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Raising of Funds in International Marketing


Raising of Funds in International Marketing document sample

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									                             Early Bird Discount                    20th South Asian International
                   Save Rs. 1000 if you register before 31st May!   Fund Raising Workshop (SAFRW)

                                                                    8-11 August 2009
 WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THE 20TH SAFRW?                           Hotel Clarks Amer
    LEARN CRITICAL SKILLS FOR RAISING MORE FUNDS                   Jaipur, India
                                                                    Welcome to the 20th Annual SAFRW,
    MEET AND NETWORK WITH OTHER FUNDRAISERS                        the most popular event on fundrais-
                                                                    ing & communications in South Asia.
    SHARE BEST PRACTICES FROM THE FIELD                            We believe in providing state-of-the-
                                                                    art training & tools relevant for
                                                                    fundraising professionals in the de-
                                                                    veloping world.
OUR SUPPORTERS & ASSOCIATES FOR THE 20TH SAFRW                        We are proud to share with you
                                                                    the master classes and workshop
                        Ford Foundation                             topics, as well as the distinguished
     International Development Research Centre, Canada              speakers that will join us for this
                Think Consulting Solutions, UK                      event! The SAFRW is where you
         Association of Fundraising Professionals, USA              learn the most critical skills to make
                  Institute of Fundraising, UK                      money & build fruitful relationships
                  Sehgal Foundation—IRRAD                           for your organization!
                  Murray Culshaw Consulting
                                                                      Registration is open, so book early
        Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Center
                                                                    for the early bird discount! We look
              Paiman Alumni Trust Fund, Pakistan
                                                                    forward to seeing you in historic
  Center for Advancement of Resource Mobilization, Sri Lanka
                                                                    Jaipur and will share more details
                    Datamation Foundation

                                             Gen. Surat Sandhu, Chair   Pallavi Kumar, CEO
Master Classes: 1 day class with expert trainers                                   Other Events:                                       Workshop Topics:
 Major Donor Fundraising: Get Started & Move Ahead                                                                                                                     Environment
                                                                                   Funders Forum                            Key Critical Thinking Skills to Ensure Fundraising Success
 Step by Step: Creating a Communication Strategy & Plan                           Real funders tell you what         The Ethics Challenge: A Case for Accountability & Transparency
 The Complete Toolkit for Corporate Fundraising                                   they are looking for!                     Creativity & Innovation to Rejuvenate your Fundraising
 Developing a Complete Strategy for Fundraising from Individuals                  Panel Discussion                Strategy
                                                                                                                                  Importance of Governance for Fundraising Success
 Writing Winning Grants                                                           Hear from NGOs who have
                                                                                                                   Developing a Comprehensive & Successful FR Strategy
                                                                                   succeeded in raising funds!
Featured Speakers                      All Time Favorite Topics Return
                                                                                   Case Studies
                                                                                                                   Successfully Raising Funds for Challenging Causes
                                                                                                                   Fundraising Success in Difficult Times
                                               MAJOR GIFT FUNDRAISING              Learn best practices from       Creativity in Action
Tony Elischer, Think Consultants, UK
                                       SPECIAL EVENTS FOR FRIENDS, FUN & FUNDS     around the world                                                                       Techniques
Nachiket Mor, IFMR, India                                                                                                                 Realizing the Potential in Direct Marketing-
Tony Myers, Myers & Assoc., Canada              BUILDING YOUR BRAND                Gala Night                                 Database Management : Create, Maintain, Raise Funds!
Katherine Hay, IDRC, Canada                THE POTENTIAL IN PAY ROLL GIVING        Enjoy food, drinks & dancing                                   Successful Face to Face Fundraising
Mara Perez, USA                            DIRECT MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS           with your fellow fundraisers!                        Diaspora Fundraising: Successful Case studies
                                                                                                                             Internet Fundraising: Involving the World with our Work
Leo Orland, Robejohn, Australia         WIN-WIN PARTNERSHIPS WITH CORPORATES
                                                                                                                                   Relationship Building: How to care for your donors
Kunal Verma, Oxfam, India                HOW TO DEVELOP A CASE FOR SUPPORT                                                                                             Making the Ask
Bharati Ramachandran, MCC, India            THE ART OF PROPOSAL WRITING                                            Corporate
Vikas Goswami, Microsoft, India                                                                                    Trends in CSR, Building Long Term Corporate Partnerships
Vanita Mukherjee, Ford Foundation                                                                                  Creating Partnerships and Alliances with Corporates
Arundhati Ghosh, IFA, India                  WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                                    Researching Corporates: Deciding who to approach
                                                                                                                   Winning the Corporate Pitch
Joseph Scaria, Habitat, India            CEOS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS                Sessions on                                                                     Communications
Noshir Dadrawala, CAP, India             BOARD MEMBERS, TRUSTEES
Nidhi Raj Kapoor, AIF, India             FUNDRAISING & COMMUNICATIONS             Proposal Writing                                Telling your Story: The Key to Fundraising Success
                                                                                                                                   Creating a inspiring Message for your organization
Amita Puri, India                        REPRESENTATIVES OF FUNDING AGEN-
                                                                                   & Storytelling                        Creating a Communication Plan to Support your Fundraising
                                                                                                                                      Does your Annual Report Raise Funds for you?
Binali Suhandani, CFC, India                CIES, FOUNDATIONS & CSR INITIATIVES    led by                                             Essential Guide for Media and Public Relations
Chetan Sharma, Datamation, India         VOLUNTEERS & FRIENDS
                                                                                                                                 Brandraising: Securing Share of Mind, Heart & Spirit
Paulette Mahaera, AFP, USA               HOSPITAL, UNIVERSITY AND PRIVATE         International                                           Using Celebrities for Success : Case Studies
                                            INSTITUTION EMPLOYEES
V Raghunathan, GMR, India
                                        & ALL THOSE WHO DESIRE TO GAIN SKILLS      experts                         Income Generation
Surat Sandhu, India                                                                                                Profits for Non-Profits-How to start up a Charity Business
                                                  TO RAISE FUNDS!
                                                                                   coming to the                   Starting an Enterprise for Sustainability
                                                                                                                                                         Institutional Fundraising
                Many options to attend:
                                                              Stay with us,
                                                                                   SAFRW for the                                  Researching and Approaching Trusts & Foundations
                 4 Days with Master Classes
                 3 Days without Master Classes
                                                        at the Hotel Clarks Amer   first time                                                    Partnering with Institutional Donors:
                                                                                                                                     Tips for creating strong and lasting relationships
                                                             or on your own!
                 Only Masterclasses                                               Not to be missed!                                    Optimizing Raising Funds from Governments

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