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									                       Ralph G. O’Brien, PhD
                             December 2006

Contact Information
  Office     Biostatistics Section, Quantitative Health Sciences,
             Cleveland Clinic,
             WB4, Cleveland, OH 44195. Voice: 216.445.9451
    Home     21225 Sydenham Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44122. Voice:
             Cell: 216.312.3203

  1954-67   Sacramento Public Schools
  1967-71   BA, 1971, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA
            Double major: Mathematics & Economics
  1971-72   MS, 1974, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
            Interdisciplinary Program in Operations Research
            (Departments of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer
            Science, Quantitative Business)
  1972-75   PhD, 1975, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
            Quantitative Psychology (behavioral statistics,
            Dissertation: Factorial Designs for the Analysis of
            Spread (c.f. O‟Brien, 1978 & 1979)

Employment and Other Major Experience
  1975-82 Department of Psychology, University of Virginia
     „75-82   Assistant Professor
     „79-82   Faculty Associate (10%), Academic Computing Center
       „82    Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
  1982-89 Department of Statistics, University of Tennessee
     „82-89   Associate Professor with tenure
     „84-86   Consulting Biostatistician (10%), UTn Medical Center,
     „86-89   Faculty Associate in Statistics (20%), Computing
     „88-89   Consulting Biostatistician (10%), Thompson Cancer
       „89    Promoted to Professor (with tenure)
  1989-94 Department of Statistics (Biostatistics Division),
           University of Florida
     „89-94   Research Associate Professor (89-93); Associate
                Professor (93-94)
     „90-94   Founding Director, Data Services Lab, UF General
                Clinical Research Center
     „92-94   Director, Division of Biostatistics
   1990-94      Member, Behavioral Medicine Study Section, Nat’l
                Institutes of Health
1994-present     Department of Quantitative Health Sciences (nee Dept of Biostatisti
   „94-present Full Staff (commensurate with full professor)
     „94-„03 Founding Director, Collaborative Biostatistics Center
      „96-97   Acting Director, Research Informatics Core, Dept of
                Biostatistics and Epidemiology
   „00-present Joint appointment in Division of Education, Center for
                Educational Research and
                Development & Lerner College of Medicine (2004-)
     „03-„04 Founding Director, Biostatistics Core, CCF General
                Clinical Research Center
   „06-present Secondary appointment, Center for Clinical
                Investigation, Case Western Reserve U.

Awards and Milestones
   1986     Best Contributed Paper in Statistics (O‟Brien, 1986a),
            11th SAS Users Group International (SUGI) conference.
   1986     Distinguished Faculty Initiate to Beta Gamma Sigma (“Phi
            Beta Kappa for business”).
   1991     SAS Institute adds “O‟Brien‟s test” for equality of
            variance in JMP; c.f. O‟Brien (1979) & O'Brien (1981).
   1991     SAS Institute adds power functionality to JMP, based on
            O‟Brien (1986b) and Wright and O‟Brien (1988).
   1995     Best Invited Paper, Joint Statistical Meeting, ASA
            Section on Teaching Statistics in the
            Health Sciences (See O‟Brien, et. al., 1995).
   1997     SAS Institute adds “O‟Brien‟s test” for equality of
            variance to PROC GLM in SAS/STAT.
   1998     Best Speaker (statistics), Midwest SAS Users Group Annual
            Meeting (See O‟Brien, 1998).
   1999     Invited traveling shortcourse presenter for American
            Statistical Association Council of Chapters. Over 600
            attendees in Puget Sound, Portland, and Sacramento
   2002     Featured shortcourse presenter and keynote speaker, 14th
            Annual Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture,
            Kansas State University Department of Statistics.
   2002     “Excellence in CE” award from the American Statistical
            Association for outstanding continuing education course
            at 2001 Joint Statistical Meetings.
   2004     SAS Institute releases PROCs POWER and GLMPOWER in
            SAS/STAT. These were inspired by and patterned after my
            comprehensive SAS-based module, UnifyPow. I serve as a
            formal consultant on this project, which continues
   2004     Elected by full membership of the American Statistical
            Association to serve a three-year term on its Board of
            Directors, representing Council of Sections.

