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									                                                THE VOICE
       Issue 16, Spring 2010

                                                for Women & Families
                                                New Health Care Law Spreads a Little
                                                When your doctors recommend a             payments to doctors through third
                                                medication or treatment to you, are
         What’s Inside
                                                                                          parties, such as public relations
                                                they influenced by gifts from the         firms, and that would be unaccept-
                                                companies that make those prod-           able. And, it’s very unfortunate that
Cancer Prevention 5K ........2                  ucts? We’re not talking about free        the information won’t be public
                                                pens — we’re talking about “con-          until 2013.”
Tanning Bed Safety ............3                sulting fees” and gifts that may not
                                                require anything more than signing        What Works?
Weight and Cancer..............4                a piece of paper. In the past, you’d
                                                never have known.                         Patients will also benefit from a part
Glucosamine........................5                                                      of the new health care law that
                                                The new health care law changes           establishes a nonprofit institute to
Early Breast Cancer ............6               that. It’s just one of several sections   compare the effectiveness of drugs,
                                                of the law that have not received         medical devices, and other treat-
Meet Board Member                               much media attention but will help        ments. This research is urgently
Dr. Ben Gitterman................7              improve health care for everyone.         needed. According to the Institute
                                                                                          of Medicine, “More than half of the
                                                Sunshine Helps Prevent                    treatments delivered today [are]
                                                Kickbacks and Biased                      without clear evidence of effective-
                                                Medicine                                  ness.”

National Research Center                        NRC for Women & Families worked           The law establishes the Patient-
 for Women & Families                           for three years on the Physician          Centered Outcomes Research
                                                Payments Sunshine Act, which              Institute, which will give guidance
                                                became part of the health care            on which products or treatments
 We are dedicated to improving                  reform bill President Obama signed        work best. It will not force doctors,
  the health and safety of adults               into law in March. The sunshine           patients, government agencies, or
                                                                                          insurance companies to choose one
      and children by using                     part of the law requires drug and
                                                medical device companies to list          treatment over another, even when
    research to develop more                                                              a treatment is clearly inferior or
                                                payments to doctors, which will be
 effective programs and policies.               available to the public on a govern-      superior. The Institute’s findings
                                                ment web site beginning in                will be made available to doctors,
      Cancer Prevention                         September, 2013.                          patients and the public, with the
                                                                                          hope that the information will be
     and Treatment Fund                         “Making this information public is a      used to improve the quality of med-
Our new program, the Cancer Prevention &        step in the right direction to protect    ical care.
 Treatment Fund, helps adults and children      consumers and patients,” says Paul
                                                Brown, NRC’s Government                   Comparative effectiveness research
reduce their risk of getting cancer and helps
                                                Relations Manager. “But we’re             has the potential to save billions of
  everyone get the best possible treatment.                                               dollars by determining which treat-
                                                keeping a sharp eye out for loop-
              CFC # 11967                       holes. Companies might try to hide
                                                                                                               continued on page 5
First 5K Run/Walk for the Cancer
Prevention and Treatment Fund!
Our first Cancer Prevention and             Both runners received a $50              and to honor those who lost their
Treatment Fund 5k Run/Walk was              Potomac River Running Store gift         lives to cancer. We thank all those
held in Arlington, Virginia on              certificate. Complete results can be     who participated in, volunteered, or
March 27 on the Washington & Old            found on our website at                  donated to our first 5k, and we hope
Dominion Trail. It was so popular            you and your friends will come back
that we had to turn peo-                                                             in October. Special thanks to runner
ple away. So, we’re                                                                  Brian Dauernheim for raising $435
doing another walk on                                                                from friends and family to help us
the same trail this fall, on                                                         prevent cancer!”
Sunday, October 3.
                                                                                     See announcement at the bottom of
“It was a little colder                                                              the page for information about
than expected for late                                                               Friend and Family sponsorships to
March, but a beautiful                                                               honor loved ones.
sunny day for runners,
walkers, and those push-
ing strollers for a great                                                                   Thanks to our
cause,” says Emily
Hartman, the NRC                                                                       Sponsors of the March 5k:
Research and
Administrative               From Left to Right: Tom Walton, Ronda Walton, Matthew
                                                                                            Mom’s Organic
Assistant—and dedicated Crooks, and Shawn Monk wait for the awards ceremony.
runner—who was in charge of the                                                               Market
race. Runners and walkers ranged
                                                                                         Long and Foster of
in age from 7 to 75, with most par-         “We want to have one 5k every
ticipants over the age of 30.               year, but thought we’d try an
                                            autumn run/walk because the                    Falls Church
Children under the age of 15                weather is a little more predictable”
received a blue ribbon for partici-         explains Paul Brown, Government
pating, and prizes were distributed         Relations Manager and enthusiastic          Luluemon Athletica
to winners according to age groups:         runner. “So, instead of waiting til

