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For Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Members
For Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Members              March 2008
                                                            March 2008

                                           Join Truffles for the
                                              Canine Crawl
                                            Saturday, April 5
                                        Greenville Town Commons
                                             (See story on page 2)
                                                           PAW PRINTS

 “Calling All Dogs!” for the Canine Crawl
  Attention all dog owners and dog               leading the walk.                                generous donation of $5,000.
  lovers! We are gearing up for the
  Eighth Annual Canine Crawl, one of             The Canine Crawl began in 2000 as                PetSmart, Paradise Pets, and WITN
  our largest fundraising events of the          Strut Your Mutt and has evolved                  7 are “Leaders of the Pack” with
  year. The Eighth Annual Canine                 over the past eight years beyond                 $1,000 donations.
  Crawl will be held on April 5, 2008            just the walk itself. Participants can
                                                 visit with the many vendors that will            Top Dog Academy and Wild Birds
  at the Town Common in Greenville,
                                                 be on site for the day. Lots of                  Unlimited can “Run with the Big
  NC. The event is a fun filled day for
                                                 yummy food will be available for                 Dogs” for their donations of $500.
  dogs and their owners – like a “Kid’s
  Fest” for dogs!                                hungry humans at our HSEC Chow
                                                                                                  For additional information on the
                                                     Wagon and there will be treats
                                                                                                  day’s events, visit our website at:
  The day begins with the                            galore for the canine
  “crawl” itself – 150+                              participants. We held our first No
  dogs parading down 1st                             Breed Dog Show at the 2007                   We look forward to seeing
  Street on a one mile dog                           Canine Crawl and it was such a               everyone this year at the Eighth
  walk. Each dog is asked                            huge hit; we’re making it an                 Annual Canine Crawl!
  to have their human help                           annual event and expanding the
  raise pledges for their                            categories.
  participation in the walk.
  The participants (canines                            The day would not be
  and humans alike) are                                      possible without support
  recognized and             Best in Show, 2007 Canine Crawl from our sponsors. East
  rewarded with prizes at                                    Carolina Veterinary Ser-
  various levels of fundraising, with             vice is leading the way for this
  the top fundraisers (above $275)                year’s sponsors with a                                Canine Crawl Largest Money Raisers

 Happy Tails - Adoption Story from Callie
  Betsy now Aggy, adopted 10/23/07               Oh and guess what? I go for                   let me sleep in their bedroom too!
                                                 truck rides which is really cool
  Hey guys, it's Aggy! Remember me? Well,                                                      Oh and on the house training? Progress is
                                                 because I get to smell the air and sit
  you probably                                                                                 slow but hey, its progress! I'll nail it down
                                                         up real high and hang out
  remember me as Betsy but                                                                     soon I'm sure. I just always forget! I did
                                                         with my Dad alone. That's
  I've got a new name to go                                                                    learn "sit" though. I am pretty good in
                                                         when he tells me that I am
  along with my new home!                                                                      that department.
                                                         really his dog no matter what
  Boy, I am glad to have a                               my mom does for me!                   Anyway, they go crazy with that camera
  real family now but you                                                                      thing so here’s a great shot of me!
  did a great job too!                                      At night I still sleep in my
                                                            brand new kennel which is          Thanks again!
  Thanks for helping me out! Aggy (left) and Parker (right) not too shabby of a deal
  A dog can use a leg up                                                                       Courtesy of Aggy’s new parents - Matt
                                                            either since I always get
  every once in a while.                                                                       and Becky
                                                    attention for going in that thing. They

