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September 18, 2000

Mr. Dan John
Website Wizards
Ernst & Young Tower
222 Bay Street, 11th floor
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1J5

Dear Dan:

Thank you for meeting with us recently to discuss developing a leading-edge website to help
reduce homelessness in Canada. We greatly enjoyed meeting your creative team and believe
that there is an excellent fit between Website Wizards and Raising the Roof.

As our website sponsor, you would enjoy the benefit of profiling your creative skills with an
innovative website developed by professionals with vision and strategy! As your charity of
choice, we would present this partnership to the public in a way that would capture
Canadians’ attention and promote Website Wizards to many new markets.

Your support will help us to educate Canadians about our work and initiatives. It will also
provide them with a way to contribute towards local solutions. As we evolve, new
opportunities will arise that will provide Website Wizards with new branding and profile-
building opportunities. We are a young, fresh, entrepreneurial charity looking for innovative
corporate partners interested in making a difference.

The attached proposal highlights an exciting opportunity to enhance Website Wizards’s
marketing and business objectives nation-wide, while meeting your philanthropic objectives.
Raising the Roof can provide Website Wizards with increased promotional opportunities and
creative ways to build goodwill with clients, suppliers, potential customers and the Canadian
public at large. We look forward to working with you to develop innovative website
programming and ensure a successful alliance.

Feel free to call me with any questions or concerns at (416) 481-1838. Please contact me once
your team has reviewed the attached document. We can then meet to discuss the details and
develop a schedule of activities.

Many thanks for your interest in Raising the Roof.


Suzanne Gibson
Executive Director
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                   A Website Sponsorship Proposal to Website Wizards
                     Working in Partnership with Raising the Roof



Raising the Roof/Chez Toît is a registered, national charity dedicated to finding long-term
solutions to the growing problem of homelessness in Canada. We are working to establish a
country-wide network to fund and partner with local initiatives involving homeless people or
people at risk of becoming homeless in the development, finding, and/or maintenance of
homes. We provide opportunities for corporations, organizations, governments, and
individuals to invest and participate in local solutions.

Founded in 1997, Raising the Roof was created as a result of a consultation and feasibility
study. Experts from across the country expressed a need for a national organization to
facilitate shared strategies to end homelessness. Until then, local organizations worked in
relative isolation from each other, and Canadians had few opportunities to learn about,
participate in, and support projects that help to keep people off the streets. Raising the Roof
was formed to provide Canadians from all walks of life with the opportunity to contribute to
the prevention and reduction of homelessness in their own communities.

Specifically, Raising the Roof:
• raises and allocates needed resources and funds to local community-based charities across
   the country;
• undertakes local and national public education initiatives to heighten community
   awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding homelessness;
• engages the private and public sector in the development of a national strategy on
   homelessness prevention to identify effective approaches and efforts to reduce
   homelessness. This includes the development and promotion of prevention models, case
   studies and “toolkits” for local communities as well as the development of a website to
   share learnings.

In the past three years, Raising the Roof has successfully raised funds and awareness in
Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Vancouver through the hosting of high-profile comedy events.
In addition to raising support for local charities, our events provide hope and vision to the
public—challenging individuals’ attitudes that nothing can be done to alleviate homelessness.

Annually in February, we host a national event called Toque Tuesday. Last year, with the
help of RBC Dominion Securities and many other companies and organizations, we sold
42,000 of our famous toques to Canadians from across the country.
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Well-known Canadian celebrities and comics sported our stylish toques on a public service
announcement run pro bono by Global Television. Their gift resulted in more than $500,000
of free television airtime.

To date, Raising the Roof has allocated more than $258,000 in grants to 25 local groups from
across Canada working to reduce homelessness at the local level. We have also undertaken a
national project that engages seven sectors (health, education, financial, child welfare,
housing, employment, legal) in defining prevention strategies. More than 500 practices and
programs are posted on our current web site for review by the public. Eventually, these
prevention strategies will be shared broadly with the public.

