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           R A NBA X Y                AUGUST 2005

                    YOUNG       USA-           HEADWAY       EUROPE-                CORPORATE        NEW           ENVIRONMENT
       COVER                                                            WAR ON                                                     SPECIAL   FINANCIAL
                    GLOBAL      FORTIFYING     INTO          BRAND                  SOCIAL           PATENT        HEALTH &
       STORY                                                            AIDS                                                       MOMENTS   UPDATE
                    LEADER      PRESENCE       BRAZIL        BUILDING               RESPONSIBILITY   REGIME        SAFETY

     I N D I A

           From the desk of the
             Managing Editor
      R    anbaxy has made it to the AT Kearney,
           Business Today list as one of India's 6 best                                         India's
      managed companies. This recognition re-affirms our
      faith in our performance and is one among several sanity
      checks that re-assure us that we are progressing well
      towards our goal to be a US $ 5 Bn Company by 2012.
      In USA, our biggest market, we are focusing on
      strengthening our infrastructure to address new
      opportunities. In Europe, we are concentrating on
      brand building efforts. In other markets we are currently
      looking at growth using value-added generics as a
      differentiator. Ranbaxy China has opted for a new
      business model, the outcome of which will be watched
                                                                                 “Late Dr Parvinder Singh gave Ranbaxy its
      by the entire industry.
      In India, we are well positioned to meet the new product                   R&D driven global vision, and a
      patent regime and have been at the forefront                               management that executed on it almost
      recommending its implementation. Our investments in
      R&D will stand us in good stead in this regard.                            flawlessly.”
      In line with our global ambitions we have been gearing                     This is how Business Today (BT) describes the man
      up our operations by strengthening current business
      practices and aligning them with the best global                           whose visionary zeal put the Company firmly on the fast
      standards. Our global supply chain initiative is a step in                 track.
      this direction.
                                                                                 On March 11, 2005, amidst a host of corporate
      As a responsible Corporate Citizen, Ranbaxy has also
      taken definite steps in meeting the healthcare needs of                    luminaries, Mr Aroon Purie, Editor-in-Chief, Business
      the communities in geographical areas surrounding its                      Today, released BT's special issue and announced the
      operations. Ranbaxy has also committed itself to the war                   names of the ‘Best Managed Companies’ in India. The
      against HIV/AIDS. The Company is moving ahead to file
                                                                                 result featured Ranbaxy among the thirteen
      its entire range of ARV products with the US FDA under
      the expedited review process of the US Presidents                          outstanding performers in corporate India and the six
      Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). We have                           finalists. Representing Ranbaxy, Dr Brian Tempest,
      already received tentative approvals for three products.                   CEO & MD, received the coveted award from Mr Purie
      In this issue of 'Ranbaxy World' we cover all these                        amidst roaring applause.
      stories at length, besides our regular features.
      Through this newsletter we try to keep you abreast
      of the happenings around the world at Ranbaxy and
                                                                                   “I remember meeting Dr Parvinder Singh
      cherish the relationship we have built with our readers
                                                                                   around the same time the $ 1 billion
      over the years.
                                                                                   target was set. The visionary zeal I saw in
                                                                                   his eyes will stay with me forever.”
      Best wishes & regards,
                                                                                   Mr Ranjit Shahani,
                                                                                   Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
                                                   Ramesh Adige                    Novartis India
                               Whole-time Director, Corporate Affairs
                               & Global Corporate Communications
                                                                                                              (As told to Business Today)

                                                                                                                     R A NBA X Y
   GLOBAL         CLINTON                                                   GLOBAL      GLOBAL
                                CHINESE        RESEARCH &     CODE OF                                      SPECIAL
   QUALITY        LIBRARY                                                   SUPPLY      TALENT
                                CONNECTION     DEVELOPMENT    CONDUCT                                      MOMENTS
   SYSTEM         DEDICATION                                                CHAIN       POOL

 Ranbaxy is among India's Best Managed Companies.
 Business Today in its exhaustive survey found the Company
 to be a consistent performer with R&D focus and a global
 vision, setting its own benchmarks for success.

We present to you a first hand account of the qualities that BT ascribes to Ranbaxy
which have brought it thus far.

Key Differentiator -                            Best Practice - Innovation
Globalization                                   The key driver behind Ranbaxy's           From Left to Right: Mr Ramesh Adige, Mr R Venkatesan,
                                                                                          Dr Brian Tempest, Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh & Mr Aroon Purie
                                                success is innovation and this is
R    anbaxy was one of the first
     companies to make globalization
the main plank of its strategy. Starting
                                                achieved with a similar strategy that
                                                is used to market products - give
                                                                                          Research Based International
                                                                                          Organization”. It was his forward
with generics, Ranbaxy built up a global        people targets and motivate them.
                                                                                          looking approach which ensured that
marketing network. At the same time             Ranbaxy has time bound targets for
                                                                                          Ranbaxy was way ahead of the game in
Ranbaxy developed strengths in                  research. It plans to have one New
                                                                                          the Indian pharma industry.
Research & Development (R&D). The               Chemical Entity (NCE) by 2012 with
major competitive advantage is the low          several others in various stages of       A Planned Future
cost of innovation. Thus Ranbaxy was            development. The Company has a            The Company has continued its focus on
able to give back to the international          mechanism to reward new ideas.            internationalization with marketing
market the same products they were              The research and innovation               efforts in the USA, the UK, Brazil, China,
used to, at much lower costs. Total             advantage that Ranbaxy enjoys today       Germany etc. The Company is now
vertical integration gave Ranbaxy the           is the outcome of the vision of           focused on changing the product mix by
edge it needed to make a mark in major          Late Dr Parvinder Singh, Chairman &       reducing dependence on Anti-infectives
                                                Managing Director, Ranbaxy. It was        and increasing the share of lifestyle
markets like the USA.
                                                                                          related chronic disease therapies.
                                                his dream to make Ranbaxy “A
                                                                                          Ranbaxy has also focused on
                                                                                                                                   cont on page 4...

  Team Ranbaxy
                                                                                          BT Recounts Ranbaxy's
                                                                                          • Focus on Internationalization
                                                                                          • Major Markets: USA, Europe &
                                                                                            BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India,
                                                                                            China) countries
                                                                                          • Move from Anti-infective
                                                                                            segment to life-style related
                                                                                          • Focus on building privileged
                                                                                            assets-brands, distribution
                                                                                            channel, patents, etc
                                                                                          • Inorganic growth through
                                                                                            acquisitions in the US,
                                                                                            Germany and India
                                                                                          • Increased R&D spend
                                                                                          • Increased investment in the
                                                                                            proprietary business

                               YOUNG             USA-            HEADWAY                EUROPE-                               CORPORATE        NEW          ENVIRONMENT
              COVER                                                                                                 WAR ON                                                         SPECIAL              FINANCIAL
                               GLOBAL            FORTIFYING      INTO                   BRAND                                 SOCIAL           PATENT       HEALTH &
              STORY                                                                                                 AIDS                                                           MOMENTS              UPDATE
                               LEADER            PRESENCE        BRAZIL                 BUILDING                              RESPONSIBILITY   REGIME       SAFETY

     ...cont from page 3
     internationalizing its operations aiming                         Five Year Stock Movement - Ranbaxy                                                                  959.45

     at building privileged assets-brands,
     distribution channels, patents, etc. To                                                                                                       631.55                                    1,018.10
     further its growth plans, Ranbaxy has                           511.25                                451.53            526.47
     not only taken the route of inorganic
     growth through acquisitions but it has
     also enhanced its R&D spend and                                March 1,                           March 1,              March 1,            March 3,             March 1,                  March 1,
                                                                     2000                               2001                  2002                2003                 2004                      2005
     increased the level of investments for                         Figures are BSE closing prices in Rs

     proprietary business.
                                                                       The Elimination Process
                                                                    To begin with, 508 companies were short-listed on the basis of their revenue
                                                                    generation and market capitalization. They were mapped on to AT Kearney's
                                                                    globally-validated Value Building Growth Model and screened down to 49
                                                                    companies. The next stage entailed a detailed survey with three perspectives
                                                                    assessing each company's customer, social and investor perspective. After an in-
                                                                    depth analysis, including intense interactions with the companies, the number was
                                                                    further brought down to 13. The penultimate round consisted of exhaustive
                                                                    interviews with top management to understand their strategy and vision. This
                                                                    round zeroed in on India's six best managed companies with Ranbaxy featuring
                                                                    prominently among them. The detailed findings were then forwarded to a
     Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh in conversation with
     Mr Ashwin S Dani, Vice Chairman & MD, Asian Paints             distinguished panel which selected Infosys as the Best Managed Company of India.

          What makes a best managed company?                                                                                 Is the methodology globally tested?
                                                                                                                             The survey used the globally tested A T Kearney's
          The Best Managed Company not just delivers a financial
                                                                                                                             proprietary Value Building Growth Matrix, which
          performance, but also anticipates, changes, learns and stays
                                                                                                                             has been used to assess the financial performance
          ahead of its peers, and has an astute sense of social commitment.
                                                                                                                             of the companies worldwide, analyzing their past
          Such a company is a corporate all-rounder.                                                                         growth movement and future growth potential.

          Is the methodology a better                                                                                                                   The Panel
          indicator of overall performance?                                                                                      Mr Kiran Karnik, President, Nasscom
          The Best Managed Company methodology is a better indicator of                                                          Mr G Raghuram, Professor, Indian Institute
                                                                                                                                 of Management, Ahmedabad
          overall performance of a company, since it does not limit itself to
          its financial performance, which is a good indicator for the past                                                      Mr Jairam Ramesh, Rajya Sabha MP &
          performance. This methodology with qualitative analysis provides                                                       Secretary of All India Congress Committee's
          a better indicator of how the company will fare in future.
                                                                                                                                 Economic Affairs Cell
                                                                                                                                 Mr G N Bajpai, Former Chairman, SEBI

                                                                This Story is adapted from Business Today, a leading business magazine of India, March 27, 2005 Issue.

                                                              Integrated Marketing Strategy
       Ranbaxy SA has also adopted an integrated marketing strategy to address the needs of Funders, Prescribers and Dispensers. The
       objective is to build an enviable corporate image of Ranbaxy. As a first step in this direction, the Company, early this year,
       organized a week long visit for a high level delegation of 20 top customers from South Africa.
       The trip was a part of its pharmacy and managed healthcare KOL program. The tour was an effort at building a personal rapport
       with customers and exposing our state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D units in India.
       Mr Ramesh Adige, Whole-time Director, Corporate Affairs & Global Corporate Communications, Ranbaxy, met the delegation in
       India and apprized them of Ranbaxy's global operations and R&D. Ms Anneilze Getschmann, CEO, Chronic Care, during her visit
       to Dewas, expressed her delight at seeing the Quality standards of manufacturing at Ranbaxy.