                                                                                              Honest Tea
15-24, 25-34, 35-44, and over 45.           next year, we’ve scheduled it for
                                            early October, and we’re moving it a
The first place male finisher was           little later in the morning to make it
Shawn Monk from Fort Collins,               more family friendly.”
                                                                                          Brugger’s Bageles
Colorado, with a time of 19:01. Amy
Bortnick from Berwyn Heights,               NRC wants runners, walkers, par-
Marlyand grabbed the first place            ents with strollers—everyone—to                   Reston Shirt
female slot with a time of 22:35.           help us celebrate cancer survivors

                                   Mark your calendars!
                                   Our next 5K race will be Sunday, October 3, 2010, at 11a.m.

                                   For more information, please contact Paul Brown at
     Su   M Tu W Th       F   Sa

                          or call (202) 223-4000.
                          1   2

                                   Individuals or families that wish to honor loved ones with cancer are
          4   5   6   7   8   9

                                   invited to celebrate their lives with Friend and Family sponsorships
     10 11 12 13 14 15 16

                                   at our October race.
     17 18 19 20 21 22 23

                                                             HEALTH MATTERS
Tanning Beds: Safe Alternative to Sun?
Tanning beds are advertised as a         newer kind of “high-pressure” sun-      they just assumed tanning devices
safe alternative to a natural suntan,    lamp exposes frequent users to even     were safe instead of asking compa-
and almost 30 million people in the      more UVA — eight to twelve times        nies to prove that they are safe. As
U.S. use them each year, many of         the amount of UVA they would oth-       a result, companies had no incentive
them adolescents. They are espe-         erwise receive from the sun each        to do research to find out if their
cially popular with teen girls getting   year.                                   tanning devices were causing any
ready for prom season, and young                                                 harm or even to show they were
people who don’t want to look pale                                               safer than other tanning devices on
when they first go to the beach.         These increase your risk                the market.
                                         for all three types
How safe are they?                       of skin cancer:                         That may change soon, because the
                                                                                 FDA is now deciding whether tan-
Tanning beds expose people to a lot       • Lifetime exposure to UV radia-       ning device companies need to pro-
of artificial ultraviolet (UV) radia-    tion (from the sun or tanning beds)     vide evidence of safety, and if so,
tion in a short period of time. In the                                           what kind. Meanwhile, more than
past, tanning beds gave off mostly        • Family history of skin cancer        half of all states have restrictions
UVA radiation with a small amount                                                prohibiting or limiting tanning bed
of UVB. Now, many manufacturers           • Geographic location (people          use by minors, and the American
are increasing the amount of UVB         who live close to the equator as        Academy of Pediatrics has recom-
radiation to speed up the tanning        well as in the mountains are            mended that tanning beds not be
process. This is risky because UVB       exposed to higher levels of UV          used by anyone under 21.
radiation is the kind that causes the    radiation)
skin to redden and burn and is even                                              Skin cancer is the most common
more likely to cause cancer than          • Fair skin that freckles or burns     form of cancer, with more than one
UVA radiation.                           easily                                  million cases diagnosed each year in
                                                                                 the U.S. There are three types of
Getting sunburns when you are             • Severe sunburns as a child           skin cancer: squamous cell, basal
young greatly increases your                                                     cell, and melanoma. Squamous cell
chances of developing skin cancer.       In July 2009, the International         carcinomas typically occur on sur-
One study found that nearly 60% of       Agency for Research on Cancer           faces exposed to excessive sunlight,
teens who use tanning beds have          released a report that placed tanning   such as the ears or face. This type of
gotten burns from them. While UVA        beds in its highest cancer risk cate-   skin cancer can spread quickly to
radiation is less likely to burn, it     gory, “carcinogenic to humans.”         other organs in the body. Basal cell
penetrates deeper into the skin,         This means that there is enough evi-    carcinomas account for 8 out of 10
causing damage that can lead to          dence to conclude that tanning beds     skin cancers. They grow very slowly
skin cancer.                             can cause cancer in humans. The         and rarely spread to other parts of
                                         agency, which is part of the World      the body (as a result, they are highly
Regardless of their mix of UVA and       Health Organization (WHO), had          treatable).
UVB rays, tanning devices age the        previously classified tanning beds as
skin by destroying skin fibers and       “probably carcinogenic.” The            Melanomas are the most dangerous
damaging elasticity. The result:         change comes after an analysis of       type of skin cancer. They are less
wrinkles, dark spots, and a leathery     more than 20 studies showing that       common than basal and squamous
texture.                                 people who begin using tanning          cell carcinomas but much more seri-
                                         devices before age 30 are 75% more      ous. Melanomas usually are noticed
Just one 8-20 minute session exposes     likely to develop the most serious      as a change to an existing mole or
a person to more UV radiation than       type of skin cancer.                    an entirely new mole that is black or
an entire afternoon spent in natural                                             has a blue-black area. Their diame-
sunlight. For a frequent tanning bed     One of the reasons that tanning beds    ter is typically larger than that of a
user (approximately 100 sessions per     are so dangerous is that the Food       pencil eraser. If caught early,
year, at 4 MED/session), annual          and Drug Administration (FDA) has       melanomas are often completely
UVA exposure can be up to five           not regulated them. The agency          curable. However, they are much
times as high as what they would         treated tanning beds like band-aids     more likely to spread to other parts
receive from the sun in a year. A        rather than like prescription drugs:    of the body if not found early. ■

