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                                                            December 2001

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  In This Issue                 Remote Work Center:
In Loving Memory Of A Friend:
          Bruce Miller
            page 2
                                Contributors:                           blood. “There is a long road to
 Featured Main Office Work      Williamsburg Plant staff                recovery, and we at the Williams-
        Center: Lab                                                     burg Plant want to do our part as
          page 3
                                THE WAR ON TERRORISM HAS                citizens of this great democracy
 From The General Manager       made many of us, as Americans,          to speed us along this road,”
          page 5                reflect on the virtues of our country   comments Chuck Lewicki (Plant
                                and instilled even greater national     Manager).
       Picnic Photos            pride. The Williamsburg Treatment           The Williamsburg Treatment
          page 6
                                Plant embodies this spirit of           Plant, situated on the James River,
         United Way             patriotism. With compassion and         is tucked away in the small commu-
           page 7               sympathy for those who suffered         nity of Carter’s Grove. It is about
                                during the national tragedy,            two miles from Busch Gardens and
 Apprenticeship Graduates       employees raised over $1,000 for        the Anheuser Busch Brewery. The
          page 7                the American Red Cross Disaster         Williamsburg Plant is unique
HRSD Employee Association       Relief Fund and donated their                            continued on page 4
        page 8

    Operations Challenge
          page 8

           page 9

        Golf Tourney
          page 10

  Human Resources News
         page 11

                                    PICNIC HIGHLIGHTS         SEE PAGE 6

In Loving Memory Of A Friend

Contributors: Mike Brinck, J. D. Cobb, Elaine Dixon, Russell Parker, Wes Printz, Billy Stokes, and
John Wade (SS Operations) and Ralph Smith (SS Electrical)

EVERYBODY LOVED BRUCE. JUST                                                         Everyone agrees: Bruce tried to
ask Mike, J. D., Ralph, Elaine,                                                  be the best person he could be and
Russell, Wes, Billy, and John. And                                               was honest, positive, happy, and
there are many more folks with just                                              dependable. After a pipe saw
as many good things to say. It’s                                                 accident severely injured his face,
hard not to love Bruce: mentor,                                                  Bruce waited patiently and good
devoted father and husband, hard                                                 naturedly for hours at Sentara
worker, devout Christian, and                                                    Norfolk General Hospital while
baseball coach.                                                                  others who were even more seri-
   Bruce started at HRSD in 1990                                                 ously injured were treated first. If
as an Interceptor Assistant and was                                              you needed a dollar to eat lunch, he
later promoted to Driver Operator                                                had his hand in his pocket before
and then Interceptor Technician. He                                              you could ask. As a member of
graduated from the HRSD Appren-                                                  Great Bridge Church of God, he
ticeship Program in 2000. Bruce         v As part of the World Missions Team,
                                                                                 was involved with the World
wasn’t afraid of hard work or a           Bruce Miller (left) helps build an     Missions Team. He did Missions
challenge, according to his co-           orphanage with the orphanage           work the last two years in South
workers. They remember the                director (right) in Peru in February   America. While in El Salvador this
masonry work he taught himself to         2000.                                  spring, he managed to sleep
do at the pump stations, the deter-     the job. Others remember the             through an earthquake that
mination with which he would            pranks he pulled and the jokes he        measured 5.4 on the Richter scale.
“body tackle” a line break, and his     told. What was life, after all, if you      Bruce was taken from us on
gung-ho attitude in clearing the        couldn’t laugh about it?                 September 25, at the age of 33, in a
73,000 linear feet of the HRSD             On a more personal note,              vehicular accident while on the job.
rights-of-way (which included           Bruce’s trademarks were his dark         At work, the void of who Bruce
some surprises from reptilian           sunglasses and a backward ball cap       was can’t be filled. “Coming to
residents).                             and an old gray pickup truck that        work is like coming home to an
   He took the younger guys (Billy,     was prone to flat tires. He loved to     empty house,” commented Mike
Mike, and Wes, for example) under       fish – puppy drum and stripers,          Brinck. To honor their beloved
his wing and served as their mentor.    mostly. And if he wasn’t talking to      friend, co-workers wear caps and
Bruce was always willing to teach       you about the fish he caught (or         sweatshirts printed with “In
them about heavy equipment,             sharing them with you), he was           Memory of Bruce” to celebrate his
which he operated like no other,        talking about his kids, Dustin and       life and contribution to this world.
and any other task necessary to do      Cassie.                                  Vaya con Dios.

