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									                                                                                                         The Networker
                                                                      The Monthly Bulletin of the Verdugo-Glen Chapter of the
                                                                                 American Business Women's Association in
                                                                                                          Glendale, California
                                                                                                             September 2010

  Visit Our Home Page                                                      VERDUGO GLEN CHAPTER
Chapter Officers
President                  Lynn White-Shelby
                                                                           “RE-IGNITING THE PASSION
Vice President
                           Dr. Marty Preciado
                           Brandi Hackitt                                    FOR YOUR BUSINESS"
Recording Secretary        Laurali Fey
Corresponding Secretary    Grace Schwartz
                                                              SPEAKER: LINDA LORE, CEO & PRESIDENT OF
Standing Committee Chairs                                           FREDERICK'S OF HOLLYWOOD
Fund Raising                Donna Hempel
Newsletter                  Donna Hempel                                          In her 18-year-career as a CEO of
Membership                  Donna Keyser
Professional Development    Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz                                 world-renowned brands, Linda LoRe is
                            Barbara Williams
                            Teresa Garcia
                                                                                  widely recognized as a leading brand
                                                                                  advocate. Her extensive experience
Team Chairs                                                                       includes building consumer companies
Anniversary Night          Dr. Marty Preciado & Board                             from the ground up, revitalizing storied
Associate Night            Nancy Johnson                                          brands and breathing new life into
Audit                      TBA
                                                                                  consumer favorites. Since arriving at
Council Delegates:
IMPACT                     Delilah Dijamco                                        Frederick's of Hollywood in 1999, she
Inland Valley              Jan Lata                                               has overseen their Chapter 11 reorganization
Los Angeles Area (LAAC)    Donna Keyser
                                                                                  and brand turn-around. Through its much-
Hospitality                Veronica Egurrola
Photographer               Lynn White-Shelby             lauded January 2003 emergence, she lead the company in its
Roster                     Betty Fox                     strongest growth period in more than 10 years, and most recently,
Standing Rules             Maria Tapang
Sunshine Lady              Jan Lata                      leading the impending merger between Frederick’s and apparel
Telephone Relay            Evelyn Reichgelt
Toot Your Horn / Raffle    Marcia Mullins                partner, Movie Star Inc.
Top Ten                    Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz
Website                    Lynn White-Shelby
Woman of the Year          Dr. Marty Preciado            Prior to joining Frederick’s of Hollywood, LoRe was President and
                                                         CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills. LoRe spent eleven years building
All members will serve as goodwill ambassadors
                                                         Giorgio Beverly Hills into one of the world’s premier luxury brands,
for the American Business Women’s Association.           with sales exceeding $325 million.
1) Members will not allow their personal beliefs
   and convictions to interfere with the                   September 22nd hosts Fall Enrollment – Invite a Friend or two!
   representation of ABWA’s mission.
2) Members will always treat their member
   colleagues, guests, vendors and sponsors with
   honesty, respect, fairness, integrity,
                                                        Inside This Issue:                                Verdugo Glen Chapter meets the
   responsibility, kindness, and in good faith.
3) Members will maintain compliance with ABWA                                                             fourth Wednesday of every month
   National, Chapter and Express Network
                                                        President’s Pen........................ 2         (except Nov. / Dec.):
4) Members will not use their personal power to                                                             September 22, 2010 Chapter Meeting
   advance their personal interests.
                                                        2010 -11 Vision Statement ...... 3
5) Members will strive for excellence in their
                                                                                                            6:00 p.m. Registration & Networking
   professions by maintaining and enhancing
                                                        August Chapter Minutes........... 3
                                                                                                            6:30 p.m. Dinner & Program
   their own business knowledge and skills, and
   by encouraging the professional development
                                                        Sept. 2010 Board Summary..... 4                     Dinner Reservations: $20.00
   of other members.
6) Members will strive for excellence in their
                                                        Calendar of Events .……….... 4                       To RSVP For Your GUESTS or Cancel your
   professions by maintaining and enhancing                                                                 reservation contact: Brandi Hackitt,
   their own business knowledge and skills, and
                                                        Membership / Mentoring.......... 5
   by encouraging the professional development                                                              C: 818/438-8319 or Email:
   of other members.
                                                        New Member Connections....... 6
                                                        Community News..................... 6
Visit us on web at:                                                                            Meeting Location: Glendale Elks
                                                        Fundraising.............................. 7
                                                                                                            120 E. Colorado St., Glendale, CA 91205
Women’s Instruction Network (WIN):                      National News.................... 8 & 9             Telephone: 818-242-2105                                        Council Updates.......................10
                                                        Newsletter Advertisers............ 11