                                                                                                                                                                  R A NBA X Y
    GLOBAL              CLINTON                                                              GLOBAL        GLOBAL
                                           CHINESE          RESEARCH &        CODE OF                                                        SPECIAL
    QUALITY             LIBRARY                                                              SUPPLY        TALENT
                                           CONNECTION       DEVELOPMENT       CONDUCT                                                        MOMENTS
    SYSTEM              DEDICATION                                                           CHAIN         POOL

                                                                                                                                                ss                                                  R&
                                                                                                                                          ine                                                            D


                                                                                                                                                                   Timely filings

                                                                                                                          c in

                                                                                                                                                                                    Rev GMP


                                                                                                                                                                                       i ew




                                                                                                                                                       o s

                                                                                                                                                         ’ sa rt
              the Quality                                                                                                             i li g                                                             ws ta

                                                                                                                                                                                                    vie l da

                                                                                                                                              ce                                                  Re nica




                                                                                                                                   o   pmen                                                               alifica
                                                                                                                                           t                                                     Pre-qu ection

                                                                                                                                                                Global                                  Insp
                                                                                                                                                                Quality                            Compli
                                                                                                                                  cGMP                                                        Pr




                                                                                                                                                                                                 cG Rele


                                                                                                                                                                                                   MP as


                                                                                                                                                                                          of p

                                                                                                                                                                                                t u


Seamless integration of quality processes isn't just


compliance, it's smart business.                                                                                                     QA
                                                                                                                                       /QC                                                            bili

T   op management leads Ranbaxy's
    global quality system and the
philosophy is prevention, not detection.
                                                            'Quality Culture' globally so that it
                                                            pervades the entire organization and
                                                            helps us to attain sustained quality
                                                                                                                 product development, manufacturing,
                                                                                                                 transportation and complaint handling.
                                                                                                                 Also, quality aspects always take
This quality culture is spread across the                   leadership.                                          precedence in our choice of business
organization where everyone is a part of                                                                         partners like contract / outsourced
it. Key benefits from this world class                      The Strategic Planning                               manufacturers, vendors and CROs.
quality program are customer's                              Process - Customer focus                             Robust selection criteria are followed
satisfaction, getting it right the first time               The process always begins with the                   while implementing and maintaining a
and continuous improvement in                               customers in mind: both external and                 meaningful and effective quality
products and processes.                                     internal - what they want and what                   engagement with our partners.
Under the leadership of Dr Brian                            trends will impact them in the future.               Our special initiative on adopting a "Risk
Tempest, the Quality evolution is                           Accordingly we regularly deliberate                  based approach" to all time readiness
continuing as Ranbaxy integrates quality                    with internal customer departments                   for any inspection (ATR) has resulted in
into the strategic planning process and                     like marketing, R&D and                              successful inspections of our
begins operating at entirely new levels.                    manufacturing to understand their                    manufacturing sites, from various
Also, like in almost any endeavor, quality                  perspective on how best they can                     regulatory agencies, across the globe.
is taken as a core value that sets the                      serve our external customers. This
expectations for performance across the                     has resulted in the provision of
company. It has also been recognized                        increasingly better service and                                 Designing Future Proof
that Quality is a key factor for Ranbaxy to                 products to customers delivered in                                     Quality
achieve its mission. Based on the above                     the most profitable manner. This                     The future of pharmaceutical quality lies
principles, Ranbaxy's Quality team has                      has also helped in the speedy                        in Process Analytical Technology (PAT).
been on a journey to catapult the                           resolution of issues and pre-empt                    The emphasis here is on the
                                                                        potential ones.                          manufacturing process to amplify the
                                                                                                                 basic principles of the drug quality
 The Strategic Planning Cycle
                                                                              Implementation                     system: Quality is not a hit and trial
                                                                                                                 process. It cannot be tested into
                                                   Vision                     Ranbaxy's Quality
         Know your               Mission                        Force field                                      products. It should be built-in or should
         assumptions          Statement            Values         analysis    management system is               be there by design. Accordingly,
                             Plan to            Align                         based on sound Quality             Ranbaxy's PAT policy has been finalized
Start     Listen to           meet           organization      Be aware
          Customers         Customers          to serve        of forces      policies and guidelines            and a core PAT working committee has
                              needs           customers
                                                                              which are implemented              also been formed.
                                                                              at all manufacturing               Earlier this year, the US FDA invited
         Re-evaluate                                                                                             Mr Ranjit Barshikar, VP, Global Quality,
         and renew
                                                               quality        sites all over the world.
                                                                              In Ranbaxy, Quality is             Ranbaxy, to visit their PAT laboratory in
                                                                              more than a regulatory             Washington. Subsequently at a PAT
                                                                                                                 seminar in Mumbai, sponsored by ISPE
                                                                              requirement, rather, it is
               Take          Strategic          Plan to        Develop                                           (International Society for
              actions       plan ready        close gaps      scenarios       a way of life that covers          Pharmaceutical Engineering), Ranbaxy
                                            Develop           Consider
                                                                              the entire gamut of                was hailed as the first Indian company to
                                            action plans      alternative     activities right from              initiate PAT.

                       YOUNG        USA-          HEADWAY     EUROPE-                CORPORATE          NEW        ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                          WAR ON                                                 SPECIAL     FINANCIAL
                       GLOBAL       FORTIFYING    INTO        BRAND                  SOCIAL             PATENT     HEALTH &
           STORY                                                          AIDS                                                   MOMENTS     UPDATE
                       LEADER       PRESENCE      BRAZIL      BUILDING               RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME     SAFETY

     G LO B A L

      Ranbaxy's                                                                                       personalities like Ms Marjorie Scardio,
                                                                                                      Mr Arthur Sulzberger, Mr Tom Glocer
                                                                                                      and Mr Katsuji Ebisawa.

                                                                                                      The Young Global Leaders will be
                                                                                                      engaged in the 2020 initiative, a
                                                                                                      comprehensive effort at addressing
                                                                                                      together the complex challenges of
                                                                                                      today to shape a better future for our

                                                 Leader                                               world. The leaders met for the first time
                                                                                                      as a community at their inaugural
                                                                                                      summit in Zermatt, Switzerland, on
     The World Economic Forum selected Mr Malvinder Mohan                                             June 24-28, 2005. They assessed current
     Singh, President, Pharmaceuticals & Executive Director,                                          and future trends, risk and
     Ranbaxy, as one of the Young Global Leaders who will take on                                     opportunities at both regional and
                                                                                                      global levels to develop global
     the task to shape a better future of the world.
                                                                                                      strategies and put forward concrete
                                                                                                      actions to be taken today in order to

     M       r Malvinder Mohan Singh,
             President, Pharmaceuticals &
     Executive Director, Ranbaxy laboratories
                                                     the next five years to collectively
                                                     shape a better future.
                                                                                                      advance towards a better world in the
                                                                                                      year 2020.

                                                     The forum is a brainchild of visionary
     Limited, is one among 237 leaders
                                                     Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive
     selected to participate in a new major
                                                     Chairman of the World Economic
     global undertaking, Young Global
                                                     Forum. It aims to harness a band of
     Leaders (YGL), by the World Economic
                                                     dynamic leaders from different walks                “We are witnessing the
     Forum. These outstanding young
                                                     of life, who have the inherent                      emergence of a new era of
     leaders have come together to devote
                                                     potential to influence and shape the                boundless human opportunity
     part of their knowledge and energy over
                                                     world's future. Each year around 200                built on intellectual capital
                                                     dynamic Young Global Leaders will                   and innovation. People will
                                                     be nominated to serve for a period of               have multiple options for
                                                     five years, leading to the formation of
                                                                                                         growth and development.
                                                     a unique multi-stakeholder
                                                                                                         Choice not compulsion,
                                                     community of over 1100
                                                                                                         freedom not bondage, equal
                                                     extraordinary young leaders with
                                                                                                         opportunity for all are
                                                     international prominence, by the
                                                                                                         aspirations that can become
                                                     year 2009.
                                                                                                         realities. I want to be an
                                                     Drawn from a talent pool of 8000                    active participant in this
                                                     candidates from 69 different                        fantastically exciting process
                                                     countries across all continents, the                of change and hopefully
                                                     237 young leaders include political                 impact its direction in a
                                                     leaders, leaders in the business                    positive and proactive
                                                     sector, intellectual leaders, societal              manner.”
                                                     leaders, active opinion leaders and
                                                     cultural leaders. They have been                    Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,
     Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh spearheads             selected by a committee of 28                       President, Pharmaceuticals &
     Ranbaxy's global operations in over forty
                                                     eminent international media leaders,                Executive Director, Ranbaxy
     countries. Ranbaxy is not only the first
     billion-dollar Indian Pharma Company, it
                                                     Chaired by Her Majesty, Queen Rania,
     is also among the top ten Generic               of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,
     Pharma Companies in the world.                  and comprising of eminent

                                                                                                               R A NBA X Y
     GLOBAL       CLINTON                                                GLOBAL        GLOBAL
                                CHINESE      RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                   SPECIAL
     QUALITY      LIBRARY                                                SUPPLY        TALENT
                                CONNECTION   DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                   MOMENTS
     SYSTEM       DEDICATION                                             CHAIN         POOL

   We bring to you excerpts from Mr Singh's interviews as a YGL member, at Davos, early this year.

Q                                            Q
       You have just been nominated                 Some say: Globalization of          several segments of the R&D value chain,
       as a Young Global Leader and                 economy is out-powering             especially in late discovery, pre-clinical,
       have come back after                         democracy and state                 and clinical development. Ranbaxy is
attending your first Annual Meeting.         influence. Is this process a risk or a     leveraging its own strengths in R&D and
How do you think this community can          chance for future generations?             is also engaged in building alliances with
be used to further the World                                                            partners with complementary strengths.
Economic Forum's mission, which is to        A. India is the largest Democracy of
improve the state of the world?

A.   The YGL community is a strong
                                             the world and by far the most
                                             dynamic as well. With the onset of
                                             liberalization in late 80's, state
                                                                                        Q      Ranbaxy is already a
                                                                                               multinational Company. Are
                                                                                               the international ambitions of
                                                                                        the Company corresponding with
forum for young leaders who are              regulation is on a decrease. The           regional or global influence of the
committed to work towards shaping a          current development, by no means, is       country itself?
better future for the world in 2020. This    a threat or a risk to the future
group is keen on synergizing the             generation. The new environment is
                                                                                        A. Ranbaxy had stepped outside India
collective strengths of its members for      expected to open new vistas of
                                                                                        way back in late 70's through a Joint
developing a fresh perspective on issues     opportunities where ultimately
                                                                                        Venture in Nigeria. In early 90's we began
which affect us globally and delivering      customer will be the king. The pace of
                                                                                        shaping the Company as a true
innovative and tangible solutions for the    growth will soon match up with the
                                                                                        multinational and today we are
same.                                        other advanced economies of the
                                                                                        recognized as the first Indian MNC. We
                                             world. The current transition is a part
I feel very strongly for the cause of                                                   have come a long way since then. Our
                                             of evolution from one stage to the
making quality healthcare affordable                                                    robust global operations are spread in
and accessible to all. For this, I believe                                              over 40 countries and close to 80% of

that, our group of YGL should galvanize             Where do you see the                our business is generated outside India
Governments, Opinion Leaders and                    Indian pharmaceutical               with US as our largest market. Having
Industry to effectively collaborate on              industry's place in the             traversed this path, we certainly have
developing viable socio-economic             world at present?                          played a significant role in shaping the
frameworks that will ensure the                                                         pharma industry in India as well as have
availability of affordable, high quality     A.   On the generic pharmaceutical         contributed to the government policy
healthcare for all.                          side, India has become a key provider      environment.
                                             to the developed markets. This is

       Being a Young Global Leader                                                      India has started impacting the world
       you are committed to help to          based on its strengths and                 economy as it continues to gain
       improve the state of the              capabilities to be quick and cost          momentum in knowledge domain areas
                                             effective in the development of            of Information Technology, Software
world. What are you able to offer,
                                             products, which is well supported by       Development and Pharmaceuticals.
personally, in this process?
                                             highly efficient and low cost              India is fast gaining recognition
A. I feel privileged to be part of the                                                  worldwide for these areas. With the
Young Global Leader forum. It will be        Most of the leading generic                advent of new patent regime in the
quite exciting and challenging to shape      companies have positioned                  country early this year, along with
the future of the world economy. I would     themselves to employ these                 heightened liberalization in investment
be representing a successful Pharma          strengths of the Indian                    regulation, the environment is expected
Company as well as an emerging               pharmaceutical industry.                   to get conducive for more FDI which will
country, hence I bring to the table a                                                   certainly boost the country's image
                                             Ranbaxy has well established sales
unique mix of the two different                                                         globally. India is also becoming the next
                                             and marketing infrastructure in the
scenarios. I am confident that our rich                                                 R&D hub for biotech and clinical
                                             leading pharmaceutical markets of
experience in different parts of the world                                              research. Ranbaxy is one of the largest
                                             the world. This is fueled by leveraging
would be quite useful in preparing the                                                  spender on R&D (7% of sales in 2004)
                                             our strengths in research and
new business environment that meets                                                     and has one of the largest state-of-the-
                                             development (R&D) and
the future challenges and makes this                                                    art R&D infrastructure in India. Ranbaxy
world a better place to live in.                                                        is cited as a successful model to emulate
                                             On the proprietary side, India is          and we are happy to play our role in
                                             emerging as a competitive base for         getting recognition for our country.