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                                 Page 2 of 19
     2005       Inducted as Fellow, American Statistical Association.
                     Citation reads: “For developing and promoting effective methods, software, and consulting strategies for
                     sample-size analysis; for teaching, mentoring, and leadership in applying statistical science across a wide range
                     of disciplines; and for service to the profession.”

     2006       Invited traveling shortcourse presenter for American
                Statistical Association Council of Chapters. Selected
                chapters: Rhode Island, Western Tennessee, Central

Teaching             "I find that teaching and the students keep life going, and I
                     would never accept any position in which somebody has invented a
                     happy situation for me where I don’t have to teach. Never."
                         –Richard Feynman, 1918-88, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1965

    My teaching reflects the fact that while Statistics draws heavily
    on Mathematics and Computing, it has long been its own distinct
    discipline, one that is an integral part of a core set of
    principles, methods, and values that span all of Science.

    Classroom Teaching
        Universities of Virginia and Tennessee. Throughout these 14
        years as a regular university professor, I taught a three-
        semester sequence in statistical science for doctoral students
        from a wide range of research-oriented programs. Coverage:
        research design, data analysis, interpretation, and
        presentation, focusing on the univariate and multivariate
        general linear model, e.g. regression, analysis of variance and
        covariance, discriminant analysis, MANOVA, and repeated
        measures analysis. Long before it was common to do so, I
        stressed sample-size analysis for statistical planning and had
        students use mainstream commercial statistical software to
        analyze real/realistic datasets tied their own subject-matter
        University of Florida. My UF roles precluded regular classroom
        teaching, but I created and helped teach one team-taught
        biostatistics survey course, and I supervised independent
        studies, gave guest lectures, and created and taught a 6-
        session non-credit shortcourse, “Concepts in Research Design
        and Biostatistics for Clinical Scientists” (see O‟Brien, et.
        al. 1995).
        Cleveland Clinic / CWRU. 1996-2000: co-directed intensive 2-day
        CME shortcourse called “Concepts and Methods in Biostatistics"
        • 1999-present: created and teach/direct “Introduction to
        Clinical Research and Technical Writing,” 15 two-hour sessions,
        weekly, twice per year. 2001-2005: created and taught
        “Statistical Methods for Medical Research (Lite Version),” 15
        two-hour sessions, weekly, twice per year, for clinical
        researchers. • 2005-present: created and teach “Statistical
        Methods for Medical Research (Full Version)” for second-year
        students in the new Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
        (CCLCM) of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). This is a
        semester's worth of material covered in eight weeks during the
        summer. Now co-taught. • 2005-present: "Introduction to SAS as
        a Programming Language," a 1-credit CWRU course for the CCLCM •

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                                                                                  Page 3 of 19
        2006-present: created and teach "Communication in Clinical
        Research, I and II," a 1-credit per semester CWRU course for
        NIH/K12-funded Scholars in the CASE/Cleveland Clinic
        Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Training Program. • New
        for Spring 2007: " Statistical Modeling with Applications in
        Clinical Research," a regular 3-credit CWRU semester-long
        course designed as a second biostatistics course for the CCLCM
        • Also, 1994-present: various in-service courses in the CCF
        Department of Quantitative Health Sciences on various technical
        topics of concern to professional biostatisticians and
        statistical programmers.
    Statistics Minors Directed
        1975-89: directed 28 doctoral students who completed formal
        statistics minors programs that I created. At UVa (Department
        of Psychology), this program involved five semesters of
        coursework, additional independent readings, consulting
        experiences, and a qualifying examination. 16 students
        completed that program, and most financed their last years of
        graduate study by working as data analysts or consultants at
        the UVa Medical Center or the UVa Academic Computing Center.
        Several have gone on to have careers as statisticians. At UTenn
        I created and directed another 12 students in a similar program
        (24 quarter hours, plus comprehensive exam).
    Dissertations, etc., Directed
        I was on the official doctoral faculties of the Universities of
        Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida, serving formally on 27
        doctoral committees and 12 masters thesis committees, almost
        all in non-statistics programs (behavioral and biological
        sciences, accounting, etc.). In many cases, I virtually chaired
        the final stages of the dissertation. I advised extensively on
        countless other theses and dissertations being completed by
        students who took my statistics courses.
        Doctoral dissertations chaired: Jean Lightner (Psychology, UVa,
        1982), “The Finite-Sample Properties of Analysis of Covariance
        Tests Under the Multiple Design Multivariate General Linear
        Model.” Kim Melton (Management Science, UTn, 1986) “A Procedure
        for Initiating Process Control.”
        Master’s thesis chaired: John Schneider (Statistics, UTn, 1986)
        “Log-Linear Models: An Assessment of Three Approximations for
        the Noncentrality.” I also directed two masters‟ written