Weight and Cancer: What You Should Know
There are many reasons why being         excess weight is partly due to the       esophagus, and kidney. Unlike the
overweight is bad for our health,        hormones secreted by fat tissues.        findings of the latest study, this ear-
but most people don’t realize that       One of those hormones is estrogen,       lier study found that obesity was
cancer is one of them. We know           which increases the risk of endome-      only weakly associated with post-
that excess body weight can con-         trial cancer (also called uterine can-   menopausal breast cancer.
tribute to serious medical conditions    cer) and breast cancer.
such as heart disease and type 2 dia-                                             Does losing weight reduce
betes, but new research shows that       Fat cells also trigger a type of long-   your risk of cancer?
the habits that lead to excess body      term immune response in the body
fat might also increase the risk of      because it recognizes that the extra     Several studies have shown that a
developing certain types of cancer.      fat is not supposed to be there, and     diet high in fat increases the risk of
                                         responds with inflammation which         postmenopausal breast cancer,
After studying people in 30              can make the body less able to fight     prostate cancer, and pancreatic can-
European countries, Dr. Andrew           off disease.                             cer. Other studies have indicated
Renehan says that obesity could
become the most important known
cause of cancer for women “within               Why is being overweight even riskier for women?
the next decade." Renehan studied
cancer diagnoses in 2008 and found       In addition, long-term inflammation      that high fat diets increase the risk
that more than 124,000 (about 3% of      may cause insulin resistance, which      of death from cancer and that low
cancer diagnoses in men in those         along with high blood sugar levels,      fat diets reduce the chances of can-
countries and almost 9% in women)        has been proposed as another expla-      cer recurrence. Since eating fats is
were attributable to overweight and      nation for why obesity increases the     also likely to cause obesity, it is dif-
obesity.                                 risk of cancer. The higher the insulin   ficult to determine whether weight
                                         level of a breast cancer patient, the    or diet is a stronger predictor of
Although women and men had sim-          greater the chance of death: insulin     increased cancer risk. In other
ilar levels of obesity, as measured by   is believed to play a role in promot-    words, is it the fat you eat or the fat
their BMIs, the risk of obesity-relat-   ing tumor growth and in inhibiting       on your body that puts you at the
ed cancer for women was almost           cancer treatment.                        greatest risk of cancer?
three times the risk for men. Three
cancers—two of which affect only         Are we sure?                             Can losing weight prevent you from
women—accounted for almost two-                                                   getting cancer? Losing weight may
thirds of all new obesity-related can-   Even before this new study, the          reduce the risk of prostate cancer
cers in 2008: endometrial cancer,        National Cancer Institute estimated      and esophageal cancer. Several stud-
post-menopausal breast cancer, and       that 20-30% of the most common           ies have found that intentional
colorectal cancer.                       cancers in the United States may be      weight loss after menopause can
                                         related to being overweight and/or       reduce the risk of breast cancer.
U.S. obesity rates have recently lev-    lack of physical activity and might
eled-off at about one in three adults,   also account “for up to 14% of can-      The bottom line: when weight goes
and the American Institute for           cer deaths in men and 20% of cancer      up, so does the risk of many cancers.
Cancer Research estimates that will      deaths in women.” Every new study        When weight goes down, or at least
result in more than 100,000 new          fills in another piece of the puzzle,    doesn’t go up, the risk of certain
cases of cancer in the U.S. each year.   helping to explain how fat fuels         cancers goes down. The exact rela-
                                         tumor growth.                            tionship between cancer and excess
                                                                                  body weight has not been firmly
How does obesity increase                A previous studied by Renehan            established. We still do not under-
the risk of cancer?                      found that excess weight in men          stand how an individual person’s
                                         was most strongly associated with        diet, level of physical activity, and
                                         cancer of the esophagus, thyroid,        genes can all be factored together to
