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Name:________________ Company:______ Battalion:____                                              May 08

           Last, first

                           CORPORAL Promotion Worksheet

Company Commander/First Sergeant Section
•Held the rank of PFC for 9 weeks (May be waived by CDR/JROTC Instructor)________
•Demonstrate Proficiency in Leading a Squad in Unarmed Drill (See LET 1 Drill Score Sheet)____
•Demonstrate Proficiency in Preparing for and Conducting a Squad Inspection_________
•Demonstrate Caring for Others by helping/training others (observed by JROTC Instructor)_____
•Correctly define and use all the “Words of the Week” in a sentence_______
•No Disciplinary Actions/Unexcused Tardies within 3 months_________
•Daily/Weekly Inspection Scores of 90 or above______
•Have a Cadet Challenge (< six months) at Regt HQ (You may attach a copy)____
•30 Hours of Community Service (new hours may be added below)_________
•JROTC grade of 85 percent or better__________
•Overall weighted GPA of 2.75 or higher ________

                                       Faculty Review
  RECOMMEND                         TEACHER SIGNATURES               RATING
  PROMOTION                                                   Poor          Superior
PD 1 YES / NO            ____________________________________ 1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9--10
PD 2 YES / NO            ____________________________________ 1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9--10
PD 3 YES / NO            ____________________________________ 1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9--10
PD 4 YES / NO            ____________________________________ 1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9--10

ARMY INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:___________________________________

ARMY INSTRUCTOR’S SIGNATURE: ________________________________________
                                         Regt. Staff Section
S-1 Date Received_____
Community service hours on cadet record. CPL = 30 cumulative hrs. Request the following
hours be added: For additional hours attach a note.
Activity                                                                Date             Hours

S-1 verification:__________ Cadet must have all required forms on file to be promoted.

Review of cadet’s attendance, personal appearance & conduct:

Outstanding --- appearance, attendance & conduct (award personal appearance ribbon)
Excellent ---great overall, with minor discrepancies
Meets the Standards --- average performance
Needs Improvement --- demonstrated pattern of poor performance, (schedule parent conference)

Battalion Commander/CSM Approval:_____________ SAI Final Approval:__________________
(Check the Company Files)

**NOTE: A select few SUPERIOR cadets may be promoted to SGT during their freshman year.
              ( The JROTC Instructor will provide the justification for such promotions)

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