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									East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel
Equality Impact Assessment Template

      Date:                          16th January 2008

      Lead Officer:                  Clare MacGillivray (ELTRP Development Worker)

      Policy/Function Title:         RTO Grant Application for IT Resource Room

      New or Existing Function: New

Section 1: Define the aim of the policy / event / project.

   1. What are the aims and objectives and purpose of the policy / event /
      project? Please List

       To provide a fully accessible resource room with IT equipment and a library for
       tenants and residents associations, informal and formal tenants groups, individual
       tenants, and under-represented groups to utilise.

       1.  To provide IT equipment for tenants and residents groups to produce own
           minutes, newsletters and other promotional materials.
       2.  To provide free Internet access for groups and individuals to source information
       3.  To provide a library with information on housing and related services
       4.  To strengthen links between local groups and ELTRP
       5. To assist in widening tenant participation opportunities in East Lothian by
           enabling under-represented groups to access ELTRP facilities
       6. To support and co-ordinate the efforts of ELTRP Members

   2. Who are the main beneficiaries of the policy / event / project and how
      will they benefit? Please list

              Members of tenants and residents groups (both formal and informal groups)
              Individual tenants
              Tenants that are currently under-represented within tenant participation
               structures in East Lothian, in particular sheltered housing tenants, Gypsy
               Traveller tenants, rural tenants.

       They will benefit from the availability of a resource room, with IT facilities that can be
       accessed during working hours. There is no dedicated resource for the tenants’
       movement in East Lothian at present.

   3. How will the policy / event / project be delivered or put into practice e.g.
      who is responsible?

              Sub group of ELTRP Executive Committee has the full authority to develop and
               deliver the grant application and the implementation and monitoring of the

            project. Single point accountability for different aspects of the Project rest
            with different members of the development team.

  4. Are there other agencies involved in the delivery of the policy / event /
     project? Have they been involved in the impact assessment process?

     The following have been involved to varying levels in the development of the grant
     application and its feasibility, and their input has assisted the planning sub group to
     undertake the Equalities Impact Assessment.

                   East Lothian Council (I.T. Department, Estates section, Service
                    Development Officer for Tenant Participation, Equalities Officer)
                   PC World
                   SAIF
                   Momentum

     A full DDA assessment has been carried out on the proposed room alterations by an
     architect. An Occupational Therapist has assisted in assessing the requirements for
     wheelchair users.

  5. Do you have a set budget? Are the resources being used in a way that
     promotes equal opportunities?

     Yes, a budget has been set, with particular attention being paid to equalities issues.
     For example, a full DDA assessment has been made of room alterations required. In
     addition, information has been sought on IT accessibility (both hardware, as
     evidenced in the bid for larger monitors, for web cams to enable video conferencing
     with rural tenants, and in sourcing software to enable voice recognition, and other
     options for those with visual impairments.)

  6. How does this policy / event / project impact on other relevant policies?
     This application fully supports the ELTRP constitution that aims to promote the
     involvement of all irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or
     belief, race, marital status, ethnicity, geographic location. The constitution also
     charges ELTRP to assist members in achieving common goals, and in promoting
     opportunities for tenant participation.

     The application also supports the East Lothian Tenant Participation Strategy (2007-
     2010) of enabling involvement and widening opportunities for tenant participation.

     In addition, it complements the aims of the Tenants Information Service East Lothian
     Development Support Project to provide a variety of opportunities to enable tenant
     participation, and to assist in building the capacity of the tenants’ movement.

     It also links to the East Lothian Council Community Engagement Strategy, and in
     particular the “support” element of providing practical assistance to enable active
     involvement of community groups and representatives.

Section 2 Gathering Evidence

  1. What do you already know about the diverse needs and/ or experiences
     of your target audience?

Source of Evidence                 Details
Research                           Research articles into IT accessibility for visually
                                   impaired, older people, rural communities.

                                   Consulted with specialist agencies (Momentum,
                                   SAIF) re accessibility issues.
Consultation                       TP Strategy consultation identified a growing
                                   number of tenants who would like to be consulted
                                   by new technologies (text, email) and who would
                                   like to access such facilities.

                                   Consultation identified key tenants that may be
                                   under-represented including:
                                       Rural tenants
                                       Older tenants
                                       Younger tenants
                                       Gypsy Travellers
                                       Those with children
                                       Men1

                                   ELTRP Open Meetings with members asked for
                                   ideas for the RTO grant. Resource room identified
                                   as preferred option.
Equalities Monitoring

User Feedback                      Local groups identifying difficulties in accessing IT
                                   equipment for minutes, agendas, newsletters etc,
                                   and need identified for ELTRP to support groups in
                                   this aspect of capacity building.