                       Everyone agrees: Bruce tried to be
                          the best person he could be.

Main Office Work Center: Laboratory
Contributors: Lab staff

THE STRANGE-LOOKING                     services to over 20 municipalities     trillion concentration for some
building at 1432 Air Rail Avenue        throughout Virginia. Meeting our       compounds. Looking for something
with the series of tall stacks on the   customers’ needs is challenging        at this level is like trying to identify
roof houses Water Quality Services,     because often they change and are      one particular second within a span
including the Central Environ-          time-critical. Instruments are not     of 32,000 years. We consistently
mental Laboratory (CEL). Lab            allowed to act up or die, and          find those “seconds,” mainly for
employees are often asked: What         employees always must be available     mercury and tributyltin analyses.
do you do in there? Why do you          to rally to the cause. These expec-    Sometimes we first need to meet
                                                                               unusual restrictions, although
                                                                               having a clean, modern facility
     The CEL analyzes samples and performs other services to                   helps. For example, some of the
          many customers. Meeting our customers’ needs is                      women don’t look their best when
                                                                               they analyze low-level metals
    challenging because often they change and are time-critical.               because they are not allowed to
                                                                               wear makeup. Cosmetics may
                                                                               contain levels of metals that may
need all those stacks? What do you      tations prompted us to develop and     contaminate samples. Another
cook? Unfortunately, we can’t give      implement many internal systems        analyst has been asked not to use
you a simple answer. Our “menu”         that help keep our customers satis-    his favorite shampoo, because it
changes all the time.                   fied. Just recently, we introduced a   was causing contamination.
   Some think not only the building     Quality Service Measures Program.          Despite our best efforts, there
but also lab personnel are strange.     It helps us monitor the quality of     are times we need to report really
That’s because we deal with many        our results and turnaround time and    bad, two-letter acronyms such as
strange compounds and substances        allows us to pinpoint any potential    IA (improper analyses), NA (no
that are disguised in acronyms.         problems.                              analyses – even worse), or BS
CBOD, PCB, TBT, MTBE, and                  We perform an average of about      (broken sample). We try to avoid
MBAS are some of the simpler            230,000 analyses per year, ranging     these acronyms, and so far we have
ones. We are known to routinely         from simple to the most sophisti-      been 99 percent successful – not
use tongue-twisters such as 7,12        cated tests in the environmental       too bad, considering the average for
Dimethylbenz (a) anthracene, 0,0,0-     field. We analyze at the parts per                        continued on page 5
Triethyl phosphorothioate, and 2-
Cyclohexyl-4-6-dinitrophenol. We
can tell you the concentrations of
those compounds in samples by
using very sophisticated instru-
ments and methods with more
acronyms like GCMS, ICPMS,
   The CEL analyzes samples and
performs other services to many
customers, providing timely and
reliable analytical information. Our
primary customers are the Treat-
ment Department and Industrial
Waste Division, but we also
provide analytical and consulting

