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Selected by the staff of the International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA), the following are headline
links to news and features on the newspaper industry that have been posted to the web in the past seven days.
These items may be found at The Newspaper Industry, a web portal to the business of newspapers produced
throughout the day by INMA. A Spanish-language version of this web site, La Industria del Periódico, may be found
by clicking here.
Headline News


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          Study Finds Insert Advertising Readership at Strong Levels
          Australian Newspaper Publishers Band Together to Create Organisation to Promote Newspapers to
           Advertisers and Marketers


          South Africa's Zulu-Language Isolezwe Boasts 32% Year-on-Year Growth Since Its 2002 Launch
          Circulation Among the UK's Popular and Mid-Market Tabloids Slip in January Compared to Year Earlier
          Circulation of the UK's "Quality" Newspapers Up in January Over December Level, But Only a Few Exceed
           Their January 2005 Showing
          January Audits of UK Newspapers Find New Commuter Newspaper City AM Circulation Up From December
          Following Switch to Berliner Format, UK's Observer Sees a 100,000 Copy Month-to-Month Circulation Rise
           in January
          Small, Local Newspapers Have Advantages in Retaining Readers
          City Government in Fort Worth, Texas May Enact New Fees and Restrictions on Newspaper Boxes


          USA Today's Web Site to Feature Real Estate Listings in Partnership With ForSaleByOwner.Com
          Job Seekers Still Turning to the Newspaper, Despite Internet Success in Recruitment Advertising
          Success of Online Classifieds Web Sites a Worrying Trend for Newspapers


          Association of Online Publishers' Poll Finds Half of UK Newspaper Publishers Planning Podcasts
          Chicago Daily Herald Launches Online Community Web Site, Plans Youth-Oriented Print Extension in the
          Belgium's De Tijd to Offer Readers Digital Edition on Electronic Devices
          New York Times to Distribute Video Content Across Its Web Sites
          Houston Chronicle's Plan for the Enron Trial Illustrates the Role of the Internet in Newspapers' Coverage


          Knight Ridder Assembling Panel to Evaluate Bidders
          Future Management of the Daily Mail & General Trust's Pension Scheme May Affect Bids' Success
          UK's Newquest Regional Newspaper Group to Pursue Cost-Cutting Programmes Across Its Properties
          Analysts Place Odds on Sale of Knight Ridder Going Through
          Guardian Media Group Denies Reports That It May Sell Off the Manchester Evening News
        Los Angeles Times Circulation and Advertising Woes a Pressing Issue for the Tribune Company
        UK's Herts & Essex Newspapers Closing Stevenage Edition of the Hertfordshire Mercury, Citing Slow Sales
        Virginia Community Newspaper Publisher Amendment One Acquired by Publisher American Community
        Gannett's Bid for Northcliffe Newspapers in the UK May Impact the Company's Knight Ridder Interest
        Knight Ridder's Corporate Charter May Require Maintaining Journalisic "Quality" in Sale
        Massachusetts' Spanish- and Portuguese-Language Newspaper Gente Closes Following Management
        Belo Shareholder Capital Research and Management Ups Stake to 5.1%
        Belo Reports 4th Quarter 2005 Profits Down 25% Compared to the Same Period in 2004
        Gannett Stands to Become UK's Largest Regional Newspaper Publisher if Bid for Northcliffe Newspapers
         Goes Through
        Journalists at UK's Independent May Strike Over Pay Dispute
        UK's Mail on Sunday to Cut 15 Editorial and Administrative Positions
        Press Closing in the UK to Cost News Corporation ё56 Million
        Knight Ridder's January Revenues Up 6.4% Over Previous Year's
        Ireland's Thomas Crosbie Holdings Buys the Echo Group of Newspapers
        Scottish Newspaper Distribution Group John Menzies Acquires Acquires English Newsagent Chain Chester
         Independent Wholesale Newsagents
        UK's Johnston Press Not Going to Go It Alone in Bid for the Daily Mail & General Trust's Regional
        New York Times Reports Limited January Revenue Growth


