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									                        Volume 2, Number 5-6                                   May—June 2009

                                                  President’s Message
                                                        Lois Fortress
Gold Discovery
Museum                    The Gold Discovery Park Association has a
open 10 am to 4 pm      new look online. The old website has been re-
daily                   placed by a new, more user friendly one that
                        will allow timely communication with members
Gold Rush Mercantile    and volunteers. The homepage articles in-
- the Museum Store      clude current events, updates, and other infor-
open 10 am to
                        mation of interest to the GDPA membership.
4:30 pm daily
                        As new articles are added to the top of the
All proceeds benefit    page, the older articles scroll down. This
Marshall Gold Discov-   makes it easy to check for anything added
ery State Historic
                        since your last visit. Some of the pages are
                        under construction and volunteers are being
                        recruited to help create the content. Visit the
2009 GDPA
                        website at www.marshallgold.org and check
Board of Directors      out all the new features. News will be added
Dennis Amaral           as it becomes available, so visit often to stay
Lois Fortress
Bob Hart                up-to-date on the latest GDPA information.
Talmadge Jones                                                             Snapshot of New Homepage
Audrey Keebler
Rosemary Sterling
Lyle Timmerman
Susan Wayland
Kathleen Young
                                Coloma Blacksmith Named Volunteer of the Year
Cynthia Allen                                            John Clagett

                          Mark Kochan, a Tuesday Coloma blacksmith, the editor of the blacksmith
Bookkeeper/Admin        newsletter, and our recently appointed Program Lead, has been named Mar-
Robin Stepp             shall Gold Discovery State Historic Park Volunteer of the Year. Three cheers
                        for Mark !!!
Golden Flakes Editor      Mark has been very active in the blacksmith shop. He has single-handedly
Judith Bowers
                        started a bi-monthly newsletter. The quality of the newsletter is outstanding.
                        Mark was also a member of the team that worked the blacksmith shop at Co-
                        loma Gold Rush Live 2008. More recently, Mark volunteered to be the
                        “Program Lead” for the blacksmith shop.
P AG E    2

                         Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon a Success!
                                             Katherine Okey

     Saturday, April 4, 2009, marked the date       series of forthcoming interpretive performances:
of this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Lunch-        The Summer Performance Series, which will take
eon. The memorable event was held at the            place in the park on the 3rd Saturdays, May
beautiful Cold Springs Country Club in Placer-      through September.
ville. Coloma’s Volunteer Coordinator, John
Clagett, served as the emcee of the event.             After all of the general announcements had
He gave the volunteers an update about the          been made, John Clagett presented various vol-
number of hours that had been logged at the         unteers with special awards.
park for 2008.                                       The New Volunteer of the Year Award was
 The total number of volunteer hours for the          given to Hal Ertenbeck.
     park came to 18,554.                            Cindy Legget received the New Program Lead
 The American River Conservancy contrib-              of the Year Award for her work with the Tho-
     uted over 660 logged hours with the Trail          mas House.
     and Trash program.                              The Internship of the Year Award went to Na-
    Sierra Nevada Mormon Pioneers contrib-            than Carothers.
     uted over 500 logged hours by helping           Margie Erhardt received the Community Build-
     with special events.                               ing Award.
 Roebbelen Construction contributed 1500           The Outstanding Achievement Award was
     hours by constructing the beautiful wagon          given to Marianne Sudderth for her work at
     shed, which is used for the storage of the         the Mercantile.
     park’s historic wagons.
                                                     Audrey Keebler received the Diversity of Du-
    As the luncheon got started, Scott Nakaji,          ties Award.
Gold Fields District Superintendent, gave the
volunteers an overview of some of the State’s        Bill Arsenith was given the Special Event Su-
future plans for the Marshall Gold Discovery            per Star Award.
State Historic Park in Coloma. Then, the Act-
                                                     Brenda Carroll and Linda Osborn received the
ing Superintendent/Cooperating Association
Liaison, Chris Fridrich, shared his apprecia-           Inda Fun Award.
tion for the volunteers work in 2008. Lois For-      The Independent Study Docent award was
tress, president of GDPA, thanked the volun-            received by Steve March.
teers for their work, and then she discussed a
                                                                                          (Continued on page 6)

