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Table of Contents

Page 6       What is Adsense
             What is Adsense for Domain
             Google Policy Towards Adsense for Domain

             Program Requirements
             Choosing Your Domain

Page 9       Important Points before Parking Your Domain

             Keyword Research and Domain Selection
             Wordpress Configuration

Page 16      Blog Content
             Blog Promotion

Page 17      Monitoring Indexed pages

Page 20      Managing Your Asense for Domains

What is Adsense
Adsense is an advertising program ran by Google allowing website owners to
post ads in their webpage and earn extra money on pay-per-click, pay-per-
impression, pay-per-view, or pa-t-search basis. These ads are provided by
Google’s advertisers. A webmaster that has an Adsense ad posted on his
website is called “Adsense Publisher”. Complete information about Adsense is
available at Google Adsense Official Webpage.

What is Adsense for Domain
Adsense for Domains (AFD) is one of Adsense’s programs ran by Google
allowing domain owners to park their domains at Google’s servers to earn
extra money. Full details about this program can be found at Adsense for
Domains Official Webpage. Other Adsense programs not covered in this guide
are (1.) Adsense for Content, (2.) Adsense for Search, (3.) Adsense for
Feeds (4.) Adsense for Videos (not available worldwide).

In short, when your domain is parked at AFD, you will get paid when
someone visits your domain page, or click on any link provided.

Important Google Policy towards Adsense for Domains
Google is one of the strictest companies when it comes to policies. This is the
reason why not many people are earning with AFD because the limitations
are massive. But its policies have always loopholes that smart people could
take for granted. You are lucky enough to have this guide.

Most important rules that you should never forget to follow if you want your
Adsense Account stay with you.

   1. Google does not allow Adsense for Domains to get promoted
      online by any means. This means that you cannot advertise your
      parked domain and cannot tell people directly o indirectly to visit your
      domain page. If you analyze this rule, it only means that you could not
      earn by parking your domain with AFD. Google is the biggest Internet
      Company and it is paying millions of dollars to its engineers to track
      cheaters. Google tracks visitors by source and referral links and sites.
      As specified, Google prohibits advertising your site to any forum, social
      bookmarks, email marketing, press release, traffic exchanges, and the
      like. You are not allowed to have your domain page linked from this
      advertising media.

   2. Google prohibits domains with illegal, adult, gambling, tobacco,
      violent, and copyrighted content. Well, I think we are all agreeing
      on this. Full details here.

   3. Google does not allow redirects and any kind of fake traffic.

If you consider the above policy, it is almost impossible to make money with
AFD. That is why this guide is created.


Program Requirements
There are some things that you need to consider to be an effective domainer.
with AFD.

Mandatory requirements
  1. Active Adsense Account
  2. Domain or domains
  3. Knowledge in wordpress or any blogging platforms.
  4. Hosting account (free or paid)

Optional but helpful requirements
  1. Knowledge in windows movie maker or any other video-editing
  2. Basic experience as webmaster.
  3. Fast learner and adaptable.


Choosing a domain is the most important part here (aside from promotion).

   1. Use only domains on high paying niches. A niche is a marketing
      term for market or product category. Some high paying niches
      includes loans and mortgage, real estate, health and medical,
      insurance, stocks and bonds, forex, money, credit cards, general
      finance, laws and legal, and many more. This list is old but still a good
      guide when choosing high paying niche. List of high paying niche.

   2. Use keyword-rich domains. A keyword-rich domain is something
      that can generate specific content without adding a meta keyword.
      Examples of keyword-rich domains are “” where
      “baby doll stroller” is a keyword and “”,
      where “computer wireless speakers” is the keyword. Examples of non-
      keyword related domains are mostly common nouns, abbreviations, or
      initials, like “, where “123 baby doll” is a bad
      keyword, “” where “comp wireless
      speakers” is also a bad keyword. Meaning, domain-rich keyword are
      more specific and targeted.

   3. Use misspelled domains. People always misspell domains and if you
      have a domain that is nearly identical to their target website, they
      may tend to open your parked domain. Examples of intentional

   misspelled domains are: “,,
   and others”. If your niche is “payday loan”, examples of misspelled
   domains are “,,”, and
   other similar combination. Keywords are not important when using
   misspelled domains because you can always set keywords inside your
   AFD account to target similar niche.

