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                                  Fact Sheet: Real Estate Term Loans

What are real estate term loans?                                       What is your loan size?
AgriCap’s Real Estate Term Loans are designed                          Our loan range is $500,000 to $10,000,000.
for farms, ranches, vineyards, orchards, cow-calf
(and similar) operations, and facilities directly                      What do I need to get started?
connected to a farm.                                                    • Loan amount requested
                                                                        • Completed AgriCap application
What programs do you offer?                                             • Financial statements, including balance sheets,
We offer five loan products, ranging from variable                        tax returns, and income statements
to fixed loan. Terms extend for 3, 5, 10, or 20 years;                  • Credit scores for borrower/guarantor
funds can be used to purchase, refinance, or cash-                      • Description of farm activity
out of your agriculturally-related real estate. See                     • Detailed itemization of use of funds
our rate sheet for more information.                                    • Estimated value of real estate from most recent
                                                                          appraisal (if available)
How long does it take to start?
After we receive your application we will provide
you with a proposal in three to five business days,
with funding beginning 60 to 90 business days
after receipt of your application.

                     1                  2         3                           4                  5
                   Assess            Obtain     Submit                     AgriCap           Close Deal
                    Your            Financial Term Sheet                   Reviews            & Begin
                   Needs          Information & Deposit                    Package            Funding

About AgriCap Financial Corporation
AgriCap Financial Corporation, a diversified financial services company provides a broad range of financial
products and services specifically serving the produce, agricultural, and food & beverage industries. Our
financial solutions include accounts receivable financing, operating/crop input loans, real estate term loans,
supply chain financing, and import/export financing.

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