                                 YOUNG              USA-                HEADWAY         EUROPE-                            CORPORATE          NEW           ENVIRONMENT
              COVER                                                                                        WAR ON                                                         SPECIAL   FINANCIAL
                                 GLOBAL             FORTIFYING          INTO            BRAND                              SOCIAL             PATENT        HEALTH &
              STORY                                                                                        AIDS                                                           MOMENTS   UPDATE
                                 LEADER             PRESENCE            BRAZIL          BUILDING                           RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME        SAFETY


                                                                                                                                            Business of the Year Award
                                                                                                                                            Ranbaxy Inc and its subsidiary Ohm
                                                                                                                                            Laboratories were awarded the
                                                                                                                                            prestigious Business of the Year Award

                                                  its Presence                                                                              by the North Brunswick Chamber of
                                                                                                                                            Commerce (NBCC) at the Second
                                                                                                                                            Annual Awards Reception held in North
     The US is Ranbaxy's largest market. Gearing up to meet future                                                                          Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. The award
     challenges, Ranbaxy is strengthening its infrastructure in this                                                                        is given on the basis of specific criteria
     huge market.                                                                                                                           such as business excellence, community
                                                                                                                                            involvement and support to the
                                                                                                                                            Chamber of Commerce activities.
     Building Strength in                                                  QE Cell Inauguration
                                                                                                                                            The Chamber lauded Ranbaxy & Ohm
     Distribution                                                          Ranbaxy launched its Quality
                                                                                                                                            Laboratories for actively participating
     Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. has                                      Engineering Cell, augmenting its
                                                                                                                                            and helping to improve the quality of
     moved to a new office in Jacksonville,                                newly established R&D lab at its Ohm
                                                                                                                                            life within the city. Mr Dipak Chattaraj,
     Florida. The move has been initiated to                               Labs, Terminal Road facility in North
                                                                                                                                            President, Ranbaxy Inc. and Mr Alok
     meet the ever increasing demands on                                   Brunswick, New Jersey, US. The
                                                                                                                                            Ghosh, Vice President & General
     distribution and warehousing. With                                    setting up of the QE Cell allows
                                                                                                                                            Manager, Ohm Laboratories, jointly
     close to 100 products approved in the                                 the running of exhibit batches at
                                                                                                                                            accepted the award at a ceremony held
     US there was a growing strain on the                                  the facility.
                                                                                                                                            in December.
     existing capacity.
                                                                                                                                            Outstanding Supplier Award
     The new office, built on 22 acres of
     land, has an office space of 20,000                                                                                                    Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RPI),
     square feet and more importantly a                                                                                                     received the prestigious Supplier Award
     warehouse covering 224,000 square                                                                                                      from Wal-Mart, the largest chain store
     feet. The office has been constructed                                                                                                  in the USA, for outstanding
     keeping in mind the growth expected in                                                                                                 performance in the first quarter

     the years to come.                                                                                                                     of 2005.
                                                                           Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh (C) along with Mr Pushpinder
     The move comes at a time when the                                     Bindra (L) and Mr Lalit Ahluwalia (R) at the inauguration        RPI was commended for consistency of
                                                                           of the new QE Cell at Ohm Labs                                   products provided to Wal-Mart. The
     Company has 50 ANDA's pending
                                                                                                                                            Company excelled in the criteria for the
     approval and plans to submit close to                                 Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,
                                                                                                                                            award, based upon improvement in
     25 new ANDA's in the current year. The                                President,              Pharmaceuticals,
                                                                                                                                            areas      of     on-time      shipping,
     new facility is well prepared to smoothly                             symbolically kicked off the QE cell
                                                                                                                                            performance, innovative programs and
     handle increased volume and should                                    operations in the latter part of
     improve our operating efficiencies.                                   2004. Mr Singh congratulated
                                                                                       all those associated with
                                                                                       the setting up of the cell.
                                                                                       The fully equipped new
                                                                                       QE Cell marks the beginning
                                                                                       of an exciting phase for this
                                                                                       facility. It will help to
                                                                                       enhance the current R&D
                                                                                       capability as well as assist
                                                                                       in future expansion.
     Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. Jacksonville Facility, Florida, USA

                                                                                                                            R A NBA X Y
     GLOBAL                 CLINTON                                              GLOBAL       GLOBAL
                                         CHINESE      RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                       SPECIAL
     QUALITY                LIBRARY                                              SUPPLY       TALENT
                                         CONNECTION   DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                       MOMENTS
     SYSTEM                 DEDICATION                                           CHAIN        POOL


           Clinton Library
It was the event of a lifetime. The occasion was the
dedication of the Clinton Library to National Archivists of the
US government. Ranbaxy was an honored guest at this                                             L-R: Ms Chelsea Clinton, Dr Brian Tempest & Mr Dipak Chattaraj

momentous event.                                                                                Sharing the common humanitarian
                                                                                                platform, Ranbaxy has been working

T   he Clinton library is the biggest of
    the eleven presidential libraries in
the US national library system, with two
                                                      exhibition evoked a "Bridge to the
                                                      21st Century" the metaphor linked
                                                      with President Bill Clinton, former
                                                                                                closely with the foundation with an
                                                                                                endeavor to make available the cost
                                                                                                effective bio-equivalents of ARVs in the
million photographs and 80 million                    President of USA and President,           parts of the world afflicted with
pages of documents and miscellaneous                  Clinton Foundation.                       HIV/AIDS epidemic.
electronic records. A futuristic glass                The historic dedication ceremony
paneled piece of architecture, with                   saw the coming together of some of               “Ranbaxy's noteworthy
sprawling expanse of over 28 acres over               the former US Presidents Jimmy                   involvement with the William
the banks of the Arkansas river, was built            Carter, George H W Bush & Bill                   J Clinton Foundation is
up at a cost of US $ 165 million and                  Clinton. The current US President                reflected both in our monetary
mainly financed through fund raising                  George Bush was also present for the             contributions to support the
efforts of the William J Clinton                      occasion.                                        goals and objectives of the
                                                      Ranbaxy was a proud participant in               Clinton Foundation that goes
On November 18, 2004, this library was                the momentous event, represented                 beyond the Presidential Library.
donated to National Archivists of the                 by Dr Brian Tempest, CEO & MD,                   Providing pharmacotherapy to
US government, with Ms Chelsea Clinton                Ranbaxy, Mr Dipak Chattaraj,                     patients stricken with AIDS in
                      handing over                    President, Ranbaxy Inc., and                     financially depressed countries
                      the keys to the                 Mr Chuck Caprariello, Vice President,            is a common goal that is
                      officials. The                  Business Development, Ranbaxy Inc.               shared with Ranbaxy.”
                      dedication of                   Ranbaxy's presence on the occasion
                      the sprawling                   followed its close association with              Dr Brian Tempest,
                      library and                     the William J Clinton Foundation.                CEO & MD, Ranbaxy

                                                      mentioned the need for pediatric
                                                                                                   "I am deeply concerned with
                                                      ARVs, so that children born of
                                                                                                   the growing incidence of
                                                      infected mothers could be saved. He
                                                                                                   HIV/AIDS. We are committed to
Former US President Bill Clinton &                    also made a significant
Mr Malvinder M Singh                                  announcement that his foundation             fight this disease by making
                                                      would train 150,000 doctors to treat         quality ARVs available globally
                                                                                                   at cost effective prices to
Meet for a Cause                                      AIDS in India.
                                                                                                   ensure that maximum people
Former US President Bill Clinton was on a             The plenary session was moderated
                                                                                                   can avail the treatment to live a
two day visit to India, to take stock of the          by Mr Tarun Das, Director, CII.
                                                                                                   better life. A step in this
rising incidence of HIV/AIDS in India.                Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,
                                                                                                   direction is our current focus on
                                                      President, Pharmaceuticals &
During his visit President Clinton
                                                      Executive Director, Ranbaxy, Dr S Y
                                                                                                   getting our entire ARV portfolio
attended the National Conference on                                                                approved by the US FDA under
                                                      Quereshi, Additional Secretary,
HIV/AIDS jointly organized by the                                                                  the PEPFAR initiative."
                                                      Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
                                                      & Director General, NACO, Mr Ajay
and National AIDS Control Organization                                                             Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,
                                                      Sriram, Chairman, CII, along with
(NACO) on May 26, 2005.                                                                            President, Pharmaceuticals &
                                                      President Clinton participated in the
President Clinton, addressing the meet,                                                            Executive Director, Ranbaxy

                        YOUNG        USA-          HEADWAY    EUROPE-               CORPORATE          NEW        ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                          WAR ON                                                SPECIAL     FINANCIAL
                        GLOBAL       FORTIFYING    INTO       BRAND                 SOCIAL             PATENT     HEALTH &
           STORY                                                          AIDS                                                  MOMENTS     UPDATE
                        LEADER       PRESENCE      BRAZIL     BUILDING              RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME     SAFETY

       B R A Z I L

        Making Headway                                                                               blockbusters like Fexofenadine,
                                                                                                     Atenolol and Cinnarizine.

               into                                                                                  In line with Ranbaxy's objective to have
                                                                                                     a substantial part of global business

     Although Ranbaxy is just 4 years old in Brazil, it has already
                                                                                                     from proprietary products by 2012, a
                                                                                                     special task force has been set up to
                                                                                                     generate prescriptions from doctors
                                                                                                     under the Ranbaxy banner. Urology and
                                                                                                     Dermatology will be the therapeutic
     established a strong foothold in the generics market and is                                     categories in focus. The biggest product
                                                                                                     in this segment is Cecnoin
     now gaining ground in the branded products segment.                                             (Isotretinoin). The launch of a gel form,
                                                                                                     last year, further strengthened the