Our work in the area of public education has resulted annually in more than $1 million of free
publicity for the issue of homelessness and Raising the Roof’s work. This continues to grow
as we develop more active partnerships with the Canadian media.

Please see the attached information kit for more details about Raising the Roof and our past
activities. A portfolio of our creative work has also been included, presenting many
promotions that have been developed by Donald Murphy, our award-winning advertiser with
30-plus years of expertise.

Raising the Roof’s Current Website

Raising the Roof has had a website (www.raisingtheroof.org) since 1997, when it first
launched its demonstration project in Toronto. Developed by a volunteer, it provided basic
information about the organization and its events. Interactive devices were limited although a
comedy game was included on the site along with requests for further information. The site
was bright and fun and included some audio to support the comedy aspects of our work.

In 1998, havidave.com (run by Havi Echenberg, the Director of our National Prevention
Strategy) took over the development of the site. Her company has acted as our server,
designer, creator and site "updater". Responsible for developing our national prevention
strategy, Havi develops the content for the site related to this piece of our work. She also
oversees the private extranets that engage experts from seven different sectors in discussions
regarding how to prevent homelessness. The Raising the Roof staff team is responsible for
updating the marketing and fundraising aspects of the site.

Over the past year or two, the site has presented information that fits into the following three

1.     Fundraising and Marketing of Raising the Roof’s Toque Tuesday, special comedy
       events, public events, fundraising campaigns, and other promotional activities.
2.     Public education and general information about homelessness, including question and
       answer sections and updates on the status of homelessness in Canada.
                           Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 4

3.     Our national prevention strategy which includes the posting of more than 500 best
       practices in Canada, a cybrary, private extranets for project participants, an initial
       national prevention strategy report, and articles/essays regarding prevention and
       reduction strategies.

The weakest elements of the site have been primarily in the first two categories: fundraising
and marketing, and public education. We have not had the resources to maximize the site to
its full capacity due to limited resources. Generally speaking, information has not been
presented in a compelling and exciting manner. Further, the three areas of the site have not
been woven together in a strategic, integrated way. More cross-over and integration is
required to ensure that users can move easily across the three sections, thereby providing site
visitors with a broader understanding of our work and the issues.

Our Request

Raising the Roof requests the support of Website Wizards as our website sponsor. Together,
Raising the Roof and Website Wizards will provide solutions to homelessness through the
creation of a leading-edge website and online marketing strategy.

At the same time, Website Wizards will enjoy increased exposure nation-wide through
Raising the Roof’s public relations and promotions strategies. Website Wizards will gain
valuable media exposure and goodwill while meeting its marketing and business objectives.

Our Vision for the Website

Raising the Roof is looking for a corporate website sponsor who is interested in developing a
creative, award-winning site that attracts attention and engages Canadians in solutions for
homelessness. The site needs to be accessible, interactive, and should reflect a high level of
innovation and invention.

Our goal is to increase traffic on our site and eventually move towards establishing e-
commerce for our toque sales, and online donations for our fundraising campaigns. Raising
the Roof is also interested in making use of e-mail addresses, user surveys, virtual marketing,
Flash technology, and other Internet technology as part of its future fundraising and
promotional strategies.

Our vision is to create a fun user-friendly site that downloads quickly and keeps the user
engaged and educated through simple navigation and leading-edge design and content.
Raising the Roof seeks to work with a partner who is interested in “pushing the envelope” and
creating a unique and highly visible site.
                            Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 5

The Proposal

Raising the Roof proposes that Website Wizards become our Website Sponsor (gift value is
estimated greater than $25,000) by providing the following support:

1. Provision of a website team to work in tandem with Raising the Roof to develop a site that
   presents fundraising/marketing information, public education material and a section on
   our national strategy.

Website Wizards would be required to most actively support the fundraising/marketing and
public education design. Havi Echenberg would be responsible for overseeing the national
strategy component of the site until the end of June 2001 at which point her 2-year contract is
complete. At this time, Raising the Roof will determine next steps to maintaining this aspect
of the site.