What does excess body weight have
                                         colon, and kidneys. That study also      calculate his or her cancer risk.
to do with cancer, and why is being
                                         found that excess weight in women
overweight even riskier for women?
                                         was most strongly associated with
Researchers think that the danger of
                                         cancer of the uterus, gallbladder,

                                                               HEALTH MATTERS
Glucosamine Supplements:
Good for joints but possibly not for diabetes
                                                                                  New Health Care Law
                      Glucosamine is a popular supplement for many peo-
                      ple who suffer from joint pain. Most dietary supple-        continued from front page
                      ments make health claims that aren’t backed by scien-
                                                                                  ments are safest and most effective.
                      tific research, but NIH reports that daily doses of glu-
                                                                                  The FDA does not require those
                      cosamine can lower pain. As a result, the supple-
                                                                                  kinds of comparisons and NIH only
                      ments are recommended by many physicians.
                                                                                  rarely does. The Agency for Health
                      However, glucosamine is a sugar that is partly
                                                                                  Research and Quality does, and in
                      processed like other forms of glucose—mainly
                                                                                  the House of Representatives ver-
                      through the “Hexosamine Signaling Pathway.” This
                                                                                  sion of the health care bill, this work
pathway is involved in insulin resistance (insulin resistance increases a per-
                                                                                  would have been done by that fed-
son’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes).
                                                                                  eral agency. “We are concerned
                                                                                  about Congress requiring the
More research is needed to determine whether glucosamine supplements
                                                                                  Institute’s board to include repre-
can cause diabetes in healthy adults, but meanwhile, if you are already at
                                                                                  sentatives of companies that sell
risk for diabetes or have diabetes, you will want to think twice before taking
                                                                                  medical products,” adds Brown.
                                                                                  “We will be watch-dogging the
                                                                                  Institute to make sure that they are
Glucosamine is already used in laboratory settings and animal studies to
                                                                                  focused on improving the public
induce insulin resistance, indicating that scientists are confident it has that
                                                                                  health, not protecting profits.”
effect. A study of healthy men and women taking 1500 mg of glucosamine
for six weeks, published in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, con-
                                                                                  These are just two of the many hid-
cludes that adults who already have poor insulin sensitivity will increase
                                                                                  den gems in the new health care
their risk for diabetes if they take glucosamine.
                                                                                  reform law. More widely publicized
                                                                                  benefits include requiring insurance
The bottom line: if you have a family history of diabetes or are overweight,
                                                                                  companies to cover dependent chil-
glucosamine could put you at greater risk for diabetes.
                                                                                  dren up to age 26 in family insur-
                                                                                  ance policies, and banning discrimi-
                                                                                  nation for pre-existing conditions.