     H    ome to about 175 Mn people,
          Brazil is the fifth largest country in
     the world and the largest in Latin
                                                      One of the main factors for the
                                                      success is the strong product
                                                      portfolio. Ranbaxy has more than
                                                                                                     brand. During the year, Contiflo OD
                                                                                                     (Tamsulosin) and Altiva (Fexofenadine)
                                                                                                     were launched. These brands will add
     America. The US $ 6 Bn Brazilian pharma          100 products registered with                   strength to the Company's portfolio
     market has traditionally been                    ANVISA, the regulatory body of Brazil          with Urologists and Dermatologists.
     dominated by large western pharma                and 10 of these are in the branded             With a number of other brands in the
     companies. It was only in the late 90s           segment. Leveraging its portfolio,             fray, brand building is well underway in
     that the government started                      Ranbaxy has been able to generate              Brazil.
     encouraging generic drugs in the                 excellent market penetration. With
     country to push down the high cost of            strengths in the Cardiovascular                Strategic tie-ups have helped Ranbaxy
     healthcare.                                      System (CVS), Central Nervous                  widen its product offerings, by in-
                                                      System (CNS) and Anti-infective                licensing agreements with
     Ranbaxy made its entry into this huge                                                           manufacturers. At the same time
     market in the year 2000 in collaboration         segments. Simvastatin (IMS MAT
                                                      Dec'04) is the largest product                 Ranbaxy is also out-licensing the
     with Schering Plough under the name                                                             products to other generic players in
     Ranbaxy Farmaceutica Limitada (RFL).             followed closely by Co-Amoxiclav
                                                      and Lovastatin. With the launch of 10          Brazil. These tie-ups have helped
     Tasting success right from its inception,                                                       optimize the product mix and the
     Ranbaxy is today the fifth largest               new generic products, RFL has
                                                      further enhanced its generic status.           revenues for the Company.
     generic company operating in Brazil,
     with a market share of 7.5%. (IMS)               These products include potential               Hospital segment is another core area of
                                                                                                     RFL's growing strength, with its key
             Entrepreneurial Company of the Year                                                     contributions being Amoxicillin and
                                                                                                     Cephalexin. Other segments attracting
     Ranbaxy in Brazil was conferred with 'Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of               focus include Urology and
     the Year Award' for 2004 in June 2005, following a Strategic Analysis of the                    Dermatology. The basic strategy is to
     Brazilian Pharmaceuticals Markets conducted by Frost and Sullivan. The Award was                have differentiated products as well as
     bestowed on the Company in recognition of its rapid rise to the top of the Brazilian            exclusive generics. In a short span of
     generic drugs market despite its relatively recent entry into the country in the year           four years, RFL has grown
     2000.                                                                                           phenomenally with IMS ranking it at
     In the words of Mr Barath Shankar, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, "Despite being            No. 42 in Brazil on MAT basis. The
     a foreign Company, Ranbaxy successfully joined the ranks of the top five generic                Company's operations in the Latin
     Companies in Brazil within a short span of four years. Today, Ranbaxy is the fifth-             America region, including countries like
     largest Company in the generic drugs segment, and the first among foreign
                                                                                                     Peru, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil,
     companies, with a market share of about 5 per cent in terms of sales. Ranbaxy has
                                                                                                     accounts for around US $ 50 million.
     been able to reach this position by adopting a robust strategy of introducing a large
     number of generic products focused mainly on the CVS and CNS therapy areas. In                  Owing to the rapid success in the area
     Brazil, Ranbaxy has a number of exclusive generic products. Ranbaxy also has a                  and looking at growth plans for the
     growing portfolio of branded products. These entrepreneurial initiatives are likely             future, the Company is establishing a
     to continue in the future."                                                                     state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in
     With a large number of drugs in the pipeline and a projected increase in market                 Brazil, which will be ready by the year
     share, Ranbaxy is set to continue growing in the Brazilian generic drugs market.                2006. With this latest manufacturing
     Every year, Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to the company whose outstanding               unit outside India, Ranbaxy plans to dig
     entrepreneurial initiatives, combined with its sound marketing strategy, have                   its roots deeper, and make its Latin
     propelled it to the forefront of its particular industry.                                       America operations self sufficient.

                                                                                                               R A NBA X Y
   GLOBAL       CLINTON                                                  GLOBAL        GLOBAL
                              CHINESE      RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                     SPECIAL
   QUALITY      LIBRARY                                                  SUPPLY        TALENT
                              CONNECTION   DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                     MOMENTS
   SYSTEM       DEDICATION                                               CHAIN         POOL

  C H I N A

  A New Business
Learning from the prevailing ground realities in the local
market, RGCL has adopted a new business model in China,
outsourcing its entire sales team. The new model allows
RGCL to focus on its core strengths of medico marketing and
business development.

R    anbaxy (Guangzhou China) Limited
     (RGCL) has become the first
international Company in China to
                                           generating for the domestic
                                                                                         strengthen Ranbaxy's relations with the
                                                                                         sales agencies and ensure improved
                                                                                         customer service. A China specific
                                           The switch-over was a massive
outsource its entire sales team. The       exercise involving the recalibration of       newsletter has been launched to keep all
switch-over was decided after an in-       Ranbaxy's entire sales, supply chain,         partners updated of the various
depth analysis of the model and careful    distribution and marketing set up.            initiatives being undertaken in different
weighing of its strengths and              The new business model makes it               parts of China.
weaknesses.                                even more vital for the Company to            RGCL is marching ahead with its
Analysis revealed that the domestic        be in touch with the market in order          inherently progressive outlook. It has
manufacturers were growing at a much       to maintain the service quality at the        already expanded its customer base in
faster pace compared to multinational      doctor level as well as with the              China, enhancing geographical
companies because they were                channel partners.                             coverage of products. With its diverse
increasingly relying on outsourced         To ensure the smooth functioning of           product range in different therapeutic
teams. The move had been prompted by       the model as well as to accelerate the        segments and consistent introduction
rapid changes in the environment in        marketing endeavor, Business                  of new products in the country, RGCL is
terms of price cuts on core brands.        Development Managers have been                one of the top performing pharma
Ranbaxy decided to adopt the model         deployed across China. This should            Companies in the highly competitive
after seeing the success it was                                                          Chinese market.

                                                                   Strengths of the Model

                                                                   • Offers flexibility in sales policies across regions

                                                                   • Provides speed to penetrate new geographies

                                                                   • Increases sales productivity in existing geographies

                                                                   • Provides opportunities to commercialize multiple
                                                                     brands across therapeutic segments

                                                                   • Reduces the fixed cost component of sales

                                                                   • Allows RGCL to focus on core strengths of medico-
                                                                     marketing and business development

                                                                   • Provides opportunity to the local outsourced teams
                                                                     to employ local relationships to the fullest

                        YOUNG       USA-          HEADWAY               EUROPE-             CORPORATE          NEW        ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                1                  WAR ON                                               SPECIAL          FINANCIAL
                        GLOBAL      FORTIFYING    INTO              2   BRAND               SOCIAL             PATENT     HEALTH &
           STORY                                            3                      AIDS                                                 MOMENTS          UPDATE
                        LEADER      PRESENCE      BRAZIL                BUILDING            RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME     SAFETY

      E U R O P E & A F R I C A

                     Adding Value                                                                              "We welcome the opportunity to
                                                                                                               join hands with JBCPL towards
                                                                                                               creating a productive
                                     through                                                                   relationship that will leverage

                                                                                                               each others capabilities. The
                                                                                                               agreement reinforces our
                                                                                                               strategy to utilize licensing
                                                                                                               opportunities to further our
     The European market is seeing Ranbaxy build its strengths                                                 growth in the overseas markets."
     while moving up the value chain from high quality generics
                                                                                                               Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,
     to branded generics.
                                                                                                               President, Pharmaceuticals &
                                                                                                               Executive Director, Ranbaxy
     Romania on a High                               arrivals. Revital Appetit is an
                                                     innovative product that has been

     R    anbaxy in Romania has been doing
          well with the Company's sales
     growing consistently from US $ 0.33 Mn
                                                     launched in the Romanian market.
                                                     The product is a natural herbal tonic
                                                                                                             Portfolio Build-up in South
                                                     to enhance appetite in children.
     in 2000 to US $ 6.4 Mn in 2004.                                                                         Ranbaxy South Africa has made
                                                     Adding to its brand offerings,
     Today Ranbaxy can boast of 3 branded                                                                    significant inroads into the local generic
                                                     Ranbaxy recently entered into a tie-
     generics (Simvor, Zanocin & Zanocin-                                                                    market, coming a long way from focusing
                                                     up with J B Chemicals &
     OD and Cifran) and two generics                                                                         on the government sector.
                                                     Pharmaceuticals Ltd, India, wherein
     (Enalapril and Cefaclor), featuring in the                                                              Stepping into the private market in 2001,
                                                     the Company will market JBCPL's key
     top three in their respective segments.                                                                 the Company identified product portfolio
                                                     herbal range brand, Doktor Mom, in
     Zanocin and Zanocin OD constitute the                                                                   realignment, sales force restructuring,
                                                     the Romanian market. The Doktor
     no 1 quinolone in Romania.                                                                              strategic alliances and establishment of
                                                     Mom herbal range includes syrup,
     Ranbaxy has high expectations from              lozenges and rub variants for the                       good business practices as the focus
     these products as also from the new             cough and cold segment.                                 areas.
                                                                                                                                        cont. on page 13...

                                      Building a Brand Franchise in UK
     Ranbaxy (UK) Ltd has established a clear        advantage of protective cover and                       advantages over traditionally used
     therapy class focus in the treatment of         metered dose counter.                                   Co-Amoxyclav and Clarithromycin and
     COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary             The clinical trials have shown hearty                   is likely to make a huge dent in the
     Disease), Asthma and Respiratory tract          response from patients, which                           £ 213 Mn antibiotic market in the
     infections. The move has been                                                                           segment.
                                                     promises success for the device. With
     prompted by the importance of this
                                                     the license approval for Easyhaler
     disease segment in UK, with
                                                     Budesonide imminent, and the
     approximately 5 million people
                                                     potential for two other molecules in
     suffering from Asthma alone.
                                                     the device, Ranbaxy is on its way to
     After the success of Visclair
                                                     become a key contributor to the
     (Mecysteine), a mucolytic for the
                                                     treatment of Asthma during the next
     treatment of COPD, launched in March
                                                     three years.
     2004, Ranbaxy recently launched
     Easyhaler, a new device for the                 Completing the respiratory focus is
     treatment of Asthma. A compact and              Distaclor MR (Cefaclor), a remedy for
     modern, easy to use, dry powder                 Upper Respiratory tract Infections.
     inhaler, Easyhaler has an added                 Distaclor MR provides marked

                                                                                                                      R A NBA X Y
    GLOBAL              CLINTON                                                GLOBAL       GLOBAL
                                      CHINESE      RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                    SPECIAL
    QUALITY             LIBRARY                                                SUPPLY       TALENT
                                      CONNECTION   DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                    MOMENTS
    SYSTEM              DEDICATION                                             CHAIN        POOL

...cont. from page 12
                                                   and Cepodem take up the number             product portfolio, Ranbaxy acquired
2003 saw the product portfolio being               two slots.                                 a generic portfolio of eighteen
strengthened with the Company entering                                                        products belonging to the Spanish
the Cardiovascular and CNS segments.
                                                   Taking Spain by Storm
                                                                                              pharmaceutical company EFARMES, S A
Ceroxim (Cefuroxime axetil) was the major          Having recently set up a subsidiary in     Unipersonal, for sale in Spanish market,
launch, which was followed by a host of            Spain, Ranbaxy formally launched its       in early 2005.
new products.                                      operations in September, 2004. The
Within a year, the Company launched nine           event was extensively covered in the
                                                                                                     “Our collaboration with
more products, including first to be               media symbolizing Ranbaxy’s growing
                                                                                                     EFARMES, SA will fortify our
marketed generic brands, Cepodem                   presence in Europe as a formidable
                                                   generic pharma Company.                           presence in Spain and augment
(Cefpodoxime Proxetil) and Serlife
                                                                                                     our existing product portfolio,
(Setraline). The product portfolio in the          With a spirited team of 45
                                                                                                     enabling us to meet the
CVS segment was reinforced with the                professionals, the Company’s generic
                                                   products are widely distributed in the            growing needs of patients in
launch of Simvotin (Simvastatin) in 2004.
                                                   Spanish market. Ciprofloxacin,                    this part of the world.”
Today the Company is ranked first in
oral cephalosporins. Ceroxim, Cifran               Ofloxacin and Lisinopril are the main
                                                                                                     Mr Peter Burema,
and Ranclav are ranked No. 1 in                    products.                                         Regional Director,
their respective segments while Serlife            Providing a major impetus to its                  Europe, CIS & Africa, Ranbaxy