Website Wizards would be asked to work with Raising the Roof to develop an overall
integrated strategy and then focus predominantly on the marketing, fundraising and public
education components of the site. While Havi will continue to design and update the National
Strategy section, some changes to design and site structure could be made. It will be
imperative to undertake a website transfer that still provides Havi Echenberg access to her
program section of the site.

Possible website sections (an initial list) could include:

Home Page
• mission, background and guiding principles of Raising the Roof
• a “what’s new” banner
• easy break out and navigation regarding how to find key information throughout the site
• how to contact Raising the Roof
• guest book with a user survey
• a compelling and exciting opening section…etc.

• Toque Tuesday section with ways to sell toques in your own company—including a
   request to order a sales toolkit, etc.
• Special events section with option to order tickets online
• List of Board of Directors, staff and key volunteers including advisors
• Our corporate sponsors and funders
• How to support Raising the Roof including commerce for our toques and online donation
• List of recipient groups who are funded locally and how allocations are handled
• How to become a volunteer
• Press releases for the media…etc.
                            Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 6

Public Education
• An interactive game about comics (or homelessness)
• Question and answer section about homelessness
• A needs section—statistics from across Canada
• “Ask an expert” section, questions could be referred to members of the National Working
• An advocacy section re: sending a letter to key politicians
• Articles of interest and ways that individuals can make a difference…etc.

With Website Wizards’s guidance, we would like to explore the use of sound, animation and
video along with Flash technology in a way that still ensures accessibility for Internet visitors.

2. In terms of roles and responsibilities, it is proposed that the Website Wizards team
   undertake the following with respect to the website’s development:

   •   provide overall feedback and input regarding the development of a website strategy;
   •   work with Raising the Roof staff to identify key information areas and approaches for
       the site.
   •   work with Raising the Roof staff to develop leading-edge ideas. Raising the Roof
       would also consult Donald Murphy (our advertising genius) to develop new and fun
       ideas for the site.
   •   provide creative ideas and ways of enhancing the site, e.g. use of technology,
       navigation techniques, ways of presenting information, design strategies, etc.;
   •   help Raising the Roof explore and implement new technologies as appropriate
       including e-commerce options (ASPs, accessing Website Wizards technology, phasing
       e-commerce and online donations in with e-mail orders this year and moving towards
       security commerce options in 2001, etc.); surveys; development of a server that is able
       to provide database information from surveys/donations’ lists; possible development
       of an interactive game; Flash technology; audio and video streaming, and other ideas
       as suggested; tracking of number of hits on site and source of traffic; etc. It is
       assumed that these technologies would be provided free unless otherwise highlighted
       by Website Wizards at our initial partnership agreement meeting;
   •   develop the design and look of the site with copy and content provided by Raising the
   •   develop a site that can be updated (copy and content) by Raising the Roof on a weekly
       basis (user friendly updating options);
   •   provide design and framework changes as required (e.g. new page set ups; new
       sections, etc.) on an ongoing basis;
   •   provide Raising the Roof with ideas on how to undertake online marketing through
       banner promotions on other sites (e.g. Yahoo, Alta Vista, AOL, and others) as well as
       strategic links to other sites. Website Wizards’s support in developing a strategy and
       accessing free banner space would be greatly appreciated;
   •   help Raising the Roof evaluate the success of the site on a quarterly and annual basis.
                           Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 7

In addition, Website Wizards would agree to undertake the following activities related to
promotion of Raising the Roof and our mutual partnership:

1.     Attend our Toronto Comedy Gala on February 11th to ensure that Website Wizards has
       a presence (Website Wizards will receive 4 complimentary tickets to the event).
2.     Help Raising the Roof to sell corporate tables for the Toronto Comedy Gala in order to
       broaden our corporate networks.
3.     Provide corporate information about Website Wizards along with its logo for
       promotions (all promotions and written materials about Website Wizards that are used
       by Raising the Roof must first have Website Wizards’s approval and sign off).
4.     Provide support in the marketing and promotions of the website and Website Wizards
       related activities to a variety of stakeholders including the media, Marketing
       Magazine, Internet awards, the NSFRE for innovative online fundraising, other
       companies, etc. This would include support in the development of press releases for
       the media and help at event promotions that include Website Wizards, etc.
5.     Participate in Toque Tuesday on February 6th, 2000 in Website Wizards’s offices and
       with other CAPGEM and Ernst & Young employees where possible. Raising the
       Roof is interested in hosting an event at your office to secure media and online
       exposure for Website Wizards on Toque Tuesday.
6.     Help Raising the Roof mobilize other industry members whenever possible to join as
       corporate supporters to help alleviate homelessness across Canada.