     From my sophomore year at Claremont McKenna College (1968), I
     have been using computers in all aspects of my professional
     life. In leadership, I enjoyed a 10% faculty associateship
     within UVa‟s Academic Computing Center, and was an active
     member of UVa‟s campus-wide Computing Committee. At UTenn, I
     served a 20% faculty associateship with the UTenn Computing
     Center, and I chaired the UTenn Faculty Senate‟s Research

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                            Page 4 of 19
        Council Computing Committee. Within Cleveland Clinic
        Biostatistics, I served as Acting Director of Computing,
        heading a group of 15 programmers, 5 data management/entry
        personnel, and 5 systems administrators who supported some 85
        machines. In programming, my comprehensive SAS module UnifyPow
        is used all over the world. This led to my current formal
        consultantship with the statistical software development group
        at The SAS Institute in Cary, NC, to collaborate with them on
        the design, testing, and documentation of their new procedures
        for sample-size analysis. SAS released PROCs POWER and GLMPOWER
        in 2003. This project and relationship continues.

Collaborations, Consultations, Expert Witness
      Extensive experience working with researchers in many fields,
      mostly in the behavioral and biological sciences, now dominated
      by collaborating and consulting on studies in the health
      sciences. At UVa, I formed a small statistical consulting
      service with the Academic Computing Center. At UTenn, I
      initiated three ventures that were each passed on to another
      member of the Statistics Department: (1) a biostatistics lab at
      the UTenn Medical Center; (2) a Faculty Associateship in
      Statistics at the UTenn Computing Center that gave PhD presence
      to an existing university-wide statistical services group of
      excellent MS statisticians, and (3) a cooperative arrangement
      with the then-new Thompson Cancer Center, an independent
      facility near UTenn. At UF, I obtained NIH-support to form the
      Data Services Lab (biostatistics core) for the General Clinical
      Research Center, and as Director of the UF Biostatistics
      Division, I oversaw all such services for the Health Sciences
      Center. For nine years at the Cleveland Clinic, I directed our
      Department‟s Collaborative Biostatistics Center, a 40-person
      group of statisticians, programmers, and others who support a
      myriad of Foundation projects and earn authorship on well over
      100 publications per year. (Altogether, CCF researchers produce
      over 2500 publications per year.)
      Since 1985, I have also served as an expert witness on about 20
      civil cases (wholly unrelated to my regular employer) in which
      issues involving research design and data analysis were central
      to some argument being made by one or both parties. References
      supplied upon request.

Current Professional Memberships
      American Statistical Association, Biometric Society, Society
      for Clinical Trials, Institute for Mathematical Statistics,
      American Association for the Advancement of Science,

Journal Peer Reviewing
      American Statistician, Biometrics, Child Development (Editorial
      Board 1980-83), Communications in Statistics, Controlled
      Clinical Trials, Developmental Psychology, Journal of
      Educational Statistics, Journal of Personality and Social
      Psychology, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                            Page 5 of 19
        Medical and Pediatric Oncology, Psychological Bulletin (section
        on Quantitative Methods in Psychology), Psychometrika,
        Psychological Methods, Psychophysiology, Social Psychology
        Bulletin, Statistics in Medicine, Computational Statistics and
        Data Analysis, others.

