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Rajiv Gandhi Project Report Template


Rajiv Gandhi Project Report Template document sample

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									             The Hull and East Riding
  2      0      1       0            A      U       T       U          M   N           E      D      I     T       I     O       N

                                                                Message from the Chairman z
             Contents                            Dear friends,

                                                 It is my great honour as the Chairman of your
                                                 association to have the privilege of announcing the
Message from the Chairman                        publication of this - our inaugural e-newsletter. We
                                                 hope to publish it on a regular basis for the benefit
About our Temple               Page 1            of all our members to keep everyone informed of
                                                 the activities, developments in our association and
                                                 the report on recent and upcoming events.
Events in 2010                 Page 2
                                                 We have an editorial team (volunteers) led by
                                                 Suresh Nayar working closely with me and
Office Bearers		                 Page 3           spending a lot of time in preparing this and future
                                                 newsletters and I commend them for their dedication and hard work. I hope you
Memories 	          	           Page 4           enjoy the read and find it useful. Any comments on improving the document
                                                 would be welcome and any contribution in form of articles to be published
                                                 would also be highly appreciated.
                                                  It is an exciting time for our association and I am personally very happy and
Location	                       Page 5           excited as you all are, I am sure. The recent acquisition of our community centre
                                                 with a temple, a place for worship and more importantly a place of our own has
                                                 finally come to fruition with the culmination of some hard work by some of us.
              nnn                                This has come after a long time waiting. Over the years all our members,
                                                 executive committee and past chairmen have put in a lot of hard work not only
                                                 to keep the association running but also bring it to a stage where we were able to
                                                 achieve our final goal that is to have a place of our own.

                                                 Whilst we are all excited with this new venture of ours we should be under no
                                                 illusion that it brings in new challenges and responsibilities. I have taken on
                                                 these responsibilities that you have given me as a personal challenge and a
                                                 mission to keep the organisation together and take it forward in a manner that I
                                                 believe passionately that we as a community should always be together burying
                                                 our differences of the past and look forward to be a happy and prosperous
                                                 community. I would therefore need all your support in achieving this goal.
                                                                                                            Contd on page 2

                                                                                and from all parts of India including South India.
About our Temple
            In the temple, the ‘murtis’ of ‘Rama’,‘Lakshman’,
                                                                                 Arrangements are being made to do their ‘stapna’ very
                                                                               soon. The architect for the project has been appointed
‘Hanuman’,‘Shiv’ and ‘Parvati’ parivar made of marble are                      and a preliminary diagram is in existence. A full
already here which were very kindly donated to us by our friends               computerised diagram is now being produced by the
from outside of Hull. The arrival of ‘Shiv Ling’ and ‘Nandi’                   architect which would then be put to general members
statues in past few days have added extra dimension to our                     for consultation, suggestions and final approval before
impressive collection of deities. However, the planned addition                clearance is given for the work to go ahead. We would
of ‘Balaji’s statue transported from India would really make it a              be seeking some additional funds for this project
complete, diverse and inclusive collection of deities of all beliefs           depending upon the final cost.

      H I N D U C U LT U R A L A S S O C I AT I O N , 7 , PA R K S T R E E T, H U L L H U 3 2 J F
Contd from page 1
We have promoted our Hindu culture through a number of functions and cultural activities over the years. However, after
so many years, we have been very lucky to find a place of our own which we have now finally decided to call as ‘Hindu
Cultural Centre’. In a very short space of time my executive team and I have worked very hard not only to raise the
funds through generous donation from our members to purchase the building outright but also to establish the centre for
the purpose of religious, cultural as well as all aspects of community activities. The work is in progress both in the
building, as well as in the temple area. To give you some examples the building has been made fire safety compliant, A-
V installations have been completed, number of major repair work completed or being carried out.