                                                                           Page 1
                                                     A Little ABWA History: In the 1940s, workingwomen were
       PRESIDENT’S PEN                               making new roads in to the business world. Women were changing
      September 2010                                 the face of industry and having a positive economic impact. Hilary A.
                                                     Bufton Jr., a Kansas City businessman, recognized women’s
                                                     potential, and saw the need for an organization to support and
                                                     empower them to reach their career goals.
 "If you're not making mistakes, they
you're not doing anything. I'm positive              As a result, in 1949, Bufton founded the American Business Women’s
      that a doer makes mistakes."                   Association. Professional development remains the cornerstone of
                                                     ABWA today.
             (John Wooden)
                                                     National Event: American Business Women’s Day on
I must share with you that this year's               September. 22 celebrates the important contributions more than
Executive Board is really a great group of           57 million American workingwomen and 7.7 million women business
women! So talented, hard working and                 owners are making to this nation. This ABWA founding date was
loaded with ideas and thoughts on how                recognized in 1983 and 1986 by Congressional resolution and a
Verdugo Glen can be the women's                      proclamation issued by President Ronald Reagan
organization that everyone wants to join! We
are DOERS who may make mistakes and                                ABWA Mission Statement
take risks but that's how we all learn and
grow.                                                           The mission of the American Business Women’s
                                                                 Association is to bring together businesswomen
                                                               of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities
See the "Vision Statement" which has been                         for them to help themselves and others grow
created and now posted on our website and                       personally and professionally through leadership,
in every newsletter. We will soon finish                                 education, networking support,
creating a Team Charter, too, which will be                                 and national recognition.
shared with you all.

September, I'm off this month for a week in
North Carolina with daughter Jenny and                                     YOUR CHAPTER’S 2010-11
family. We are going to Cape Hatteras, Kitty
Hawk (where the Wright Brothers flew that                                   VISION STATEMENT!
first plane off the sand dunes), and what they
call back there, "the OB," (Outer Banks).                                                   Verdugo Glen
Now, those Wright Brothers really had a                                                     chapter is an Active
GOAL!                                                                                       group of women with
                                                                                            diverse occupations
It is important for me to be back for our                                                   and backgrounds,
awesome September meeting and program                     Bonding with other professionals in the community,
                                                          Working together towards the common goals of ABWA,
presented by Linda LoRe, the CEO of
                                                          and Acknowledging the accomplishments and
Frederick's of Hollywood. Come hear what
                                                          achievements of our members.
she has to tell us in the challenges she faces
as a women-owned business in these tough
economic times. Many of you in your                                   2010 – 2011 Chapter Goals:
businesses can relate to that. It is our Fall             Goal 1: Retain a membership of 40 members by July 31, 2011.
Enrollment event, so bring a guest - a flyer              Goal 2: Recruit 10 members by end of chapter year July 31, 2011
will be coming your way soon with all the                 Goal 3: Raise $4,000 for scholarships and member professional
information.                                              development during chapter year August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011.

And away I go, "ya all"!                                  Events will be:
                                                          * Casino Night in Spring 2011 (top vote from member surveys)
                                                          * Bunco Night, Sunday, November 7
Lynn White-Shelby                                         * See's Candy Sales – Fall 2011 (Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz Chair)
President                                                 * Kiwanis Duck Race - October 23, 2010