                                   ELTRP Training Needs Analysis in 2006-2007
                                   identified need to enhance IT skills in local tenants
                                   and residents groups.
Professional/ Officer              Project experience in IT access issues for members
Knowledge and experience           of ELTRP. No availability of dedicated resource for
                                   tenants. Local groups lacking support in this area,
                                   and ELC (CHPM and CLD) unable to
                                   accommodate local venues for groups (such as
                                   Windsor Park TRA offices closed and access to
                                   PCs unavailable for over 3 years).
Other                              Local group anecdotal evidence re difficulty
                                   accessing IT resources.

      2. Do you have enough information for you to continue?

Equality Target Group              More Information Required?
Race                               Unsure of BME participants use, as the number of BME
                                   tenants in East Lothian is low 2. Re ethnicity, the Gypsy

1   East Lothian Council, Tenant Participation Strategy for 2007-2010
    Check with Rebecca re figures…

                                Traveller Action Group would be able to access the
Disability                      Have DDA assessed the room alterations and a good
                                understanding of IT accessibility issues for hardware and

Religion and Belief


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual

   3. Rapid Impact Checklist What does the information tell you about the
      potential impact of this policy / event / project on the following equality groups

   Equality Target       Positive Impact         Neutral Negative               Cross
   Group                   +                     Impact Impact                  cutting
                                                   =       -                    issue

   Race                  Translation services    Neutral   Software not         Available
                         for publicity           impact    enabled to           for all
                         materials can be                  support minority     members of
                         sourced through                   languages.           TRAs and
                         ELC/ITS, where                                         individual
                         required.                         Publicity will not   members.
                                                           advertise the
                         Where need is                     resource room in
                         identified, ELTRP                 minority
                         would source                      languages unless
                         minority language                 translation
                         enabled software                  requested.
                         and contingency
                         budget included in
                         grant application to
                         support this.
   Disability            DDA assessment of                 Jumbo keyboards      Available
                         room alterations                  not included in      for all
                         complete.                         grant application    members of
                                                           as need not          TRAs and
                         19” screens                       currently            individual
                         included in grant                 identified.          members.
                                                           Software to
                         Further investigation             enable visual
                         into software to                  enhancements
                         enable voice                      not specified in
                         recognition and for               grant, but
                         those with visual                 contingency
                         impairments.                      included where

                        Contingency for                   need identified.
                        equalities issues
                        included in grant                 No decision taken
                        application.                      yet re availability
                                                          of transport
                        Any issues                        facilities for
                        regarding equalities              disabled tenants.
                        accessibility will be
Gender (male,           Assessment made if      Neutral                         Available
female,                 need identified for     impact                          for all
transgender)            women or men only                                       members of
                        sessions                                                TRAs and
Religion and            Quiet space would                 No assessment         Available
Belief                  be made available                 planned to            for all
                        in ELTRP office in                indicate impact       members of
                        need identified.                  for religion and      TRAs and
                                                          belief.               individual
Age                                                       Only available to     Available
                                                          16+ age group,        for all
                                                          due to restrictions   members of
                                                          for membership to     TRAs and
                                                          ELTRP.                individual
                                                          Office only hours
                                                          may restrict
                                                          access to young
                                                          people aged 16-
                                                          18 in school or
Lesbian, Gay                                    Neutral                         Available
and bi-sexual                                   impact.                         for all
                                                                                members of
                                                                                TRAs and
Other groups to

Members with            Willingness to                    No software           Available
learning                source IT solutions               packages              for all
difficulties/literacy   to enable                         included in grant     members of
                        involvement, where                application.          TRAs and
                        need identified.                                        individual

   Gypsy Travellers      Dedicated                                                Available
                         resource for                                             for all
                         members of ELTRP                                         members of
                         that members of                                          TRAs and
                         GTAG could                                               individual
                         access.                                                  members.
   Rural tenants         Web cams                          No decision taken      Available
                         included in grant                 yet re availability    for all
                         application to                    of transport           members of
                         enable video                      facilities for rural   TRAs and
                         conferencing.                     tenants.               individual
   Parents with                                            No decision taken      Available
   young children                                          re availability of     for all
                                                           informal childcare     members of
                                                           payment to             TRAs and
                                                           enable access.         individual
                                                           Resource room
                                                           only open during
                                                           office hours.

At this stage you need to consider whether a full impact assessment is needed on
your policy / event / project. This may be done on one strand as identified above.

   4. Will you be making changes to your policy / event / project?

   o What action will you take
                     i. Include contingency funds in grant application to ensure ELTRP is able
                        to meet the needs of equalities groups where additional support is
                    ii. Undertake an assessment of need re transport/childcare or care
                        support through ELTRP TNA for 2008.
                   iii. Develop a policy for care/childcare and transport support for
                        accessing the resource room.

   o Who will take that action
                      The sub group of the ELTRP Executive Committee, with responsibility for
                      developing the grant application and project.

   o When that action will take place
                      January to May 2008.

   5. Have you decided to proceed with this policy / event / project?

   6. If you have decided not to undertake a full equality impact assessment,
      can you justify this decision?

Signed        ……………………………………

Date         …………………………………….


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