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					                               Rater Questionnaire

1. Contact Information

Name of Rating Agency: Micro Credit Ratings International Ltd
Number of Employees: 12
Full Email Address:
Name of Contact Person: Mr Sanjay Sinha
Phone: +91 124 405 0739, 230 9493, 230 9497
Fax : +91 124 230 9520

2. Legal Profile

2.1 Primary Business of the organization          Credit Rating
                                                  Microfinance Rating
                                                  Social Rating
                                                  Other (please specify)

2.2 Profit Orientation:    For Profit           Non Profit

3. Institutional Details

3.1 Rating/Assessment Clients
                             MFI NGO
                             MFI Credit Unions
                             MFI NBFI
                             MFI Cooperatives
                             Corporate Sector entities
                             Government institutions

3.2 Number of ratings/assessments completed by your institution in the last 12 months1 70

3.3 Total number of microfinance ratings done by your institution since inception            593

3.4 Number of Ratings completed with The Rating Fund and/or The Rating Initiative            66

3.5 Geographic Coverage of MFI Ratings/Assessments Completed:

                            SS Africa                 Latin America and the Caribbean
                            MENA                      Asia

3.6 Other areas willing to do MFI Ratings/Assessments in:

                            SS Africa                 Latin America and the Caribbean
                            MENA                      Asia

3.7 Office Locations:
                            SS Africa                 Latin America and the Caribbean
                            MENA                      Asia

3.8 Staff:                  Number of full time rating/assessment staff         12
                            Number of associate rating/assessment staff         6

    Includes ratings done with the CGAP/IDB Rating Fund, The Rating Initiative and others.

4   Product Details (please be sure to complete relevant columns)

                                  Credit Rating           Microfinance Rating      Social Rating
Product Type                          YES                        YES                   YES
Standard Clients
MFI                                     Y                         Y                      Y
Donors                                  Y                         Y                      Y
Regulators                              Y                         Y                      Y
Lenders/Creditors                       Y                         Y                      Y
Investors                               Y                         Y                      Y

5   Methodology

5.1 Please select the specific areas that your methodology assesses/rates and the relative importance of
    each (1 = high, 3 = low)

Management                1 Capital Adequacy               1   Outreach & Impact     2
Financial Performance     1       Institutional Analysis       1             Business Plan      2
Asset Quality             1       Strategic Objectives         2             Governance         1
Earnings                  1       Operational Effectiveness    1             Financial Forecasts2
Liquidity Management      2       Assets & Liability management2             Others (please specify)
Profitability             1       Funding needs                1             - Staff productivity
Financial Risk Analysis   1       Scalability & Sustainability 1             - Accounting policies
Liability Structure       2       Services                     2             - Internal Audit/Control
Loan Portfolio            1       Clientele                    2
Savings Activity          2       Market trend and competition 2
Credit Methodology        2 Management Information System 1

5.2. Rating Scale                        Alphabetical             Numerical
                                         Alpha-Numeric            Not Applicable

5.3. Nature of Over-all Analysis Quantitative       60%   Qualitative   40 %
(Expressed in percentage)

5.4. Please provide an index of your rating scale
Credit Rating & Social rating Scales are given in Annexure 1

5.5. Additional Methodology Features (500 words max)
Social rating coverage and types of social rating offered by M-CRIL also in Annexure-I

Name & designation of contact person for this application:
Alok Misra, Director

                                   THANK YOU!


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