 Humane Happenings
  As many of you may know fundraising            Park in October; Black Dog Day at                our animals on our website and letting
  is an important part of supporting             Sam’s Club in November; participation            the public see them and their needs.
  HSEC. That is why we hold activities           in the Christmas Parade; Pic-                           Look for them in 2008 at:
  throughout the year. A recap of 2007           tures with Santa; and Holiday                 
  events includes: Used book sale at             Gift Wrapping in the month
  Colonial Mall in the spring and fall;          of December.                                                    Most of our fundraisers will be
  Canine Crawl, held at Greenville Town                                                                          repeated in 2008 and we will be
  Commons in Spring; Un-Mother’s Day             A new project this past year                                    adding some new ones. Look for
  mailing to the public in May; dog wash         was the Sponsorship Christ-                                       HOUND DOGS AND HOT
  events during the summer in                    mas Tree, highlighting some Winners of the 2007 Howl-o-Ween DOGS coming in June.
                                                                               Costume Contest, Silly and Snoopy
  Washington and Greenville; Open                of our adoptable
                                                 animals and wish list for                                         We invite anyone who has an
  house and Cat-stravaganza in June;
                                                 the Humane Society facility. We hope                interest in contributing ideas or work-
  Auction and Wine Event held at Emerge
                                                 to continue this sponsorship, putting               ing at an event to contact our chair per-
  Gallery, and Howl-o-ween at Jaycee
                                                                                                     son, Joan Pollock, at 252-756-4552.

Paw Prints ● March 2008                                               2
                                                 PAW PRINTS

Vet Tips - Fleas                                                                 Critter’s Wish List
Fleas are one of the most              are not all equal. Many products
                                                                                  Our animals are always in need
common external parasites seen         that are sold “over the counter” at
on our pets. While they can be         pet stores and large one stop
                                                                                  of items to keep them cozy and
innocuous, most animals are            stores are not effective, and some         clean!
somewhat sensitive to them, and        can be very toxic. In the past, two
                                                                                  •   Kitty litter (non-clumping)
many can be extremely allergic         products have been very effective
to them. Even one bite is enough       – Advantage and Frontline Plus.            •   Paper towels
to send some dogs and cats into
spasms of scratching and               Recently, several new, effectual           •   Bleach
chewing. Many pet owners think         (and safe) products have come to
that if they don’t see fleas on        the market and offer novel modes           •   Newspaper
their pet, or if they are not          of action.
getting bitten themselves, then
                                                                                  •   Wet dog food
their pet does not have fleas.         Please consult with your veteri-
                                       narian about the products they             •   Trash bags
This is not true. If a pet is
extremely allergic, they may           prefer, and differences between            •   Slightly used pet supplies
ingest the flea as soon as they        available products.
are bitten, but still exhibit                                                     •   Shoe boxes
allergic reaction symptoms.
                                                                                  •   Monetary donations
Although allergic skin disease is
the most common problem that
is seen with flea infestations,
other problems can also be
                                                                                  The staff at the facility also ap-
encountered. Tapeworms are                                                        preciates your help to help
                                         Used Book                                them keep running!
carried by fleas and are passed
to our pets when a flea is
                                                                                  •   Printer paper
ingested by them. Fleas can also         May 15-18
transmit a red blood cell              Colonial Mall,                             •   Maintenance help
parasite that can cause severe
                                       Greenville, NC
anemia and illness, and if not                                                    •   Volunteers
addressed quickly, death.                For more
Due to the prevalence of fleas in      information,
Eastern North Carolina (along               call                                  Please contact Callie Clements
with our mild winters), it is          252-756-4552                               at (252) 413-7247 for updates
strongly recommended to use                                                       to this list. Thank you!
flea prevention year round.
There are numerous flea
preventions available, but they

Volunteer Spotlight
HSEC would like to thank our vol-           This month we would like to         Jennifer has been an incredible asset
unteers for                                                    thank Jennifer   to this organization. Not only does
everything they do.    “Jennifer has been an incredible asset  Kennedy.         she come to the facility on a regular
We could not do it                                             Jennifer is a    basis to walk and socialize dogs, she
without all of your     to this organization. It is because of full time ECU    also is a very devoted PETsMART
support and we            her efforts that the Adopt-a-Pet     student and      adoption counselor, signing up for 5
would like to start                                            works part       of the 14 shifts on a regular basis. It
                         Center at PETsMART has been so
recognizing the                                                time as an       is because of her efforts that the
efforts of those            successful!” - Callie Clements     ECU bus          Adopt-a-Pet Center at PETsMART has
who go above and                                               driver. She is   been so successful! Jennifer, thank
beyond to improve our organiza-             also a very dedicated HSEC vol-     you for helping us help them!
tion.                                       unteer.