continued from page 1
because it is HRSD’s only plant              Williamsburg won first place for
that treats brewery waste.                   EPA Region III Operations and          Williamsburg
   The treatment plant has been              Maintenance Excellence and was
operating since 1971 and was                 an EPA national award finalist for
                                                                                    Fast Facts
originally designed as a conven-             outstanding wastewater treatment       Receiving stream: James River
tional secondary treatment facility          facility operations and                  (lower)
to handle a flow of 9.6 MGD. Three           maintenance.
upgrades later, the plant is now                The Williamsburg Plant              Operation startup: 1971 (9.6-
capable of handling 22.5 MGD,                employees work together to get the       MGD secondary)
with an average daily flow of 15.4           job done. Ongoing projects take        Capacity (design flow): 22.5
MGD. The plant also provides odor            team work, from the Plant Manager        MGD
control, phosphorus removal,                 to the Assistants. Staff are willing
                                                                                    Average daily flow (2000):
dechlorination, incineration, and a          to go the extra mile and are always
                                                                                      15.4 MGD
two-stage biological treatment               ready to step in and help fellow
process capable of treating concen-          employees when needed.                 Level of treatment: Secondary
trated and variable organic wastes.                                                   with phosphorus removal
   There are 32 employees, 13 of
                                                                                    Solids management:
which hold a Class I wastewater
                                                                                      Incineration (ash recycled
works operator license and four of
                                                                                      for construction fill)
which hold a Class III license.
There are six employees with over                                                   Disinfection method: Liquid
20 years of service and seven with                                                    sodium hypochlorite and
more than 15 years. Twelve                                                            sodium bisulfite
employees have over 10 years of                                                     Disinfection process:
service, and seven employees have                                                     Chlorination (plus
from one to nine years. Employees                                                     dechlorination)
are proud to say there are 11 who
have served in the military. Along
with 32 employees, there is a
mascot – a chicken – that has been
at the plant for six years that helps
to keep the grounds bug-free.
   Among the employees, there are
424 years of combined wastewater
experience, and it shows. In the
past 14 years, the Williamsburg
Plant has received one AMSA
Platinum Award, eight Gold
Awards, and five Silver Awards.
The plant also took first place in
Operations and Maintenance in
1987 from the Virginia State Water
Control Board. Also in 1987,

Williamsburg Plant employees present
their check for $1,000 to the American
  Red Cross representative during the
                  United Way meeting.

Laboratory                        continued from page 3                         From The
all environmental labs is 95 percent.   about 200 different analytical          General Manager
Our Quality Assurance Program is        methods. Of a staff of 40, about 25     LONG BEFORE SEPTEMBER 11, SAFETY
the result of many years of work,       actually conduct analyses, and the      and security were serious matters
and we are proud of it.                 others (assistants, managers, and       for HRSD. I am very proud of the
   The evolving nature of an            the building coordinator) provide       many steps we have taken over the
                                                                                last 10 years to protect our
environmental lab creates frequent      support to help make it all happen.     employees, our facilities, and the
changes to staffing requirements.          Our troops are being trained,        communities we serve. This year,
Within the last few years, we           retrained, and cross-trained con-       our organization set records for
expanded our operation, adding          stantly. Training has become so         fewest on-the-job injuries and
                                                            important for the   lowest lost time, important indi-
                                                            CEL that we         cators of the success of our work-
       We perform an average of about 230,000                                   place safety program. However, the
                                                            formed a team.
                                                                                times require us to be even more
     analyses per year, analyzing at the parts per          The team has        attentive to security issues.
      trillion concentration for some compounds.            developed a             Immediately following the
                                                            program to “train   September 11 terrorist attacks, I
                                                            the trainer” to     formed the HRSD Security Task
many new sections and tests. We         teach our experts the best ways to      Force comprised of Frank Spellman
                                                                                (Safety Manager), Sami Ghosn (VIP
also downsized several others in        train someone in new or existing
                                                                                Treatment Plant Manager), John
response to new permit require-         procedures. Another team has been       Kotz (Reliability Manager), Ron
ments. As if this were not enough,      working to accommodate ever-            Johnson (Chief of Industrial Waste),
we also reorganized at least twice      changing work schedules, sick and       and Don Corrado (Chief of Informa-
within the last eight years to elim-    annual leave, and weekend               tion Technology). This group, in
inate a traditional hierarchy and       rotations.                              cooperation with local and federal
cumbersome chain-of-command.               We always need to be ready for       authorities, has taken the lead in
                                                                                upgrading security and heightening
As a result, everyone in the CEL is     the unexpected, and this training       awareness in several sensitive
more empowered. As the saying in        helps us deal with a variety of         areas.
the lab goes: one thing that never      situations. We are not surprised            HRSD is also involved in
changes is constant change.             when someone walks in with a            addressing security issues at the
   We also rotate our staff among       sample late in the afternoon,           national level. I have the honor of
sections and constantly implement       probably on a Friday, and says, “I      serving on AMSA’s Wastewater
                                                                                Infrastructure Security Task Force.
or test new analytical methods,         need to know right away what’s in
                                                                                We are formulating programs to
either for internal use or as a part of here,” or “I’ll be bringing you 40      promote physical and operational
national EPA efforts for method         extra samples today.” As a service      security, chemical/biological
validations. In the last few years,     lab we never say no – we are            detection and warning, emergency
the types of tests have more than       friendly and helpful.                   response, and service restoration
doubled, and currently we perform                                               and continuity planning on a
                                                                                national level.
                                                                                    Every HRSD employee has a role
                                                                                to play in ensuring the safety of
                                                                                co-workers, friends, and family, as
                                                                                well as that of our region and the
                                                                                nation. And never has this role been
                                                                                more vital. I urge you to remain
                                                                                aware of your surroundings and
                                                                                alert to suspicious behavior.
                                                                                Immediately report any concerns
                                                                                to our Safety Manager for investi-
                                                                                gation. Working together, we can
                                                                                maintain a secure workplace and a
                                                                                safer community.