                                     Ranbaxy at International Conferences
FT Global Pharmaceutical                           New Asian countries specially India        top institutional portfolio managers and
                                                   and China. He emphasized on the            buy-side analysts. Attending companies
Conference - UK                                                                               made a 10 minute presentation followed
                                                   role played by India in creating a
Ranbaxy was the only Indian Company to             global niche for itself in the Pharma      by a moderated Q & A session among the
have attended the Financial Times (FT)             and R&D business for the future.           companies' management teams,
Global Pharma Conference held at                                                              institutional investors and Research
                                                   The two day conference dwelt on            analysts, which was also webcast live
London in UK, in 2004. The conference
                                                   multifarious topics riveting on issues     over the internet.
emerged as the fountainhead of issues
                                                   of concern like pricing, risks,
concerning global health and                                                                  Ranbaxy's presentation, made by Dr Brian
                                                   reputation, role of regulators in
pharmaceutical industry meeting the                                                           Tempest, was amongst the top two
                                                   expanding the creation of innovative
compounding challenges. Attended by a                                                         presentations to have generated
                                                   drugs, strategizing new business
host of distinguished personalities,                                                          maximum interest with the audience.
                                                   models leading to growth and
including senior scientists and senior
                                                   quality generation. The enlightening
management from leading pharma
                                                   conference was full of ideas leading
companies like GSK, Roche, Merck, et al.
                                                   to simplifying the complex market
Dr Brian Tempest, CEO & MD, Ranbaxy,               make up in favor of the people at
speaking on the occasion presented                 large, globally.
facts on the global trend of increasing
cost of health, its ramifications on               Health Care Conference -
individuals, corporates and big generic            USA
pharma companies. He emphasized on                 Ranbaxy attended the 2005 Health
the synergistic linkages between                   Care Conference, organized by Banc
escalating costs of health and high cost           of America Securities LLC, at Las
of innovating generics. Dr Tempest                 Vegas, USA, to brainstorm corporate
presented an analysis of advantages                strategy with a targeted high quality
presented by generics via-a-vis branded            investor group.
pharmaceuticals in the global markets              The conference saw the attendance of
and the competitive advantages of the              leading healthcare company CEOs,

                        YOUNG       USA-          HEADWAY     EUROPE-                  CORPORATE          NEW         ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                             WAR ON                                                 SPECIAL     FINANCIAL
                        GLOBAL      FORTIFYING    INTO        BRAND                    SOCIAL             PATENT      HEALTH &
           STORY                                                             AIDS                                                   MOMENTS     UPDATE
                        LEADER      PRESENCE      BRAZIL      BUILDING                 RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME      SAFETY

     G LO B A L

                   On a                                                                                 for fixed dose combinations, with the
                                                                                                        World Health Organization for its

                                 Mission                                                                approval under the latter's pre-
                                                                                                        qualification project for HIV/AIDS drugs.
                                                                                                        All these filings have been made in the

                   to Fight                                                                             last 7-8 months with an effort to speed

     With AIDS acquiring serious proportions and large
                                                                                                        up the process of filings. The Company
                                                                                                        is expected to file for its complete range
                                                                                                        during the year.

                                                                                                        Frost & Sullivan Award
     populations needing medication, Ranbaxy has not only taken
     up the mantle to provide affordable medicines, but is also                                         Ranbaxy received the prestigious Frost &
                                                                                                        Sullivan Award 2004 for Customer
     fighting time pressures to get approvals for ARVs with WHO
                                                                                                        Value in recognition for its sustained
     as well as US FDA.                                                                                 and consistent efforts, to bring about
                                                                                                        an easy access for Anti-retrovirals to
     H    IV/AIDS is among the gravest
          issues cornering the world today.
     With over forty million people infected
                                                     (PLHAs) in developing countries
                                                     require Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART).
                                                     Further most countries having high
                                                                                                        millions of people suffering from
                                                                                                        HIV/AIDS in the developing countries at
     with HIV and its expected escalation to         incidence of HIV/AIDS, lack adequate               affordable prices. The Company's offer
     over fifty million by the end of 2012, the      health care infrastructure. The                    of 'less than a dollar a day' HAART (High
     situation has become a cause for great          situation was further compounded                   Active Anti-Retroviral Regimen) therapy
     concern. Currently, an estimated six            by the lack of affordable treatment.               has been found to be the most
     million People Living with HIV/AIDS             The need of the hour is to make Anti-              economical in the world as per a price
                                                     Retrovirals (ARVs), available to all               survey done by Médecins Sans
                                                     patients across the world at a                     Frontières.
                                                     minimum cost.
       "We are pleased and proud of
                                                     With a view to make bio-equivalent,
       our achievement in being
                                                     high quality generic ARVs available to
       granted US FDA tentative
                                                     PLHAs at affordable prices, Ranbaxy
       approvals for Lamivudine,                     has stepped up its filings with the
       Nevirapine and Zidovudine.                    US FDA and WHO. Ranbaxy was the
       These formulations now                        first Indian Company to file for the
       qualify to be included among                  generic ARVs with the US FDA under
       a portfolio of drugs associated               the expedited review process of the
       with the PEPFAR initiative. We                US Presidents Emergency Plan for
                                                     AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
       will continue to add products
       to this program to help                       Recently the Company received
                                                     tentative approvals for Lamivudine
       patients afflicted with
                                                     150 mg tablets, Nevirapine 200 mg
       HIV/AIDS. The Ranbaxy global
                                                     tablets and Zidovudine 300 mg
       organization is committed and
                                                     tablets, from the US FDA under the
       dedicated to this                             PEPFAR program. Several other
       humanitarian effort."                         filings are awaiting approvals.
       Dr Brian W Tempest,                           Apart from the US FDA, Ranbaxy has
       CEO & Managing Director,                      also made 11 filings, five of which are

                                                                                                                  R A NBA X Y
   GLOBAL         CLINTON                                                GLOBAL        GLOBAL
                                CHINESE      RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                      SPECIAL
   QUALITY        LIBRARY                                                SUPPLY        TALENT
                                CONNECTION   DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                      MOMENTS
   SYSTEM         DEDICATION                                             CHAIN         POOL

 Research & Development

                                                                                         Enhancing NDDR Capabilities
             Joining                                                                     Ranbaxy entered into a strategic

                   in Hands
                                                                                         tripartite collaboration with National
                                                                                         Chemical Laboratories (NCL), Pune and
                                                                                         Department of Science & Technology

   Development                                                                           (DST), Govt of India, New Delhi, in April
                                                                                         this year for collaborative research. The
                                                                                         focus of the program is to synthesize
                                                                                         novel Anti-infective drugs. Ranbaxy will
Ranbaxy is engaged in adding strength to its NDDR program                                screen these molecules and identify
through the collaborative research model. RBx 11160, the new                             promising candidates for further
                                                                                         development. A joint research
synthetic artemisinin based Anti-malarial drug, is currently
                                                                                         committee has already been formed to
undergoing phase II proof-of-concept studies. This drug is being
                                                                                         guide and monitor the research
developed in collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture.                           program.
Other important development programs are underway.
                                                                                         The agreement entails joint funding of
                                                                                         NCL by Ranbaxy and DST under the aegis
Towards Eradicating Malaria                  scientists. RBx 11160 is a synthetic        of the Pharmaceutical Research and
                                             trioxalane Anti-malarial molecule,          Development Fund (PRDF). PRDF was
R    anbaxy has joined hands with
     Medicines for Malaria Venture
(MMV) to develop a life saving Synthetic
                                             which acts rapidly and kills malarial
                                             parasites that are resistant to other
                                                                                         introduced by DST in mid nineties to
                                                                                         promote inter-alia collaborative R&D in
                                             drugs. The drug has high intrinsic          the Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sector in
Peroxide Anti-malarial Drug. MMV is a
                                             effectiveness, which reduces the            India.
non profit Swiss Foundation dedicated
                                             probability of development of its
to the eradication of this disease from
                                             resistance. However, owing to its
the developing countries.
                                             short half life it needs to be combined            “Our collaboration will help
The move is aimed at trying to bring an      with another molecule with a                       in mobilizing India's existing
end to malaria which has virtually been      prolonged half life. The work in this              strengths in the private and
eradicated in the developed countries        direction is currently underway.
                                                                                                public sectors to create an
but can be devastating in the developing
                                             The Company has received clearance                 enabling framework for
nations. Malaria related morbidity and
                                             for its Investigation New Drug                     world class scientific research
mortality is rising as a consequence of
                                             application from Drug Controller
growing resistance to existing drugs.                                                           and new drug development.”
                                             General of India (DCGI). Phase I
Artemisinin (qinghaosa) derived from         studies are complete and RBx 11160                 Dr Brian Tempest,
the Chinese herb Artemisinin annua,          is undergoing phase II proof-of-                   CEO & Managing Director,
though poorly soluble in oils or water,      concept studies.                                   Ranbaxy
has potent and rapid blood
schizonticidal activity and is the most
effective Anti-malarial drug known.
However, its short shelf life, cost and
need to be extracted from herbs, besides
preclinical neurotoxicity, indicate that
better molecules are required if we are to
overcome malaria.
Therefore, in collaboration with MMV,
Ranbaxy has developed RBx 11160. The
current research is being carried out at
Ranbaxy laboratories by Ranbaxy

                        YOUNG       USA-          HEADWAY     EUROPE-                CORPORATE          NEW         ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                          WAR ON                                                   SPECIAL      FINANCIAL
                        GLOBAL      FORTIFYING    INTO        BRAND                  SOCIAL             PATENT      HEALTH &
           STORY                                                          AIDS                                                     MOMENTS      UPDATE
                        LEADER      PRESENCE      BRAZIL      BUILDING               RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME      SAFETY

      VA L U E S

      Responsibility                                                                                    "Corporate Social
     Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of
                                                                                                        Responsibility (CSR) is an
     Ranbaxy's business strategy. There has been an ongoing,
                                                                                                        integral part of Ranbaxy's
     conscious effort to give back to society, for the past several
                                                                                                        business strategy. The
                                                                                                        Company does not view its
                                                                                                        success and achievements in

     A    s a responsible corporate citizen
          Ranbaxy has always appreciated
     the importance of the social
                                                     Addressing on areas of
                                                     immunization, vitamin deficiency,
                                                     malnourishment among children and
                                                                                                        terms of commercial gains
                                                                                                        only, but firmly believes that
     development in its environment. It is a         maternity health, RCHS undertakes                  CSR is the key towards
     part of Ranbaxy's 'Values in Action'.           preventive, promotive and curative                 enhancing the deep symbiotic
     Ranbaxy created the Ranbaxy                     checks. Under its care, infant                     relationship that exists
     Community Healthcare Society (RCHS)             mortality rates and maternal
                                                                                                        between the Company and the
     in 1994 to improve the primary health           mortality have reduced considerably.
                                                                                                        environment it works in."
     of the population in the underprivileged        It also implemented several projects
     sections of society. Starting with a small      on reproductive child health and                   Mr Ramesh Adige,
     group, today the society covers 95              family welfare, specifically in the low            Whole-time Director, Corporate
     villages and a population of almost 2           attention areas of Madhya Pradesh,                 Affairs & Global Corporate
                                                     Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi.                Communications
     lakh people.
     The RCHS team of doctors and                    RCHS is an active participant in all
                                                     major national health campaigns like             conjunction with several NGOs and
     paramedics operate through mobile
                                                     National Pulse Polio Immunization                local administration.
     healthcare vans. On a weekly basis they
     also hold clinics in different villages.        drive. It holds rallies and administers          During the year, the Company carried
     Focusing on providing information               polio doses to the children in and               out several other welfare initiatives
     rather than only distributing medicines,        around the Company's facilities. It              around its facilities in Mohali & Toansa
     the team has been successful in                 also organizes awareness campaigns               in Punjab; Paonta Sahib in Himachal
     mobilizing local support for their              on safe motherhood, nutrition,                   Pradesh and Dewas in Madhya Pradesh.
     activities.                                     breast-feeding and on population                 In these regions drinking water scarcity
                                                     control education programs in                    was a major issue. Ranbaxy, therefore,
                                                                                                      initiated special drinking water projects
                           On High Ethical Note                                                       in these villages to put an end to a long
                                                                                                      standing problem.
     Adhering to its firm commitment to ethical business conduct and corporate social                 Ranbaxy has operated with a clear focus
     responsibility, Ranbaxy voluntarily discontinued its generic composition of an                   on giving back to the country and the
     Arthritis drug, Valdecoxib, following US FDA's cautionary views on innovator                     society it is working in. In this regard the
     Pfizer's brand, Bextra, in the US.                                                               Company has been making significant
                                                                                                      contributions to bring about a
     The US FDA expressed its view that the overall risk versus benefit profile of the drug
                                                                                                      noticeable difference to the lives of the
     was unfavorable. Ranbaxy was the first to launch this drug in India and also the first
                                                                                                      disadvantaged. Driving itself as a
     to discontinue it from the market, without waiting for any formal directions from
                                                                                                      responsible corporate citizen, its
     the government in this regard. The Company's prompt action was in line with its
                                                                                                      endeavors in this direction are making a
     philosophy of being a responsible corporate citizen.