                                                          3                                         Paw Prints ● March 2008
                                                       PAW PRINTS

 Introducing...Callie Clements
  We would like to introduce you to our       she gained much experience about                Callie is originally from Chesterfield,
  new facility manager, Callie Clements.      animal care issues.                             Virginia. She relocated to Greenville to
  Callie has been volunteering and                                                            attend ECU and graduated in June 2007
  working with the Humane Society for a       In addition to her animal experience, she       with a degree in Community Services.
  number or years. She was first              was also a Girl Scout member and
  promoted to Senior Animal                                      received the Silver and      Callie loves all animals, has her own
  Care Technician in November                                   Gold Award; the highest       dog and cat and has fostered many
  2005 and finally became the                                   award one can receive in      puppies, dogs, kittens and cats for the
  facility manager in August                                   that organization.             facility when they needed additional
  2007 after she graduated                                                                    care because they were sick or
                                                              Over the years, we have all     extremely young.
  from ECU.                                                  been impressed with her
  Callie has loved animals                                   work ethic and her love and      Callie has been doing an excellent job
  her entire life and                                       knowledge of animals.             as facility manager and has brought a
  previously volunteered                                    When we began searching           wealth of knowledge as well as a
  with animal organiza-                                    for a new facility manager,        number of new ideas. We are very
  tions such as Rocking                                   Callie                              pleased and proud to have someone
  Horse Ranch, Marley Fund (in                           immediately applied for the          with her work ethic and commitment
  NC) and Animal                                         position, along with a number        to animals as a part of our team. Please
  Adoptions and Rescue in her home            of excellent candidates. We considered          join me in welcoming her to our
  state of Virginia. She has also worked as   ourselves to be very fortunate to have          organization in this new capacity.
  an animal assistant with Dr. Kuhn at        someone with her background accept
                                              the position.                                   Callie, we are so glad to have you!
  East Carolina Veterinary Service where

 Vet Tips - Intestinal Parasites and Heartworms
   Intestinal parasites include commonly      cats can be constantly exposed to             Recently, research has shown that even
   seen worms and protozoal organisms.        parasites, it is important to check fecal     if a cat does not develop adult heart-
   Many commonly seen worms include           samples regularly (most veterinarians         worms, exposure to the larvae can lead
   roundworms, hookworms (both of             do this at a pet’s annual checkup).           to asthma-like symptoms. Severe heart-
   which are contagious to people), whip-     Monthly heartworm preventions also            worm disease in dogs and even mild
   worms and tapeworms. Protozoal or-         help to keep some intestinal worms at         heartworm disease in cats can lead to
   ganisms include Giardia and                bay by also serving as a monthly de-          death. Monthly heartworm
   coccidia. It is important to remember      wormer.                                       prevention for cats and dogs is
   that deworming a pet does not remove                                                     recommended in regions where heart-
   the protozoal organisms, and many          Heartworms live in the heart and great        worms are present. Dogs and cats that
   dewormers do not remove all                vessels of infected animals. Heart-           are not currently on heartworm
   intestinal worms. Fecal samples need       worms are carried by mosquitoes, and          prevention should be tested prior to
   to be evaluated to determine the           are transferred to animals each time a        starting prevention. Please consult with
   organism present, and therefore the        mosquito feeds. Historically, the             your veterinarian for recommendations
   appropriate treatment. Since dogs and      concern was focused on dogs, who are          of the available products.
                                              the natural host of the parasite.

