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The Mission Statement


									The Mission Statement
       Dr. Bob Scudieri
       Director: LCMS
       WMNorth America
       The Lutheran
       FL GA DOC Meeting
The Great 19th Century
Steamboat Companies are no more.

 They identified their mission as
 running steamboats, instead of the
 transportation of passengers.
 What is our “mission.
The Mission Statement Answers the
“What are we supposed to be doing?”

   Are we a steamboat company, or, a
    transportation company?
    Peter Drucker: “What matters is not
    the leader’s charisma, what matters
    is the leader’s mission. The most
    important job of the leader is to think
    through and define the mission of the
    What the leader defines as the
    mission, spoken or unspoken,
One of the most pressing
questions we face today:
What    is faith?
 Is it simply
 Or, is there more to it?
Luther: Sermon on January
4,1540, based on Galatians 4:1-5
   “Faith is the yes of the heart, a
    conviction on which one stakes one’s
    life...Christ came for my sake, in
    order to free me from the law, not
    only from the guilt of sin but also
    from the power of the law. If you are
    able to say yes to this, you have what
    is called faith, and this faith is
Luther On Faith:
 Daily Readings with Martin Luther,
  page 33
 There are two ways of believing,
 First, to believe that there is a God.
  This kind of faith is knowledge or
  information, rather than faith as
 Secondly, there is faith in God.
   Luther to Melencthon: “If Moses had
    insisted on understanding how he was to
    escape Pharaoh’s army, Israel might still
    have been in Egypt.”
    Cf, the famous Lutheran talk show host,
    Garrison Keiller:
    “Lutherans are 15% faith and 85%
What are some scriptures that
could be the basis for the work in

 For instance, Matthew 25:32 ff…
 And, Matthew 28:17….
 Take a few minutes – write down a
  place in scripture you think could
  drive missions in Ga/Fla…
Why is the Mission
Statement Important?
1. It gives an organization
 2. It answers “What should we be
 3. It gives the organization a
 future focus (informed by the past
 and the present). Helps embrace
 positive change.
. It helps to determine priorities, for
 funding, for time of workers, for
 resources in general, etc.
 5. It helps cement unity in the
 organization (it gives a focus to the
 6. It is an aid for evaluation: are
 we on the right path?
 7. It gives direction past the
 present leadership: important during
 times of transition.
Characteristics of A Mission
It must be based on Scripture and
 the Lutheran Confessions.
 It is broad, overarching.
 It is brief: One sentence, fits on a
 T-shirt (Making Cancer History).
 It answers the question: “What are
 we supposed to be doing?” Moving
 from “is” to “what ought to be.”
Developing A Mission
   Begins with prayer, and a substantive
    study of mission in the Scripture and
    Lutheran Confessions. Ask: what does the
    Word of God say we are to be doing?
    Then, more prayer!
    Is top down: the leader must lead, must
    initiate the process, and work up the
    initial draft.
   Is bottom up: the congregation must be
    involved and own the statement.
    Determine right away: who are you
    serving? Develop a “profile person”,
    based on demographics, and answer:
    How is it we will serve this person?
    What are they concerned about? Where
    is sin impacting their lives? How can the
    gospel, in word and deed, bring healing
    and hope?
    After you have thought about these
    things, then you are ready to begin.
    Oh yes, pray.
What the Mission Statement
is NOT:
It is not a purpose statement -which
 tells why we are here. A mission
 statement tells what we do.
 It is not a Vision Statement -which
 is a picture, broad and poetic (I
 have a dream...)
Characteristics of a Good
Mission Statement:
   1. It is brief and simple. It can be put on
    a t shirt.
    It may be a paragraph long, but it can be
    expressed in one sentence.
    2. It is memorable. People can tell you
    it off the top of their head, or it isn’t a
    good statement.
    3. It is profound - it is something people
    are willing to give their lives to!
Some Examples:
AOL: “To build a global medium as
 central to people’s lives as the
 telephone or television, and even
 more valuable.”
 Coca Cola: “To make it possible for
 every thirsty person wherever they
 may be in the world to satisfy their
 thirst with one of our products.”
The Mission Statement of
LCMS NA Missions:
 Withour partners we make it
 possible for every person in
 North America to meet and
 serve the living Christ.
   St. Paul Church is a multicultural family in
    Christ called to encourage one another
    and embrace the world with Christ’s love.
    Turning irreligious people into fully
    devoted followers of Christ
    Transforming the people of the Mid-Cities
    & beyond into fully developing followers
    of Christ
Knowing Christ and making him
 Helping tomorrow’s leaders to lead
 more like Jesus and to lead more to
 Building a bigger heaven tomorrow
 by sharing Jesus on earth today
What do you think of these
“Our mission is to teach the
 Scriptures so well that people
 hunger and thirst for righteousness.”
 Too narrow! Is the mission only to
 teach? What about discipling,
 evangelism, worship, good works?
What is wrong with this
mission statement?
“Grace Church exists to provide
 an environment where people
 can discover a love for God that
 is real and relevant”.
 It is too narrow, and it is
Here are some positive
Christ Church seeks to assist as
 many people as possible in
 becoming fully developing followers
 of Christ.
 This statement is clear, broad and
 summarizes all you do as a church.
Communicating the Mission
Same as communicating values!
 Banners, in newsletters, tell
 stories, identify heroes, in
 sermons, at banquets, etc.
   1. Pray.
   2. Who is the object of the DOC? Describe
   3. Alone, write a tentative mission
    statement - remember:
    Characteristics and needs of people you
    Make it biblical, comprehensive, short (T-
    shirt), but profound.
    2. Share with someone you have not yet
    spoken with.
    3. We will review some of them together.

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