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 Monitoring and Controlling Security Personnel
   Using Conventional Two-Way Radios
           HYT’s Patrol System integrates an innovative platform for recording &
           monitoring events and patrol routes using conventional two-way radio
           equipment along with HYT’s proprietary HDC-2400 signaling.        The
           background management system unifies real-time reporting with the
           events & status messages sent by the radios providing convenience &

   ■ PC Control Center Display Software

   ■ Constant Monitoring of Personnel Rounds and Checkpoints

   ■ Increased Effectiveness and Stream-Lined Operations

   ■ Customizable Features, Event Definitions, and Alert Levels

   ■ Unique Cost-Effective HYT Proprietary Platform                      
                                                                                          PATROL SYSTEM
                                                                                          Monitors Security Personnel Using HYT 2-Way Radios

                                                                                          Operating Principle
Main Features
 PC Control Center Display Software                                                                PC                                                                                         TX-90
 Install the Patrol System Software on your PC to convert it into a Patrol Control
                                                                                                                                                               Transmits Time
 Center with the ability to monitor all radio-carrying personnel in real-time.                                                                               Stamp + Location ID

 Customizable Event Definitions, Alert Levels & Function Keys
 Set up specific Patrol Events (up to 16 preset events) with associated Alert Levels                                            Patrol Time + Location +
                                                                                                                                Radio ID + Patrol Event
 enabling complete and efficient control of any situation.
 Patrol Round Scheduling                                                                                                                                                                  Audible Alert to
                                                                                                                                                                                          Notify of Patrol
 Coordinate and schedule effective patrol rounds across any facility or property.                                                                                                      Point Data Acquisition
 HDC-2400 Signaling                                                                                                      Transfers Info                                                      Decodes Time
                                                                                                                       to Control Center                                                     Stamp + Patrol
 The Patrol System makes extensive use of HYT’s proprietary HDC-2400                                                                                                                            Point ID
 Signaling Protocol as well as other embedded features in the TC-700 radios.                   TM-800                                                                  TC-700
 Increased Effectiveness and Streamlined Operations
 The ability to maintain constant contact and control over personnel helps make
 operations more streamlined and increases the overall effectiveness.
 Backup & Restore Utilities                                                               PC Control Center Software
 System parameters are backed up in order to maintain ability to restore data .
 Database Reports & Query Module
 The Patrol System provides a user-friendly module to extract data on rounds
 and occurrences.
 Emergency Call
 Programmable keys and emergency functions will enable the proper and
 efficient response to emergency situations.

Necessary Components                                                                                  Real-Time
                                                                                                                                                                     Events & Alerts
 PC (User Provided)                                 TC-700 Patrol Radios

 Patrol Software                                    TX-90 Patrol Points

 TM-800 Patrol Dispatcher                           Programming Cables

                                                                                                   Function Key                                                               HDC2400
Security - This is the most widely used application for HYT’s Patrol System. It allows             Designation                                                                Signaling
for the efficient monitoring and handling of emergency situations as well as the
coordinating and control of effective patrol rounds.

Prison or Correctional Facilities - The Patrol System’s multiple alert
functions and customizable features allow for real-time monitoring and constant control
of any situation.

Any Applications Requiring Employees to Make Rounds or Reach Checkpoints -
HYT’s Patrol System has been applied to a variety of industries including Warehousing,
Manufacturing, Mining, Hotels, Hospitals, Utilities, Property Management and Schools.

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