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                        OPENING AND VERIFYING PAYPAL


Open a Liberty Reserve account, it is free, just go to Fund your LR account with $10.

Step 1

We are going to use a non-european address and non-european virtual visa card

in the registration and verification of the paypal account. In fact we will be using

China address, or you may decide to use any other address, just let it be one of

those countries and region accepted by paypal.

Go to, to get a non-european virtual visa card to verify your

paypal account.
Click on “card for paypal verification”, choose a non-european card, type the

amount of unit you want to buy and put your email address, this is an email
address they will eventually send your card details.

Click the link to buy the card through Liberty Reserve, the card is $7.50, your LR

account will be charged $7.50. In about an hour plus, the card details will be sent

to your email address. You must use this card the same day it is bought.



Here, I use China, you may decide to use any country you want, just make sure it

is a non-european address. Go to, type in the search box, the yellow
page of a country accepted by paypal, e.g China yellow page. A list will appear,

choose a link that will have to do with addresses of businesses. It will now

demand that you should choose any of the business categories, choose anyone,

use the details address of any of the addresses that comes up in your registration

with paypal. You can use any of the addresses below, just change the number of

the address so that it will not be completely identical with another person.

Address 1: 75 Xizangzhong Road,

City:        Shanghai

Zip Code:    200001

State:       Shanghai

Country:     China

Phone:               +862161228888


Address 2: 105, Fuxi Street

City:        Taiyuan

Zip Code:    030002

State:       Shanxi

Country:     China

Pone:        +863518689292

After you had received the details of the virtual visa card in your email box, you

will need to change your computer IP address to that of China IP. Please don‟t
use proxy server like or e.t.c. Never you

do anything with an IP address of a country paypal does not accept.

Step 3


                                 HAD CHOSEN.

Go to
Open your mozilla browser >>> choose tools>>>options

>>>network>>>settings>>>manual proxy configuration>>>click ok

Again go to: to confirm if you are now using a China IP.

Once that is confirmed, you can then go to: and open your

account by clicking on sign up. Choose China as your country, supply the China

address details as we have it above, accordingly in your registration form and

choose premium service as type of account and fill all info above.

Paypal will automatically send a link to your email box. You must change your IP

to China IP before you log-in to your email address (just change it as we did

before you registered on paypal website. Click on the link paypal send to you,
this will lead you to paypal website, login to paypal private area with your email

address and password you had chosen during your registration (Remember, you

must change your IP address to that of the non-european address you have

chosen) In your paypal private area, locate “Link and confirm my Debit or Credit

card”. Click on this link, it enables you to add your virtual visa card and get your

paypal account verified.

Fill the form with the details of the card sent to your email.

Card Type:                 Choose Visa Card

Number:                    Add the card number

Card Verification Number:        Add the CVV2 number
Check the “use this address as billing address” to use the address you used in

filling the form for your billing address. Click on “Add Card”. Your card will be

added to your account but it will be demanding for a four digits number, never

worry, just go back to at the upper side of the site, you will

see, „Expose Number „ type your card number and your email address which you

provided before to receive the card information, click on send request, you will be

told to check your email box around 30 minutes, that a notification about your

Expose number will be sent to your inbox. Be checking your inbox, once you see

the notification, go back to the site and re-type your email

address and your card number in the form space, check on send request,

instantly, you will see something like XXXX PAYPAL, the XXXX represent the 4

digit number you are looking for which would be used for the final stage of your

paypal account verification.

Step 4

Go to again and sign in with your email and password (don‟t

forget to always go through a Chinese IP address as above) Look for a link to

supply your 4 digit number, click on it and add the 4 digit number gotten above,

immediately you add it, you will see that your account would have been verified.

Now you have a verified paypal account.

                                  IN NIGERIA

Once you begin to have money in your paypal account, may be you had just used

your paypal account to collect a payment for a good or service on the internet

and you will like to withdraw your money right here in Nigeria from an ATM that

bares visa or master card logo, which can be found in banks like Gtbank, Zenith,

etcThere is a site that helps you convert your dollars to naira so that you can

withdraw it from your bank account

Go to

      0803 055 3675 or 0704 024 5490

Or Go to

Or contact them on 08033076014

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