Grants & Contracts Peer Reviewing, Data Monitoring Committees (DMC)
1985-present                                                        National Institutes of H
      „85-90    National Cancer Institute [8 site visits]
      „85-90    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute [4 site
        „89     National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and
                 Kidney Diseases [1 contract review]
     „89-'05 National Institute of Mental Health [2 site visits for
                 AIDS research centers, 1 outside review; 1 round as
                 speaker and guest reviewer]
      „90-94    Member, NIH Behavioral Medicine Study Section
                 (review/score grant proposals)
                   [40-50 written reviews + 9 meeting days per year]
        „91     National Institute for Dental Research [1 site visit]
        „91     Special Behavioral Medicine Study Section [1 round]
     „99-‟01 Member, DMC for NHLBI Clinical Trial for Fetal
                 Tracheal Occlusion for Severe Congenital
                 Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)
       „00-     National Institute for Child Health and Development [1
                 site visit, 1 ad-hoc study section]
     „00-‟04 Member, DMC for NICHD/NHLBI-sponsored “Clinical Study
                 of Recombinant Human Clara Cell 10 KDA Protein
       2005     Visiting member, NIH/NIMH Interventions Research
                 Review Committee (clinical trials in mental health).

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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                                Page 6 of 19
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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                          Page 7 of 19
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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                          Page 8 of 19
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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                          Page 9 of 19
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Other Writings
 Cricket is not bugged. Letter appearing in MacUser, October
 1987, p 21.

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                         Page 10 of 19
 Sees no evidence of trend in data on murders. Letter appearing
 in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Sunday, 10 January 1988.
 Statistical Planning at UTCC. UTCC Newsletter, January 1988.
 Reprinted in the Newsletter, Center of Excellence for Computing
 Applications, UTn Chattanooga, July 1988.
 Presenting Statistical Information Effectively. UTCC Newsletter,
 March 1988. Reprinted in the Newsletter, Center of Excellence
 for Computing Applications, UTn Chattanooga, July 1988.
 Various articles in the Newsletter for the ASA‟s Section on
 Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences (1998-2000).
 JSM „99 Program for TSHS: Writing Workshop and Other Offerings,
 Amstat News, July 1999, p. 32.
 Anthony MK, Brennan PF, O‟Brien RG. "Statistical Adjusting for
   Variations in Rater Scoring in Observational Methodology,"
   Newsletter of the Midwest Nursing Research Society,
   Spring/Summer 2001, pp. 8.
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   Shepherd J, Van Orden A, Neibaur B (2001). “Using the Public
   Data Archive from the Registry of Patients with Alpha1-
   Antitrypsin Deficiency.” (19-pages; PDF:
 If SAS Institute reported authorship of its software manuals, I
 would be a co-author on the extensive documentation for PROCs
 POWER and GLMPOWER (194 pages and 42 pages; PDF:

Current Freeware
 “UnifyPow: a SAS Module/Macro for Sample-Size Analysis.” To
 download freeware and documentation, visit