Nansemond Plant
Sept. 9, 2001

                   Sports Team
                            Daryll Attai
                  (Customer Information Services)
                           Timothy Bell
                        (Nansemond Plant)
                           Russell Craig
                        (Nansemond Plant)
                       Brenda Cunningham
                        (Human Resources)
                           Nathan Payton
                         (Army Base Plant)
                          Danielle Wagner
                        (Human Resources)

                          Sherrod Jones
                       (Boat Harbor Plant)
                         Andre Stallings
                       (Boat Harbor Plant)

                          Craig Saltzberry
                        (James River Plant)
                            Jeff Webster
                          (NS Electrical)

United Way Day of Caring, Hero Award
Contributor: Terry Perkins (Accounting)

THIS YEAR HRSD PARTICIPATED           Morris (Physical Plant Division),        the process, HRSD has gained a bit
in both the South Hampton Roads       and Jeff Webster (NS Electrical)         of goodwill in the eyes of our
and Peninsula United Way Day of       helped at the Hampton YMCA.              community.
Caring. The Day of Caring is an       This particular day was the Friday          In addition to the Day of Caring,
annual event drawing over 4,000       after the Attack on America, which       HRSD employees contribute to the
volunteers to help in the commu-      seemed to spark additional grati-        annual fund-raising campaign. Last
nity, kicking off the United Way      tude that volunteers were given the      year’s campaign raised $15,603.
campaign.                             opportunity to contribute to their       This year, the generosity of our
   On the South Shore, Cindi Reno     community.                               employees increased contributions
(SS Industrial Waste Division),          Volunteering with businesses          60 percent, and HRSD received star
Chip Artz and Terry Perkins           and industries that we either regu-      recognition. On the South Shore,
(Accounting), and Michael             late or work with speaks volumes         $14,387 was raised, exceeding this
Chapman (York River Plant)            when your efforts are directed to        year’s goal by 43 percent. On the
worked at the Hope Center in          improving the community and              North Shore, $10,458 was raised,
Chesapeake, a homeless shelter for    helping those less fortunate. This       exceeding this year’s goal by 54
women and children sponsored by       gives HRSD the best kind of              percent. The North Shore contribu-
the Salvation Army.                   publicity – word of mouth. All           tions earned HRSD the United Way
   On the North Shore, Terry          employees reported they were             Hero Award for reaching the
Moore and Shawn Maxfield (NS          delighted to participate in this event   greatest goal increase, compared to
Industrial Waste Division), Tom       and are willing to do this again. In     other Peninsula organizations.

                            Congratulations To The 2001
                         Apprenticeship Program Graduates!

                                             Graduates from l to r:
                           Mark Banaag, Daniel Disharoon, Scott Fisher, Peter Navin,
                                  Jeff Moffett, Jack Fletcher, and John Traylor
                         (not shown: David Garner, James Shackelford, and David Lane)