                                                                                                             R A NBA X Y
   GLOBAL        CLINTON                                               GLOBAL       GLOBAL
                               CHINESE      RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                  SPECIAL
   QUALITY       LIBRARY                                               SUPPLY       TALENT
                               CONNECTION   DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                  MOMENTS
   SYSTEM        DEDICATION                                            CHAIN        POOL


             Defining                                                                 program included interactions, case
                                                                                      studies and role plays to ensure
                                                                                      corporate understanding of the process.

                  the                                                                 The introduction of the Ranbaxy Code of

                                   Code of                                            Conduct is another milestone in our
                                                                                      march towards making Ranbaxy a value-
                                                                                      based ethical organization.

At its core, the Ranbaxy culture is predominantly based on its
values. The Company took a step in formalizing this culture by
launching the 'Code of Conduct' to ensure a uniform response to
issues of ethics & value system across the globe.

R    anbaxy is committed to building an
     organization culture based on
values. Its quest for growth and
                                            guide Ranbaxy corporate practices. It
                                            lays down specific guidelines for all
                                            employees in various operational
excellence goes hand in hand with           areas. These include business ethics,
unflinching commitment to integrity in      employment policies, equal
all relationships with employees,           employment opportunities, sexual
customers, suppliers, government, local     harassment, health, safety &
communities, collaborators and              environment. The Code also seeks to              “For the first time we
shareholders. With this objective the       prevent fraud and prescribes a due               have tried to capture the
Ranbaxy Code of Conduct was                 redressal mechanism. To ensure that              Ranbaxy Code of Conduct
introduced recently by Dr Brian Tempest,    the Code is followed in letter and               in one document. We
CEO and Managing Director, Ranbaxy.         spirit, the Company has established a
                                                                                             hope this will be useful to
Code of Conduct is one of the               Code Compliance Cell. The Cell
                                                                                             all employees and give
imperatives for corporate governance. It    ensures that the Code is respected
                                                                                             guidance on many of
affirms the Company's commitment to         and appropriate action is taken to
                                            address violations, if any. The Code             these sensitive issues as
conduct business with integrity and
                                            Compliance Cell is proposed to                   well as will encourage an
uphold the highest ethical standards,
while remaining competitive in the          operate at three levels viz.                     atmosphere of trust,
marketplace.                                regional/country/plant to ensure                 transparency and
                                            complete compliance. It is the                   courage.”
The Ranbaxy Code of Conduct aims at         responsibility of each Manager to
promoting better governance,                ensure that the code is adhered to.
transparency and improvement in risk                                                         Dr Brian W Tempest,
management. The code was developed          Producing a written 'Code of                     CEO & Managing Director,
following extensive research of similar     Conduct' is not enough in itself. The
documents in globally reputed               Code must be communicated,
companies. The subject was discussed        understood and accepted by all
threadbare at several brainstorming         employees of the Company. Hence a
sessions within focus groups before final   global roll out of the Code was
validation by the management                planned by Ranbaxy HR earlier during
committee of the board.                     the year. A team of trainers from
                                            different parts of the globe were
The document is a comprehensive             trained for this purpose. The
compendium of ethical codes, which will

                       YOUNG        USA-         HEADWAY     EUROPE-                 CORPORATE          NEW        ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                          WAR ON                                                 SPECIAL     FINANCIAL
                       GLOBAL       FORTIFYING   INTO        BRAND                   SOCIAL             PATENT     HEALTH &
           STORY                                                          AIDS                                                   MOMENTS     UPDATE
                       LEADER       PRESENCE     BRAZIL      BUILDING                RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME     SAFETY

      P O L I C Y

      New Patent Regime:                                                                                Views From Ranbaxy

         New                                                                                          Q: What does the change in the
                                                                                                      patent regime mean for Indian

       Opportunities                                                                                  pharma companies & Ranbaxy?
                                                                                                      A: The Product Patent regime is now a
                                                                                                      reality. All the presumed threats are
                                                                                                      unfounded for the companies that are
                                                                                                      driven by a research focus and
     With the advent of the new product patent regime for drugs,
                                                                                                      Intellectual Property (IP) awareness.
     India joins the countries following globally compliant
                                                                                                      For Ranbaxy the regime spells an
     intellectual property norms. The regime provides an                                              opportunity. During the non-Patent
     incentive for organizations to be innovative and promises a                                      period, product differentiation was
     plethora of opportunities for forward thinking organizations                                     difficult and customer service was the
                                                                                                      only differentiator. However, in recent
     that believe in research & development.
                                                                                                      years our New Drug Delivery System
                                                                                                      (NDDS) platform technologies and

     E   arlier during the year the Indian
         Parliament amended the Indian
     Patent Act of 1970 and passed the
                                                    properties are significantly altered
                                                    with regards to efficacy. The Product
                                                    Patent system will not affect the
                                                                                                      value added products, have given us an
                                                                                                      edge in the market with superior patent
                                                                                                      benefits. In the coming years we will
     Patents (3rd Amendment) Act, 2005.             pharmaceutical companies that have
                                                                                                      depend upon our R&D and our tie-ups
     The amendment was necessary to bring           a strong R&D base. Companies like                 with research based companies for
     Indian Patent Laws in line with our            Ranbaxy with world class R&D                      Intellectual Property protected
     obligation to the Trade Related                capabilities will remain strong and               products.
     Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)           thrive.
                                                                                                      Q: What are the new business
     under WTO. This will usher in an era of        The Act will not affect the majority              models that are emerging in the new
     new opportunities. However, this               of drugs already available in the                 scenario?
     development has brought in a new               market, at least for a while. Drug
     paradigm which will require a                                                                    A: Top end companies with a strong
                                                    pricing will continue to be market
     considerable change of mindset.                                                                  R&D focus will be able to discover
                                                    driven. In India, all major therapeutic
                                                                                                      medicines more cost effectively vis-à-vis
     The earlier Patent Act had already             areas have multiple drug choices
                                                                                                      their counterparts in developed markets.
     provided process patents in all areas of       and so any new drug cannot
                                                                                                      A stronger Patent regime will attract
     technology including pharmaceuticals,          command a premium just because it
                                                                                                      opportunities in every area: discovery,
     but with the new patent regime                 has a patent. Amendments to the Act
                                                                                                      process R&D, custom synthesis &
     comprehensive product patents come             have brought Indian Patent Law on
                                                                                                      contract manufacturing and clinical
     in force. The new Patent Act explains the      similar footing with that of European
                                                                                                      research. There will be a need for
     scope of patentability. The Act defines        Patent Convention.
                                                                                                      increased spend on R&D and regulatory
     'Inventive Step' as a feature of an            If affordability or availability                  systems. The country will have to build a
     invention that involved technical              becomes an issue, several provisions              strong image as a low cost, high quality
     advance as compared to the existing            are present in the Act to handle                  provider of pharmaceuticals and
     knowledge or having economic                   them. Compulsory licensing                        establish itself as a leading clinical
     significance or both. According to it          provisions are there to check the                 research hub, create centers of
     'Pharmaceutical Substances' mean any           abuse or misuse of any patent.                    excellence with world-class standards for
     new entity involving one or more               Companies owning a patent in India                GCP & GLP and establish itself as a
     inventive steps.                               are required to manufacture the                   preferred destination for development
     According to the Act mere discovery of a       inventions as claimed under the                   of research based drugs. There will be a
     new form of a known substance that             patent within three years of its grant.           need to exploit synergies between
     does not result in the increase of the         In case of public health crises, like in          pharma, biotech and IT and the
     known efficacy of that substance, will         the case of HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and             untapped traditional knowledge
     not entitle it to patentability. The           other epidemics, the government can               systems existing in our country.
     derivatives of substances like                 declare emergency provisions and                  Mr Ramesh Adige
     polymorphs, metabolites, isomers, etc          regulate them according to the                    Whole-time Director,
     will be considered to be the same              nation's benefit.                                 Corporate Affairs & Global Corporate
     substance, unless their inherent                                                                 Communications, Ranbaxy.

                                                                                                                                                      R A NBA X Y
    GLOBAL            CLINTON                                                                       GLOBAL          GLOBAL
                                        CHINESE        RESEARCH &              CODE OF                                                      SPECIAL
    QUALITY           LIBRARY                                                                       SUPPLY          TALENT
                                        CONNECTION     DEVELOPMENT             CONDUCT                                                      MOMENTS
    SYSTEM            DEDICATION                                                                    CHAIN           POOL


                    Global                                                                                           well in time and reach the market on the
                                                                                                                     day of the launch. GSC works relentlessly

                                                                                                                     to ensure day one launches of the
                                                                                                                     generic formulations in advanced
                                                                                                                     markets like USA & Europe.

                                                                                                                     Making Way Ahead
                                                                                                                     The well defined KPIs (Key Performance
Ranbaxy's global supply chain is in line with the Company's
                                                                                                                     Indicators) for each aspect of supply
2012 global vision which augments its commitment to meet                                                             chain and periodic review of these KPIs
customer's demands in the earnest.                                                                                   by the company's management, ensures
                                                                                                                     that there is improvement, month on

