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									 “How to Attend A
N10,000 Seminar
 and in Fact Make
   N50,000 (or
more) Every Time
   You Attend A
(Even when you’re
  not a Speaker)”

This report is FREE and should not be sold by anyone. You can
however offer it as bonuses to people or give it for free.

In which ever case, the contents of this report should not be edited.

This idea is not mine. I got it from one of my mentors (Fred
Gleeck) and I tried it and was surprised at the results I got.

That happened because I was not lazy. I have the full conviction
that if anybody too would practice what is written here, the person
would soon be giving their testimonies.
                     A Gift for You.

If you apply the information here and you generated results, I have
a surprise $49 gift for you if you will send me your name and the
full details of how you applied it.
                 Let’s Start Learning.

How would you like to attend a N10, 000 seminar and come back
home from the event with N50,000 in your pocket?

It’s possible, but you must have a SYSTEM.

A system that has been tested. A system that works!

To make this happen you first must have a product or service to
sell. You then want to try and find opportune times during the
event to let people know about you and what you’re selling.

In some instances you’ll be able to sell your product or service on
the spot. If you can, then by all means do it!

If you can’t, you’ll want to generate a boatload of well-qualified,
HOT leads.

In most cases, you’ll probably have to be satisfied with generating
leads, but your individual situation may be different.

The difference usually revolves around the price point of the
product/service that you’re selling. What’s the RIGHT price point?

It depends. But true.

You’ll generate these leads by asking the RIGHT questions and
making the RIGHT comments at events.

When people come over to you as the result of you asking or
answering a question, be prepared to “hold court.”
As people come up to you, start a circle going with you in the
center. Try and move your group into a quiet area where you don’t
have to scream to have everyone hear you.

          Where Should You Sit at Events?

Always sit at one of the four corners of a room. This means you
will sit on the front row either all the way on the left or all the way
on the right.

Another option would be to sit on the back row on the far left and

Most people would say that the front row either left or right would
be the best.

Frankly, I choose that location because it allows me to slip out
easier if the speaker is terminally boring.

The reason for choosing these locations is simple. They are the
only locations in the room where you can be easily seen by
everyone in the room.

When you stand (which you always should) to make a comment,
everyone in the room will be able to see who you are.

      Strategic Comments/Question Asking
There are two times where you can highlight yourself at your
One is where you make comments. The other is where you ask

Make comments at a seminar when you have something
VALUABLE to contribute.

When you do it, it should not APPEAR to be self-promotional. It
should APPEAR to be giving people valuable information.

If you’re doing it right, you will be giving people great
information, BUT, you’ll also be promoting yourself!

There’s a specific method for answering questions at a seminar or
event. Every answer has got to show people how bright and
insightful you are AND make them want to come up to you at the
next break.

Questions: The way you ASK a question is critical. Before
you ask a concise, highly intelligent question you’ve got to
precede the question with a mini-bio. In your mini-bio you want to
show people that you have a lot on the ball in your specific area.

Here’s an example: “I own over 6 websites, all of which make
money selling a specific information product, what I’d like to
know is blah, blah . . .?”

Never ask TOO MANY questions during an event. You’ll be
perceived as a pest. Hold your fire until you see the RIGHT
opportunity, and then take it.

Whenever people ask me about how many comments/questions
constitutes too many, I tell them my rule of thumb is NO MORE
than 3 per day.
Before you go to an event, you’ve got to have your ducks in a row.
You should have a list of self-promotional items to make sure and
bring to every event.

I forgot to bring all of the items listed below at a recent event and
lost a lot of money.

Here’s my list: 1-page order sheet; copies of all of my books and
CDs; flyer promoting any and all upcoming events; flyer
promoting any soon to be released products; articles by or about
you. Come with all of the above and you’ll be armed for the battle.

                       What to Wear
To give you a complete idea of the look that I use, I’m either in a
Pair of jeans or a nice pair of dress slacks.

The only thing I don’t like is wearing uncomfortable shoes which
are the only kind I have that match my dress slacks.

I prefer jeans! I’m not suggesting you do the same thing, but I AM
suggesting that you wear something that will make you stand out
from the crowd.

That way, people will remember you. I’m not suggesting that you
dress up in a clown outfit.

Keep it memorable, but keep it professional. People should be able
to spot you easily at one of the breaks.
            What You SHOULDN’T Do
Don’t become a pest or annoyance at any event. There is nothing
worse than someone who over-contributes at events.
People start to get annoyed. Pick your times and issues carefully.

Only comment or ask questions when it DIRECTLY relates to you
and/or your field of expertise.

This would mean a maximum of 3 instances during the day when
you speak. This seems to be the most anyone should contribute in
the course of an event.

              Question the Status Quo
Look for ways to be different from anyone at the events.

To stand out, but to stand out in a positive way. No one cares if all
you’re going to do is agree with the speaker with your comments.
That will bring a HUGE YAWN regardless of how articulate you
are in making your point.

Questions peoples assumptions and “sacred cows” but do so in an
intelligent, articulate, manner.

Also make sure and do it in a way that doesn’t directly challenge
the speaker and make them look bad.
                      Printed Matter
Whatever it is you’re trying to promote should have a flyer or
other printed matter associated with them.

At a recent seminar that I attended I was hoping to promote a
series of seminars that I was going to have in the upcoming

I printed up a one page sheet with a list of the seminars and some
bullet points associated with each seminar.

I included all of the websites associated with each of the seminars.
Someone won’t be sold with a one page flyer but they are much
more apt to buy at a website.

Don’t try and promote more than one thing or one set of things.
For example, I wouldn’t want to try and promote both my
seminars AND a whole set of my products.

                         Your Book
People tell you to bring business cards to events that you attend.
That’s OK, but there’s something MUCH better. Bring a copy of
your book if you have written one.

A book will give you a massive amount of credibility in any
marketplace. It’s infinitely better than a business card. What topic
should your book be about?

Preferably in the field that you want to “hold court.” That would
be the best, but a book in ANY related topic will do.
By handing out my books I end up getting three things: Orders for
books, people onto my opt-in lists and orders for my other
programs that are listed in the back of the book on the order

                   Your Contact Info
I have been using my MTN 081 number for some time now. Even
if you get one today, people will still associate longevity with your
business if you have this kind of number.

You should also add your email address.
Seminars that you attend are the best lead generation and sales
opportunity on the planet.

Go to events and follow the suggestions mentioned above and
you’ll be able to make MUCH MORE than the cost of the
seminars that you attend.

I wish you success.

Ilonze Nnamdi.

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