In terms of the website, Raising the Roof would be responsible for the following:

1.     taking responsibility for overall management, scheduling, and next steps. Raising the
       Roof will ultimately be responsible for overseeing this process and taking the lead in
       terms of making sure deadlines and requirements are met expediently. One staff
       person will be designated as the Project Coordinator in order to ensure that Website
       Wizards’s daily needs are met;
2.     clearly stating our website strategy, goals and objectives to ensure a common vision.
3.     providing content, copy and creative input into the website design;
4.     engaging Donald Murphy in the creative process to ensure a “uniquely Raising the
       Roof” approach;
5.     updating content and copy on a weekly basis, provided the site’s content can be
       updated in a user friendly manner (not in HTML);
6.     promoting the site in all of its promotion vehicles wherever possible to ensure a high
       level of traffic to the site;
7.     responding to all e-mail queries, e-commerce sales and online donations;
8.     monitoring and evaluating the website on an ongoing basis;
9.     Providing links between Website Wizards’s site and Raising the Roof’s site;
10.    providing Website Wizards with a year-end report regarding the success of the site and
       related promotions and sponsorship opportunities secured by Website Wizards as a
       result of the relationship.
                          Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 8

Other corporate partners involved in this project include RBC Dominion Securities Inc. (RBC
DS) and Global Television. We plan to post our website address on our 2001 public service
announcement, which will once again be aired free-of-charge on Global Television. This will
result in more than $500,000 of free publicity for the site.

RBC DS is also planning to sell toques at its 200 branches in Canada, including key Royal
Bank locations. We expect to sell more than 100,000 toques during our February 2001
campaign through this distribution network, as well as through our own local activities.

In return for Website Wizards’s support, Raising the Roof is pleased to provide the following
promotional opportunities:

1.     Raising the Roof would be interested in developing a promotional strategy to officially
       launch the website and promote Website Wizards’s involvement as the website
       sponsor. We are interested in meeting with Website Wizards’s promotional team to
       develop a unique approach to securing increased exposure.

2.     Raising the Roof guarantees exclusivity to Website Wizards for a two-year term as the
       only website designer/developer for Raising the Roof, ensuring industry leadership.

3.     Raising the Roof will promote Website Wizards to our membership database of more
       than 5,000 people, businesses, and organizations, through an article highlighting
       Website Wizards in our Winter 2001 and 2002 newsletter (circulation will have vastly
       increased by then). Website Wizards will also receive acknowledgement in our
       Annual Report that is also circulated to our membership base.

4.     Raising the Roof will provide creative support and ideas in partnership with Website
       Wizards’s website team for all website development and all promotions related to our
       partnership. Donald Murphy’s 30-plus years in the advertising sector and creative
       ideas have already had Raising the Roof cited in a marketing course textbook for
       universities in Canada. Further, positive articles have been written about our creative
       approach in magazines and daily papers in Canada. (See the attached portfolio for
       past promotions undertaken by Raising the Roof.)