  Become a Member!!
    HSEC is in need of new members!           changes we rely on people like you to         clicking on the “help them help us”
    Membership is a vital part of what        help us.                                      icon on our membership webpage or
    helps us operate from year to year.                                                     by mailing a donation to:
    We can’t help the homeless animals of     A membership form can be found on
    Eastern Carolina without your sup-        our website:                                          HSEC
    port.                                                                                           PO Box 30527
                                                            Greenville, NC 27833-0527
    As the human population in Eastern        If you do not want to become a
    NC grows, so does the population of       member, you are welcome to make a             Thank you for all of your support!
    unwanted pets. To meet these              tax-deductible contribution by

Paw Prints ● March 2008                                           4
                                                                PAW PRINTS

Humane Education                                                                                                      Volunteer
 Over the past 20 years, many leading                           trusting of humans. When using this                  Opportunities
 dog trainers have turned to the same                           gentle approach, you will find your dog
 reward-based training that zoo trainers                        to be calm, happy and attentive. It will        Our volunteers are the reason we
 and marine mammal trainers have used                           build confidence in the dog and it can          can care for so many animals!
 since the early 1960’s. This training                          help build a strong bond between you            Volunteer opportunities include:
 technique is called “clicker training”.                        and your canine.
 “Clicker training” is based on scientific                                                                      •   Transportation of animals
 learning principles of operant and                             Linda Monico has trained and
 classical conditioning. You want to                            participated in competitive obedience,          •   Artwork and graphics
 catch the dog exhibiting the appropriate                       confirmation and competitive agility for
 behavior and reward the behavior that                          over 20 years. The certifications she           •   Fund raising/special events
 you want to occur. It uses a novel sound                       has earned require an in-depth knowl-
 (the clicker) to commu-                                                    edge of behavioral                  •   Grooming
 nicate with the dog.                                                       science, animal behavior and
                                                                            behavior modification tech-         •   TLC (Tender Loving Care)
 Then that sound is
 paired with special                                                        niques. She holds a Bachelor of
                                                                            Science degree from the State       •   Maintenance of facilities
 food or treat, which
 serves as positive rein-                                                   University of New York and is a     All volunteers are required to
 forcement. The clicker                                                     professional member of the          attend an orientation session.
 sound serves as a                                                            Association of Pet Dog            The sessions are held the second
 “bridging signal” which
                           “Clicker training” at New Levels of Dog Training   Trainers (APDT). She is an hon-   Saturday of each month at the
 allows the dog to link                                                       ors graduate of the San Fran-     facility.
 the behavior to the reward. This                               cisco (SPCA) Academy for Dog Trainers
 training can be used for teaching canine                       and also earned her Counseling and              Upcoming orientation dates are
 basic manners to obedience and agility.                        Training Certificate (CTC) from this            as follows:
                                                                program as well.
 “Clicker training” only uses positive re-                                                                      •   April 12
 inforcement and no corrections while                           Linda recently opened a training
 allowing each dog to progress at his                           facility in Greenville called New Levels        •   May 10
 own pace. It helps you learn a teaching                        of Dog Training. It is located on Hwy 33
 tool that can be used throughout the                           just before reaching Vann’s                     •   June 14
 dog’s life whenever you need to teach                          Hardware. She offers private and small
                                                                group lessons (6 dogs ) in obedience            Volunteering with Cats: 1-3 PM
 them a new behavior. Once a behavior                                                                           Volunteering with Dogs: 3-5 PM
 has been learned, your dog will respond                        and agility training. If you want more
 reliably and happily to your requests                          information about contact Linda                 E-mail us at:
 and you will no longer need to use the                         Monico at 252-752-2120 or through her
 clicker to obtain that behavior.                               website at:                           
 This type of training works particularly                                                                       and our Volunteer Coordinator will
 well if you have a canine which may be                                                                         contact you!
 extremely shy, submissive or is not

