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									Core/Main              Sub Activity                                Preservation
Activities                                                        Period(in years)

correspondence         Correspondence with various banks          5 years
                       Appointment of Additional Directors from
                       differnet Ros/Capital Adequecy/Use of
Nominee Directors      Word Bank                                  10 years
Issue of Licences      Licences issue and conversion of DCB       Permanent
                       Local Area Bank/Dilution file/Internal
                       group on monitoring the working group
                       on pvt banks/monetary and credit
                       measure/NIBM study/Merger and
                       Amalgamation of bank/FI etc. Starting of
                       new Pvt Sector
                       eclusion of banks in Second
Policy files           Schedule/misc files                        5 years
Administrative files   Management/RIA                             5 years

                       Reconstruction Division
                                                                  6 years after final
Amalgamation           Pertaining to differnet banks              valuations
                       Files relating to Times Bank/ Bank of
                       Madura with ICICI Bank/Banares bank
                       with BOB/Nedungdi Bank ltd with
                       PNB/Global Trust with OBC/South
                       Gujrat Local Area Bank with
                       BOB/Ganesh Bank of Kurundwad with
                       Federal Bank/United Western Bank
                       withIDBI Ltd/Bank of Punjab Ltd with
                       Centurion bank/IDBI with IDBI Bank.        10 years
Liquidation            Peratining to different banks              6 years from date
                                                                  of issue
    Misfeasance        Pertaining to different banks
    Proceedings        Category 1                                 6 years
                       Category 2                                 1 year
                       Others                                     6 years after
                                                                  whichever is later
Court cases            files pertaining to various court cases    Permanent
Representations        Individual representations                 15 years
                       yearly ststements showing progress
                       made by transferee banks in                6 years from date
Statements             implementing SOA                           of valuationn
                                                                  6 years from
Takeover by SBI        Files pertaining topvarious banks          dissolution
General Files          s                                        Permanent
Administration         Stationery/Pending list/overtime/misc    1 year

                      UN Security Council Resolution /
                      Amercian consultate / IMF / Wprld Bank
                      documents & Correspondence / J *K
                      reporting of cash trsanctions / Inter
                      ministerial to-ordinationforum / abu
                      Dhabi Conference on hawala /Drafts on
                      KYC / Compliance / Draft guidelines on
                      KYC / Legal Dept. Note / Working Group
                      on Suspicious Activity Reporting /Draft
                      rules on PML Act 2002 / CBDT sharing
                      of information by banks with ITD / KYC
                      PAN / Fund Banks methodolgy
                      docuemnts / Foreign Contribjution
                      Regulation Act / Correspondence / New
                      KYC Guidlines / Compliance with FATA
                      recommendations / KYC Norms account
                      opening data / PMLA 2002 obligation of
                      banks /Tie up casesPayquick etc. / KYC
                      norms relaxations for flood affected
Antil Money           persons / Low inocme group / Card
Laundering pertaining relatedissues / UN conventions against
to policy matters     corruptions                                Permanent
Correspondece Files                                                          5
                      Circulars for :Freezing of Assets-
                      Dawood, Communist Party of Nepal,
Circular files        KYC Guidelines                             10 years
                      Technical Report onMarket Integrity /
                      Visit to Malaysia / Inter depargtmental
                      core group regulatory and supervisory
                      concerns Account details of Antony
                      Jesudasan / RIA correspondence /
                      Freezing of assets ofAbu Saifee /
Operational Files     Jamaah Islamiya                                        10
                      Files pertaining to various court cases    Permanent
                      Files pertaining to variosu individuals                5
                      International Co-ordination Committee /
                      Correspondence with IBA / Copies of
                      Acts / US Patriot Act. / Secrecy Act /
                      Documents / FEMA - FERA Circular
                      /Financial Stability Forum / POTA
                      ordinance / Briefs forDGs/G 20
                      MinisterialMeeting / CEIB / REIC / List of
                      Terrorist individuals / Operationals /
                      Custmer Profiling                          Permanent

                       COMPUTER AND TECHONOLOGY

                       IT Policy / Information Security &
Pertaining to Policy   Management System / PKI Digital
matters                Certificate                             Permanent
Maintenance &
Purchase                                                       10 years
Internet Banking                                               5 years
                        ADMINISTRATION DIVISION