Presentations, Workshops, etc. (since 1980)
 O‟Brien RG (1980), “Applications for the Multiple Design
   Multivariate Model,” ENAR Biometric Society Meeting. Abstract
   #3243, Biometrics, 37, 188.
 O‟Brien RG (1981), “A Strategy to Generalize the Multivariate
   Approach to Repeated Measures Designs to Handle Missing Values
   and Nonlinear Trends,” ENAR Biometric Society Meeting.
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 O‟Brien RG (1981), “Succinct Relations in Unbalanced ANOVA,”
   ASA-ENAR Joint Statistical Meetings.
 O‟Brien RG (1982- present), Numerous lectures and shortcourses
   related to Sample-Size Analysis for Study Planning. • 1982:
   Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), contributed paper. • 1984:
   SAS Users‟ Group International (SUGI), two invited papers
   (with V. Lohr). Dept of Statistics, Oregon State University,
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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                            Page 11 of 19
    colloquium. • 1985: Thurstone Psychometic Lab, University of
    North Carolina, colloquium. • 1986: SUGI, one-hour invited
    tutorial; East Tennessee Chapter of the ASA, guest speaker;
    International Conference On Teaching Statistics II, invited
    talk; Annual ASA/ASQC Fall Technical Conference, invited one-
    hour tutorial. • 1987: Statistics Department, University of
    Florida, colloquium; SRCOS-ASA Summer Research Conference,
    invited tutorial. • 1988: SUGI, contributed paper, (with P.
    Wright). • 1991: ENAR Biometric Society Meeting, invited. 1992:
    Association of General Clinical Research Center Statisticians.
    • 1997: SUGI, contributed paper. ASA Joint Statistical
    Meetings, one-day workshop with Janet Elashoff (nQuery
    Advisor); Southeastern SAS Users Group Meeting, 1/2-day
    shortcourse; ASA Cleveland Chapter Fall Workshop, 1 day.
    • 1998: York University (Toronto), 1 day; SUGI, invited talk;
    University of Illinois at Chicago, 1 day shortcourse; ASA
    Joint Statistical Meetings, Dallas, 4 hours. • 1999: Portland
    (Oregon) ASA Chapter, 4 hours; Puget Sound (Seattle) ASA
    Chapter, 4 hours; Sacramento ASA Chapter, 4 hours; U. Notre
    Dame, 1.5 days, U. Kansas School of Medicine, 2 days,
    Northeast Illinois (Chicago) ASA Chapter, 1 day; ASA Joint
    Statistical Meetings, Baltimore, 1/2 day shortcourse; Dept of
    Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve
    University, colloquium. • 2000: Proctor and Gamble
    Pharmaceuticals, Cincinnati, 1 day, Penn State University, 1
    day. • 2001: Brigham Young University, 2 evenings; Ohio
    Biostatistics Symposium, short talk. ASA Joint Statistical
    Meetings, one-day shortcourse. University of Vermont, 2-day
    shortcourse; SUGI and a 3 SUG meetings, one-hour
    demonstrations (3 of 4 given by J. Castelloe. • 2002: 14th
    Annual Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture,
    featured one-day shortcourse. 2002 Joint Statistical Meetings,
    ASA/CE invited one-day shortcourse. University of Tennessee
    Dept of Statistics, one-day course. • 2003: Joint Statistical
    Meetings, ASA/CE one-day shortcourse (with J. Castelloe).
    • 2004: SUGI, invited paper (with J. Castelloe) • 2005:
    Statistics Dept, Case Western Reserve University, colloquium;
    ENAR Biometrics Meeting, tutorial (fee event; with J.
    Castelloe); Claremont McKenna College & Reed Institute for
    Applied Statistics, half-day shortcourse for undergraduate
    students; Ohio State University Summer Program in Applied
    Statistical Methods, 2-day shortcourse; Annual Meeting of
    Association of General Clinical Research Center Statisticians,
    ½-day shortcourse (with J. Castelloe); Joint Statistical
    Meetings, ASA/CE one-day shortcourse (with J. Castelloe).
    2006: Association for Psychological Science, one-day
    shortcourse, New York City; Ohio State University Summer
    Program in Applied Statistical Methods, 2-day shortcourse; ASA
    Council of Chapters Traveling Course, one-day courses for
    Rhode Island, Western Tennessee (St. Jude Children's Hospital,
    Memphis) and Central Indiana (Eli Lilly, Indianapolis).
    Southern California ASA Chapter, 75-minute presentation.

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                           Page 12 of 19
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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                         Page 13 of 19
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Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                         Page 14 of 19
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Fellowships, Grants, and Contracts
        University of Virginia “Wilson Gee” Faculty Research
        Fellowships, 1977 & 1978, “Robust Methods for Comparing
        Variances.” [Summer salary support]
        MacArthur Foundation, 1981-1985, “A Longitudinal Study of
        Adaptation to Remarriage in Stepfamilies.” Role: Co-
        investigator, but resigned early to move to UTn. [10% salary
        Park National Bank Faculty Development Fellowship, 1983,
        “Several Projects in Linear Models.” [Summer salary support])
        UTn Research Award, 1984, “Developing a Robust Test for the
        Variance from One Sample.” [Summer salary support]
        UTn CBA Faculty Research Fellowship, 1985, “Practical Methods
        for Computing Power and Sample Sizes for Discrete Multivariate
        Methods.” [Summer salary support]