                          Leaving A Legacy                                        “There are so many ways to
                                                                                  improve health care in this country,
                                                                                  and the new law takes some impor-
If we can’t live forever, at least we can help keep our                           tant steps in that direction,” says Dr.
legacies alive, as well as the legacies of those most                             Diana Zuckerman, President of NRC
important to us. Creating an internship is a wonderful                            for Women & Families. “The big
                                                                                  fights – such as keeping drug prices
way to honor a family member, friend, or create your                              down and expanding Medicare to
own legacy. Internships provide training that can                                 let younger people pay into medical
                                                                                  coverage – were impossible to win
result in a lifetime of good works, and help NRC make                             this year, but we won some of the
a difference in the lives of adults and children every                            smaller ones, and those will help
day. You can donate to legacy internships, or establish                           millions of Americans. We will con-
                                                                                  tinue to work with Congress to
a new internship or fellowship through a donation of                              improve the law that passed.”
cash or stock, a distribution from a retirement plan or
life insurance policy, or a will.                                                    We don’t accept funding from drug
                                                                                    companies, so we rely on individual
                                                                                   contributions. We welcome donations
For more information, call Brandel at (202) 223-4000                               online (, by
                                                                                  check, through United Way (just write in
or email her at                                             our name) or federal employees can
                                                                                         designate CFC # 11967

Helping Women with Early Breast Cancer
                                                                                  Board of Directors
The good news about breast cancer is that women are being diagnosed earlier
than ever before, and mortality rates have decreased. The bad news is that        George Thomas Beall, Managing Director
women with the earliest, most treatable cancer are more afraid than they            Global Social Marketing Practice,
                                                                                    Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
need to be. Our Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund is making sure that
patients and health professionals understand the latest information about the     Wendy Braund, MD, MPH, MSEd

most common very early form of breast cancer, Ductal Carcinoma in Situ
                                                                                   U. S. Department of Health & Human Services

(DCIS).                                                                           Arthur L. Caplan, PhD, Director
                                                                                    Center for Bioethics, University of
                                                                                    Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Thanks to a generous grant from the DC Cancer Consortium, we will be
working with local providers and patients to develop a model program and          Ben Gitterman, MD, Associate Professor
                                                                                    Pediatrics and Public Health
materials to help women get the best treatment.                                     Children's National Medical Center

Because of the widespread use of mammography, the number of DCIS cases
                                                                                  Mary G. Hager, MA, Writer

has shot up by 750% over the last two decades! About one out of every five        Nancy Hardt, MD, Professor and
breast cancer diagnoses is DCIS.                                                    Associate Dean, University of Florida
                                                                                    College of Medicine