                                                 Page 2
                                                                               Donna Hempel, Fundraising Chair, made four motions for
                                                                                holding fundraising events that came from the Member
                                                                                Survey and one of the three goals from the July 28
                   VERDUGO GLEN CHAPTER
                         August 25, 2010                                        Transition Meeting.
                    Elks Lodge, Glendale, CA                                    (1)        Duck Splash, October 23
                                                                                (2)        Bunco night/spaghetti dinner, November 7
                                                                                (3)        Sees Candy sale for Christmas
The meeting was called to order by President Lynn White-Shelby at
                                                                                (4)        Casino Night, Spring 2011
6:30 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, and                All four motions were seconded and carried
introduction of guests. There were 22 members and 7 guests, Etel
                                                                            Membership Chair, Donna Keyser, Catherine Praeger,
Rogel, Diana Rivera, Veronica Egurrola, Jan Kidwell, Marion
                                                                                sponsored by Nicola Keller, and Betty Fox sponsored by
Melchione, Trina Sandal, and Patricia Magoffin plus the guest
                                                                                Lynn White-Shelby, were affiliated as new members.
speaker, Janice Criddle, present. Those members with July and
                                                                       Special Committee Reports
August birthdays were recognized.
President's Announcements:                                                  In the absence of Andrea Manning, Vocational Speaker
                                                                                Chair, Betty Fox requested members to sign up on the sheet
     Donna Keyser, Membership Chair, explained the details about
                                                                                provide to speak at future meetings
        Team Challenge. (During break, members split into four
                                                                       Unfinished Business
        groups and chose a name for their team and a team leader.)
        The contest will begin at the September meeting and continue        Donna Keyser, Chair of the Audit Committee, reported the
        for three meetings.                                                     audit has been completed and all records are in order.
     Lynn gave a short presentation on parliamentary procedure             Current President Lynn White-Shelby presented Brandi
        and how motions should be presented and the procedure to be             Hackitt her past president’s pin/gavel and a scrapbook of
                                                                                her year in office which Lynn created for her.
        followed when voting on them.
                                                                       New Business
     Rhea Rader is handling the National Education Bulletin Board.
                                                                            Lynn White-Shelby reminded members that the chapter had
     Grace Schwartz announced that the Ovarian Cancer 5K is
                                                                                set aside funds to reimburse National Leadership
        September 12 and they are needed volunteers and team
                                                                                Conference registration fees for five officers and/or chair
                                                                                persons going to Chattanooga. Those wishing to attend
                                                                                should contact her regarding requirements by September 15
     The vocational speaker was Betty Fox, who immigrated to the
                                                                                for qualifying for these funds. Ildiko Bayer volunteered to
        U.S. from Guatemala, at age 16. She told of her struggles
                                                                                provide a list of things to do and places to see while in
        learning English and her dissatisfaction with the corporate             Chattanooga for anyone who requested one.
        world. She is now Regional Vice President of PartyLite and
                                                                                Five members, Janet Lata, Rhea Norman-Rader, Irene
        enjoys the perks (trips and vehicles) she has earned due to
                                                                                Brandies, Jory Potts and Laurali Fey, were awarded ABWA
        her superior salesmanship skills.
                                                                                kaleidoscopes for their submission of testimonies about their
     In the absence of Barbara Williams, Program Chair, Laurali                experience as members. Their testimonies were chosen to
        Fey introduced the guest speaker. Janice Criddle, whose                 be printed in the Chapter Brochure.
        company is Challenge It Now. Janice spoke to us about Goal     Announcements:
                                                                            Lori Hartwell has been very ill with a bleeding stomach
                                                                                 ulcer. She will be having surgery to correct it on Friday.
June 23, 2010 Chapter Minutes: Approved as printed.
                                                                                 Members were requested to send cards. When Lori
Treasurer’s Report for June: Approved as printed and filed for audit
                                                                                 recovers well enough, she will be having another surgery
Standing Committee Reports
                                                                                 for a kidney transplant which is being donated by her sister.
     In the absence of Barbara Williams, Program Chair, Laurali                 The table centerpiece is being given to Lori.
         Fey announced that the September speaker will be Linda
                                                                            Nicola Keller advised that with the affiliation of her niece,
         LoRe, CEO of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Lynn advised there
                                                                                 Catherine Pager, there are now three generations of ABWA
         would be an enrollment event at the September meeting.
                                                                                 members in her family. The third member is Nicola’s
         Members are encouraged to invite prospective members as
                                                                                 mother, Mary Screech, who is recovering from a broken
         guests. Guests will not be charged for their dinners.
     Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz, Scholarship Chair, requested
                                                                            New member orientation will be held on October 13 at
         volunteers to join her committee                                        Lynn’s home.
     Donna Hempel, Newsletter Chair, advised business card
                                                                            Los Angeles Area Council will meet on September 11, at
         size ads in the newsletter were available at an annual cost
                                                                                 8:30a.m. at the First Baptist Church in Downey. All are
         of $45. She also needs to know of any changes in
         members’ email addresses so that they will not miss getting
         the newsletter.
                                                                       The customary 50/50 drawing as conducted. Meeting concluded with
                                                                       Benediction. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