                                    WANTED: USED BOOKS
                                             Cynthia Allen
Are you finished reading that history book that pertains to California and the Gold Rush? So, is it just
collecting dust on the shelf? Consider donating it to the Mercantile.
 A used book section entitled “Rereadables” is being added to the Gold Rush Mercantile. But we
need your donations to accomplish this. Gently and seriously read books may be left at the store on
any day between 10 am and 4:30 pm.
                                                                                                P AG E   3

                      Volunteers Needed for the El Dorado County Fair
                                                Lois Fortress

  2009 is the 150th anniversary of the first El Dorado County Fair, and it will be celebrated at this
year’s fair in Placerville, June 18th through the 21st. Coloma hosted the fair for the first three years
(1859, 1860, and 1861). We have been invited to participate in a special booth to share interpretive
information from the Gold Rush and early Coloma.

  Anyone that volunteers will receive free admission and a parking pass for the day. Sign-up sheets
are in the front pocket of the Volunteer Hours Log book in the museum. Or contact Robin at 622-
6198 or email broderickhouse@marshallgold.org.

 Other ideas and demos are being planned, including a GDPA booth, a country store, and a black-
smith demo. For more information contact Robin at 622-6198 and watch for updates on the website.

                         Raise Money for the Park When You Shop

                                               Lois Fortress
  Pick up one or both FREE cards at the Gold
Rush Mercantile and help raise money for the
park. GDPA is participating in fundraising pro-
grams with Raley’s and Save Mart. When you
shop at one of the stores mentioned below,
show or swipe your card and a percentage of
your purchases will be donated to the GDPA                For more details
to benefit the Park.                                           visit www.savemartshares.com

  What’s the catch? Nothing…here’s how the
programs work:
                                                      Quality of Life Card (Q-Card) Program
Shares Card Program
                                                          Register your Q-Card online at
                                                               www.raleys.com, click About Us, then
    Each swipe of the S.H.A.R.E.S. card
                                                               Quality of Life Card link, then the Script
       earns 3% of qualified purchases for the
                                                               link. The New Card? Register Here link is
       organization you support.
                                                               under the Log-in box.
    Use your S.H.A.R.E.S. card at any of
                                                          The card must be registered to receive any
       these family of stores, Save Mart, S-
       Mart Foods, and FoodMaxx.
                                                          Present your card to your cashier each
    Simply pick up a card at the Gold Rush
                                                               time you shop. A percentage of your pur-
       Mercantile and use your S.H.A.R.E.S.
                                                               chases will be donated to the Gold Discov-
       card every time you shop.
                                                               ery Park Association.
    The GDPA will receive a quarterly
                                                          Use at any of these stores: Raley's,
       check reflecting the amount earned
                                                               Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods
 P AG E    4

          Colorful Gold Rush Characters Come to Life in the Park this Summer
                                             Kathleen Young

  How often have we all heard or said, “We need something happening at the Park between the end
of the school year and Gold Rush Live”? Well, here is your opportunity to join the escape into the
historic past through our new monthly performance series. We bring to life the colorful and diverse
people who set the stage for the powerful and tumultuous history of California. Presented on the 3rd
Saturday of the month beginning May 16 through August 15, each performance takes place in a dif-
ferent location at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.

May 16 – An evening with “The Pathfinder,” Captain John Charles Fremont at Sutter’s Mill, as por-
trayed by Rex Ruth. Experience the passionate story of the man who organized the first California
Volunteer Militia, became one of the State's first Senators, and was appointed a Major General in
the Union Army during the Civil War.

June 20 – The Cemetery Players bring to life the stories of those who lived, died ,and are buried in
the cemeteries of Coloma. Taking place in historic Emmanuel Church, you will be transported from
the Gold Rush through the 1800s through stories of love, loss, family, and adventure.

July 18 – Join us in the meadow for an evening bonfire and enjoy the colorful stories and personali-
ties of John Sutter, Sam Brannan, James Marshall, and . . . .

August 15 – Taking place in the area of the Grinding Stone and Bark House, will be an engaging
evening of Native American history and storytelling with Kimberly ShiningStar.

September 19 - A Surprise Event . . . . . stay tuned for details . . .

                                         Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pm
                                               $10 – adults
                                   $7 – children age 12 and under
                               Parking is free beginning at 7:00 pm
                     Bring your own seating…lawn chairs, blankets, etc.
                          Refreshments will be available for purchase
                 Bring the whole family, have fun, and learn a little history!