I n the highly competitive space of
  generic pharmaceuticals, efficiency is
the key to survival. Efficiency in reaching
                                                       manufacturing facilities spread
                                                       across the globe, or at various other
                                                       outsourced locations including
                                                                                                                     month, and processes are strictly
                                                                                                                     adhered to.
                                                                                                                     The Global Supply Chain is supported by
out to the customers across the globe                  sourcing from several Principal to                            SAP, which acts as the digital backbone
within the stipulated time frame is a                  Principal (P2P) vendors. Using                                of the chain providing on line
challenge in itself. Ranbaxy, with its                 thousands of input materials from a                           information to the customers and the
extending horizon, has taken up this                   large number of vendors makes                                 organization. In order to help service
challenge head on. The Company has                     Global Supply Chain (GSC) function                            dynamic market requirements,
embarked on globalizing its supply chain               that much more complex.                                       technology is leveraged to ensure that
in line with the best institutional                                                                                  vendors get to know about the changes
                                                       In line with global best practices the
practices of the industry.                                                                                           online and can track the movement of
                                                       supply chain at Ranbaxy has evolved
                                                       a seamless planning process, which                            their consignments till the time they are
Planning & Implementation                                                                                            received by them.
                                                       starts from forecasting demand for
The Company launched a special project                 each market and ends with the                                 To enhance Global Supply Chain
called SPECTRUM (Supply Chain                          delivery of goods to the customer in                          capability RFID (Radio Frequency
Planning for Enhancing Customer                        full and at the required time. This                           Identification) technology was initiated
Service to Ranbaxy's Universal Markets)                process driven approach has helped                            in 2003. RFID is an advanced bar coding
in 2003 with a clear objective to,                     in substantially improving service to                         system and tracks the stocks
'Transform the Supply Chain to                         the end customer.                                             a u t o m a t i c a l l y. T h i s w a s f i r s t
substantially improve customer service
                                                       Ranbaxy provides services as per                              implemented in the US in 2004 and soon
levels whilst maintaining optimal levels'.
                                                       customer needs by bringing in many                            will reach out to other markets.
Over the last 26 months significant                    new products each year. During                                The GSC team is geared up to take on the
ground has been covered in terms of                    2004, over 700 SKUs were launched.                            challenge of converting our Global
implementing processes in different                    A large number of products are filed                          Supply Chain into a source of
plants and markets across the globe. This              in various countries every year. Our                          competitive advantage for the company
effort has been ably supported by                      Global Supply Chain ensures that                              while providing enhanced quality service
deploying the APO (Advanced Planner                    these products are manufactured                               to customers.
O p t i m i z e r ) t o o l . Fo l l o w i n g i t s
implementation, the supply chain has                                                             Supply Chain Planning Process
been converted into a seamlessly
                                                            Generation of base forecast
integrated end-to-end function, starting                                                                                                                          DF Distribution
from forecasting demand to meeting                                 Review and                                                                                      aggregation &
                                                           consolidation at country level
demand, in the most efficient way. The                                                                                       Global Sales                       Allocation to plants

tool helps manage each function                                      Business Review                                              &
                                                                                                                              Operations                         DF Rough Cut
separately from demand planning,                                Final Sales Forecast                                           Planning                         Capacity Planning
supply planning, procurement of input                                                                                                                               (RCCP)

materials to logistics.                                                         Distribution Requirements Planing                             Pre S&OP Supply
                                                                                                                                              Alignment (DF &
Customer is the King                                                     Regional
                                                                      Supply Planning                                                                           API Requirements
Thousands of Ranbaxy customers from
                                                                                    Regional S&OP
more than 104 countries are served                           Country                   Meeting                                                                      API Plant
more than 4000 SKUs (Stock Keeping                                                                                    API Requirements for                      Allocation/RCCP
                                                          Specific Supply
                                                                                                                          Direct Sales
Units), manufactured either at Ranbaxy's

                         YOUNG     USA-         HEADWAY     EUROPE-               CORPORATE               NEW               ENVIRONMENT
           COVER                                                        WAR ON                                                                 SPECIAL             FINANCIAL
                         GLOBAL    FORTIFYING   INTO        BRAND                 SOCIAL                  PATENT            HEALTH &
           STORY                                                        AIDS                                                                   MOMENTS             UPDATE
                         LEADER    PRESENCE     BRAZIL      BUILDING              RESPONSIBILITY          REGIME            SAFETY


     A Healthier &                                                                                    have this integrated system which has
                                                                                                      led to it achieving the status of 'Zero

                                                Safer                                                 liquid effluent discharge site'. All
                                                                                                      Ranbaxy plants comply with the water,
                                                                                                      air pollution and hazardous waste Acts.

           Environment                                                                                Safety Measures
                                                                                                      To ensure a global safety standard,
                                                                                                      process hazards analysis and
     At Ranbaxy a comprehensive EHS policy is in place since 1993                                     electrostatic hazard studies were
     addressing environmental stewardship, safe practices,                                            conducted by international experts like
     training and performance.                                                                        DuPont and Chilworth. High priority
                                                                                                      safety at Ranbaxy has led to consistent
                                                                                                      upgradation of its manufacturing units.

     E   nvironment, Health & Safety ( EHS)
         are of prime concern at Ranbaxy.
     The Company is fully committed to
                                                   EHS Adherence
                                                   Ranbaxy's manufacturing facilities
                                                                                                      Based on the DuPont Audit findings a
                                                                                                      number of actions were taken at all
                                                                                                      locations during 2004.
                                                   for bulk drugs and dosage forms
     protecting the environment and                comply with the stringent                          Mohali and Toansa plants in India were
     ensuring the health and safety of its         requirements for Good                              also upgraded with investment in
     employees, customers and the public.          Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and                  instrumented safety trips/
     This commitment is reflected in its           Good Laboratories Practices (GLP).                 alarms/interlocks on all solvent recovery
     stated core corporate values and the          These locations are approved by                    units. Fire protection systems were also
     Comprehensive EHS policy that has             international health and regulatory                upgraded with a new hydrant system
     been in place since 1993.                     agencies like the US FDA, the TGA                  and water sprinklers, including
     As a responsible Corporate Citizen,           Australia, the MHRA UK, the WHO                    procurement of a foam fire tender. To
     Ranbaxy firmly believes in the                and others. These practices ensure                 keep its technical personnel updated on
     sustainability of the environmental           the manufacture of high-quality                    their safety knowledge, the Company
     performance beyond compliance                 products, the effective use of                     also conducts various external and in-
     to statutory requirements. The belief is      resources and reduction in wastes.                 house training programs under the
     rooted in the premise that societal                                                              supervision of overseas experts and
     expectations and needs in the new             Managing Chemical Wastes                           consultants.
     millennium demand a major elevation           Ranbaxy is fully aware of the                      M/s Chilworth organized an in-house
     in corporate contribution to urgent           importance of ground-water                         training program on 'Hazards of Static
     global imperatives in which                   protection in terms of both                        Electricity & Dust/Gas/ Vapour Explosion
     environment, health and safety are the        availability and quality. Continuous               - Analysis, Prevention and Control'.
     biggest issues.                               efforts are made to reduce the                     Through HAZOP (HAZard and
     The Company's EHS policy provides for         detrimental environmental                          OPerability) studies, all the necessary
     the creation of a safe and healthy            footprints by initiatives like                     EHS requirements are being
     workplace and a clean environment for         wastewater reduction and resource                  incorporated in all the new projects, at
     employees and the community. It aims          conservation. Utmost care is taken                 the original design stage itself.
     at higher international standards             while designing the manufacturing
                                                   facilities to ensure total containment             The Company's efforts in the area of EHS
     in plant design, equipment selection,
                                                   of the chemicals handled.                          have been duly recognized with various
     maintenance and operations. The policy
                                                                                                      awards conferred during the year.
     seeks to manufacture products safely          To minimize the chemical discharge
     and in an environmentally responsible         to the environment, Ranbaxy
     manner. Under this policy the                 has invested in effluent                            EHS Management System
     Company associates with the                   treatment plant using the
     concerned authorities and industry            latest reverse osmosis                                         Review          Policy
     in devising responsible laws,                 membrane based                                                                                  Corporate
     regulations and standards and thus            technology, integrating it                       Annual
     makes safety, occupational health &           with the multi-effect
                                                                                                    Report               The
     environmental information and                 thermal evaporation system      Audit
                                                                                                    Performance       Continuous
     expertise available to its employees and      and state-of-the-art                                              Improvement                          Corporate
     the community at large. Ranbaxy has           incinerator. Simultaneously,
     made EHS concern and practice a
                                                   steps are taken to reduce
                                                                                                                                         Local           Local/
     necessary factor in appraising its            waste at the source. The                        Measure           Training &       Procedures         Legislation &
     employee performance.                         Toansa plant is the first to                                        tation

                                                                                                                  R A NBA X Y
   GLOBAL         CLINTON                                                   GLOBAL        GLOBAL
                                 CHINESE       RESEARCH &    CODE OF                                    SPECIAL
   QUALITY        LIBRARY                                                   SUPPLY        TALENT
                                 CONNECTION    DEVELOPMENT   CONDUCT                                    MOMENTS
   SYSTEM         DEDICATION                                                CHAIN         POOL


             Building                                                                       Ashridge, UK. The aim was to develop a

                                              A Global                                      team of professionals equipped with
                                                                                            brand marketing skills.

             Talent Pool
                                                                                            Mr Udai Upendra, Vice President,
                                                                                            Global Human Resources, addressed
                                                                                            the participants and set the ball
                                                                                            rolling. The knowledge packed
                                                                                            event was a part of a global
As Ranbaxy continues on its ambitious growth plans, the                                     initiative aimed at preparing the
importance of having the right people cannot be                                             brand building skills of the organization.
                                                                                            It proved to be the convergence
underplayed. With the global HR team rising up to the
                                                                                            of young professionals from across
challenge, several initiatives, aimed at building and                                       the world, gaining from the experiences
sustaining a global talent pool, have been initiated.                                       of seasoned professionals from top-
                                                                                            end international institutes. A series

W       ith the strategic vision of 2012 on
        the horizon, Ranbaxy is marching
ahead with its novel ideas and new
                                               database from all countries and
                                               business units across the globe to
                                               define the 'as is' process. The idea was
                                                                                            of highly enriching brainstorming
                                                                                            sessions enlightened the participants
                                                                                            with nuances of global marketing
ventures globally. In the days to come         to identify the good practices               strategies. It was rated as a highly
there is bound to be a regular                 followed within the organization and         motivational event.
requirement for good quality personnel.        to evolve a desired 'to be' process. A
The global HR team is engaged in               global HR meet was held to                   Award for HR Excellence
developing a talent pool to sustain its        brainstorm the intricacies of                Ranbaxy was recently awarded
future needs.                                  recruiting the right talent in the           "Sodexho Pass & Daks Awards for HR
                                               organization.                                Excellence" at a recently concluded
Tapping Right Talents
                                               A user's handbook, 'Ranbaxy's                Asia Pacific HR Outsourcing
Recruiting the right talent is an onerous                                                   Conference in India.
                                               Recruitment Guide' entailing the
job, which demands inculcation of the
                                               comprehensive process to be                  The Company was selected
behaviors described in the Company's
                                               adopted to create and nurture a              for the award from
'Value in Action' (VIA) that need to be
                                               global talent pool was also                  a host of nominations
imbibed across the organization.
                                               developed.                                   by a jury of distinguished
Ranbaxy has embarked on harmonizing                                                         personalities of
                                               To ensure effective implementation
the recruitment process across the                                                          international repute.
                                               of the recruitment process, extensive
organization and making it at par with                                                      The felicitation was in
                                               training was conducted to support
the best global practices.                                                                  recognition of the
                                               the improved recruitment process.
The process involved generating a              The training focused on familiarizing        Company's work in the
                                               the team with the tools and                  area of talent
                                               methodologies to be used to bring in         management.
   "Ranbaxy believes that                      objectivity.                                 Although the Company
   development of organizational               With the objective to achieve the            is more known for its
   talent is of prime importance               maximum output, Ranbaxy has                  strengths in marketing as
   in ensuring continuous                      partnered with Saville & Holdsworth          compared to HR,
   growth. In 2004 the Company                 Ltd (SHL), a UK based global firm            Ranbaxy has always
   reported an increase of 70% in              specializing in the use of scientific        given due weightage to
   man days of training."                      methodologies and objectivity of             people power. With such
                                               assessment.                                  projects, global HR has taken
                                                                                            up the mantle to ensure that
   Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,                   The Ashridge Experience                      the Company draws from
   President, Pharmaceuticals &                                                             the strength of its people.
                                               Ranbaxy also organized a five-day
   Executive Director, Ranbaxy
                                               seminar on Marketing Excellence at

                          YOUNG        USA-           HEADWAY      EUROPE-                CORPORATE          NEW          ENVIRONMENT
            COVER                                                              WAR ON                                                     SPECIAL       FINANCIAL
                          GLOBAL       FORTIFYING     INTO         BRAND                  SOCIAL             PATENT       HEALTH &
            STORY                                                              AIDS                                                       MOMENTS       UPDATE
                          LEADER       PRESENCE       BRAZIL       BUILDING               RESPONSIBILITY     REGIME       SAFETY


     Japanese Connection
                                          Special MOMENTS  Nicaragua
     The top management team of Ranbaxy
     comprising Dr Brian Tempest, CEO & MD and           A Gesture of Goodwill                             Ranbaxy Honors Scientists
     Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh, President,
     Pharmaceuticals & Executive Director, visited
     Japan in February 2005. The agenda was to
     discuss future strategies with their Japanese
     partner Nippon Chemiphar.

