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									Fund-Raising Coordinator
   Information Kit

    Create Lasting Smiles With
        Knoxville Lifestyle

          521 Lovell Rd.
             Suite 201
        Knoxville, TN 37932
Dear Fund-Raising Coordinator:
For over 15 years Knoxville Lifestyle has played a major fund-raising role for
over 300 organizations throughout Knox County and the surrounding area. As a
matter of fact, in 2003 we surpassed $1,000,000 in total dollars raised by our
partnering organizations. We’re proud to have been a part in so many success
stories and we’re confident this year will be our best year ever. Already we’re
seeing new restaurants and entertainment venues express an interest in

There will be over 60 dining values and over 150 coupons for casual and
informal restaurants. The book also includes coupons for all varieties of
entertainment ranging from miniature golf to the Knoxville Symphony
Orchestra. There really is no limit to its use, and best of all, your supporters
will be saving on things they’re already spending their hard-earned money on.
Knoxville Lifestyle is like a “gift certificate” with over $3,500 in savings
for a cost of only $35!

Thought fund-raising didn’t get any better than this? It does.

The magazine sells for $35 and your organization receives $10 for every
magazine it sells. More importantly, Knoxville Lifestyle is a no-risk
proposition. We do not charge your organizations for books before they are
sold! There is no initial cost or financial risk. Included in this kit is a Fund-
Raising Guide for Organizations. Please read over the guide carefully. You will
be asked to sign an agreement indicating you agree to all terms and conditions.
However, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call. We do not want
you to miss out on this opportunity.

For a sample copy of Knoxville Lifestyle, simply give us a call. We know if you
use Knoxville Lifestyle, the overall value associated with owning the book will
be self -evident. This year’s edition will be available soon and will include
new restaurants and more value.

Again, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a presentation to
your board or organization, please do not hesitate to call. Our office number is


Knoxville Lifestyle
Here’s What People Have To Say About Their Experience
               With Knoxville Lifestyle:

•   I’d never even heard of Knoxville Lifestyle before our fund-raiser, but the
    more I asked around, the more people I’d run into who said they had used the
    book in the past and the more I’d sell.

                               Clinton Middle School Soccer ($1,600.00)

•   All the members of the church did so well because the books sell themselves.

                               Basswood Baptist Church ($960.00)

•   Many people dread selling anything, even when they know it’s for a worthy
    cause they believe in and want to support. I believe anyone can be successful
    at fund-raising with Knoxville Lifestyle if they focus on the book’s great
    value. Your supporters get a lot for the price of the book.

                      Unity Church of Knoxville ($1,350.00)

Do You Know Someone Who Over The Course of a Year Will…
Eat pizza 3 times? Take their children to Celebration Station and Thunder World?
Rent 12 videos? Purchase a couple dozen donuts? Eat a sub sandwich 4 times and chicken
wings twice? Go to The Aquarium of the Smokies or Knoxville Zoo? Enjoy ice cream or frozen
yogurt once? Go bowling and ice skating once? Sample a sandwich at Alex’s Havana Café?
With Knoxville Lifestyle your supporter would have saved $223.00 or more and have used only
32 coupons. Twelve for video rental alone! That would still leave over 60 casual dining/fast
food coupons, 50 for arts & entertainment, 24 car wash coupons and $60.00 in dry cleaning
savings remaining.
Oh, by-the-way, we haven’t even gotten to the fine dining values in Knoxville Lifestyle.
Each year Knoxville Lifestyle includes many of your favorite restaurants with a buy-one,
get-one free or buy-one-get-one at half price value. Knoxville Lifestyle offers your
supporters over $3,500 in total savings!

                       Each year Knoxville Lifestyle searches for ways
                       to make the publication better. This year these
    NEW                improvements include:

                       1. The Dining Card is back!
                       2. New Section. In an effort to include more restaurants
                       and value, Knoxville Lifestyle will keep its Buy-One, Get-
                       One 50% Off section in the book.
                       3. $50,000 in advertising support. We recognize more
                       people need to know about Knoxville Lifestyle and this year
                       we’re going to back up your efforts with advertising
                       support. TV, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail & Magazines.
                        $ Fund-Raising Tips $
•   Have your members or supporters use Knoxville Lifestyle in their
    company’s employee relations program: Holiday Gift, Employee-of-the-
    Month, Suggestion Box Award, Perfect Attendance Award, etc.
•   Have any youth groups associated with your organization help assist with
    sales. Hold a car wash and give away a free car wash with each book
•   Sell Knoxville Lifestyle to other groups you’re associated with. One
    fund-raising group member sold 16 books to his tennis league buddies so
    the wives could enjoy dining out while they played tennis.
•   Every sales person and “lunch bunch” group in Knoxville should own
    Knoxville Lifestyle. The solo dining value saves 50%.
•   Have a competition within the group. For example, divide up your
    organization into groups of 4 and the winning team gets taken out to a
    free dinner. Which, by-the-way, isn’t going to cost as much since your
    using the buy-one, get-one-free value in Knoxville Lifestyle.

    Advantages to Using Knoxville Lifestyle in Your
                 Fund-Raising Efforts
•   No up-front investment.
    Knoxville Lifestyle consigns the books to you!

•   No Competition.
    There’s nothing else like Knoxville Lifestyle!

•   No subliminal price comparison.
    Other fund-raising products can sometimes be found elsewhere and a
    “real” cost can be associated with the product.

•   Knoxville Lifestyle saves your supporter hundreds, if not thousands of
    dollars on things they’re already spending their hard-earned money on!

•   Proven track record.
    Over $1,100,000 had been given back to fund-raising groups by 2004

•   Database assistance.
    Knoxville Lifestyle will keep and maintain your supporters’ names,
    addresses, and phone numbers for on-going, year-after-year sales! This
    database is yours and is available to you at any time.

            Knoxville Lifestyle               865-966-7488

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