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Railway Contract Concluded July 2009 - PDF by gdb18845


Railway Contract Concluded July 2009 document sample

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									                                 RAIL MAIL
 THE MOUNT BEACON INCLINE RAILWAY RESTORATION SOCIETY                                                         AUTUMN 2009

Railroad Construction Companies Visit Incline Railway
(Beacon, NY) – The Mount         partners and potential           a typical railway build —        their visits. “They told us that
Beacon Incline Railway Res-      funding sources.”                only companies that can          that most of the rail is in
toration Society recently                                         blend historic preservation      amazing shape and can be
hosted site visits by two        When asked about the             with sustainable design          saved, and that the power-
railroad construction com-       Society’s process for solicit-   need apply.”                     house and some of its ma-
panies. Engineers from each      ing      bids,     C olaruss o                                    chinery can also be restored.
assessed the feasibility of      identified several selection     Both companies meet these        That’s exactly what we were
restoring the railway.           criteria. “First, as this is a   criteria. J-Track, founded in    hoping to hear.”
                                 National Historic Register       2007, has established itself
“We’re soliciting reconstruc-    property, we want bids           as a leading railway con-        Both companies have also
tion bids from established       from American companies.         struction company. Its client    committed to delivering initial
                                                                  list includes the New York       proposals to the Incline
                                                                  City Transit Authority, the      Society before Thanksgiving.
                                                                  New York City Department         “These site assessments have
                                                                  of Environmental Protec-         made one thing abundantly
                                                                  tion, the Metro North            clear,” concluded Colarusso.
                                                                  Railroad, the New York &         “Regardless of who wins the
                                                                  Atlantic Railway, and the        contract, the incline restora-
                                                                  Hudson River Park Trust.         tion is an entirely feasible
                                                                  With its parent company,         undertaking.”
                                                                  Judlau, it brings the ability
                                                                  to meet all design and
                                                                  construction requirements        Inside this issue:
                                                                  for the incline’s restoration.
                                                                                                   From the President           2
                                                                  RCC is an equally impressive     Society Joins ARM            2
                                                                  family of companies, also
    Mike Colarusso (left) with Scott Sbrocco of J-Track LLC
                                                                  capable of meeting all           New Advisory Board           3
companies in the tri-state       Second, we want contrac-         project     requirements.
area,” said Mike Colarusso,      tors employing union labor       Founded in 1926, its client      Bricks for the Power-
Chief Operating Officer of       from our region, to ensure       list includes New Jersey         house
the Incline Society. “These      the     project    generates     Transit, PATH, the New York
will shape an economic and       maximum economic lift for        City Transit Authority, the      Fire on the Mountain         4
fiscal impact study currently    the area. Third, we’re look-     Metro North Railroad, and
underway at West Point. By       ing for firms with a proven      Conrail.                         Meet Kirsten Heincke         5
January we’ll be able to         track record of safety and                                        West Point Assists
present the costs and bene-      customer        satisfaction.    According to Colarusso,                                       5
                                                                                                   the Incline Society
fits of the project to the       Lastly, we want innovative       both companies delivered
public, as well as to our        thinkers. This project is not    encouraging news during          Upcoming Events              6

                PO BOX 1248       •    BEACON, NY 12508       •   845.765.3262     •    WWW.INCLINERAILWAY.ORG
   2                        RAIL MAIL — Autumn 2009