Why is that good news? A diagnosis of DCIS means that cancerous cells were        Judith L. Harris, JD
                                                                                    Partner, Reed Smith
found in the lining of the breast duct and will not spread. Cancer that does
not spread is not dangerous. If they aren’t treated, however, about half the      Alan Mendelson, LLD

women with DCIS will eventually get Stage 1 breast cancer, which can spread
                                                                                    Axion Venture Partners

and can be fatal. Since it is not possible to predict who will go on to develop   Sharon Scribner Pearce, Director of
Stage 1 breast cancer and who won’t, all women with DCIS should be treated.         Public Policy, Girl Scouts of the USA

           The most dreaded breast cancer treatments                              Omega Logan Silva, MD

                 are not needed to treat DCIS
                                                                                   Former President, American Medical
                                                                                   Women’s Association

The most dreaded breast cancer treatments are mastectomy (removing the            Susan F. Wood, PhD

entire breast) and chemotherapy (which often causes nausea and hair loss)
                                                                                    George Washington University

and neither are needed to effectively treat DCIS. Instead, the standard treat-    Diana Zuckerman, PhD, President
ment recommended for most women with DCIS is lumpectomy and radia-                  NRC for Women & Families

tion, which results in a survival rate of more than 96%. Some women also
take tamoxifen, a hormone treatment that further reduces the already low          National Advisory Board
risk of cancer.
                                                                                  The Honorable Rosa DeLauro (CT)

Unfortunately, many women are not fully informed about the difference             Mark Frankel, PhD, AAAS
between DCIS and “regular breast cancer” – the kind that can spread and be
fatal. As a result, many women with DCIS undergo mastectomies that are            Pat Hendel, Commissions for Women

not medically necessary. The survival rates are no better for women under-        Phyllis Katz, PhD, Institute for Research on
going mastectomy or even a double mastectomy.                                        Social Problems

                                                                                  Sally Kenney, PhD, U. of Minnesota
A few years ago we worked with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the           Center for Women & Public Policy
National Cancer Institute, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and
Quality to develop a very successful free patient booklet, “Surgery Choices
                                                                                  Rebecca Klemm, PhD
                                                                                     Klemm Analysis Group
for Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer.” Using that booklet as a model,
we will develop a free booklet for patients with DCIS. We will convene local      Irene S. Levine, PhD

breast cancer experts, physicians, and other health care providers in
                                                                                      NYU School of Medicine

Washington, D.C., to discuss the newest research and expert consensus state-      Lisa Lopez, JD, Haemonetics
ment issued a few months ago by NIH. We will then pilot test the booklet
with women in Washington, D.C.
                                                                                  Mary McDonough, Actress and Director

                                                                                  Shari Miles, PhD, American Psychological
Meanwhile, our work on DCIS has already helped many women across the                 Association

country. They are contacting us through our online hotline and web site           The Honorable Olympia Snowe (ME)
( “We’re excited that we will now be able to reach
out to and help women right here in our own community,” explains Brandel          Judy Woodruff, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

France de Bravo, our Director of Outreach and Communications.