Your Employee Operations Challenge:
Association   HRSD Bio-Force
Contributor:                          Contributor: Wesley Warren (Nansemond Plant)
Sam Jones (Atlantic Plant)
                                      BIO-FORCE WON TROPHIES IN ALL EVENTS AND PLACED SECOND
THE HRSD EMPLOYEE                     overall at this year’s international Operations Challenge in Atlanta.
Association generally meets           Representing HRSD were:
bimonthly to discuss issues of
concern to employees. These issues       •   Joel Niemi, Plant Operator, Army Base Plant
are brought to the attention of the      •   Gene Groszek, Plant Operator, Atlantic Plant
General Manager. Recently, new           •   Mike Harris, Plant Operator, Chesapeake-Elizabeth Plant
officers were appointed, and a new       •   Wesley Warren, Lead Operator, Nansemond Plant
representative (Lisa Yoder, Finance      •   George Gregory, Team Coach, retired Superintendent of the
and Administration) and work                 Chesapeake-Elizabeth Plant
center (Reliability) were welcomed
to the Association:                      Competitors earned points for accuracy and speed in five events. The
                                      HRSD team won first place trophies in process control and collection
OFFICERS                              systems, second place in pump maintenance, and fourth place in laboratory
                                      analysis and safety. HRSD’s combined point total for all events captured
Chair: Sam Jones
                                      second place in the overall competition, with only eight points (of 500)
Vice Chair: Larry Wagoner
                                      separating Bio-Force from the overall first place winner, the L. A.
Secretary: Lee Heath
                                      Wrecking Crew.
Treasurer: Gerald Collins
                                         Thirty-eight teams competed in this year’s event, held as part of the
Executive Committee: Russell
                                      Water Environment Federation’s WEFTEC ’01 conference. Recognized as
  Craig (Nansemond)
                                      tough competition, HRSD has won first place five times and second place
                                      four times in the 14 years since Operations Challenge began in 1988. Bio-
                                      Force placed fifth overall last year.
Army Base: Eddie Lee
Atlantic: Sam Jones
Boat Harbor: John Baker
Chesapeake-Elizabeth: Wayne
James River: Tom Wrenn
Nansemond: Wesley Warren
VIP: Gerald Collins
Williamsburg: Ken Trietch
York River: Larry Wagoner
Other Work Centers
Electrical: Mark Crofford
Finance & Administration: Lisa
Machine Shop/SS Maintenance:
   Juanita Kendall
Main Office: Karen Lafferty
NS Maintenance: Steve McGrew
Reliability: Lee Heath
TSD/CEL: Gene Thompson
                                      v Bio-Force performs the collection systems event at the invitational competition in
                                        Denver to prepare for the international competition in Atlanta.

Featured Work Center Schedule
   Each End of the Line issue will feature two work centers: one remote and
                                                                              Tips for
                                                                              Better Photos
one main office. Featured work centers are randomly selected. The schedule       Taking a photo for the employee
for 2002 is as follows:
                                                                              newsletter? Here are some tips
    Newsletter Issue      Remote               Main Office
                                                                              from Kodak™ to help make your
    March                 Atlantic             IS Engineering/Reliability
                                                                              shots picture-perfect:
    June                  Boat Harbor          Account Investigations
    September             Middle Peninsula Planning
                                                                              • Generally, the closer you get to
    December              Nansemond            Information Technology
                                                                                the subject, the better your
                                                                                photos will be. This eliminates
Did You Know: VRS News                                                          distracting, unnecessary
   Service is one of three main        purchase VRS service credit effec-       backgrounds and shows the
criteria in determining the value of   tive January 1, 2002. The deferred       subject clearly.
your monthly Virginia Retirement       compensation plans need to amend
                                                                              • A simple, uncluttered back-
System (VRS) benefit (salary and       their agreements to allow these
                                                                                ground focuses attention on the
age are the other two). This year,     kinds of purchases. Currently,
                                                                                subject and makes clear, strong
VRS has substantially changed          HRSD is working with both
procedures for buying prior            AETNA and RC-ICMA to ensure
service. These changes have been       such updates are part of our agree-    • Adequate lighting is essential to
made to encourage members to           ments with them.                         expose film. Outdoors, overcast
buy service earlier in their career,      Terry Perkins (Accounting), who       days provide light that is soft and
when the cost is likely to be lower.   has been coordinating deferred           flattering to faces, avoiding
Earlier purchases would also give      compensation activities this year,       squinting eyes and shadows.
the retirement system more time        and the Human Resources Office
to invest the contributions, keeping   can be contacted for additional        • The flash provides extra light
costs lower for all member agencies.   information on how employees can         when needed and freezes action
   The VRS Web site                    take advantage of these retirement       for sharp photos. The built-in
( is       planning opportunities.                  flash in some cameras improves
very helpful in describing which                                                photos indoors as well as
                                                                                outdoors. Stay within the flash
types of service purchases are         A Happy Ending                           range, usually 4-12 feet.
being eliminated and the time-
frames imposed on other types of          Scott Ohm, a resident of Las
purchases. It also has useful links    Vegas, was about to be introduced         For more tips, visit Kodak’s Web
for contacting agencies to help you    to HRSD. Hiking in Red Rock            site at and click
obtain the needed certification to     Canyon, he picked up a watch with      on “Taking Great Pictures.”
apply for service purchases. Some      the inscription “William J. Love,
sites include the locations of the     P.E., From HRSD Friends.” The          Oops!
Virginia Department of Veterans’       former late General Manager wore
                                       the watch for over 20 years before        Jamie Heisig-Mitchell was
Affairs offices, and there is a
                                       it was passed on to his son Bill,      incorrectly listed as James Heisig-
central address for the Office of
                                       who now lives in the Las Vegas         Mitchell in Human Resources
Personnel Management, which can
certify federal service.               area. Bill and watch were reunited,    News, September issue.
   VRS has also just recently          thanks to the Internet. Don’t you
announced that members may use         love a story with a happy ending?                    continued on page 10
deferred compensation dollars to