                                                                       Respectfully submitted, Laurali Fey, Recording Secretary

                                                                  Page 3
    Executive Board Meeting, Sept. 1, 2010
    Summary of Business:                                                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                                                                                     What’s Going On When?
         Donna Keyser, Membership Chair, was the
          guest. Reviewed were the Teamwork Challenge
          procedures, mentoring plan and 9/22 Enrollment
          Event meeting.                                                                 September 2010
         August 25 meeting evaluation forms tabulated by                                Fall Enrollment Campaign Begins –
          Cheryl Lomeli were reviewed. Main comments:                       1            September 1 to November 30, 2010
          (1) Networking and Dinner were good,                              1            Board Meeting - 6:45 PM
          (2) Speaker was average (3) Business meeting                                   LAAC, First Baptist Church of Downey, 8340
          was average.                                                      11           Third, Downy, Room 105 9:00 AM
         Discussed fundraising gift card. Approval by                                   Chapter Fall Enrollment Meeting, Glendale Elks,
          membership will be at the 9/22 meeting. Lynn will                 22           120 E. Colorado, Glendale 6:00 PM
          email a summary of the process for us to make                     22           Glendale Chamber Network Panera
          $1500.                                                                         Bread 300 N. Brand 7:15-9:00am
         "Bling Bling" purse for NWLC was previewed,
          and Laurali will transport to Chattanooga.                                     October 2010
         Board completed its Team Charter.
                                                                                 6       Board Meeting - 6:45 pm
         Final budget revisions will be emailed to the
                                                                                 8       Barbara Williams B’Day
          Board and presented to the chapter for approval                                Impact Council Meeting, 9:00 AM - Placentia Library,
          on 9/22.                                                               9       401 E. Chapman Placentia, CA
         An outline of Best Practices Criteria was                              9       Dr. Marty Preciado B’Day
          reviewed with target, completion dates, and
                                                                                13       New Member Orientation, Shelby's 7 PM
          responsible members. It will be reviewed at every
          Board meeting.                                                        15       Andrea Manning B’Day
         ABWA is sharing cost of a table with New York                         19       Fundraising Meeting, 7pm, Lynn White-Shelby’s
          Life for Senator Liu's 9/29 Women's Healthy                           20       Glendale Chamber Business Expo $20
          Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center.                               22       Brandi Hackitt B’Day
         We will celebrate our Best Practices achievement                               Chapter Mtg., 6:00 PM - Glendale Elks, 120 E. Colorado St.,
          at the 9/22 meeting                                                   27       Glendale, CA 91205 - 818-242-2105
                                                                                         National Women’s Leadership Conference
                                                                            28 - 30      Chattanooga, TN
   VOCATIONAL SPEAKERS PROGRAM                                               29          Evelyn Reichgelt B’Day
                                                                            31           Secretary Report due to National
                “5 MINUTES OF FAME”
A new year starts very soon and it looks like it is going to be a very
interactive, exciting term!!! Go Lynn Go!

This is where you get to tell about yourself, business and/or hobbies --
                                                                                             Special Thank You to
this is a "safe" environment to share with others if you are hesitant to                    Beverly Ann Flowers
speak in a group setting. What a great opportunity for you to show
Verdugo Glen members what strengths and abilities that you have to                      Who provides
offer and if you wish, let us know what weaknesses you have that you                    beautiful floral
would like to have help and encouragement to strengthen. We are                         arrangements
bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table, but together we                  for our monthly
all put together a fabulous team!                                                       meetings.

    Contact Andrea Manning (818) 254-5625 for availability and details
on where you’re name will be in lights... Thank you, Andrea Manning.

                                                                                     1150 North Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202
                                                                                                  818-246-1753 - 866 246-1753


                                                                       Page 4

                                      JOIN a TEAM
                                       Be Part of

TEAM                       CHAIR                  MEMBERS

Fundraising/Advertising    Donna Hempel           Laurali Fey                      Diane Reddie, former member of Verdugo Glen
Board Sponsor              Brandi Hackitt         Betty Fox                      now residing in Sun Lakes, Arizona was in town last
                                                  Teresa Garcia                 month for a tennis tournament. Lynn, Nancy and Marje
                                                  Nancy Johnson                     met her for brunch at DeBell Golf Club Grille.
                                                  Donna Keyser                      Left to Right: Diane, Lynn, Nancy and Marje.
                                                  Marcia Mullins                                 Lookin Good Ladies!
                                                  Dr. M. Preciado
                                                  Barbara Williams
                                                  ALL MEMBERS
                                                                                          MENTORING PROGRAM
Membership                 Donna Keyser           Donna Hempel
Board Sponsor              Dr. Marty Preciado     Nancy Johnson                  What is a mentor? Per Webster, “...a loyal friend and
                                                  Marcia Mullins
Attendance                                        Kathy Dupree
                                                                                 advisor. “…a teacher or coach."
Meeting Evaluations                               Cheryl Lomeli
Roster                                            Betty Fox                      The Mentoring Plan pertains to the guest who has
                                                                                 come to the chapter meeting other than being
Professional Development &
Scholarships              Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz   Donna Hempel
                                                                                 sponsored by a Verdugo Glen member. The guest may
Board Sponsor             Brandi Hackitt          Marcia Mullins                 be a contact from business events, referrals from other
                                                  Catherine Praeger              ABWA chapters, or has read about ABWA In a local
National Education                                Rhea Rader                     paper or through ABWA websites, etc.
Hospitality                                       Sheila Byers
Board Sponsor              Brandi Hackitt         Donna Keyser
                                                                                 If you would like to mentor a guest into Verdugo Glen
                                                  Alicia Mauricio                Chapter with the anticipation that they will become a
                                                  E. Rosenfeld-Ortiz             member, contact Donna Keyser, Membership Chair at
Anniversary & Associate    Nancy Johnson &        Delilah Dijamco                818/445-8839 or
Night Celebrations         Board                  Marcia Mullins                 Information is also available on WIN, logon to
                                                  Jory Potts           
                                                  Barbara Williams
                                                  Barbara Williams
Standing Rules            Maria Tapang
Top Ten Woman of the Year Dr. Marty Preciado
Woman of the Year         Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz
Board Sponsor             Lynn White-Shelby & Board
                                                                                       NETWORKING TIP OF THE MONTH
Toot Horn/Chapter Drawing Marcia Mullins          Irene Brandis
Board Sponsor             Brandi Hackitt          Teresa Garcia                   As important as it is to meet as many people as you can during
                                                                                   networking events, it's equally as important to remember who
Vocational Speakers        Andrea Manning         Betty Fox                       everyone is so you can have meaningful follow-up afterwards.
Board Sponsor              Laurali Fey
                                                                                 Be sure to jot down little notes on the back of business cards after
Web                        Lynn White-Shelby      Donna Hempel
                                                                                    a conversation is over. You'd be surprised at how good of a
                                                                                                 memory jogger those notes can be!