                        Staff Instructions - signing power -
                        reviewof post-reorgansiation of DBOD /
                        Promotion policy / Refixation of pay and
                        allowances / Important correspondence
                        with COs / Inspection reports &
Pertaining to           compliance / Audit Reports / Office
Administration          Order / Circulars-Master Files           Permanent
regarding staff review
DBOD ROs                                                          Permanent
Other miscellaneous
files pertaining to    Misc.correspondence, CL/OL, Late
Administration         Attendance, Leave Applications             1year
                       Grant of Increment/Annual
                       Increment/Advance Increment                2 years
                       Cash Receipts of OLDR/Visists Cards
                       Reimbursement/Brief Case/Xerox
                       bills/Leave SPCL/pending List/Half
                       yearly review/Hindi Quarterly              3 years
                       Staff Correspondence/HRD Committee         5 years
Staff Indebtedness
Court                                                             10 years
                       Planning and Budget Cell

                        Concurrent audit/CSAA/Statutory
Policy Matter           reort/Annual Inspection of Ros            Permanent
Audit Compliances       Concurrent/Other                          5 years
Dicipline                                                         Permanent

                        Appointments Division

                        Admn of provisions of Sec 35 of BR
                        Act/Social control over banks/Corporate
                        directors/remuneration to ED/CMDs fo
                        PCBs/Legal Dept poinions/appointments
                        and Terms and Conditions of Chief
                        Executive of Nationalised banks/mailing
Policy files            list/Policy file LABs                     Pemanent
                        Appointment of Chairman/CEOs of
                        PSBs Pvt banks/CEOs foreign
                        banks/Appoitnment of whole time
                        directors/Parliamentary queries/DFS
                        meetings/Fixation of Pay and
Operational files       Allowances of Eds and CMDs                10 years
                        Constitution of BO Directors              15 years
                        Complaints from Public received trough
                        Govt                                      10 years
                        Export Credit/Hosuing Fianace             Permanent
                        Stationery/monthly reports                1 year
                        office orders/circulars of
                        dept/overtime/annual work plan/leave      3 years

 Administrative files
                        Miscellaneous                               5 years
 Administrative files   Sectional manual                            Permanent
                        Monthly activity report                     1 year
                        Memo to CentralBoard
                        Directors/Correspondence relating to
                        banks Annualreport/ trend and progress
                        of Banking                                  3 years
                        Master Circular                             Permanent

                        DIRECTIVES DIVISION

                        Capital Gains Accounting
                        Schem/System Staffing
                        Inspection/background palers
                        file/Monetary and Credit Policy/Show
                        cause notice issued/Penalty imposed on
Policy files            banks                                       Permanent
                        Opening of SB a/cs in the name of Govt
                        Dept                                        10 years
                        Delhi Pigmi Dep. Schme                      5 years
                        IRD Deposit Mobilisation, Staff Incentive
                        scheme/Deceased Depositors/Rate of
                        Interest on loans and
                        advances/premature withdrawal of term
Operational files       deposits                                    5 years

                        Interest rate on deposits/Saving
                        Deposits/NR Deposits/Unsecured
                        Guarantees/SCC clarification/ HC
                        Chennai WP6879/99 SEBI vs Anubhav
                        Invest Ass/Sanjeevani Sav Invt India
                        etc/ code of Banking practices/material
                        furnished to CB/BFS meetings                Permanent
Export Credit and
Housing Fianace                                                     Permanent
                        Parliament questions/Export
                        Credit/Housing finanace Inspection
                        report                                      Permanent
                        Compalints form exporter/Govt
                        correspondence                              3 years

                        DEFAULTERS LIST DIVISION
Policy matters
pertaining to List
of Defaulters           Information on Defaulting Borrowers         Permanent
                        Secrecy Porvisions                          Permanent
                        Circulation of list of Defaulters           10 years
                        Representration received for deletion
                        of names                                    10 years

                        Publication of list of suit file accounts 5 years
                        Court cases                                 Permanent
CRR                     CRR Policy file                                Permanent
                        On Line Submission of Returns                    3 years