From the President — Vision for 2013
                     Dear Friends,           recognized as a leader in its field.        Historic Preservation: The Society is a
                                                                                         member of the National Trust for
                     With the recent         Community Service: We are partnered         Historic Preservation. We are working
                     completion of our       with organizations sharing our core         to raise awareness of our region’s past
                     strategic plan, our     values to improve the quality of life for   and to inspire the active preservation,
                     vision has come         our friends and neighbors in the            listing, and long-term protection of our
                     into sharper focus      Hudson Valley and beyond. Our               national heritage.
                     than ever before.       associates devote their time, energy
                     Here’s how we see       and talents to selflessly serving others.   Environmental Protection: We are
                     the future:                                                         members of the U.S Green Building
    Anne Lynch
                                                                                         Council. Our facilities set the standard
First, we believe that the Mount                                                         for green building practices and are
Beacon Incline Railway can be                                                            LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy
returned to operation by 2013, the                                                       and Environmental Design). We
centennial of the City of Beacon, New                                                    collaborate with organizations sharing
York. On opening day, we envision a                                                      our environmental concerns.
railway that: is Americans with Disabili-
ties Act (ADA) compliant; integrates                                                     Realizing this vision will require the
sustainable design and historic preser-      Philanthropy: The Mount Beacon              support of our partners, members and
vation; and operates in complete             Incline Railway and Museum gives via        friends, but it’s clear that the support is
harmony with its natural setting.            direct contributions and partnered          there. With your continued help, we’ll
                                             fundraising efforts, focusing its           get the job done. So climb aboard, and
Second, we believe that restoring the        philanthropy upon educational and           we’ll see you at the top!
railway allows us to achieve other           children’s programs.
ends, as embodied by our five core                                                       Anne Lynch, President and CEO
values of Education, Community
S erv ice,   Philanthropy,    His toric
Preservation, and Environmental
                                             Incline Society Joins Association of Railway Museums
Protection. With these values to guide       The Mount Beacon Incline Railway            Lynch. “Building collaborative relation-
us, here’s how we imagine the Society        Restoration Society was recently            ships is critical to our success.”
in 2013 and beyond:                          accepted into the Association of Rail-
                                             way Museums (ARM), joining over 125         “Membership brings many benefits,”
Education: The Society is registered         peer organizations in the U.S. and          says Incline Society co-founder and
with the New York State Education            Canada dedicated to preserving North        Vice-President Andy Chiusano. “One is
Department and holds a full charter          America’s railway heritage.                 ARM’s Recommended Practices for
issued by its Board of Regents. It                                                       Railway Museums, a tutorial that’s
operates a vibrant interpretive center       ARM was founded in 1961 to encour-          guiding us as we make plans for our
on Main Street in the City of Beacon,        age railway museums in the exchange         own heritage railway museum.”
New York, with the nearby Incline            of ideas and information, and to be of
Railway as its centerpiece asset. It has     assistance to one another.                  To learn more about the Association of
a multi-disciplinary focus on                                                            Railway Museums, please visit
education, historic preservation, and        “Membership in ARM was the first of
environmental protection. The Society        several professional associations we’re
partners with institutions of higher         seeking,” said President and CEO Anne
education in all of its disciplines and is

                 PO BOX 1248     •    BEACON, NY 12508      •     845.765.3262      •    WWW.INCLINERAILWAY.ORG
                            RAIL MAIL — Autumn 2009                                                                                 3

 Society Builds Advisory Board in 2009
In July of this year, a rewrite of the         As an absolute believer in the educa-            Seattle and the Hudson Valley. Her
Incline Society’s constitution and by-         tional component of museums, Reel                professional expertise encompasses
laws called for the creation of a Board        enjoys developing exhibitions using              institutional and capital project
of Advisors. In rapid succession, the          original historical artifacts that help          management, start-up projects, capital
first two advisors took their places on        narrate the host museum’s mission.               and annual fund development and new
the board. Both are extremely talented                                                          program initiatives.
professionals, whose skills in museum          Sara Pasti currently serves as The Neil
management will prove vital to the             C. Trager Director of the Samuel Dorsky          The Society is continuing to build its
success of the Incline Society.                Museum at the State University of New            Board of Advisors, and additional
                                               York. She is also a member of the                members will be announced in the new
David Reel, Director and Chief Curator         Beacon City Council.                             year.
of the West Point Museum, is a nation-
ally recognized expert in the museum           Pasti has over 25 years of arts admini-            DID YOU K NOW?
field. In his fifteen years of museum          stration and consulting experience in
experience, he has worked with                 the visual and performing arts,                     The Mo unt Beacon
private collectors, auction houses,            including institutional leadership                  Inc line Ra ilwa y is
corporate curators and numerous                experience at important contemporary
museums to assemble outstanding                arts institutions in New York City,                  2,200 feet lo ng!
exhibitions and collections.