                                                                                                           The Hon'ble President of India, Dr A P J Abdul
                                                                                                           Kalam, presented the Annual Ranbaxy
                                                         Ranbaxy extended its hand towards
                                                                                                           Research Awards at a prestigious ceremony
                                                         cancer patients by donating
                                                                                                           in New Delhi late last year. Ranbaxy Science
                                                         medicines to the National Cancer
                                                                                                           Foundation, the promoter of these awards,
                                                         Coalition (NCC) in Nicaragua. These
                                                                                                           felicitated 11 Indian scientists in recognition
                                                         medicines were further distributed to
                                                                                                           of their outstanding original research
                                                         various public hospitals and Oncology
                                                                                                           contributions, made in the field of Medical
     Japanese PM Visits India                            institutes in Nicaragua.
                                                                                                           and Pharmaceutical Science, during the
     Mr Junichiro Koizumi, the Japanese Prime                                                              years 2002 & 2003.
     Minister visited India in April 2005. During          India
     his visit he met the business leaders of India                                                        Pharma Cup
     in an event organized by Confederation of           Mr Adige Meets
     Indian Industries (CII). Mr Malvinder Mohan         Sheikh Hamed
     Singh also met him during this visit.               Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a
                                                         member of the ruling family & Head, Dept
                                                         of Planning & Economy, Abu Dhabi, was
                                                         on a four day state visit to India.
                                                         Mr Ramesh Adige, Whole-time Director,
                                                         Corporate Affairs & Global Corporate
                                                         Communications, Ranbaxy, met Sheikh
                                                         Hamed at a special meet held in New               Two leading Pharma Companies of India,
                                                         Delhi.                                            Ranbaxy and Dr Reddy's, are engaged in an
                                                                                                           annual cricketing event 'Pharma Cup',
                                                                                                           extending their relationship beyond market
                                                                                                           competition. Incidentally this year, Ranbaxy
                                                                                                           won the cup, second time in a row at a match
                                                                                                           played at Hyderabad, India.
     Ranbaxy meets Dr Kalam
                                                         Ranbaxy Welcomes Thai PM
                                                         Mr Ramesh Adige, Whole-time Director,
                                                         Corporate Affairs & Global Corporate
                                                         Communications, Ranbaxy, met the Prime
                                                         Minister of Thailand, Mr Thaksin
                                                         Shinawatra, at an exclusive meeting
                                                         organized for the top corporates, during
                                                         his recent visit to India.                        Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh, President,
                                                                                                           Pharmaceuticals & Executive Director,
     The Indian President, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam,                                                           Ranbaxy, along with Mr Shivinder Mohan
     during his visit to Russia in May 2005, took                                                          Singh, Joint Managing Director, Fortis, &
     time out to meet representatives from                                                                 Mr Harpal Singh, Chairman, Fortis, met
     Ranbaxy and other top corporate houses in                                                             US Senator, Ms Hillary Clinton at a formal
     Russia and learnt about the ongoing                                                                   dinner during her recent visit to India. She
     challenges faced by them in that country.                                                             was accompanied with Mr Sant Singh
                                                                                                           Chatwal, a noted US Hotelier.

                                                                                                                         R A NBA X Y
   GLOBAL          CLINTON                                                        GLOBAL        GLOBAL
                                   CHINESE       RESEARCH &       CODE OF                                      SPECIAL
   QUALITY         LIBRARY                                                        SUPPLY        TALENT
                                   CONNECTION    DEVELOPMENT      CONDUCT                                      MOMENTS
   SYSTEM          DEDICATION                                                     CHAIN         POOL

 Malta                                                                                                   India - Toansa Plant
 IGPA Conference
 Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh, President,
 Pharmaceuticals & Executive Director,
 Ranbaxy, attended a conference organized
                                                     Twin Awards for
                                                                                                  National Safety Award
                                                                                                  In recognition of the Lowest Average
                                                                                                  Weighted Frequency Rate, the
 by International Generic Pharmaceutical             Packaging                                    manufacturing facilities at Toansa
 Alliance (IGPA), held at Malta from June 19
                                                                                                  received the 'National Safety Award' as a
 to 22, 2005. Mr Singh made a presentation
                                                      Ranbaxy's child                             runner up for the year.
 during the conference on, 'Will India
                                                      resistant card
 become the global center for
                                                      pack for 'Sortet'                           Energy Efficient Unit
 pharmaceutical research and
                                                      capsules and
 development', which was well appreciated
                                                      innovative pack
 by the audience.
                                                      for Pepfiz tube
                                                      w o n t h e
  Asia Pacific                                        prestigious
Seminar Series on Statins                             Awards for best
                                                      packaging in two categories. The
                                                      awards were given away by the Indian        Ranbaxy's Toansa location also won the
                                                      Institute of Packaging, under Govt of       'National Award for Excellence' in Energy
                                                      India.                                      Management as an 'Excellent Energy
                                                                                                  Efficiency Unit' for the year 2004.
                                                     Yangcheng Friendship                         Care for Environment

Ranbaxy Asia Pacific team organized a series
                                                     Award                                        Ranbaxy's Toansa plant bagged the
                                                                                                  prestigious 'Greentech Environment
of seminars on the role of Statins in diabetes
                                                                                                  Excellence Silver Award' in the pharma
in China, Vietnam and Myanmar. The
                                                                                                  sector for the year 2003-04, given away by
seminars were greatly appreciated for the
                                                                                                  the Greentech Foundation, a Non
latest information they presented to the
                                                                                                  Governmental organisation.
medical fraternity.

                                                      Ranbaxy (Guangzhou China) Limited
Capacity Expansion                                    (RGCL) was conferred with 'Yangcheng
                   The dosage forms                   Friendship Award', the top felicitation
                   facility of Ranbaxy at             for foreign investments, for its
                   Malaysia (RMSB) in                 contribution to Guangzhou's
                   Sungai Petani is                   (Yangcheng's) local economy and the
                   undergoing expansion               development of society.
to meet the growing demands of Ranbaxy

Ranbaxy Moves to New
Corporate Office
Early this year Ranbaxy moved to a new
corporate office in Gurgaon, India, bringing
the entire Ranbaxy team under one roof.
Mr Tejendra Khanna, Chairman, Dr Brian
Tempest, CEO & MD and Mr Malvinder
Mohan Singh, President,
Pharmaceuticals & Executive
Director, inaugurated the new
building by performing a
traditional puja.

                              YOUNG           USA-              HEADWAY        EUROPE-                        CORPORATE        NEW              ENVIRONMENT
             COVER                                                                              WAR ON                                                          SPECIAL               FINANCIAL
                              GLOBAL          FORTIFYING        INTO           BRAND                          SOCIAL           PATENT           HEALTH &
             STORY                                                                              AIDS                                                            MOMENTS               UPDATE
                              LEADER          PRESENCE          BRAZIL         BUILDING                       RESPONSIBILITY   REGIME           SAFETY


        Making Strides                                                                                                         Quarter 2, 2005 Highlights
                                                                                                                               • Q2 '05 Global Sales at US $ 309 Mn,

                                                                                                                                 + 11% ( Q2 '04 : US $ 279 Mn)
                                                                                                                               • Q2 '05 PAT 43% better than Q1 '05
                                                                                                                                 (trailing quarter), but 47% below
                                                                                                                                 Q2 '04 (corresponding quarter)
                                                                                                                               • R&D expenses double to US $ 26
     Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited recorded a growth of 21% in                                                                    Mn
     its global sales for the year 2004. The international sales                                                               • European countries recover with
     revenues touched 79% of the total sales and the Company                                                                     sales at US $ 54 Mn, + 27%.
     continued its focus on the value added dosage forms which                                                                 • BRIC countries bounce back with
     accounted for 89% of the total sales. Ranbaxy has also                                                                      sales at US $ 95 Mn, + 22%.
     ventured into new markets of Spain, Portugal and Canada                                                                   • Partial recovery in US sales at
     during the year.                                                                                                            US $ 82 Mn, - 10%.
                                                                                                                               • The Company's total prescriptions

     T  he Board of Directors approved and
        released the audited accounts for
     the year ended December 31, 2004 and
                                                                   Cefuroxime Axetil impact in USA, the
                                                                   rupee appreciating against the US
                                                                   dollar and pricing pressures in some
                                                                                                                                 generated in USA in Q2 '05
                                                                                                                                 recorded a growth of +26% versus
                                                                                                                                 Industry growth at +16% (in the
     the unaudited results for the first                           key markets.                                                  molecules that Ranbaxy markets).
     quarter ended March 31, 2005, in April                        Region wise global break up                                 • First Product Vogseal (Voglibose)
     2005.                                                         remained satisfactory, with the US                            for diabetes was launched in Japan
     The audited results for the year 2004,                        accounting for 36% of the global                              through its joint venture.
     recorded Consolidated Sales of                                sales, while Europe and BRIC
                                                                                                                               • Ranbaxy becomes the only Indian
     Rs 53130 Mn (US $ 1174 Mn),                                   countries constituted 16% and 26%
     registering a growth of 17% (21% in                           of the global sales. Europe had a                             Pharmaceutical Company with
     dollar terms).                                                significant growth of 116% over the                           presence in top 5 pharma markets -
                                                                   corresponding period.                                         USA, Japan, Germany, France & UK.
     The overall consolidated Profit After Tax
     & Minority Interest, at Rs 6,986 Mn was                       Ranbaxy is strategically making its
     8% below 2003. However if the                                 global moves, with expansion of its                              Dr. Brian Tempest, CEO & MD,
     exceptional items are excluded, then                          manufacturing capacities
                                                                                                                                        Ranbaxy, on Q2 Results

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Design & Production: Praxis Communications;
     the consolidated PAT at Rs 7,246 Mn                           worldwide. The existing plants in
     reflected 1.7% below last year. The                           Toansa (Punjab), Paonta Sahib                               "We have committed ourselves to a
     marginal decline in PAT was primarily                         (Himachal Pradesh), Dewas (Madhya
                                                                                                                               series of strategic and investment
     due to a significant step-up in the                           Pradesh) and Terminal Road (New
     Company’s R&D expenditure,                                    Jersey, USA) are also being                                 initiatives that will equip the
                                                                   expanded. In India, new                                     Company favorably to achieve its
       "We saw a year of robust sales                              manufacturing units are on the anvil                        mission of US $ 2 Bn sales by the year
                                                                   in Batamandi (Himachal Pradesh),                            2007.”
       growth, backed by a strong
                                                                   Mohali & Lalru (Punjab). A state-of-
       performance in Europe. During                               the-art manufacturing Plant is also
                                                                                                                               Sales (Key Markets) 2004                   All fig in US$
       the year, we made substantial                               being set up in Brazil to cater to the                      USA                                            426 Mn
       investments in strengtening our                             growing needs of that region.                               Europe                                         192 Mn
       product pipeline, as well as in                             Ranbaxy has also entered new                                UK                                             50 Mn
       enhancing our research and                                  markets by setting up its own                               Germany                                        26 Mn

       manufacturing capabilities."                                subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal and                         France                                         73 Mn
                                                                   Canada.                                                     BRIC Countries                                 305 Mn
       Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,                                                                                               Brazil                                         31 Mn
                                                                   Working towards its goal, Ranbaxy is                        Russia (Including Ukraine)                     45 Mn
       President, Pharmaceuticals &
                                                                   gearing up and building blocks for a                        India                                          217 Mn
       Executive Director, Ranbaxy                                 better future.                                              China                                          12 Mn

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