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Real Estate Brokerage Plan


Real Estate Brokerage Plan document sample

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									                                                    GRI: Real Estate Brokerage
                                                    Hosted by                                           When March 8 - 11, 2010
                                                    Greater El Paso Association Registration
                                                    of REALTORS
                                                                                                        Class 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                                                    Where                                        Instructor(s) Rhonda Hamilton
                                                    6400 Gateway East
  The GRI program is designed for agents with       El Paso, TX 79905                                             GRI 3
  one to three years of real estate experience.

                                                                                                        Course sections
                                                                                                        Brokerage relations, business
Registration                                                                                            development, professional standards,
                                                                                                        and environment and green building.
Please complete form below
                                                                                                        After successfully completing all three
Credit                                                Texas Association of REALTORS®, Inc.              GRI courses, REALTORS® are awarded the
Earn 30 hours of SAE credit                           Course# 0777                                      prestigious GRI designation.
Earn 9 hours of MCE credit                            Provider No. 0001
                                                                                                        GRI courses may be taken in any order.

                                                                                                        Public access
Name as it appears on license                                                                           This course is open to the public
                                                                                                        as room allows after all real estate
                                                                                                        licensees needing MCE credit have
TREC license # and expiration date                                                                      been seated.

Company name                                                                                            Special services
                                                                                                        If you require special accommodations
                                                                                                        to participate, please let us know at least
Address, city, state, ZIP                                                                               three days prior to the course
                                                                                                        and attach a written description of
Company phone                                                                                           your needs.

Home phone
                                                                                                        Refund/cancellation policy
                                                                                                        Full refund if written notification is
E-mail address                                                                                          received by 3/3/10           . Otherwise,
                                                                                                        a $50            cancellation fee will be
Registration fees                                                                                       deducted from your refund. No refunds
                                                                                                        will be issued after n/a            .
Members                     $275 early by 2/25/10                         $300 after that date
Nonmembers                  $275 early by 2/25/10                         $300 after that date
                                                                                                          Mail to
Method of payment              Cash               Check       MasterCard                     Discover     GEPAR
                               Money Order        Visa        Broker Account                              6400 Gateway East
                                                                                                          El Paso, TX 79905
Name on card                                                                                              Contact
                                                                                                          Hilda Beck
Credit card number                                                   Expiration date                      O: 915-783-6072
                                                                                                          F: 915-298-9008
Billing Address & Zip:                                                                                    E: hbeck@gepar.org
         Texas Association of Realtors®                                                                 800/873-9155
                                                                                 Texas Association of REALTORS®
                                                                                 1115 San Jacinto Blvd., Suite 200
                                                                                 Austin, TX 78701-1906

Course Policies
SAE/MCE Credit Requirements
This course provides 30 hours of SAE or 9 hours of MCE credit. To receive credit, you must attend all scheduled class hours
and pass your exam with a 70% score. No partial MCE credit will be issued for partial attendance. A rush exam processing
request will be honored if you attach a $25 rush fee to your exam (please make checks payable to Texas Association of
REALTORS®). Actual exam scores can be provided if requested in writing and accompanied by a $5 processing fee.

Reporting Attendance To TREC
To receive SAE or MCE credit from TREC, you must send a copy of your exam results notice to TREC at least 10 days in
advance of your license renewal date.

Attendance Rules
To ensure your attendance is documented, you must be seated when the class begins each day at 8:30 a.m. and return on time
from lunch and any breaks extended by the instructor. You also must sign in each morning and afternoon. Plan ahead and be on
time. You will not be permitted to enter the class if you are late in the morning or returning from lunch or any breaks. You will be
asked to return to class the following day; no exceptions.

Makeup Provisions
If you miss any part of a GRI course for any reason, the following makeup provisions apply:
A student who misses part of any day of the course must make up the entire day. It is the student’s responsibility to find and
schedule a makeup course, to pay the course makeup fees, and to contact Texas Association of REALTORS® to make final
arrangements. All course makeup sessions must be completed within 90 days of the completion of the original course, or the
student will be dropped and will not receive course credit. The local association and the Texas Association of REALTORS® must
approve all makeup procedures.

Mandatory Exam Makeup
If a student misses part of a course for any reason, he may not take the exam until he has completed the appropriate course
makeup work. All course and exam makeup sessions must be completed within 90 days of the completion of the original course,
or the student will not receive credit. Once the makeup work and exam are completed, the student is responsible for submitting
his exam results to TREC.

Course/Exam Makeup Fee
The Texas Association of REALTORS® charges a $100 fee to make up any missed coursework and the exam. The local
association charges a $25 fee to make up any missed coursework and the exam. Space may be limited when scheduling a
course makeup session.

Failed Exam Fee
The Texas Association of REALTORS® charges a $50 fee to retake a failed exam. The local association charges a $25 fee to
retake a failed exam. A student who fails the exam a second time shall be required to retake the course at full price as set by the
local association.

Students who met the attendance requirements but did not take the course exam, those who missed part of the course for any
reason, or those who fail the course exam but will be permitted to take a makeup exam will be issued an “incomplete.” If a
student is issued an incomplete and later completes acceptable makeup work and the exam within the allotted timeframe, the
Texas Association of REALTORS® shall file a supplemental report with TREC.

Students who attend less than two-thirds of a class, who voluntarily terminate their enrollment, or whose enrollment is
terminated for cause by an association/board will be considered “dropped” and will not receive credit. Students who were issued
an incomplete but did not subsequently complete the course and exam makeup requirements within the allotted timeframe also
will be dropped.

Online Course Evaluations
A student may complete an instructor evaluation online at TREC’s Web site at the following address:
http://www.trec.state.tx.us/education/InstructorEval/. The student may complete this form anonymously if he chooses.

I have read and understand the above policies.
Signature _______________________________                                Printed name _________________________
Date ____________________________________

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