4. Use old domains with backlinks. These types of domains are not
   hard to promote because there are already other pages and websites
   pointing to them. To check if a domain has a backlink, use Yahoo Site

Godaddy Auction provides hundreds of thousands of domains with
backlinks. You can find a decent domain starting from $5.00. Most
domains listed at Godaddy Auction have PageRank (PR) and it is
additional advantage if a domain has a PR.


Unlike any other tutorials that promise you to make thousands of
dollars overnight without explaining in details how, AFD Goldmine
is different. You can expect making money after three weeks to
one Month of preparation.

Googles’s policy on AFD says you cannot promote your parked domain
online by any means so before parking, you need to make sure your
domain has a lot of backlinks. Prior traffic helps a lot but is it not
mandatory. Parked domains with zero backlink can still earn but you
cannot expect too much.

1. Domains that have backlinks can be found easily by bots
   especially if the links are coming from dofollow sites. Google

      recorded impressions from bots and generates earnings most of the
      time. This is the big thing many people don’t understand. This is one
      of the biggest loopholes of AFD.

      The above domains have never been advertised or posted in any public
      websites. The impressions are purely generated by web robots and still
      generate earnings. Bots includes Google itself (dozens of bots), Yahoo,
      MSN, AOL, Alexa, and all other Search Engines and aggregators that
      crawls the web. If your domain is not indexed, bots can never find
      them. By having your pages indexed, the number impressions is not
      going to be a problem.

   2. Google said we cannot promote but why I need backlinks? Is
      this allowed? Having backlink does not basically mean you are
      promoting your parked domain. Remember that AFD is for old domains
      used before or, for new domains that have never been used before.
      Google understands that most old domains have backlinks. That’s why
      you need to build backlinks before parking your domain at AFD.

   3. How can I build backlinks if the domain I have is intended for
      AFD? Now this is the biggest question and everything will start here.
      This is why you need to know how to run a wordpress blog and must
      have your own hosting server. Step-by-step procedure is explained in
      later pages.


1. Keyword Research and Domain Selection. As explained above, you
need to use a domain that is keyword-rich in high paying niche. Let’s start
with domain research. Assuming you cannot find a good domain at Godaddy
Auction, or you don’t have your own domain, let start our keyword research.

Tool to use is Google Adword Keyword Tool.

The tool will generate more than a hundred of keyword combination. We will
select only keywords with higher search volume. A keyword with more than
10,000 global and local monthly search volume is very good.

Click on add or remove option at the right to select / deselect keywords.
Selected keywords are shown below.

Click on “text” to import keywords in notepad. We selected 8 keywords
combination with high search volume.

Copy the keywords and paste to We use
because it can search multiple domains but not necessarily we buy domains
from this registrar. W just need to check which keywords are available for
domain registration.

Most high competitive keywords are not available in .com extension so we
should select any other TLD like .net, .info, .org, and .biz.

After you click on “Search for Domain Now”, it will give you the lists of taken
and available domains. Now it’s your choice which domain to chose. If you
have budget, it is always better to chose .com, but if not, other extensions
are good enough. Godaddy offers $0.80 for .info and lower if you buy more
than 5 .info domains. Register your domain and point it to your hosting DNS
server. If you don’t have hosting account, free companies like

                                      12,, and offers good service
and their servers are not blocked by Google. I don’t suggest using any server
owned by or Most of their servers are blocked by
Google and you can never have your blog pages indexed if hosted with them.

2. Wordpress Configuration. As required, you must already know how to
install and run a wordpress blog. This guide will only provide specific
configuration needed for this program.

Blog Requirements
1. Theme – use a theme that shows tags in every post. Tags are always
found below the post title or below the article.
provides themes that support tags. There are thousands good themes to

2. Needed plugins
All-in-One SEO Pack – Your blog will be having difficulty without this plugin.
Dofollow Plugin – very useful especially if you are cross-linking your blogs.
WPspam – blocks automated spam from robots.
Google XML Sitemap – helps search engines crawl and index your site.

Assuming your wordpress blog is live and you already installed your theme,
install and activate the above plugins. If you have questions about specific
plugin, please follow the support forum of the plugin.

All In One SEO Pack Settings

Google XML Sitemap settings
This setting is very important and specific. Make sure you have sitemap.xml
and sitemap.xml (compressed) files installed on your root directory and

Important Wordpress Settings

Any of the above permalink settings will be a good option.
3. Blog Content. Your blog is created not for Adsense for Content so
duplicate content will not be a problem. Purpose of the blog is to index so
whatever content you may have is acceptable, as long as you have good
keywords in every post. If you are running just a couple of blogs, rewriting
articles from article directories is a good option. Just specify your own
keywords in every post. Please read the bonus file for useful information
about content.