Although we have an able executive committee with me who are meeting and carrying out the day to day business
admirably by meeting regularly, taking decisions on behalf of the association, I regard each and every member of the
association is as important and valued as the other. I would encourage all members to participate in all activities that we
are engaged in and that includes all sections of our community coming from all parts of India. As envisaged, in addition
to our usual functions in the year we have been able to add festivals such as Independence Day Celebrations, Onam in
recent months which we have not celebrated in the past. We are therefore very grateful for the active support and
participation from our south Indian community

Many new members have now joined our organisation for which the number stands at 90 + families as of now. Many of
you have been very generous up to now in raising the funds required for purchase of the property and some of us have
been extraordinarily generous in this regard. However maintaining a place like this will involve a lot more funds on a
regular basis in the future and I can only request and hope that you will all show similar generosity in the future. It is my
duty to make it clear to all members that all our finances are properly audited and made thoroughly transparent.

We are considering all options of generating income for the maintenance of the property and any new ideas for doing so
would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to see that in addition to the temple a place for worship, we have a vibrant
community place where we all meet regularly, socially and enjoy the facilities that we have to its full potential. We have
made arrangements for access to the temple area and community facilities on a regular basis.

I hope you would share with me in our hope that we all have an exciting prospect of having a great community spirit
amongst us all and enjoy each others company and our community centre would be at the heart of all this.

In the end, I thank you once again for showing your confidence in my abilities to be able to provide the leadership that
you have asked me to do. I sincerely hope that I am able to match and fulfil all your expectations.

Mr Tapan Mahapatra

                                                Events 2010
            DATES                                     EVENTS                                   CONTACT
       November 6th, Sat                         Diwali celebration -                         Mrs Rama Banerjee
                                                 Beverley Longcroft.
                                                   Ticketed Event

 7 pm - November 26, Friday                      Film, Food and Fun                     Tapan Mahapatra, Uday Joshi

    7 pm - November 25th ,                        Sai Baba birthday                             Dr Hiten Thaker
           Thursday                                  celebrations
                                                                                                   Sonal Thaker

   8.30 pm - December 31st                 New Year’s Party - ticketed                           Details to follow
                 Office Bearers 2010-11
         CHAIRPERSON                              MR. TAPAN MAHAPATRA

      Vice Chairpersons                              Dr. Hiten Thakkar

                                                     Mr. Jagdish Gandhi

           Secretary                                  Dr. Rajiv Chitnis

        Asst Secretary                                  Dr Uday Joshi

           Treasurer                                  Mr. Ashwin Shah

        Asst Treasurer                                Mrs. Shakti Raut

    Committee Members                       Dr Vijay Anand, Mrs Rama Banerjee,

                                            Mr. Ajay Chawla, Mrs Anju Gandhi

                                              Mr Chhotu Shah, Mrs Sonal Jain

                                              Mrs Asha Singh, Mrs Bharti Shah

                                            Mrs Pramila Parekh, Mrs Roopashree

            Trustees                               Dr Amulya Chaturvedi,

                                        Dr Ashok Pathak, Dr Ghanshyam Chauhan,

                                        Mr. Tapan Mahapatra, Mrs Rama Banerjee,

                                           Dr Pratap Verma, Dr. Sunil Upadhyay

As with any organization, we too have our own space on the web. Our website is
managed by Dr Verghese Mathew. All important and relevant information about our
association and all news and events will be on the website. Please visit it regularly to see
the current activities of our association. The web address is:

      ONAM 2010

Visit By Lord Parekh and High Commissioner of India
                                       P    U    J   A    S

        1) Every Sunday, between 5 - 7p.m - The bhajan starts at 5pm and finishes at 6pm with
           an Arti. This is followed by prasad bhojan - Every 1st Sunday of the month, this is
           sponsored by one of us. On the other Sundays, there will be other activities from

        2) On every Thursday, 8 - 8.30pm there is 'Satya Sai Baba bhajan'. You are most
           welcome to come and participate.


7,Park street

                                                               CREATED BY SURESH NAYAR

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