                                                                       Page 5
                                                                                          COMMUNITY NEWS!
“CONNECT”                                                                   GLENDALE Chamber of Commerce
                                                                            Business Showcase 2010
BETTY FOX joined ABWA July 2010 and formally affiliated August              Wednesday October 20, 2010 - 4:00 to 8:00 pm
24, 2010 and sponsor is Lynn Shelby.                                        Glendale Civic Auditorium
                                                                            1401 N. Verdugo Rd., Glendale 91208
Betty was born in Guatemala City, resides in Burbank,
married to Billy Fox and has 3 children; Nicole, Leslie and Billy Jr.
(deceased)                                                                  Make Your Business
                                                                            The Center of Attention!
Betty is a Regional Vice President, PARTYLITE GIFTS, INC, a direct
selling business of candles, decorating accessories and gourmet food.
As a consultant, she holds in-home shows. She helps consultants
                                                                            Sponsorship Packages:
                                                                            All sponsors receive the following:
learn success principles and trains them on how to own and operate a
                                                                            • Advance recognition on all promotional materials
successful business.                                                        • Recognition in all press releases, Chamber Newsletter and
                                                                               Monthly Mailings
Betty is also a member of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce and               • Sponsor Level recognized on Chamber-provided name
Heart Link Network.                                                            badges
                                                                            • Opportunity to provide promotional items for attendees
TERESA GARCIA joined ABWA in July 2010, also sponsored by
Lynn Shelby and formally affiliated into our chapter June 23, 2010.         Title Sponsors - $5,000
Teresa was born in Glendale, CA and resides in La Tuna Canyon               \

                                                                            • 5-minute "welcoming address"
(aka Sun Valley). She is single and has no children.                        • Company sign logo prominently displayed
                                                                              in Showcase area
Teresa is employed by Keller Williams World Media Center in                 • Complimentary Exhibit Space to showcase
Burbank. She is an Area Specialist Realtor for buyers, sellers, short         your products and services
sales and investments. She is also a freelance Marketing Promotion          • One 15-minute "Spotlight" Presentation
and Publicity Specialist for special events and social media.               • Contact list of Sponsors and Exhibitors

Additional interests, Teresa enjoys golf, hiking, motorsports, her          Corporate Sponsors - $2,500
family, gardening and God. Teresa is also a member of La                    • Company sign/logo prominently displayed in
Providencia Guild, Burbank on Parade and Women in Sports &                    Showcase area
Events.                                                                     • Complimentary Exhibit Space to showcase your
                                                                              products and services
CATHERINE PRAEGER sponsored by Lynn Shelby and                              • Contact list of Sponsors and Exhibitors
formally affiliated August 25, 2010. Catherine born in Glendora now
resides in Azusa. She is single and has no children.                        Business Sponsors - $1,000
                                                                            • Company sign/logo prominently displayed in
She is employed at Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. in Azusa and            Showcase area
an Executive Assistant to the President and CEO. Her duties include         • Complimentary Exhibit Space to showcase your
Database Management and Administrator (Sage SalesLogix);                      products and services
Purchasing and Inventory(Sage Timberline); Office Supply
Management; Cell Phone Account Management; Events and Travel                Exhibitors - $300 (Members)
Management; Project Management(New processes and acquisitions.              - $400 (Non Members)
                                                                            • Complimentary Exhibit Space to showcase your
Catherine loves to learn and is currently learning more about                 products and services
computer programs such as SQL. She also loves the beach and
watching movies. She has just received her AS in Business and               RESTAURANTS
pursuing her BS. She is a new member of IAAP(international                  • Complimentary space if food samples
Association of Administrative Professionals) and is not very active yet.
                                                                            Exhibit space includes table, pole and provided for
     WELCOME LADIES TO OUR TEAM!                                            attendees draping, and electricity if needed.

