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					Finance	and
Accounting	Division
   The Business Services and Finance                                                Introduction to Depreciation and
Division is part of EEI’s Business                   Publications                   Net Salvage of Public Utility Plant
Operations Group. This division                                                     and Plant of Other Industries
provides the leadership and manage-       Quarterly Financial Updates                  This book gives a basic primer
ment for advocating industry poli-           A series of financial reports on the   on the concepts of depreciation ac-
cies and technical research and en-       shareholder-owned segment of the          counting including fundamental
hancing the capabilities of individual    electric utility industry. Quarterly      principles, life analysis techniques,
members through education and in-         reports include stock performance,        salvage and cost of removal analysis
formation sharing. The division’s         dividends, credit ratings, construc-      methods and depreciation rate calcu-
leadership is used in areas that affect   tion, fuel, and rate case summary, as     lation formulas and examples.
the financial health of the sharehold-    well as the industry’s consolidated fi-
er-owned electric utility industry,       nancial statements.                       Introduction to Public Utility
such as finance, accounting, taxa-
                                          Financial Review                             This textbook contains a basic ex-
tion, internal auditing, investor rela-
                                             An annual report that provides         planation of the fundamentals and
tions, risk management, budgeting
                                          a review of the financial perfor-         practices of electric and gas utility ac-
and financial forecasting. If you need
                                          mance of the shareholder-owned            counting. The completion of an up-
research information about these is-
                                          electric utility industry. The report     dated revision is scheduled for 2009.
sue areas, please contact an EEI Busi-
                                          also includes a policy overview sec-      With current accounting standards,
ness Services and Finance Division
                                          tion giving an update on legislative,     regulatory requirements and indus-
staff member (listed in this section).
                                          regulatory, environmental, and other      try trends, the revised textbook will
Under the direction of both the Fi-
                                          related developments.                     include new chapters on Asset Re-
nance and the Accounting Executive
                                                                                    tirement Obligations (ARO) and In-
Advisory Committees, the division
                                          EEI Index                                 ternal Control & Reporting Require-
provides staff representatives to work
                                             Quarterly stock performance of         ments (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002).
with issue area committees. These
                                          the U.S. shareholder-owned electric
committees give member company                                                      ■   Industry directories published
                                          utilities. The index, which measures
personnel a forum for information                                                       by the Finance and Accounting
                                          total return and provides company
exchange and training and an op-                                                        Division:
                                          rankings for one- and five-year peri-
portunity to comment on legislative
                                          ods, is widely used in company proxy      ■   Electric Utility Investor Relations
and regulatory proposals.
                                          statements and for overall industry           Executives Directory
                                                                                    ■   Chief Accounting Officers Directory

                                                                                    ■   Accounting and Internal Audit
                                                                                        Executives Directory

                                                                                       For more information, please visit
                                                                                    the EEI website at:

