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                            3 Local Small Business Marketing Ideas To Use Right Away
                                                             By Jeff Schuman

   Being a local business owner means that you have to locate effective ways for you to attract local
customers to buy products from you or you will not earn any money at all. There are 3 local small
business marketing ideas that all owners need to be smart and use for attracting local customers.

The following are the 3 ideas you need to be aware of that can be used right away to start attracting
new customers to your business.

1. Internet presence - Getting your local business on the internet these days is vital. This is where
many of your local customers are going to purchase products or to find local businesses. This is why
you have to have your own website online that you can use to attract these customers.

Going online is the number one way to search for things these days, including local businesses. So, if
you are not on the internet, then you are letting your competitors have your customers.

You have to get online, even if you are a local business because if you don't, then you will struggle
continuously to attract the new customers you need.

2. Business networking locally - These networking events are usually free and you can be sure that
quite a few of your target customers will be at these events. Be sure you have business cards that you
can hand out so they don't leave these events without learning about your business.

3. Strategic business alliances - Find other local business owners that are trying to attract new
customers and form a business alliance with them. Each business will let their customers know about
the other business in exchange for that business doing the same service for you.

Don't do this with your competitors; instead, find local businesses that compliment your business and
set up an alliance with them. You can eve do this with more than one local business to help you get the
most customers possible.

You can even arrange a referral fee between your business and another one to help ensure that the
customers find out about your particular business. The alliance has to be beneficial for your business,
but is also needs to be beneficial for the other business owner as well.

Just don't try and do this with too many businesses at once, until you learn how to use this method

TO help you get new customers, these are the 3 local small business marketing ideas that are
important to use. The sooner you start using these methods, the sooner you will see an increase in
Multiple Small Business Ideas and Resources to Help Your Family Succeed.
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customers to your local business.

For anyone that enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman be sure to stop by our local seo website today.
You will be provided with useful information to help you quickly start local business marketing that will
help attract as many local customers as you need.

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                          Fast And Almost Free Small Business Marketing Tips That Work
                                                              By Joe S. White

Small business marketing is a passion of mine! It is very exciting especially when you start to see
results. When a customer says "I saw you on top of Google and went to your website, then I did a
search on YouTube and you came up 1st there, after that I called a sign on the side of the road, that
was you too, I figured i had no choice where I was going to buy... Who does your small business
marketing? and you say, I do... It makes you feel good.. all the way to the bank...

 Search engines are the best place to start when you begin your quest for the best small business
marketing ideas. Google gets most of the traffic and their results are sent to many other search
engines. Getting on the 1st page of Google is really much easier than you think...

 There's a friend of mine that owns a business near mine and as a result of using these simple ideas
he was listed on the 1st page of Google in 2 days. He landed a $3600 job as a result of his efforts. This
small business marketing stuff not rocket science, it's just following a proven system that works.

 If you are looking for small business marketing ideas, in specific geographical locations, then Google
Local is quick and easy way to start. This is the listing on the top of google when you search for a local
listing like (Hot Tubs Minneapolis) there is a map on the left with businesses on the right. Google Local
is a great website marketing strategy because, its easy, free and fast.

 There are a few tricks I have figured out over the years with Google Local , like how to show up for
more than just one city. This is the best place to start for online small business marketing for local

 PPC (Pay Per Click) is another service that is offered by Google and great for small business
marketing. The "Pay" part shouldn't scare you because you have complete control. You pay $5 to start
and choose the areas you want your add to show up. You can choose 10 miles around your location,
or a metro area, or state or country..

 With PPC you can write unlimited ads and Google rotates them automatically so you can see which
ones are getting the best click through rate. You can then delete the losers and keep the winners. You
can set a budget anywhere from $5 and up or you can set a monthly budget of $300 per month. PPC
has been a very important strategy for my small business marketing.

 I've spent $52,000 with Google since January of 2005 and it is hands down the best and easiest small
business marketing I have ever done. The cool part is I have never spoken to anyone that works for
Google. I actually have never had to email them either... I do get a Christmas card from from Google
each year. Tip: Again there are a few tricks with Google PPC that can save you money and time
setting up your account. In summary this is the quickest way to increase website traffic and learn
cutting edge tactics about small business marketing...

Joe White is a business owner and expert in online business marketing. Visit his website that offers 18
easy to follow local small business marketing videos. He also offers a free 5
day e-course that is packed with little known techniques to market your
business online Go To:
This site bring the money closer to you by offering potential resources, ebooks and ideas on small business and e-commerce.
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