                   S.42 of RBI Act CRR for Interest            7 years
                   Payment Budget Provision
                  CRR Form A returns                           7 year
                  DAD Advice Interest Payment                  1 year
SLR               Policy File                                Permanent
-do-              Correspondence                              7 years
-do-              Bank wise SLR Form VIII returns             7 years
-do-              Monthly statement                           7 years
Circular Files    Returns Circular File                       7 years
Form IX Unclaimed Unclaimed Deposits                          3 years

TT        Discounting ---                                      7 years
General Files         PC Data Received from ROs MPD            2 years
                      RPCD & UBD
-do-                  Query Under RIA                         20 years
Press communiqué Annexure A B C                               3 years

-do-               Parliament Questions                        7 years
Audited        B/S ----                                        3 years
-do-               Hindi Quarterly Report, Dead Stock          3 years
                   Article,   Correspondence,     Leave
                   Applications,       Monthly     Work
                   Certificates, Pending Letters
-do-               Stationery Articles                        5 years
-do-               File List, Preservation of Files,         Permanent
                   System & Staffing Instructions

General            Standing Committee SEBI                Permanent
                   Staff matters/Misc correspondence
                   with CIBIL/DG/ED'r
                   correspondence                         5 years
                   Inspection                             Permanent
                   Parliamentary questions                10 YEARS
                   RTI Queries/ Appeals                   3 YEARS
                   Other - pertaining to various
                   correspondence/draft copies/
                   stationery indents etc                 3 years
                   ESTABLISHMENT SECTION
                   Medical bills - Regular                6 years after
                   /Declaration/Hopitalisation/Annual     inspection
                   Health Check up
                   MAF -                                  Permanent
         Accounts - Various statements of      10 Years
         nual returns
         Tea/Lunch/diner/Conveyance/Vehicl     6 years after
         es/petrol/Legal fees – bills paid     inspection
         TA/HA - tours/transfer/training       6 years
         TA/HA Bills paid
         Book Grant Scheme - Paid Bills &      6 years
         Housing Loan                          Permanent
         Application - PF                      3 year after
         advance/withdrawl,etc                 retirement
         Pension/Provident Fund/Gratuity-      Permanent
         Contains service records of
         retired/resigned employees
         Flood Relief                          6 years
         sumer Advance, PC advance,Book
         grant,bills for TA/HA

         GSLI - Claims/Monthly                 10 Years
         LIC/Postal Insurance                  12 years
         Payrolls/other files,etc              Permanent


Policy   Revolving underwriting facility       Permanent
         Mutual Fund                           Permanent
         Hire PurchaseVenture Capital Fund     Permanent
         Factoring                             Permanent
         Hosuing                               Permanent
         Credit card                           Permanent
         Merchant Banking                      Permanent
         Money Market Mutual Fund              Permanent
         Bills portfolio                       Permanent
         Asset Securitazation                  Permanent
         Coffee Futures Exchange               Permanent
         Entry of banks- insurance business    Permanent
         Debit cards                           Permanent
         Weak Sugsidiaries                     Permanent
         Mortgage Guarantee                    Permanent
         PensionFUnd                           Permanent
         Custodial Services                    Permanent
         Smart Card                            Permanent
         Stock Invest                          Permanent
         Comission in review of Adm. Laws      Permanent
         Forward and Future Mkt/warehouse
         receipts                              Permanent
         System Imp NBFCs and Banks
         relationship                          Permanent
                    Banks / NBFCs specific policy matters    Permanent
                    Stock investment - Inspection            10 years
                    Stockinvestment-inf. Reg. payment
                    arrange                                  Permanent
                    Stockinvest-invest-inf. Annexure III     3 years
                    Membership of StockExchange              Permanent
                    NSDL & CDSL                              Permanent
                    Parliament question                      10 years
                    National Housing Bank                    Permanent
                    Correspondence with CBI                  Permanent
                    Memo. To Central / Local Board           Permanent
                    Papers ofBFS meetings                    Permanent
                    Miscellaneous corres[pondence            2 years
                    R.E.P.Scheme, Lokhandwala                Permanent
                    Report-Annual/Trend& Progress            Permanent
                    Circular by FSD                          Permanent
                    Ciculars issued by other depts.          3 years
                    Circulars issued by DBOD                 Permanent
                    S.E.B.I.                                 Permanent
                    High LevalCommittee onCapitalMarket      Permanent

