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									                                              Sundance Documentary Fund
                                                   Proposal Checklist

Applicant’s Name:                                              Date:

Type of Funding needed:           ____ DEVELOPMENT             ____ WORK-IN-PROGRESS

Director’s Name (if different):

Title of Project:

Country(s) of Production:

Applicant Contact Information:
Company Name:


Phone:                                 Fax:                                 Email:

Director Contact Information (if different):

Phone:                                 Fax:                                 Email:

Brief project summary:

Proposal Checklist:

1. Project treatment/synopsis in English                                         □
         a.   Statement of objective                                    □
         b.   Narrative summary                                                  □
         c.   Status of project                                                  □
         d.   Director filmography                                               □
         e.   List of project’s key personnel                    □
         f. Filmographies of key personnel                              □
         g. Distribution/marketing strategy                             □
2. Comprehensive budget in U.S. $                                       □
         a.   Amount of funds secured to date                           □
         b. Complete list of funding sources                            □
3. Director’s completed prior work on VHS (NTSC, PAL or SECAM) or DVD         TRT_____
with English subtitles or accompanied by an English dialogue transcript (If no video sample is
available, a creative work indicating the director’s artistic point of view and ability to tell a story using a
visual medium, is required)
PLEASE NOTE: Label all tapes with proposal’s title, director and producer’s names, and tape’s total running time.
Please note: Tapes will not be returned. Please DO NOT bind or staple proposals. Send proposals to: Sundance
Institute, Sundance Documentary Fund, 8530 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90211-3114 USA : 1-310-

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