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									                                        Call for Submissions
    Case Studies for Effective Business Instruction
    First Edition Description:
    Designed to serve as a resource for educators who teach business content in a variety of instructional settings.
    Seventy-four case studies, which represent all functional areas of business and corporate training, are provided
    for grades seven through graduate education. Included are a discussion of the case study method and instructional
    strategies for teaching case studies, focusing on the instructor’s role, learner empowerment, the facilitation
    process, and assessment strategies. Each case is categorized based on subject area, competency area, industry
    type, and grade level and is accompanied by a sample solution.

Case Studies for Effective Business Instruction is under revision. You are invited to submit case studies for
review to Dr. Donna Kizzier by June 1, 2010, at following these guidelines:

    •   Design a one- to three-page case study using the default settings (11-point font, 1 inch margins),
        Times New Roman font, No Spacing Style of Office 2007.
    •   Focus the case study content on one or more of the content areas listed below.
    •   Include a detailed sample solution for the case study. Please avoid using “answers will vary.”
    •   List several specific questions at the end of the case that should be answered.
        Use the following outline in developing your solution:
                1. State the problem concisely
                2. Point out key issues; how did they influence the problem(s)
                3. State the objectives of the solution
                4. Analyze the facts of the case as they contributed to the problem
                5. Consider and write the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative
                6. Choose a solution, based on the evidence
                7. Answer the specific questions related to this case
    •   Include a title for your case at the top (center, bold, 14-point font).
    •   Indicate your full name and educational affiliation a double space beneath the title (center, bold, 11-
        point font).
    •   Save the case and the solution as two separate files. The case should be labeled with your name
        followed by case; i.e., jones-case; the solution should be labeled jones-solution.

Please indicate the following on a coversheet:

    •   Industry Focus: private or public organizations or government.
    •   Educational Level: middle school; secondary; post secondary, university.
    •   Subject Area: accounting, business law, communication, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, finance,
        human resource management/training and development, international business, information systems,
        management, marketing, etc.
    •   Competency Development: career development, diversity, electronic communication, integrity,
        listening, mathematics, oral communication, problem solving, reading, responsibility, self esteem,
        self management, sociability, written communications

    For case examples and a suggested script, contact Dr. Kizzier at Submitted
    case studies will be reviewed by the Delta Pi Epsilon Publications Committee; publication decision will
    be made by July 1, 2010.

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