                                                                            SPACE IS LIMITED - REGISTER TODAY! For additional information
                                                                            or to register: 818-240-7870 or

                                                                        Page 6
                                                                              VERDUGO GLEN CHAPTER
                  FUN DRAI$ING                                                  IS ADOPTING DUCKS!
September 2010                                                        The Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash
Dear Verdugo Glen Members:                                                 Returns to Lake Glendale
                                                                      October 23, 2010 - 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
We are excited to tell you about an easy way for our
TEAM to raise more than $1500 this year for members'
professional development / education and local student                                    1st Prize: $10,000
scholarships!                                                                                  2nd - 5th Prize: $1,000

The program is a Discount Card Fundraiser with each                                         Let’s get quakin...
member being asked to sell 10 discount cards at $10.00 per                                    This is no fowl play…
card over a period of one year from the date of issue.
                                                                                  To adopt YOUR duck, a flock or
The plastic card will display our ABWA logo on one side                           family of ducks simply waddle up to
and 18 local businesses on the other side, i.e., (Burbank,                        the online adoption website at
Glendale, La Crescenta & Tujunga). Consider the selling or
opportunities; people you know in your neighborhood,
churches, place of employment, manicurists, postman,             Spotlight: The sixth annual Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash
dog groomers, etc. and they make great gifts for family          (“KIDS”) takes place in a lake created for the day with
and friends!                                                     30,000 rubber ducks racing to win cash prizes for their
                                                                 adopters. Over $200,000+ raised from these events help
We are asking for your support and membership vote at            hundreds of programs serving tens of thousands of children
September 22, 2010 chapter meeting as we expend                  and underprivileged in Glendale and surrounding
$1,500 from our treasury to purchase 300 Power cards.            communities of Los Angeles County.
Thank you!
                                                                       Reminder, half the proceeds received support member
                                                                        Professional Development and Student Scholarships!

            Verdugo Glen Chapter
        Fall Harvest Bunko Bash                                                                Annual See’s
        Sunday, November 7, 2010                                                               Holiday Candy
            4:00 – 7:30 pm                                                                          Sale
                                                                      September: Order Forms Distributed at mtg.
                                                                      October: Order Forms & $’s Collected at mtg.
                                                                      November: Orders Delivered at chapter mtg.
                                                                      December: Orders Delivered at Holiday Social
      All You Can Eat Buffet, Salad, Rolls,                           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT ELYSA ROSENFELD-ORTIZ,
                                                                             818/547-1422, EMAIL AT : ELYSARO@GMAIL.COM
                   Tea or Coffee
       $20.00 Adults, $12.00 Children
       Glendale Elks, 120 E. Colorado St.,
               Glendale, CA 91205

     RSVP: Donna Hempel,
       On or before Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010

