of our options. He
quantifies the impact of each option. And he helps us build consensus around the most appropriate path to
follow. David Henry is the guy who holds it all together for us.”

                                                                   Dave Mannix, Head of Operations and Facilities, Activision

                        Po r t f o l i o : 2 M i l l i o n S F a n d 7 9 l o c a t i o n s

“David Henry is a strategic thinker and his negotiating skills have yielded significant benefits. He clearly
understands the needs of our corporate real estate department and has been committed to us from start to
finish, delivering excellent service throughout the whole process.”

                                                                                Andrew Kolen, Senior Director of Real Estate, ADP

David Henry began his real estate career in an unexpected place. After graduating from Duke University

in 1989, he moved to a crowded slum in Africa, where he helped homeless AIDS orphans get off the

streets and into stable homes and good schools.

With Ford Foundation dollars, he made small business start-up loans to people seeking to work their

way out of poverty. His primary focus was on helping them acquire land on which they could build

rental housing. Once the real estate was built, they took in tenants and used the rental income to feed

and educate their children.

Although he returned to the U.S. three years later, the experience stayed with him – and so did his
commitment to serving others.

David attended Northwestern University’s top-ranked Kellogg School of Management, and was one of

only 18 students to be awarded an Austin Scholarship, the school’s most prestigious scholarship given

for leadership ability and academic excellence. Upon graduating he returned to real estate, working

first for Jones Lang LaSalle and then joining CB Richard Ellis.

David has a deep commitment to serving his clients. He’s passionate about real estate because it

allows him to combine his analytical abilities with his negotiating skills. Those who have benefited

from his service – from families in Africa to businesses in the United States – have been glad he’s on

their teams.
Real Estate Services for Mid-Cap Companies

                     David K. Henry
                     Senior Vice President

                     T 213.613.3728
                     F 213.613.3005
                     C 213.631.8246

355 South Grand Avenue • Suite 2700 • Los Angeles, California • 90071


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