 Bricks for the Powerhouse — The Incline and Denning’s Point
The Mount Beacon Incline Railway’s             bear the brand “DPBW,” standing for              railway in 1901-1902, thousands of
powerhouse was recently visited by             “Denning’s Point Brick Works.” This is           bricks were transported to the top of
construction engineers, who marveled           hardly surprising given the railway’s            Mount Beacon via pack mules.
at its solidity twenty-six years after the     proximity to the Point, which is in plain
fire that destroyed it. Their assess-          sight from Mount Beacon’s summit.
ment? The powerhouse can be saved.

                                                  The distinctive frog (indent) and brand
                                                       of a Denning’s Point brick.
                                                                                                   Pack mules carried the railway bricks
                                               Operating from 1881 to 1939, the
                                               works produced millions of bricks an-            Because Denning’s Point bricks can still
                                               nually, which were used throughout               be found throughout the area, the
    Powerhouse w alls: made entirely of        the Hudson Valley and beyond.                    Incline Society’s restoration plans call
         Denning’s Point Bricks
                                               Denning’s Point’s abundant supply of             for their reuse. This is a perfect blend-
That happy news is a testament to both         clay and river quicksand made it an              ing of best practices in historic preser-
the engineers who built the railway and        ideal place to build the works, although         vation and sustainable design.
the materials that they used. Any              the environmental toll was devastating.
                                                                                                Sources : Denning’s Point: A Hudson River
casual hiker to the railway’s ruins will                                                        History by Ji m Heron and “Bri ck Collect-
note that bricks throughout the area           During the construction of the incline           ing .com” —

                PO BOX 1248       •       BEACON, NY 12508      •    845.765.3262           •   WWW.INCLINERAILWAY.ORG
   4                         RAIL MAIL — Autumn 2009

Fire on the Mountain — a Short History
By Ken Charney                                pression systems are currently used in          F ire Fa cts: the Rail-
                                              the railway industry to protect track-          way ’s Da rkest Hours
When is fire a good thing? For the land-      ways and rolling stock. As the Incline
owners, proprietors, and Incline riders       Society prepares for a rebuilt railway in     1927: During the early fall of that year,
of the original Mount Beacon Railway,         2013, advanced engineering and envi-          fire destroyed the Hotel and Casino.
the question would have been prepos-          ronmentally sound and safe systems            The Casino was quickly rebuilt; the Ho-
terous; the definitive answer—never!          will be at the forefront of the building      tel was not. The Railway powerhouse
                                              process. Better land management will          was thankfully left untouched.
Starting in 1927, ruinous fires—nearly        also greatly reduce the risk of fire.
one a decade, and sometimes twice,                                                          1936: “Forty Descend Mt. Beacon in
were part and parcel of the Incline’s         So yes, we can say fire is a good thing       Flaming Car; Terrified Women
existence. Fire on the mountain has           when its destructive ways can teach us        Restrained from Leaping.” So screamed
always been, and will continue to be, a       invaluable lessons for the future. A          the August 3rd edition of The New York
concern. But as we build for the future,      comforting thought, indeed.                   Times. No one was injured, but one
fire-prevention and mitig ation                                                             railcar was destroyed and had to be
measures will be engineered into the                                                        rebuilt.
railway's design.
                                                                                            1983: In September, the end finally
Companies working on the new Rail-                                                          came. A cataclysmic fire swept the
way will no doubt incorporate fire-                                                         mountain, totally destroying the Rail-
resistant materials such as fiber-                                                          way. Both stations, the powerhouse,
cement, and fire detection and protec-                                                      the cars, the trackway and trestles —
tion systems into their designs.                                                            all were consumed by fire, likely the
Eco-friendly, high-pressure water mist                                                      result of vandalism.
fire protection, and argonite fire sup-             Lower station in flames, 1967                                    Ken Charney
                                                 (courtesy Beacon Historical Society)