        Massachusetts Programme Reads Newspapers to the Blind Over the Radio
        Sweden's Hallands Nyheter Planning Switch From Berliner to Tabloid Format
        South Africa's BDFM, Publisher of Business Day and weekly magazine Financial Mail, to Launch
         Broadsheet, The Weekender
        India's Pattali Makkal Katchi Party to Launch a Daily Newspaper, Tamil Oosai
        Reviews, and Criticisms, Are in for the Irish Edition of the Daily Mail
        New UK Sports Newspaper, the Sportsman, Set to Launch in March
        Chicago Sun-Times Launching News Wire Service
        Germany's SЭddeutsche Zeitung Unveils New Layout and Design
        Media Organisation the Yemen Female Media Forum Launches Newspaper, Al-Raidah
        Following Muslim Protests Over Muhammad Caricatures, EU May Establish Guidelines for Media "Self-
        Nova, a South African Daily Aimed at Young, Urban Professionals, Closes 4 Months After Launch Following
         Flat Circulation

Press Freedom

        Indonesia's Government Suspends Publication of the English-Language Sarawak Tribune for Printing
         Cartoons Offensive to Muslims
        Mexico's El Manana to End Investigative Reporting on Illegal Drug Trade After Its Offices are Fired Upon

Stories of Interest

        Massachusetts Programme Reads Newspapers to the Blind Over the Radio

New Today From INMA: "Free and 'Lite' Newspapers: The Answer
For the New Generation?"

Newspaper publishers are pursuing new and innovative strategies to capture elusive and
highly coveted young adult audiences. In INMA's latest report, "Free and 'Lite' Newspapers:
The Answer For the New Generation?" explore how slimmed-down print products are being
used to turn young urban professionals into the newspaper readers of tomorrow.
In this electronic report, INMA takes a closer look at how publishers' product strategies are being used to draw in new
readers and reach untouched audiences. It does so by exploring the two broad genres of product that publishers
have injected into urban markets:

        Stand-Alone Dailies: Daily newspapers with independent owners and independent content/advertising
         streams, designed to attract their own audience with their own brand while competing with traditional paid
         dailies in local markets.
        Brand Extension "Lite" Newspapers: Daily newspapers owned by traditional newspaper companies
         seeking to recapture demographic segments with which the traditional product has failed to connect and
         steer readers to the full-price newspaper.

This study examines:

        How free commuter dailies and brand-extending "lite" newspapers are finding new avenues into readers'
        How they have moved beyond the public transportation systems in which they first appeared.
        How traditional newspaper publishers are reshaping their products to produce unique, smaller versions.

Containing more than 20 case studies of newspaper publishers using free commuter dailies and brand-extension
"lite" newspapers to reach audiences with innovative, appealing new print products, "Free and 'Lite' Newspapers: The
Answer For the New Generation?" promises to be an educational and inspiring examination of this alternative search
for the young urban reader.
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Deadlines and Diary Dates

        Workshop Innovationen im Zeitungsmarkt (INMA/ZMG), 16-17 February 2006, Frankfurt, Germany
        INMA-University of Antwerp Executive Training Programme: Newspaper Marketing For Success (Module 3
         of 3), 22-24 March 2006, Antwerp, Belgium
        INMA Sports Marketing Forum For Newspapers, 4 April 2006, Chicago, USA
        INMA World Congress, 5-7 April 2006, Chicago, USA
        Mobile Telephony Use for Newspaper in Editorial, Marketing, Promotion, and Advertising Departments: An
         INMA/Ifra Seminar, 9 May 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
        INMA Baltic Summit, 11-12 May 2006, Tallinn, Estonia
        INMA French Seminar, 15-16 June 2006, Bisschofsheim, near Strasbourg, France
        INMA Europe Conference, 20-23 September 2006, Barcelona, Spain
        INMA Research Seminar, 20 September 2006, Barcelona, Spain
        INMA North America Smart Newspapers Marketing Conference, 5-6 October 2006, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
        INMA Latin America Conference, 11-13 October 2006, San Juan, Puerto Rico
        INMA-University of Antwerp Executive Training Programme: Newspaper Marketing For Success (Module 1
         of 3), 26-28 October 2006, Antwerp, Belgium
        INMA Market Intelligence Workshop, 9-10 November 2006, Fort Worth, USA
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