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September 2006

Raindrop Information Systems to host Network Break
at 2006 CoreNet Global Summit in Lisbon

Raindrop Information Systems – named by Gartner Research as one of the
leading “visionary suppliers” of Integrated Workplace Management Systems
(IWMS) – will be hosting a Network Break on Conference Level Floor 2
between 3pm and 3.30pm on Tuesday, 19 September 2006.

Having been a long-term supporter of the event, it is Raindrop’s second year
as a silver sponsor of the event.

Delegates will have an opportunity to meet Jason Allaway - Raindrop
Information Systems’ Commercial Director, European Operations - and
discuss how to reduce total cost of occupancy with an integrated real estate
and facilities management software solution.

Cited by Gartner as “one of the true global players” in the IWMS solutions
market, Raindrop’s Manhattan Software covers all key functional elements of
IWMS for large corporate and government occupiers and managing agents –
including property portfolio management, project management, facilities
management, and maintenance management.

Manhattan’s unique features include advanced functionality in finance,
reporting and workflow. According to Gartner, Manhattan has one of the
market’s best data architectures and user interfaces, with particularly strong
financial and cost accounting functionality.

Raindrop is also the first software supplier to introduce a dedicated
OPD/ITOCC interface.
Jason Allaway, Raindrop Information Systems’ Commercial Director,
European Operations, says: “Over the past year, we have been working
closely with OPD to develop the Manhattan-OPD integration module and I
look forward to discussing its unique functionality with delegates at the
CoreNet Global summit in Lisbon.”

He says: “The new Manhattan-OPD integration module allows users to
automatically produce all of the information required for ITOCC within the
standard OPD template – including financials, portfolio information and spatial
information - without any additional integration costs. Manhattan’s space
management optimisation function also enables users to update figures
directly, automatically providing OPD information relating to space.”

Allaway adds: “By automating the process, the Manhattan-OPD integration
module enables users to extract figures in a seamless manner – thus helping
to ease the burden of producing such information.”

During the CoreNet Global summit in Lisbon, Jason Allaway can be contacted
on +44 78 6065 4526.

Additional Raindrop contacts at the event are:
John Collison, Business Development Manager, +44 77 1130 5776
Peter Blackaller, Business Development Manager, +44 78 5061 1071


About Raindrop Information Systems

Headquartered in London, Raindrop Information Systems is the world's
largest privately-owned company dedicated to the development,
implementation and support of fully-integrated and fully web-enabled global
real estate and facilities management systems.

With its heavy emphasis on research and development, quality assurance,
system testing and customer support, the company has become a leading
global provider of targeted software solutions for real estate managers,
owners, investors and occupiers.
Through its subsidiaries worldwide, the company has built a substantial high-
quality user base of multinational organisations - many with multiple locations
around the world. These blue-chip clients are leading players in a wide range
of sectors - including retail, energy, telecommunications, investment, banking,
finance and local and central government.

About Manhattan

The Manhattan suite of fully integrated and web-enabled property software
comprises 30 modules designed to meet the requirements of large investors,
occupiers, asset managers, and corporate and government occupiers.

Manhattan provides a unique business advantage across all sectors of the
property industry by delivering fully integrated property management, asset
management, facilities management and financial software in a single suite.

The system offers the highest level of advanced functionality, whilst being
highly flexible and easy to use. It allows fast retrieval of the information users
need, when they need it.

Manhattan can be installed at clients’ sites as part of their IT infrastructure, or
through Raindrop’s Application Service Provision (ASP) service (with all
property, asset and facilities management functionality available on an ASP

The Manhattan ASP service offers the FlexASP® option which uniquely
enables clients to opt for service components that meet their specific



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