  For docents and volunteers interested in participating in this event, please contact the GDPA office
at 622-6198, or sign up using the Volunteer Sign Up Sheet in the Volunteer Hours book in the mu-
seum. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated . . . . Come Out and Play!!
                                                                                             P AG E   5

                                   Superintendent’s Message
                   Chris Fridrich, Park Maintenance Chief / Acting Superintendent
  Happy spring time to all of you! The grass is        Scott Nakaji, Terri Lopez, and I had a meeting
green, the trees are blooming, and the school        with the Northern Service Center this week re-
children are here. It has been very busy in the      garding the Saw Mill and Museum second
park with all the school groups. Even with the       phase project. Everything is moving along very
economy down, our school group reservations          well and is still on schedule. Everyone is on
are holding steady. Thank you to all the volun-      board to relocate the mill closer to the original
teers and staff for the hard work.                   mill site. (And yes, they are moving forward with
                                                     an “operating” mill.) Thank you to everyone that
                                                     helped with that!
  I would like to introduce a few new employees
that have come on board here at Marshall.
Jaime Norgauer is working in the office as the          I’m sad to announce that Park Maintenance
special events coordinator. Jaime started sev-       Worker I, Jay Pabst has accepted a new posi-
eral weeks ago and is already a huge asset to        tion at Folsom Lake. Jay will be starting his new
the operation. Starting this month, Valerie Val-
                                                     job in May. Jay’s experience will be missed.
dez and Derek Kettenhofen will be working in
maintenance and visitor services. They both          Our loss is Folsom’s gain! It’s an exciting time
come to us with great references and experi-         for Jay; he is getting married this year. Jackie,
ence. We are excited to have them on board.          his fiancée lives and works in Folsom so this is
Lastly, Nate Carothers long time student intern /    a great move for them. Jay, thank you for all the
volunteer will be working for us on Friday and       hard work and good luck in the future both pro-
Saturdays. It’s going to be great to see Nate in     fessionally and personally. Please stay in touch.
a uniform. Please join me in welcoming them on

      New Display at the Museum                            Email and Web Challenged?
                                                        How are your email and web surfing skills?
                                                     Are you in need of a little help to learn how to
                                                     use your computer applications? We are plan-
                                                     ning to hold some basic computer classes in
                                                     the coming weeks that just might help you. The
                                                     first class will cover email and web basics.
                                                     Class size will be limited to about 6 people to
                                                     provide more personal instruction. Bring your
                                                     own laptop and questions. A few computers will
                                                     be available for use during the class if you do
                                                     not have your own, or if yours is too big to bring
 Have you been in the museum to see the wonderful    with you. The best way to learn is to have your
  new exhibit? Kathleen Young took this picture to
                                                     questions answered when you have them.
        entice you to check out the display.
                                                       Watch the website for dates, times, cost, and
                                                     other details.
 P AG E       6

(Continued from page 2)                                 Both Bob Wirth and Glenn Wilson were
                                                              awarded the Training Manual Award for the
 Jennifer Steward was presented with the                    Blacksmith Shop.
     Two for One Award.
                                                        The Solo Blacksmith Award was presented
 The Filling in the Holes Award was received                to Colleen Moore.
     by Susan Okey.
                                                         Many thanks to the Rohrer family for their ser-
 The Die Hards Award was presented to                vice as photographers throughout the event and
     Cassandra and Bob Heyward.                        to Rick Sims and Rick Halley, the volunteers
                                                       that provided the old time music. Everyone en-
 The Blacksmith Shop Program was given               joyed the music and atmosphere they created!
     recognition for logging 4520 hours, serving
     28468 visitors, and making $8000 in sales!          A delicious chicken and beef meal, which in-
                                                       cluded rice pilaf, dessert, beverages, and more
 Merv and Darlene Young were presented               was provided by the Gold Discovery Park Asso-
     with the Photogenic Award for a Costco            ciation.
     Photo Competition.

                   Coloma Blues Live!