If you are running multiple blogs, you may also automate the content using a
wordpress plugins. There are some free plugins available online but the one I
included as bonus works fine. Add 10 to 20 keywords in every post to
maximize your links and is possible, do a lot of internal linking (on0page
SEO), by putting links to related posts in every post of your blog.

4. Blog Promotion. This promotion is good only while your domain is
running on a blog. You should not do the following promotion when your
domain is parked at Google. The main purpose of promotion is to build back

Forum Posting – post your blog to free advertising forums. Make sure to
use anchor texts instead of posting your links directly. I included some lists
of free advertising forums as bonus.

Social Bookmarking – post your blog to social bookmarks. This is the best
way to build back links. Since you are submitting your main site URL, make
sure to have a detailed description and not look like a spam. I included
working lists of social bookmarks as bonus.

Article Submission – I also included an article submitter and rewriter for
your convenience. For your manual submission, I also included the lists of
directories that publish articles fast.

The above options are the only ones I recommended. I do not recommend
blog commenting and directory submissions because they require a lot of
work, bt if you have time, it’s your choice. We are making things simple and
convenient as possible.

5. Monitoring your indexed pages and backlinks. These are the things
that we should closely monitor. A fresh domain with content and have some
links pointing to it can be indexed by Google within 5 to 10 days. An older
domain can be indexed fast. To monitor your indexed pages, you must
submit your blog to Google Webmaster Central. Your blog should be verified
in order to get activated. A verified websyite looks like this.

To verify your site, just copy the provided code and paste inside your theme
header.php before </head>

Edit your theme and open “header.php”. Look for </head> and add your
meta tag.

Your Sitemap

When submitting a sitemap, make sure you type the complete filename
:sitemap.xml”. it will only take couple of minutes to see if your sitemap is
accepted or not. Following is an active sitemap. This means your site is

The following sitemap is inaccessible or has problem with server, or your
domain is parked with google. After several days of parking, your sitemap
status will look like this.

The following is the screenshot of active site; indexed, and the internal links
with backlinks.

Managing Your Adsense for Domains

Assuming that you already have a blog with a lot of pages indexed by Google
and also a lot of backlinks, it’s time to park your domain to Adsense for

Every domain registrar panel has different ways on how to configure the
values for Adsense for Domains. Google provides a guide inside your account
on how to point your domain to Google’s server. If you are not sure how to
do it, contact your domain registrar and ask the support on hw to park your
domain with Google’s Adsense for Domain program.

If you are using domain, the website provided a detailed steps here.

Do not delete your files inside your hosting server and leave them as is after
you park your domain with AFD. While your domain is parked, your hosting
server is not accessible and your indexed pages will start to disappear from
search engines, but it will take time for the pages to totally disappear from
Google’s search pages. Park your domain and let it earn for you within 15
days. Your daily earning for every domain may vary depending on the
number of impressions, clicks, and how profitable your niche is. The
promotion while your domain is parked is explained on a separate guide.

After 15 days, point your domain again to your hosting server. When the
DNS propagated within 24 to 48 hours, your blog will run again. Resubmit
your sitemap inside Webmaster Central. Google will start indexing your site’s
de-indexed pages again and after 15 days, transfer domain to AFD again.
Sounds simple?

Google allows only 100 domains. This means that if you have 100 domains,
50 will be running blogs while 50 are parked at the same time. You need to
switch over every 15 days. If all of your domains are already added in AFD,
you don’t need to touch them again when you switch servers. The switching
process will be done only inside your domain management panel. There’s
nothing to be done inside your cpanel or Adsense account.

Follow the above process cleanly and again, never post or advertise your site
to populated places where people can click your link and directed to parked
domain. It’s too dangerous if Google tracks the sources of your traffic. Risk is
little to none of traffic is organic from search engines.

If you have a secondary Adsense account, then use it.

Unique and killer promotion method while your domain is parked is on a
separate guide.


My support is limited only to process. I will not entertain questions like:
   1. How to install wordpress
   2. How to register domain
   3. How to add domain inside cpanel
   4. How to install a theme
   5. How to create viodes
   6. How to deal with youtube
   7. How to add my domain to AFD
   8. The above questions are too general and answers for this are available
      even in yahoo answer. Please utilize the web to find your answer for
      the above questions.

Good luck and don’t forget to send me if there is something you don’t

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