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Graham Beasley


									                             Graham Beasley
51 Torquay Drive                                                           01582 504481
Luton                                                                      07736 308698

Personal Profile
Since leaving university in July 1999, my main focus has been that of training as a full-
time sprint athlete. I have competed for both England and Great Britain and I have been
consistently ranked in the top ten in the UK over 200m. Most significantly I was a part of
the Gold medal winning 4x100m relay squad at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in
Manchester. However, I have also balanced the high demands of a being a full-time
sporting career with gaining valuable work experience in a number of varied employment
and voluntary positions.

The challenges of a full-time sporting career have strengthened my disciplined, focussed
and hard working nature. I have also developed a strong ability to adapt and apply
myself, thinking diversely, scientifically and practically to improve performance in sport

I have excellent communication skills, with the capability to grasp systems and processes
quickly and accurately. I am committed to undertake further training and career
development wherever necessary. Finally I am keen to work in an interesting and
challenging environment and passionate about enhancing health, exercise and sport

Education & Qualifications
1996-1999      Brunel University
               Upper Second Class Honours Degree
               BSC (Hons) Sport Sciences & Leisure Management
               (Modules included: Exercise physiology, Applied sports psychology,
               Evaluation and Measurement techniques, Analysis of psychomotor
               learning/sports performance, Research methods and statistics, Sociology)

A Levels
1994-1996      Luton Sixth Form College
               Physical Education A
               Human Biology Grade C
               Geography Grade C

1989-1994      Challney High School for Boys
               Obtained 8 A and 3 B grade GCSEs
               (Including Science, Mathematics and English)
Employment History
2002           Sports Workshop Promotions
– current      Various Television Work (inc BBC productions Little Britain and Body
               Snatchers) and modelling assignments completed (e.g. Milk, Marketing
               Board, Daktarin) (n.b. Full portfolio available upon request)

Aug 2004        Luton Borough Council (voluntary)
                Teaching basic athletics skills to schoolchildren aged 9-16

Aug 2002       Luton University (voluntary)
– Aug 2004     Working along side training research methods lecturers supporting the
               development of the sport science department (involving scientific
               planning, testing and measuring) and assisting staff to gain sports science
               accreditation (Olympic standard coaching qualification)

2003 - 2004     Personal training
                Working with a range of individuals from elite level athletes (e.g., teaching
                advanced techniques, advising on strength and conditioning programmes,
                advising on sports specific training) to basic fitness training for beginners
                (e.g., weight loss, basic training principles, health advice)

Sept 2001       Flex Health and Fitness
- May 2002      Gym instruction – circuit classes, programme writing, fitness assessment,
                technique advice, motivation and health advice. Working with a wide
                range of individuals from the public required me to be sensitive to the
                demands and conditions of different customers/gym users)
                Reception duties - Dealing with inquiries and bookings, utilising the pc
                calendar and updating databases.
                Sales duties - responsible for transferring customer inquiries into visits/
                trials, then to gym membership. Follow up calling and recording of
                information gained.

Sept 1999       Alistair Milne Picture Framing Studio
- May 2000      Print and framing workshop duties including – making frames, framing
                prints and original artwork, mounting pictures, wrapping and packing,
                preparing stock for sale.

   Currently learning Spanish Language
   Sport as a participant and observer
   Nutrition and health reading and application to everyday life
   Alternative therapies

Iain Fletcher                                 Rajko Radovitch
Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics               Formerly Director of Fitness at Flex Health club
University of Hertfordshire                   Currently Company Director of Fitness 4x4
School of Life Sciences
Telephone: 01707284557                        Telephone: 07903835111
Email:                 Email:

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