5.     Website Wizards’s name and corporate profile will be located predominantly on our
       website to ensure that users know that Website Wizards has developed the design of
       the site as a corporate sponsor. This would include the presentation of Website
       Wizards’s logo and name in a central location on the home page and the positioning of
       Website Wizards’s name and logo at the bottom of each additional website page. Last
       year, the site received more than 4,300 hits on one day, due to an article in The
       Toronto Star. With the website address posted on our Global public service
       announcements, many Canadians will visit our site and be exposed to Website

6.     Raising the Roof will include Website Wizards’s logo and status as our website
       sponsor on the tags of the 100,000 toques that will be sold nation-wide on Toque
                          Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 9

       Tuesday. More than 70,000 of these toques will be sold through the Royal Bank and
       RBC DS’s business and employee channels country-wide. The other 30,000 will be
       sold through local community events in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver and

7.     In all of our promotions and materials distributed across the country, Website
       Wizards’s name and logo will appear below our website address as our national
       website sponsor. This includes promotions to the media for all of our events (Winter
       Toque campaigns and summer golf events, etc.). For events in Halifax, Toronto,
       Vancouver, and Ottawa, Website Wizards can expect to gain a presence in as many as
       50,000 different event and toque brochure and promotional pieces distributed country-

8.     During the formal “Raising the Roof Campaign” in the Winter of 2001, Raising the
       Roof would promote Website Wizards in its campaign media strategy. Our hope is to
       launch a mini Website Wizards event during the week that captures the media’s
       attention. Donald Murphy and Lise Desrochers will develop creative ideas for this

9.     Raising the Roof will identify and provide other opportunities that are mutually
       beneficial for both partners.

10.    Raising the Roof will link Website Wizards to our network of advisors and partners,
       wherever appropriate, to help provide Website Wizards with new distribution

Proposed Next Steps would include:

1.     Meeting to Review the Terms of this Proposal        September 2000

       Website Wizards and Raising the Roof to refine and agree to the terms of this

2.     Brainstorming and Conceptual work            September - October 2000

       Raising the Roof and Website Wizards to meet to review the goals for the site and
       begin to conceptualize a framework for the site, including key areas of information
       and content. Agreement regarding concepts and next steps to be confirmed. Donald
       Murphy to provide a creative strategy to support Website Wizards’s creative process.
                          Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 10

      Brainstorming Regarding Website Promotion and Website Wizards Promotion

      Raising the Roof to meet with Website Wizards staff interested in developing
      marketing, media and publicity strategies to be implemented in the coming 2 years of
      partnership. A strategy and schedule to be developed that highlights roles and

3.    Implementation                                     October to December 2000

      Raising the Roof to begin to develop written copy and compile the visuals, photos,
      artwork, etc, required by Website Wizards. Website Wizards to design the website.
      Raising the Roof to support Website Wizards as required.

      Raising the Roof to develop and implement a promotion strategy in conjunction with
      Website Wizards that meets its marketing objectives. This includes exploring a media
      campaign and media launch, creative cross-promotions with other Raising the Roof
      corporate partners, development of media and promotional materials, etc.

4.    Evaluation                                         Ongoing

      Raising the Roof and Website Wizards will together monitor and evaluate the site as
      required. Raising the Roof will provide Website Wizards with an annual final report
      that highlights the success of the website as well as the promotional opportunities
      secured by Website Wizards as a result of the sponsorship. Enhancements to be made
      in year 2 based on first year feedback.

Raising the Roof’s Team

Lise Desrochers              Director of Marketing
Suzanne Gibson               Executive Director
Madeline Lunney              Coordinator
Donald Murphy                Director of Creative Services
Lesley Sims                  Director of Special Events and Toque Programming
                          Grantseeking Resource Kit: Page 11


As a relatively new organization, Raising the Roof is still developing its programming and
activities in major markets across Canada. As we evolve, new opportunities will arise that
will provide Website Wizards with new branding and profile-building opportunities. We are
a young, fresh, entrepreneurial charity looking for bright and vibrant corporate partners
interested in making a difference.

Raising the Roof invites Website Wizards to join us in our work to alleviate homelessness in
Canada through the pro bono support of creating an innovative website. Your support will
help us to educate Canadians about our work and initiatives. It will also provide them with a
way to contribute towards local solutions.

Raising the Roof can provide Website Wizards with increased promotional opportunities and
innovative ways to build goodwill with clients, suppliers, potential customers and the
Canadian public at large. We look forward to working with you to develop innovative
website programming while promoting your generosity and creative website services to the
broader public.

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