 Chinese Auction, Prizes, Party Light Display
         50% returned to chapter and                              Want to KNOW more? JOIN the TEAM all members
         LOTS of FUN, FUN, FUN,!!!                                WELCOME!! Next Meeting, Tues., Oct. 19th – 7pm
                                                                            Home of Lynn White-Shelby
                                                             Page 7
                KUDOS CORNER                                   2010 NATIONAL WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE
                                                                     October 28-30, 2010 - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Verdugo Glen Awarded Best Practices Level III !                          "Bridging the Gap - Leading with Vision"
Congratulations to you and the members of your                              Logon to WIN for more information.....
Executive Board! You are reaping the rewards for your                          Place your Reservation NOW!
hard work and perseverance in maintaining compliance
with ABWA’s standards of excellence in group                         Dr. Marty Preciado, our Woman of the Year, and Board
management. As such, your chapter/network will receive               Members, Laurali Fey and Lynn Shelby are attending the
the prestigious Best Practices Award for the 2009-2010               National Conference. Therefore, we have funds available for
Award Year.                                                          reimbursement of three members “early bird”
                                                                     registrations. Any member attending the Conference can
Great achievements require vision, persistence, talent,              also receive $250 from Los Angeles Are Council.
hard work and risk. And after all that, it deserves come
serious recognition at this year’s National Women’s                  Approved by the Executive Board 8/11/10, ABWA National
Leadership Conference scheduled October 28-30, in
                                                                     Women’s Leadership Conference Criteria for Reimbursement
Chattanooga, Tenn. The 2009-2010 members of your
Executive Board will lead all the celebrity members from
                                                                     – Fall, 2010:
your chapter/network on the red carpet, in your red dress,
toward the stage amidst all of the ABWA paparazzi. All               Criteria to be considered:
three Best Practice levels will be recognized on the big                  The chapter will pay full reimbursement for the Woman
stage and this is one event you won’t want to miss!                       of the Year’s early registration plus the cost of the
                                                                          Woman of the Year / Top Ten Luncheon
Again, congratulations for creating a “Place to Be” for                   The chapter will pay full reimbursement for the Top Ten
workingwomen from your community who are interested                       candidate’s Woman of the Year / Top Ten Luncheon if
in learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and                       she attends
experiences that will support them in achieving their                     If, the Woman of the Year attends NWLC, five other
professional goals.                                                       chapter members desiring to attend NWLC, must advise
                                                                          the President before the Early Bird deadline of
I look forward to seeing you in Chattanooga!                              September 15, 2010. If the Woman of the Year does not
                                                                          attend, there will be six chapter members who may
Warmly,                                                                   attend NWLC.

                                                                     Criteria to be considered:
                                                                          Member one (1) year or more
                                                                          Officer or Committee Chair
Rene` Street
Executive Director                                                   If there are more than five (5) Officers and Chairs who have
                                                                     advised the President by September 15 that they desire to
                                                                     attended the NWLC, the money allotted for five (5) attendees
                                                                     will be divided equally.

                                                                     For full registration reimbursement, all voting cards must be
                                                                     turned into the Treasurer by November 15, 2010.

                                                                     Additionally, for members who registered before August 13,
                                                                     you could be 1 of 3 lucky members to receive one free night
                                                                     stay at the Chattanooga Marriott during the conference. If
                                                                     you already registered OR you are on the pre-payment plan,
                                                                     no worries, you are already entered.

                                                                               The lucky WINners will be posted on the
                                                                                 National Team Board - Good Luck!

                                                                   News Flash! Registration extended to October 5th

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        NATIONAL RECOGNITION                                   DISTRICT VI NEWS!
                                                               Debbie Shadaram, District VI
       Professional Development Recognition at                 Vice President
       National Women's Leadership Conference
                 October 28-30, 2010!
                                                          September 6, 2010
          Be on the big stage to receive:                 Congratulations to all of the 2011 Top Ten Business
                                                          Women! I would especially like to congratulate
            APEX "Teaming" award is completion of        MyChelle Andrews – La Luz Chapter Albuquerque,
             all 6 "Teaming" modules on WIN               Nm; Bryna Dambrowski – Placentia Stars Chapter
                                                          Placentia, CA; and Susan Debin, M.D. –
            APEX "Personal Marketing" award              Orange Charter Chapter Orange, CA. What an
              is completion of Resumes that Get           accomplishment!
              Interviews (now) and "Interviews that
              Get Offers" (coming in September).          Great job on all the Best Practice Teams! We
                                                          increased our Best Practice Teams 28% over last
                                                          year. Way to go. You are making a difference.

                                                          Why go to Chattanooga?

                                                           Hear Executive Director René Street and
                                                             National President Casey Coven share their
                                                             collective thoughts on ABWA’s vision and what
                                                             their hopes are for ABWA’s near and distant
                                                           Celebrate Best Practices with your team on the
                                                             Big Stage & wear that red dress.
                                                           Receive your APEX award on the Big Stage -
                                                             APEX in Personal Marketing Award and/or
                                                             APEX in Teaming Awards.
   VERDUGO GLEN’S                                          Network with other like-minded women and
  “PROTÉGÉ AWARD”                                            share ideas
                                                           Oh, the entertainment – “The Watercoolers” or
                                                             “The Four Bitchin Babes.”
The Executive Board will award a “Protégé                  You won’t want to miss the “Inner Circle
Award” to all new members who complete the                   Luncheon” honoring Carolyn Elman.
following during their first year of membership:           Go to the “Top Ten Luncheon” and find out
                                                             these amazing 2011 Top Tens.
    Attend (or have a makeup meeting) at                  Don’t forget the training - like Robin Crow, RCA
     least 10                                                recording artist and successful entrepreneur who
       meetings during their first year.                     will present” Evolve or Die: Seven Steps to
    Participate in at least one activity to                 Rethink the Way You Do Business” or one of the
     support the chapter in their first year.                many seminars offered.
                                                          o Strategic Marketing Development and Planning
    Recruit at least one new member to the
                                                          o Championing Diversity
     chapter in
                                                          o Leading with Integrity
     their first year.
                                                          o Design Thinking in Leadership
                                                          o Career GPS
                                                           Meet new friends and see old friends to share a
                                                             truly spectacular experience.