Thomas Ellis Brown — Designer of the Incline Railway
                                              Thomas Ellis Brown (1854-1923) was a          projects were the inclined elevators
                                              member of the American Society of             installed in the Eiffel Tower in Paris in
                                              Civil Engineers (ASCE). He attended the       1888 and 1889 and the elevators for
                                              Columbia School of Mines but did not          the Woolworth Building in New York
                                              graduate due to eye problems. He later        City (1914).
                                              overcame this infirmity. From 1875 to
                                              1884 he worked as a surveyor and en-          While with Otis, Brown also designed
                                              gineer on a number of railroad and            several funiculars in the U.S. and
                                              elevated-railroad projects in New York        abroad, to include the Mount Beacon
                                              City.                                         Incline Railway. A signature feature of
                                                                                            his design was the “Brown Patent Turn-
                                              In 1884, Brown became chief engineer          out,” an ingenious passing track that
                                              for the Otis Elevator Company, where          required no mechanical switches.
                                              he played a large role in the develop-
                                              ment of hydraulic and electric mecha-         In 1923, Brown died of heart disease in
            Thomas E. Brown
     Chief Engineer, Otis Elevator Co.
                                              nisms for elevators. Among his notable        Morristown, New Jersey.

                PO BOX 1248       •      BEACON, NY 12508    •     845.765.3262         •   WWW.INCLINERAILWAY.ORG
                            RAIL MAIL — Autumn 2009                                                                          5

West Point Collaborates with Incline Railway Society                                          New Member Focus:
(West Point, NY) – Dr. Dean Dudley,          dents,” said Steve Gold, co-founder of           Meet Kirsten Heincke
Professor of Economics at the United         the Incline Society and a current Vice-
States Military Academy, is supervising      President. “Allowing the cadets to work                         We        feel     very
cadets in the completion of an               on this study provides them with an                             privileged to have
economic impact study of the Mount           ideal learning tool while at the same                           Kirsten Heincke as a
Beacon Incline Railway’s restoration.        time saving our project thousands of                            new Incline Society
                                             dollars.”                                                       and marketing team
The project is part of a class called "the                                                                   member.        Kirsten,
Economics of Public Policy." The course      “It’s a win-win situation,” says Dr. Dud-                       otherwise known as
examines practical and theoretical           ley. “So often, students have to work                           Kiki, is a talented art
issues in social welfare, public expendi-    on theoretical projects, but in this case                       dir ect or        a nd
tures, taxation, and public choice. It       they can create economic models that        designer with 15 years of experience
develops understanding of the value of       may help save a National Historic           creating corporate branding materials,
economic models in addressing                Register property. It’s more than good      advertising and direct mail campaigns,
complex policy questions – from envi-        education — it’s good public service,       product and packaging design, print
ronmental economics to public goods          too.”                                       collateral, and websites.
to health care reform – that occur in a
fluid political environment.                 The study will be validated by Dr.          After working at a small design
                                             Dudley, and cadets will present their       agency — on clients ranging from Blair
“As an educational organization, we’re       conclusions to the Incline’s Board of       Television, Comedy Central, Estee
excited about working with college stu-      Trustees on December 8 at West Point.       Lauder International Fox Television
                                                                                         Sa le s,    Lifet ime     T ele vis ion,
Mt. Beacon Fire Tower added                                                              Ms. Foundation, Nickelodeon, Petry
to National Historic Register                                                            Television, and Vanity Fair—Kiki put in
                                                                                         a stint at Seven Worldwide, the in-
The Incline Railway is no longer the                                                     house agency for MasterCard
only National Historic Register property                                                 International, and RFA, Inc., a Hudson
on Mount Beacon. Thanks to the                                                           Valley advertising agency. There, she
efforts of a restoration committee                                                       worked on creative designs for
sponsored by the Society, the Mount          Incline Society Joins Beacon                American Express, PACE University,
Beacon Fire Tower has been added to          Business Association                        Ricoh Electronics, and Sharp Electronics
the listing as well.
                                             The Mount Beacon Incline Railway
Sitting atop South Beacon Mountain           Restoration Society recently became a       Kirsten now runs her own creative
since 1931, Beacon’s 60-foot fire            member of the Beacon Business               design consultancy, KHCREATIVE, Inc.
tower stands at 1,650 feet and has           Association.                                Her clients include ad agencies, as well
been a treasured hiking destination for                                                  as national and local clients, including
years.                                       According to Mike Colarusso, Chief          several Beacon establishments.
                                             Operating Officer, the Society is explor-
The effort to restore it continues and is    ing membership in other business
slated for completion in the spring of       associations as well. “We’re excited        In just the past couple of months,
2010. Additional funding is still            about the prospects of collaborating        Kirsten has been instrumental in
required to complete the effort. Visit       with our neighbors, and joining busi-       helping redesign the Incline Society’s for more             ness associations is a great way to build   brochure, logo and other marketing
information.                                 partnerships.”             materials. Welcome Kiki!