Feature Division:
Information Technology
                                                             continued from page 9

   The Information Technology           HRSD computers and peripherals,         and backup, faster system response,
Division (ITD), created in January      ITD implemented the Help Desk in        networked printers/copiers, an
2000, provides support for HRSD’s       January 2001 to assist computer         improved HRSD Web site, and an
computer and telecommunication          users. In response to new licensing     enhanced Intranet site. In addition,
systems. Those former employees         requirements, ITD initially secured     in-house training will resume for
providing computer support from         special pricing normally reserved       computer users who want to
each of the five departments were       for larger corporations through the     improve their skills.
reassigned to the new division,         Virginia Department of Informa-            Thanks for your patience while
forming the centralized information     tion Technology and Microsoft           we learn how to better meet your
management and technology               officials, saving hundreds of           needs. In the spirit of customer
function for HRSD. Today, with a        thousands of dollars.                   service, please e-mail or call Paula
staff of 17, ITD maintains and             ITD also provides support for        Brinson at 460-7270 with your
supports the hundreds of functions      HRSD telecommunications. A new          comments and suggestions. ITD’s
that allow HRSD to conduct daily        phone system will be installed next     first priority remains customer
operations and meet its strategic       year for the Air Rail Avenue com-       service and satisfaction.
business needs.                         plex. Also in the works are
   Following an inventory of all        improved centralized data storage

Columbus Day Golf Tourney
Contributor: Larry Mellor (Army Base)

OVER 100 HRSD AND NON-HRSD              employee), and their teammates          18-packs of golf balls,
golf enthusiasts competed in 18         came in third, with a 66.               clothing, putters, and
holes of a Florida best ball tourney,      In the second flight, Rusty Hart’s   two very nice fairway
held on Columbus Day at Kiln            (Technical Services) team won first     woods. David Lane
Creek in Newport News. Partici-         place, with a 1 over 73. Glenn          (SS Electrical) and Shawn
pants enjoyed a brisk but sunny         Krumm (SS Electrical) and his           Maxfield (NS Industrial Waste
day, as well as the opportunity to      family were second, with a 74, and      Division) won the fairway woods.
win raffle prizes and cash awards.      third place went to Larry Reine’s          To help make the day a success,
Here are the HRSD hot-shot              (NS Operations) team, with a 75.        Tracy Martin and Tracy Kehoe
linksters (including retired and           Larry Mellor was a closest to the    (Finance and Administration)
former employees):                      hole winner at hole 9, with a great     served beverages and helped the
   Larry Mellor’s (Army Base)           shot of 3'1".                           tournament coordinators (Larry
team won the first flight, with a          Not to be forgotten, Peggy           Mellor and Tom Morris, Physical
score of 60 (12 under par). Second      MacCann (Army Base) and friends         Plant Division) tremendously. Tom
place went to Alan Heilman (Boat        won last place for the second year      Ignatowski (NS Electrical) played
Harbor), Jeff Powell (Virginia          in a row (better luck next year,        photographer, and Tom Morris
Initiative Plant), and their team-      Peggy).                                 ensured the event ran smoothly.
mates, with a 65. Richard Wood             Raffle prizes included free
(Accounting), Jim Gahagan (retired      greens fees at Kiln Creek, many