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 COUNCIL UPDATES                                                 Impact Council:
                                                                 Report By: Donna Hempel on behalf of Delilah Dijamco,
 Los Angeles Area Council (LAAC):                                Chapter Delegate. Next Meeting Oct. 9, 2010. In lieu of
                                                                 2011 Frances Stuckey Scholarship, monies will be
Report by: Laurali Fey Delegate Pro Tem                          equally divided among chapters who show proof of a
Report of LAAC Meeting on September 11, 2010                     copy of their chapters 2011 NWLC Voting Card on or
                                                                 before December 15, 2010. Motion was made to award
It was one of the most inspiring meetings I have                 Pattie Vargas, District VI Vice President Candidate
attended. Listening to the experiences of Agnes Peters,          $100.00 and Debbie Shadaram, Secretary-Treasurer
Dee Kirtley, JoAnne Osby and Julie Kangas brought a              Candidate $100.00. A few Best Practices changes were
lump of pride to my throat.                                      discussed, one VIP now - (10) members must take
                                                                 Survey before August 8 – notify chapters leadership to
Agnes spoke on what it is to be an Ambassador and the            read ALL changes in Officers & Committee Guide VIP
duties and responsibilities it entailed.                         changes!

Dee spoke on her experiences as Chairman of a National
Conference and Co-Chair of the Registration Committee            Inland Valley Council
at Women’s Leadership Conference in Kansas City last             Reported by: Jan Lata, Delegate
                                                                 September 7, 2010
JoAnne spoke on what she learned as a District VI Vice
President.                                                       The meeting was held in Sun City, hosted by Linda, of
                                                                 the Inland Empire Charter Chapter. After registration,
Julie talked about her interview and astonishment at             networking breakfast buffet, Kathy Williams, Chairperson,
being chosen as a Top Ten.                                       called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M. The invocation
                                                                 and pledge of allegiance was led by Kathy.
It was a real learning experience to get the inside scoop
on these leadership roles.                                       All in attendance introduced themselves. The program
                                                                 speaker was Susan Canarella, LVN. She works for the
I also attended the wrap up meeting for the Candidates           New Business Development Ramona VNA Hospice. She
Forum. All committee chairs were in agreement that the           spoke regarding the Visiting Nurses Association Services.
Forum was a great success even though attendance was             The program was very interesting and informative. She
less than we had expected. The criteria for selection of         had pamphlets and other articles available. The Feb. and
Woman of the Year was discussed. There was also                  May minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter.
discussion on clarification of travel and hotel
accommodations for candidates and current District VI            The Treasurer’s Report for Jan.- May, 2010, were filed for
Vice President. These items will be revisited prior to next      audit. A recap of the May Special Meeting stated that all
year’s function. Arrangements to hold the event at the           enjoyed it. Kathy had collected a survey of the meeting.
Rio Hondo on the first Saturday in 2011 will be made.            Agnes Peters requested ideas for programs. Mary Large
                                                                 brought up that weather-wise - May was a better month
                                                                 for the Special Meeting. A discussion took place.
2011 District Conference Schedules:
Eastern Regional Conference - Dist I and IV                      Inland Empire Charter Chapter will host the November
Atlanta March 18-19 2011- Westin                                    th
                                                                 13 meeting. Three members volunteered for the
                                                                 nominating committee for new officers. Agnes said there
Western Regional Conference - Dist II and VI –                   were WIN changes. She asked who was attending the
Santa Fe, NM, April 29-30 - Hilton                               Leadership Convention. Carol Peterson asked if any
                                                                 Chapters had a Vision Statement, as Placentia Stars has
Central Regional Conference - Dist III and V –                   one. Agnes said Hemacinto has one and Molly
St Louis Mo April 1-2 - Hyatt                                    Widdicombe said Inland Empire has one. The Incentive
                                                                 Drawings were held with $100 and $50 prizes awarded.
2012 District Conference Schedules:
Eastern - Cary NC, March 23-24                                   Following the Benediction the Raffle Drawing was held.
Western - Oklahoma City March 30-31                              And then adjourned. The next meeting will be
Central - Louisville, KH April 27-28                             November 13, 2010.

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                       Donna Hempel, Newsletter Editor

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