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                           Page 15 of 19
        UTn CBA Faculty Research Fellowship, 1986, “Practical Methods
        for Power and Sample Size Determination for Some Regression
        Procedures for Censored Survival Data.” [Summer salary support]
        UTn CBA Faculty Research Fellowship, 1987, “A Comparison of Two
        Methods to Approximate the Power of Likelihood Ratio Tests for
        Log-Linear Models.” [Summer salary support]
        UTn Statistics Department, 1988, “Invariance and Robustness of
        Tests for Equality of Covariance Matrices.” [Summer salary
        Thompson Cancer Survival Center, 1988, core biostatistical
        support for miscellaneous research projects in cancer
        prevention, treatment, and epidemiology. [10% salary and
        computing support]
        NIH, NIDR/NIA, 1989-1993 “UF Center for Research in Oral Health
        in Aging (CROHA)”. Role: director of biostatistics core (5%)
        and co-investigator on sensory psychophysics project (20%).
        [25% salary support, plus half-time MS-level colleague, plus
        computing “overhead” support to Biostatistics]
        NIH: a CROHA pilot grant, 1991, “Robust Tests for Correlated
        Variances.” [20% support for post-doctoral fellow]
        State of Florida, HRS, 1989- (substituted for R. Carter, on
        leave), “Perinatal Data System.” PI: Michael Resnick, EdD
        (Neonatology). Role: consultant. [5-25% salary support, plus
        support for two 50% post-doctoral fellows and related computing
        USDA (Competitive Research Grant), 1990-1992, “Zinc Requirement
        as Estimated by Erythrocyte Metallothionein.” PI: Lynn Bailey,
        PhD (UF-IFAS Food Science and Human Nutrition). Role: GCRC-
        based biostatistical support. [Support covered by GCRC grant]
        UF Division of Sponsored Research, 1991-1992, “Broad,
        Generalized Approaches for Sample-Size Analyses.” [9 months of
        support for graduate research assistant]
        Ross Laboratories (investigator-initiated grant), 1992-94,
        “Enteral Glutamine in Very Low Birth Weight Infants.” PI: Josef
        Neu, MD (UF Pediatrics). Role: GCRC-based biostatistical
        NIH, 1992-94, “Folate Kinetics in Pregnant and Lactating Human
        Subjects.” PI: Lynn Bailey, PhD (UF-IFAS Food Science and Human
        Nutrition). Role: GCRC-based biostatistical support.
        NIH, 1990-1994, “UF General Clinical Research Center (GCRC).”
        Director: Peter Stacpoole, MD, PhD. Role: GCRC Biostatistician.
        [0.25 FTE 1990-93; 0.50 FTE funded 1993-97, but left UF in
        Muscular Dystrophy Association, 1992-94, “Treatment of
        Mitochondrial Myopathies with Dichloroacetate.” PI: Peter
        Stacpoole, MD, PhD. Role: Director of Biostatistics
        Coordinating Center for planning of multicenter trial. [Support
        covered by GCRC grant]

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                           Page 16 of 19
        Knoll Pharmaceuticals, 1996-97, “MAK 195F 01B: A Multicenter
        Open-Label Prospective Randomized, Controlled Study to
        Investigate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of MAK 195F in
        Patients with Sepsis Syndrome,” Role: de facto PI directing all
        activities related to finishing this Phase II trial; authoring
        a 500-page Statistical Report [0.15 FTE].
        NIH/NINR 5R01NR004274, 1995-1998, “Variations in Nursing
        Practice Models.” PIs: Patricia Brennen, PhD, then Mary
        Anthony, PhD, CWRU Nursing. Role: oversee biostatistical
        support [0.15 FTE].
        NIH/NINR 1R01NR004318, 1996-1999, “Outcomes and Resource Use:
        Long-Term Ventilator Patients.” PI: Sara Douglas, PhD, CWRU
        Nursing. Role: oversee biostatistical support [0.05-0.10 FTE,
        plus 0.15-0.20 FTE for Jeff Hammel, MS].
        NIH/NHLBI N01-HR-86036, 1998-2001, continuation contracts for
        “Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Registry Study.” Role:
        Principal Investigator. [0.20 FTE]
        NIH/NLM 3R01LM006249-03S2, 1997-2001, “Customized Computer
        Support: Home Care of Cardiac Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
        Patients (Project HeartCare)” PI: Patricia Brennen, PhD,
        University of Wisconsin Engineering and Nursing. Role: co-
        investigator. [0.05-0.10 FTE]
        NIH/NCRR 1M01RR018390, 2003-04, “Cleveland Clinic Foundation
        General Clinical Research Center.” PI: Richard Rudick, MD.
        Program Director: Serpil Erzurum, MD, Role: Director,
        Biostatistics Core. [0.50 FTE]
        NIH/NLM 1R01LM008154, 2003-2007, “Using the Internet to Improve
        Patient's Self-Management of Chronic Illness.” PI: Deborah
        Miller, PhD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Role: co-
        investigator. [0.05-0.20 FTE]
        1 K12 HD049091-01, 2004-2008. Cleveland Multidisciplinary
        Clinical Research Training Program” (an NIH “Roadmap”
        initiative). PI: Richard Rudick, MD. Role: Direct the project
        incubator system and clinical scholars support core; serve on
        Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee (MAC), Mentoring
        Committee, and others. [0.15-0.25 FTE]
        1 P50 HL077107-01, 2005-2009. SCCOR: Molecular Determinants of
        Coronary Artery Disease. PI: Eric Topol, MD. Role: teach
        biostatistics in Clinical Skills Development Core. [0.10 FTE]