                                                              POLICY MATTERS
Meet Board Member Dr. Benjamin Gitterman
Dr. Benjamin Gitterman is a pedia-       He co-founded and is Co-Director of    should also be asking, ‘What’s your
trician who is also a pioneer in the     the Mid-Atlantic Center for Chil-      home like? Have you done recon-
relatively new field of children’s       dren’s Health and the Environment      struction? Does your family use
environmental health. When he’s          nine years ago. The center is one of   alternative medications?’” explains
not attending to his young patients      ten federally funded Pediatric         Gitterman.
in Children’s Hospital National          Environmental Health Specialty
Medical Center and in Silver Spring,     Units and provides medical consul-     Being appointed to the Governor’s
Maryland, he is helping to educate       tations and information to parents     Council on Children’s Health and
other doctors, medical students, and     and health care professionals in       Environment for Maryland has
policy-makers on the many environ-       Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania,      given him new opportunities to pro-
mental health issues that affect our     Virginia, Washington, D.C. and         tect children. His influence, how-
nation’s children. These include         West Virginia.                         ever, is nationwide: he has been on
asthma, which is exacerbated by air                                             the EPA Science Advisory Board for
pollution, cancer-causing chemicals                                             Children’s Environmental Health
in our homes and food, and many                                                 and serves as a liaison to the
other health issues.                                                            Advisory Committee on Children’s
                                                                                Lead Poisoning and Prevention for
Dr. Gitterman’s interest in environ-                                            the CDC.
mental health was sparked when he
was working in Denver and was                                                   Taking the Pie Out of the Sky
told that all children on Medicaid
would have to be tested for lead. “I                                            “There are practical ways to connect
thought that was not the best use of                                            with underserved and middle class
resources. It was hard for me to                                                families on environmental health
imagine that kids in Colorado might                                             besides talking about carbon foot-
be suffering from the same health                                               prints and the far-off dangers of
problems as inner city children liv-                                            global warming,” Gitterman points
ing in old buildings in New York                                                out. “My role is to bring the pie out
with lead pipes and layers of lead       Hidden Environmental Risks             of the sky. We need to tell people
paint.” He soon learned, however,                                               what’s useful for them—whether it’s
that lead poisoning was an issue,        Most parents and all doctors are       a pediatrician dealing with migrant
and they published their findings.       aware of the dangerous exposures       families who work with pesticides
                                         and ingestions that send a child to    or a parent who needs tips for man-
Dr. Gitterman grew increasingly          the hospital—whether from some-        aging his child’s weight.”
concerned about the sometimes            thing found under the sink or in the
invisible health risks of children’s     medicine cabinet. But there are less   “I’m excited to be the most recent
homes and neighborhoods, and             obvious “poisonings” that are per-     addition to the board of NRC, par-
before long the Children’s               haps even more dangerous. These        ticularly because of NRC’s work on
Environmental Health Network con-        include children becoming obese        environmental health: testifying
tacted him. They asked him if he         because the community they live in     before the FDA on Bisphenol A in
would become a spokesperson and          has no stores with healthy foods and   baby bottles and in the linings of
advocate, teaching environmental         no safe places for play and physical   canned food and infant formula;
health to pediatricians, public health   activity, and babies drinking from     helping to pass legislation to remove
specialists, and others working          plastic milk bottles or sippy cups     lead and phthalates from toys; and
closely with families.                   made from chemicals linked to can-     raising awareness about the need for
                                         cer and other health problems.         more research on the health risks of
He moved to Washington, D.C. in                                                 cell phones.”
1995 to continue caring for under-       Gitterman’s goal is excellent care,
served children and their families,      which includes ensuring that pedia-    “We’ve worked with Ben for years
and to educate doctors, parents, and     tricians are making environmental      and it’s great to have his input,
policy makers about reducing health      health part of routine exams. “Just    energy, and collaboration,” says
risks in children’s homes and com-       as a pediatrician asks, ‘How much      NRC president Dr. Diana
munities.                                milk does your baby drink? How         Zuckerman.
                                         well does he sleep?’ he or she

                                                                      We Gratefully acknowledge
                                                                          the following 2009
In this Issue of THE VOICE                                            President’s Circle Donors:
                                                                             Thomas Beall
New Health Care Law Spreads a Little Sunshine
Page 1                                                                       Nancy Beang

First Cancer Prevention 5K                                                  Michael Berman
Page 2
                                                                            Ryan Bradshaw
Tanning Bed Safety
Page 3                                                                       Arthur Caplan

Weight and Cancer                                                         Joshua Frederickson

Page 4                                                                       Judith Harris
                                                Good for joints but
Glucosamine Supplements                         bad for diabetes?           Sandra Hittman
Page 5                                            See page 5.
                                                                              Lisa Lopez

Help for Early Breast Cancer                                                Alan Mendelson
Page 6
                                                                              Susan Wood
Meet Board Member Dr. Ben Gitterman
Page 7                                                                  Anne and Leo Zuckerman

                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 2442

National Research Center for Women & Families
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