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Razor Bike Template - PDF


Razor Bike Template document sample

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									Drilling Exhaust Step by Step

     by Night Rod El Paso
   Results may vary, Night Rod El Paso not
 responsible for anything that goes wrong with
 this mod or any problems that occur because
           of the result of the mod.
              Required Tools
•   Paper
•   Ruler
•   Compass
•   Drill and Drill Bits (Sizes Vary)
•   Razor Blade
•   High Temp Spray Paint
• First Take
  Measurements of the
  Exhaust and Inner

• The key to a good
  look is accurate
• Use the compass and
  draw the exhaust with
  inner baffle.
• Cut out the template.
  – You can use scissors
    or a razor blade
• Fold the paper in half
  and mark it like a
  wagon wheel making
  eight lines.
• Then measure each
  line and mark the
• Use a hole punch to
  identify the drill holes
• Position the paper on
  the exhaust and line
  up the holes. At the
  right angles
• Drill the holes
   – For Best results, it is
     best to step drill these
     holes in case the bit
• For this application I
  drilled 1/8”, then ¼”
  then finished with
• 7/16” Holes
  – You can cont. to ½”
• Clean the exhaust
  and paint with a high
  temp paint.
  – Recommend black
    since the exhaust will
    make it black anyway
                RIDE IT
• You are done.
• Get on the bike and take it for a ride.
• Watch as the exhaust will catch peoples
  attention and the look of your Rod will
  keep their attention.

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