    University of Virginia (1975-82)
        Campus-wide: Computing Advisory Committee (1978-82), Hardware
        Needs Subcommittee (1978-79), Long-Range Planning Subcommittee
        (Chair, 1981-82).
        Psychology Department: Computing Facilities (Chair, 1975-1982);
        PhD Statistics Qualifying Exam (Chair, 1975-1982); Teaching

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                           Page 17 of 19
        Evaluation Committee (Founding chair in 1976, member in 1977);
        numerous search committees.
    University of Tennessee (1982-89)
        Campus-wide: Interdisciplinary Program in
        Industrial/Organizational Psychology (1982-89),
        Interdisciplinary Program in Management Science (1984),
        Graduate Council (1985-88), Graduate School Credentials
        Committee (approves members to join graduate faculty, 1985-88),
        Computing Center Technical Advisory Committee (1986-9),
        Research Council (1988-9), University Research Computing
        Committee (Chair, 1988-89).
        College of Business: Computing (1984-85).
        Statistics Department: Graduate Program Committee (Chair, 1984-
        9); Faculty Affairs Committee (1984-9); Computing Committee
        Thompson Cancer Survival Center: Institutional Review Board
    University of Florida (1989-94)
        Statistics Department: Advisory Committee (1989-91, 1992-93),
        Graduate Admissions Committee (1989-91), Search Committee for
        Director of Biostatistics (1989-91, Chair 1990-91), mentoring
        group for Michael Conlon (Chair, 1990-91), various search and
        curriculum committees, Katzoff Fellowship Committee (Chair,
        1992-94), Departmental Mission Committee (1993).
        General Clinical Research Center: Scientific Advisory Committee
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1994-)
        Foundation: Chargeback System Committee (1994-95; primary
        author of report). Grants Administration Committee (1995),
        Library Advisory Committee (1997-), Page Center (1998-2000).
        Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology: Operations Group
        (1994-; facilitator, 1994-96), Management Advisory Committee
        (1994-), Education and Training Committee (1994-96; co-chair,
        1994-96; Intra-CCF education subcommittee (1994-96, chair), Co-
        Director for 2-day CME course in Biostatistics (1996, 1997,
        1998, 2000, 2001).
    Association of General Clinical Research Center Statisticians (AGS, 1991-94)
        Executive Committee (1991-1994); Computing Committee (1991-94,
        co-chair), NIH-funded “AGS ambassador” to GCRC Annual General
        Meeting (1991) and annual meeting of the Assoc of GCRC Systems
        Managers (1994), organized scientific program for 1994 AGS
        annual meeting.
    American Statistical Association
        General: Biometrics Section Charter Committee (1990-91);
        Advisory Committee for Continuing Education (1999-2001);
        Council of Chapters traveling course instructor (“Software for
        Sample-Size/Power Analysis,” 1999: Puget Sound, Portland,

Ralph O’Brien, PhD                                                            Page 18 of 19
        Sacramento), ASA Council of Sections (2001-2003), Board of
        Directors (2005-2007; Representative from Council of Sections),
        including various committees and the like: Association
        Planning, Accreditation Feasibility, Dues, Nominations Process
        Section on Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences: Program
        Chair (1999), Webpage manager (1999-), Section Chair (2000),
        Council of Sections Representative (2001-2003). Presenter of 8
        ASA Continuing Education JSM shortcourses sponsored by the
    Biometrics Society, Eastern North American Region (ENAR)
        Program Committee for 1999 Annual Spring Meeting
    Claremont McKenna College (alma mater)
        Member, Board of Governors, Reed Institute for Applied
        Statistics (2005-)

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