(July 7 – October 12, 2001)

             WELCOME                            CONGRATULATIONS ON
           NEW EMPLOYEES                          YOUR TRANSFER                            IN FOND MEMORY*

      KAREN ANDREWLAVAGE                             GARY CALL
            MTQ Assistant                                                                     BRUCE MILLER
                                               SH Maintenance Operator                   SS Operations, 11.5 years
                                              Chesapeake-Elizabeth Plant
          SAMUEL CABELL                           PETER DRENNAN
                                                                                  *Death in service
      ST Plant Operator Assistant
                                              SH Maintenance Operator
           Nansemond Plant
                                                  Army Base Plant
      ST Plant Operator Assistant
                                                   DAVID GARNER
                                               ST Maintenance Operator
           Boat Harbor Plant
                                                  Nansemond Plant                                      NEW
          ASWAD LOCKER
      ST Plant Operator Assistant
                                                  ADAM GOODRICH                                       PARENTS*
                                          ST Maintenance Operator Assistant
           Nansemond Plant
                                                   York River Plant                          BRIAN GERCZAK
          BARRY PHILLIPS                           REUBEN HAAS
                                                                                              York River Plant
      Instrumentation Specialist
                                              MP Maintenance Operator                        ERIC ROBINSON
             NS Electrical
                                                 Middle Peninsula                              NS Operations
      ST Plant Operator Assistant                                                         ROBERT SCHLOSSER
            York River Plant                       BEST WISHES                                  NS Electrical

          LISONG WAGNER                             RETIREES*                     *As reported to HR by work centers
     Human Resources Assistant
        Human Resources
                                                 WINSTON GUARIN
        ROBERT WYNBERRY                          SS Industrial Waste
      Industrial Waste Assistant                      12 years
         SS Industrial Waste
                                                 DONALD LEONARD
                                                  Nansemond Plant
        CONGRATULATIONS ON                           9.5 years
         YOUR PROMOTION                   *With noted years of HRSD service

        Instrument Supervisor
             SS Electrical
                                                  A FOND FAREWELL*
          ST Plant Operator                   JOSEPHINE ANDERSON
          James River Plant                 Customer Information Services           End of the Line is published in
          DEREK HOLDREN                              14.5 years
          ST Plant Operator                     ANDREW CALICCHIO                    March, June, September, and
          Boat Harbor Plant                   Army Base Plant, 6 months
                                                                                    December for HRSD employees
         TODD McGOVERN                           JAMES CLEMENTS
Mechanical Maintenance Superintendent         Middle Peninsula, 2 years             and contains employee news,
            Physical Plant
                                                MICHAEL NEWSOME                     updates on projects and issues,
       MARTIN OVERSTREET                       NS Operations, 8.5 years
           ST Chief Operator                                                        and events. If you have
        Virginia Initiative Plant                  STEVEN KUNA
                                              Army Base Plant, 7 months             information or story ideas for this
          ST Plant Operator             *Voluntary separations with noted years     publication, please e-mail or call
          Nansemond Plant                          of HRSD service
          KERRI WILLIAMS                                                            Nancy Gray, Public Information
      Industrial Waste Technician
          SS Industrial Waste
                                                                                    Manager, at 460-7049.

*As reported by Human Resources

        Service Awards
          5 YEARS              15 YEARS
       Kenneth Ames            Petra Bott
         Mary Corby          Gregory David
         Scott Fisher       Willie Holloman
        Jack Fletcher       Maynard Inman
      Jimmie Furlough II    Edmund Pulliam
         Leo Hilliard
                               20 YEARS
        Eric Jackson
                             Haile Hampton
       Gary Lancaster
                            Ross Schlobohm
       Joseph Morgan
                             Ulysses Walker
       Danny Newkirk
        Russell Price          25 YEARS
      Carlton Sorensen         Ray Adams
         John Traylor      Barbara Creekmore
         Jason Willie      Alphonso Fitzgerald
                             Bruce Henning
          10 YEARS
                           Robert Lockwood
         John Cobb
                              David Parker
       Lorenzo Gilliam
     Christopher Johnson       30 YEARS
          John Kotz         Norman LeBlanc
      Stephen McGrew
      Michael Ramsey
        Guy Sumrell
       Ronald Williams


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