                    Inter department co-ordinationcommitee   Permanent
                    Foreignbanks                             Permanent
                    Transaction in Government securities     Permanent
                    Bouncing of SGL Transfer forms           Permanent
                    Investment advisory services             Permanent
                    JPC                                      Permanent
                    Papers onArdeeHousing Pvt. Ltd.          Permanent
                    Papers on Financial Institution Cell     Permanent
                    ECGC - Export FactoringServices          Permanent
                    Copies of approval letters               Permanent
                    Investmentby PSUs in MFs                 Permanent
                    Term loansto Indian promoters            Permanent
                    Report from marketingintelligencecell    Permanent
                    Credit policy meetings-action points     Permanent
                    State Bank ofMauritius                   Permanent
                    Action plan meetings                     Permanent
                    Private Sector Mutual Funds              Permanent
                    PDs/Stock broking subsidiaries           Permanent
                    Meetings with CIIdelegation              Permanent
                    Discounting rediscounting of bills by
                    banks                                    Permanent
                    Seminar on Securitisation                Permanent
                    Setting up a Cell on Capital Market      Permanent
                    Trends in Stock Market                   Permanent
                    Equipment Leasing Review Reports         3 years
                    Credit Card Reviews                      3 years
                    Stock investment Inspection              10 years
                    Parliament question                      10 years

Parliament Cell and
Complaints          Restructuring of Banking System and
RedressalCell       Financial Institutions                   Permanent

                    Procedure for Parliamentary Committee Permanent
                 Systems and Staffing Inspection            Permanent
                 Instructions                               Permanent
questions        Material furnished to Govt for PQ          5 Years
                 Selected (Imp) PQs sent to ED/DG           5 years
                 Assuarance cases                           5 years
                 AssemblyQuestions                          5 years
                 Govt replies toPQs                         5 years
                 Material furnioshed by PSBs for PQs        5 years
Redressal Cell   Instructions and Policy                    Permanent
                 General Correspondence                     5 years
                 Monthly Status Statement                   3 years


Banks Branch
Expansion        Branch Authorisation Policy bank files     Permanent
                 Acquisition of premises on lease/ rental
                 basis by banks for their use               Permanent
                 Circulars                                  Permanent
                 Branch bank Statistics                     Permanent

                 Master Circular on Branch Authorisation    Permanent
                 Relocation/Opening of branches in North
                 East                                       Permanent
                 VIP references/ Representations of
                 opening of branches                        5 years
                 Correspondence with State Govt             5 years
Policy           Financial Inclusion                        Permanent
                 DoorstepBanking                            Permanent
                 State-wise number of backward districts
                 in India                                   Permanent
                 Reorganisation of Districts                Permanent
                 Banking/ Intl monetary Facilities at
                 border trading points                      Permanent
                 Prudential norms on Captial Adequecy,
                 Interest tax, Nationalistion Act(writ
                 petition etc), decisions about matters
                 pertaining to nationalised banks,
                 delegation of powers of nationalsied
                 banks, analysis of balance sheets of
                 nationalsied banks, Inter corporate
                 lending and Investments, Imp
                 developments/ policy matters for Annual
                 Report of trend and progress of banking,
                 declaration of dividend by public sector
                 banks, ALM, Asset Securitisation,
                 Infrastructure Financing, derivatives,
                 PQs, Merger of banks, Pousourcing,
Banking policy   Consolidated accounting                  Permanent
                 Powers of granting advances, General
                 corresopondence with nationalised
                 banks, consolidated report on working of
                 public sector banks, matters with banks
                 onIncomeRecognition and Asset
General          Classification norms, valuation of
Correspondence   investment                               20 years
                 Performanece Budgeting system, Risk
                 Management correspondence with
                 banks,Action plan meeting with
                 Chairman of Public Sector banks,
                 AnnualFianacial Inspection               5 Years

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