Vet Tips - Ticks
 Ticks are an important transmitter other stages of immature ticks,                                    to kill ticks or prevent them from
 of serious diseases including               are much smaller, and therefore                           attaching to our pets.
 Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain are not noticed or removed for
 Spotted Fever. In addi-                                            longer                             It is vital that products made for
 tion, they can transmit a                                          periods of                         dogs are not applied to cats.
 disease called Cyoxzoon                                            time. The                          Some products that are made for
 felis to cats. At this time   It is vital that products made for   longer a                           dogs can be extremely toxic to
 there is no proven                                                 tick is                            cats leading to severe tremors,
                             dogs are not applied to cats. Some
 treatment for this                                                 attached to                        seizures and even death.
 disease.                      products that are made for dogs
                                                                    the skin,                          Consult with your veterinarian for
                                can be extremely toxic to cats...   the more                           product recommendations.
 Adult ticks can be easy                                            time it has
 to see and feel, but                                               to transmit
 often attach in ears,                       any infectious agents. There are
 armpits and between toes making             many products that are available
 them harder to detect. Nymphs, or
                                                                           5                                                    Paw Prints ● March 2008
                                              The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina's mission is to serve as a safe haven for
                                              homeless and neglected pets and act as a resource to the community. By educating
                                              the public about issues pertaining to animals, we feel that we can work towards the
                                              elimination of over breeding of dogs and cats and teach owners to be responsible
                                              pet owners. At the same time, we hope to facilitate adoption of pets to good homes
                                              so that we can allow more unwanted animals to find a temporary home with us.

                                                                                                      (7 yrs, male, Domestic Shorthair, brown
                                                    SIDNEY                                                      tabby w/ white, 16 lbs.)
                                 (6 yrs, female, Domestic Shorthair, black,                            Gizmo was rescued from the Pitt County
                                                    11 lbs.)                                          Animal Shelter in December 2006. Gizmo
                                    Sidney was left in a carrier with a note                          is on a special diet because he is prone to
                                    attached, in front of Firetower Animal                             urinary tract infections. Since we started
                                 Clinic. We took her in to give her a chance                           feeding him C/D cat food he has not had
                                at another home. She was VERY unhappy to                              any issues. Gizmo is a typical cat; he likes
                                  be in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar                            things done on his terms and his terms
                                   faces. She spent most of the day under-                                 only. He will let you know if he is
                                   neath a blanket, hiding from her reality.                          unhappy with his little “love bites” (never
                                   However now, after 2 months and much                                 painful), and he will smack you with his
                                love, Sidney crawls out to be petted. All she                         declawed front paw. If you are looking for
                                         has to do now is wait for her                                 a cat full of personality, Gizmo is the cat
                                           permanent home!                                                                     for you!
                                                                        (2 yrs, female, Hound/ Rottweiler mix,
 (2½ yrs, male, Labrador mix, tan, 56 lbs.)
                                                                                  black and tan, 45 lbs.)
   Mac was found wandering the streets                                   Nautica was abandoned when she was
  near HSEC by one of our staff members                                only 6 months old and practically hairless
  when he was just 4 months old. Mac is a                                due to demadex mange and a bad skin
  shy boy, but he is a big sweetheart once                              infection. In the 5 months it took to get
 he is comfortable with you. He gets along                               her healthy, she was in quarantine and
  well with most dogs, but gets very nerv-                                 now she doesn’t really understand
 ous when he leaves HSEC. He needs some-                                 manners. However, she loves affection
 one who is willing to teach him how to be                             and is very playful. With some obedience
            a pet, not just a dog!                                       training, Nautica would be the perfect
                                                                                        family pet!

Join us on Saturday, April 5th, 2008!

                                                                                (252) 413-7247
                                                                                P.O. Box 30527 ~ Greenville, NC 27833
                                                                                Humane Society of Eastern Carolina
  Permit No. 311
  Greenville, NC
   U.S. Postage
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