                PO BOX 1248      •    BEACON, NY 12508      •    845.765.3262      •     WWW.INCLINERAILWAY.ORG
   6                        RAIL MAIL — Autumn 2009

Upcoming Society Events
                                                             • Nov 8: 38th Annual Railroad Exposition, Poughkeepsie

                                                             • Apr 25, 2010: Incline Railway Earth Day Hike

                                                             • May 16, 2010: Annual Incline Society Day, Beacon

                                                             • May 30, 2010: 108th Anniversary Ascent, Mount Beacon

                                                             • Jun 27, 2010: Guided Mt. Beacon Incline Railway Hike

                                                             • Jul 25, 2010: Guided Mt. Beacon Incline Railway Hike

                                                             • Aug 29, 2010: Guided Mt. Beacon Incline Railway Hike

1905 advertisement for Mount Beacon from The                 • Sep 19, 2010: Guided Mt. Beacon Incline Railway Hike
Four Track News, a travel magazine of the time.
                                                             • Oct 24, 2010: Guided Mt. Beacon Incline Railway Hike
Note its reference to the incline railway as “the
steepest in the world.”                                          Details are at:

Reader Photo — Mike and the Mystics, 1965
This month’s photo comes to us from
Matt “Skip” Wills in Vermont. Skip
wrote to the Society, saying
“I thought you might enjoy these
pictures of my band ‘Mike & the
Mystics’ of Poughkeepsie, taken be-
fore and after an audition in the pa-
vilion on Mount Beacon during the
summer of 1965.”

According to Skip, in the photo “we
prepare to load our gear on the
Incline Rail Car (left to right, Mike
Lawry, Phil Pugnali, Pete Crispell,
Spencer Brinkley, Skip Wills). Not
long after, we changed some person-
nel and became ‘Group Therapy,’ one
of the most popular bands in the
Mid-Hudson Valley in the late-

Our thanks to Skip for sharing this    The band w aits at the lower railw ay station before riding to the mountaintop for an audition.
great bit of history with our members
and supporters.                       Readers wishing to submit a photo may send it electronically. Attach your photo to
                                          an email, title it, and send it to us at:

                PO BOX 1248       •    BEACON, NY 12508      •      845.765.3262     •    WWW.INCLINERAILWAY.ORG
                          RAIL MAIL — Autumn 2009                                                                7

Board of Trustees
President — Anne Lynch / Vice President — Andy Chiusano / Vice President — Steve Gold / Recording Secretary — Sandy
Piccone / Treasurer — Kitty Stager / Legal Counsel — Mary Gold, Esq. / Jim Bopp / Neil Caplan / Dorothy Bell / Terry
Brown / Yonni Groza / Maria Mersinger / Joan Pagones / Sheila Ronca / Henry Trofinoff / Memorial — Gloria Trofinoff

Honorary Trustees
Margaret Brown Kasin

Board of Advisors
David Reel — Curator and Director, West Point Museum
Sara Pasti — Neil C. Trager Director, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art

Executive Staff
Chief Executive Officer — Anne Lynch / Chief Operating Officer — Mike Colarusso / Senior Writer — Ken Charney /
Graphic Designer — Kirsten Heincke / Historian — Lieutenant Colonel John Vigna / Website Administrator — David
Dudley / Database Manager — Luke Gallagher

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Mount Beacon Incline Railway                                        NON-PROFIT ORG
Restoration Society                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 1248                                                         PAID
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Preserving our Past. Building our Future.

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