                          Bob Hart
                                                                    Thank You, Ellen Katz
   The first planning meeting for Coloma Blues                   for your contribution over the past
Live! was Thursday, April 16th at Lotus Park.                     years as editor of the newsletter.
The GDPA is responsible this year for water,
wine and Smirnoff. Any members who would                          We want to let you know how
like to participate and volunteer at the event,                  much your work has been appre-
please contact Robin in the office so we can                                ciated.
assign a time slot for you to work in the booth.

                                           GOLD QUARTZ

                                               Jerry Levitt
       Gold Bearing Quartz is one of the             within the quartz crystals. The quartz comes in
world’s rarest forms of natural gold. It is found    various colors and sometimes contains other min-
underground by hard rock miners in only a            erals. Pearl white is considered the most desir-
few locations in the world. Most of the highest      able and is used in jewelry.
quality material comes from the original Six-
teen to One Mine in Northern California. This                When the quartz contains a rare gold dis-
unique formation is being mined 1500 to 2500         persion, an exquisite piece of jewelry can be cre-
feet below the earth’s surface.                      ated. The quartz rocks are cut into slabs to ex-
                                                     pose the veins. These slabs are then hand cut
       The natural veins of gold were forced         and polished into stones. The stones are then
into the quartz by hydrothermal pressure             set into specific 14kt designs to enhance the
when they both were in a molten state. When          natural flow of the gold and enhance their beauty.
they solidified, veins of gold were trapped          Each gemstone of quartz crystal is one of a kind.
                                                                                             P AG E   7

              Voices from the Past - The Coloma Schoolhouse, Part One
                                             Linda Wells

  The Gold Discovery Park Association had been organized and
active for about 5 years when I became president and agreed to be
president for purely selfish reasons!

  For many years prior, I had been (and still am) a member of Delta
Kappa Gamma, an international society of women educators. Our
local chapter, epsilon Chi, invited some local retired teachers who
had taught in some of El Dorado County’s one-room schools. (At
one time, there were 100 one-room schools in El Dorado County.)
We asked them to share some of their experiences with us and as
a result of their wonderful stories we decided to see what could be
done to restore a local one-room school to serve as a memorial for
all the one-room schools and their teachers in El Dorado County.

  To generate community interest in our project, I coordinated a
display depicting the interior of a one-room school for the El Do-
                                                                           Coloma School House
rado County Fair. We gathered desks, dressed a mannequin as a
schoolmarm from the 1800s, displayed books and other school materials, and even had a daily
schedule in Palmer script on schoolroom sized “slate” boards! Our display took First Place and with
the award money we were launched!

 George Wiglesworth built us a tabletop model of the Coloma School which was on display in the
MGDSHP Museum to draw attention and solicit donations for the restoration project.

  I also refinished an old trunk and Epsilon Chi members donated handcrafted items. Copies of
books on local history, some antiques and collectibles, and gift certificates from local merchants
helped fill the trunk. The trunk and its contents were displayed in the El Dorado County Historical
Museum, Art in the Park, and in other locations. We sold raffle tickets with all proceeds going to the
restoration fund. Altogether, we raised about $2500!

  Matt Sugarman was Park Superintendent at the time, and with his leadership and encouragement,
the Coloma School was chosen as the school to be restored. The Coloma School (formerly Slating-
ton School) was within the State Park boundaries, already under state ownership and in relatively
good condition. Several other schools were still in existence but had been converted to residences,
barns, or just simply abandoned and were in great disrepair. (It was common practice in the 1800s
and early 1900’s for a one room school to be constructed on private land if the landowner had
enough school-age children. When the school was “lapsed” (closed) due to lack of enrollment, the
landowner could then use the building for other purposes. One teacher said she had to muck her
school out each year! Her school was considered a summer school and open only in the spring and
summer months- due to deep snow. During the fall and winter months the local rancher/landowner
would house his cattle in the schoolhouse!

 Continued next issue:
                        DATES TO REMEMBER

Thursday      May 14           Board of Directors meeting
Saturday      May 9            Hands on History
Saturday      May 16           Summer Performance Series #1
Saturday      June 6           Coloma Blues Live!
Thursday      June 11          Board of Directors meeting
Saturday      June 13          Hands on History
Thurs - Sun   June 18 - 21     County Fair—Volunteers Needed!
Saturday      June 20          Summer Performance Series #2
Thursday      July 9           Board of Directors meeting
Saturday      July 11          Hands on History
Saturday      July 18          Summer Performance Series #3

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