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                                           Financial Analysts Seminar
       Conference Highlights                  This two-day seminar is held ev-             Accounting Courses
                                           ery other year. It is for financial and
Annual Financial Conference                security analysts new to the industry.    Introduction to Public Utility
   This three-day conference is the        Contact Debra Henry for more in-          Accounting
premier annual fall gathering of utili-    formation.                                   This 4-day program concentrates
ties and the financial community;                                                    on the fundamentals of public util-
it is attended by more than 1,200          Accounting Leadership                     ity accounting. It provides the basic
senior executives, including many          Conference                                knowledge and a forum for under-
utility CEOs and CFOs, investment             This annual meeting covers current     standing the elements of the utility
analysts, and commercial and invest-       accounting and management issues for      business. It is intended primarily for
ment bankers. The General Sessions         the chief accounting officers of EEI      recently hired electric and gas util-
cover topics of strategic interest to      member companies. Contact David           ity staff in the areas of accounting,
the financial community. Contact           Stringfellow for more information.        auditing, and finance. Contact Isetta
Debra Henry for more information.                                                    Harmon for more information.
                                           Internal Audit Executives
International Utility Conference              This annual meeting provides a         Advanced Public Utility
   This three-day conference, held         forum for EEI and AGA Internal            Accounting
each winter in London, provides a          Audit Executives and other manage-           This intensive, 4-day course fo-
forum for global utility executives, se-   ment professionals to discuss issues      cuses on complex and specific ad-
curity analysts, and other investors to    and challenges and exchange ideas         vanced accounting and industry
meet in a common area for the purpose      on utility-specific internal auditing     topics, as well as timely accounting
of information exchange on industry        issues – convenes for two and one         issues related to deregulation and
issues and competitive strategies across   half days. The meeting is open to         competition, as they affect regulated
multiple markets. Contact Debra            committee members and other em-           companies in the changing and in-
Henry for more information.                ployees of EEI/AGA member com-            creasingly competitive environment
                                           panies. Contact Isetta Harmon for         of the electric and gas utility indus-
Annual Finance Meeting                     more information.                         tries. Contact Isetta Harmon for
   This meeting is held in the spring                                                more information.
in New York City. Attendance is lim-       EEI Corporate Accounting and
ited to member company utility ex-         Property Accounting & Valuation           Property Accounting &
ecutives and Wall Street security ana-     Committees                                Depreciation Training Seminar
lysts. Topics revolve around emerging         Provides a forum for members to           Provides an introduction to prop-
industry issues and their financial        discuss current issues and challenges     erty accounting and depreciation in
implications. The meeting facilitates      and exchange ideas in the natural gas     the natural gas and electric utility in-
investors meeting with utility execu-      and electric utility industries – con-    dustries. Contact Isetta Harmon for
tives on an individual basis. Contact      venes twice a year for two and one        more information.
Debra Henry for more information.          half days. The meeting is open to
                                           committee members and other em-           Utility Internal Auditor’s Training
Investor Relations Meeting                 ployees of EEI/AGA member com-               Provides utility staff auditors and
   This one-day meeting is held in the     panies. Contact Isetta Harmon for         directors with the fundamentals of
spring in New York City. It is a forum     more information.                         public utility auditing and specific
for utility investor relations execu-                                                utility audit/accounting issues in-
tives that provides key information on     Tax School                                cluding advanced internal auditing
evolving industry issues and identifies      Provides tax professionals a fo-        topics – convenes for two and one
best practices within and outside the      rum to discuss developing tax issues      half days. Contact Isetta Harmon for
electric utility industry. Contact Debra   impacting our member companies.           more information.
Henry for more information.                This two and half day training is
                                           held every other year. Contact Mark
                                           Agnew for more information.
                                                                           FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING DIVISION

                                 Investor Relations Staff:                October 31
    The EEI Business Services    Debra Henry                              EEI Treasury Task Force
    And Finance Division Staff   Manager, Investor Relations &            (Closed meeting, admittance by
                                 Conference Services                      invitation only)
Richard McMahon                  (202) 508-5496                           Desert Springs JW Marriott
Executive Director                                Resort & Spa
(202) 508-5571                                                            Palm Desert, California                 Charnita Garvin
                                 Investor Relations Specialist            October 31
Irene Ybadlit                    (202) 508-5057                           Chief Financial Officers Forum
Administrative Assistant
(202) 508-5502                                                            (Closed meeting, admittance by                                                          invitation only)
                                                                          Desert Springs JW Marriott
Accounting Staff:                   Edison Electric Institute             Resort & Spa
David Stringfellow, CPA                  Schedule Of                      Palm Desert, California
Director of Accounting                Upcoming Meetings
(202) 508-5494                                                            October 31
                                    To assist in planning your sched-     Wall Street Advisory Group
                                 ule, here are finance-related meetings   Meeting
Isetta Harmon, CPA               that may be of interest to you. For      (Closed meeting, admittance by
Manager, Accounting              further details, please contact either   invitation only)
(202) 508-5423                   Debra Henry at 202/508-5496 or           Desert Springs JW Marriott                  Charnita Garvin at 202/508-5057.         Resort & Spa
                                                                          Palm Desert, California
Kim King                         2010 MEETINGS OF INTEREST
Administrative Assistant                                                  December 2
                                 June 22
(202) 508-5493                                                            Electric Utility Investor Relations
                                 EEI Investor Relations Group                                                             Group Planning Meeting
                                                                          (Closed meeting, admittance by invi-
                                 (Closed meeting, admittance by
Finance Staff:                                                            tation only)
                                 invitation only)
Mark Agnew                                                                Omni Berkshire Place
Director, Financial Analysis                                              New York, New York
                                 New York, New York
(202) 508-5049                                                            December 3
                                 June 23
                                                                          Finance Executive Advisory
Aaron Trent                      EEI Annual Finance Meeting
                                                                          Committee Meeting
Manager, Financial Analysis      Waldorf=Astoria
                                                                          (Closed meeting, admittance by
(202) 508-5526                   New York, New York
                                                                          invitation only)                                                            Omni Berkshire Place
                                 September Date TBD
Erin Hailes                      EEI Financial Analyst Seminar            New York, New York
Financial Assistant              Progress Energy Headquarters
(202) 508-5419                   Raleigh, North Carolina
                                 October 31-November 3
                                 45th EEI Financial Conference
                                 Desert Springs JW Marriott
                                 Resort & Spa
                                 Palm Desert, California

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