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									         LISC Urban Forum

Successfully Marketing Your
      Retail District

               Presented by:
           Katharyne Starinsky
   Commercial Development Manager
             p. 216.881.0644
                   A Fresh Start

•   New Name
•   New Staff
•   New Brand Identity
•   Office Move
•   Commitment to
    Consistent Branding
    in All Areas
                 Project Purpose
•   To raise awareness of the Asian cultures located in this
    community through the Chinese New Year celebration,
    (approximately 25% of the population)
•   To support local artists and display their work for all to
    view and interact with, and
•   To encourage economic development by drawing people
    into the neighborhood to shop in our retail establishments,
    eat in our restaurants and generally demonstrate that this is
    a great place to visit and live!
                  Project Funding
Start Up Funding Sources

•   Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners ACE grant
    (Arts, Culture and Economic Development)
•   Private Foundation Grant
•   Sponsorships

Funds Generated During Project

•   Ticket Sales for Year of the Dog Ball
•   Auction Proceeds
                                            Total Budget
•   Merchandise Sales
                   Project Details
•   Grant application submitted February 2005
•   Planning began upon grant award in June 2005
•   Final culminating event October 21, 2006
•   25 dog sculptures created
•   21 individual artists
•   28 different designs selected for Sponsorship
    Portfolio (from more than 40 submitted)
•   24 sponsors
•   Sculpture Locations: commercial district
    sidewalks and inside open to the public
•   Project Audience: People from inside and
    outside of the community
                  Sample Proposal

    2nd Prize
Best in Show Winner!
                    1st Dog Complete
                          Asian Influenced Design

Artist Erin Aleman*
Title Draco Canis
Sponsor Asia Food Market
* Cleveland State University Masters
Student with undergraduate degree
in printmaking
                                                    Option 1

                                       Option 2
Dogs Celebrate Culture
             Artist Salvador Gonzalez*
             Title Spirit Chaser – Itzcuintli
             Artist Statement
             In Mesoamerican cultures, the
             dog has played an important role in
             both the physical and spiritual worlds
             since pre-Columbian times. It is 1
             believed that when you die, an
             Itzcuintli dog – the Spirit Chaser –
             guides you across the river to the
             Sponsor Key Bank
             *Visionary for Cleveland’s Day of
             the Dead Celebration held in our
One Life-Like Dog

           Artist Susan Mathias*
           Title Sirius Modernus
           *Known for her pet portraits
               Dogs Get Sculptural
         Artist Ian Petroni

                              Title Rusty
                    Sponsor Graystone Properties

                                                                      Option 1

Runner Up                                                 Title You are Here
                                                       Sponsor Goodrich Gannet
                                                        Neighborhood Center
Best in Show

                                            Option 2
Celebrity Artist
           Artist Dick Goddard, Fox8
                     News Weatherman
           Title Rare Woolly Foo Dog*
           Sponsor Tru Trac
           *Traveling Dog Attended Events
   Year of the Dog Trivia

What is a Woolly Bear?      Option 1
This is a Woolly Bear.
     Win a T-Shirt…

   Why Does the
Weatherman Care about
    Woolly Bears?
            Weatherman Woolly Bear
The woolly bear is the species mentioned in winter-prediction folklore
  that claims that the longer the black is at the ends of the body, the
                more severe will be the coming winter.

The good folks of Vermilion, Ohio (west of Cleveland) hold an annual
 "Woolly Bear Festival" – one of the largest one-day festival in Ohio.
Festivities include a parade, woolly bear races and an "official" analysis
        of the woolly bears and forecast for the coming winter.

       The festival was created by weatherman Dick Goddard.
                       Sponsorship Levels
             Chinese Shar-pei: $5,000                  Chinese Foo: $3,000
Ultimate Dog Ownership                  Dog Adoption
8 Tix to Unveiling Reception            4 Tix to Unveiling Reception
8 Tix to Year of the Dog Ball           4 Tix to Year of the Dog Ball
8 T-Shirts                              4 T-Shirts
50 Wristbands                           50 Wristbands
8 Packs of 10 Greeting Cards            4 Packs of 10 Greeting Cards
Inclusion on All Marketing Materials    Inclusion on All Marketing Materials

             Chinese Crested: $2,500                     Pekingese: $1,000
Dog Adoption                            Dog Adoption
2 Tix to Unveiling Reception            Inclusion on All Marketing Materials
2 Tix to Year of the Dog Ball
2 T-Shirts
25 Wristbands
2 Packs of 10 Greeting Cards
Inclusion on All Marketing Materials
 Small Local Business Sponsorship

                                                      Option 1

Artist Billy Nainiger*
Title Lucky Elements of Earth
Sponsored by Erie Tavern
*Resides in live/work building for artists Option 2
  Large Local Business Sponsorship

                                              Option 1

Artist George Kocar*
Title Post Modern Art Dog
Sponsored by Custom Rubber Corp.
*Worked for American Greetings
                                   Option 2
Corporate (Chinese Shar-pei) Sponsorship
Artist Michael Gold*
Title Rover Tech
Sponsored by Ohio Technical College
*Artist is a teacher at the school.

                  1st Prize
           Best in Show Winner!
Corporate (Chinese Shar-pei) Sponsorship

Artist Suzanne Hively*
Title The Plain Dealer Newshound
Sponsored by The Plain Dealer
*Artist is a staff writer who won the
contest held within the company to
produce their design
Transporting the Dogs
           Dogs Installed



                            Key Bank
Installation Day Photo Opps
                       Marketing Materials
                 Use Organization Brand from Beginning to End!
•Unveiling Reception Program and Tickets
•Best in Show Ballots
•Maps to Spot Dogs
•Neighborhood Discount Guide
•T-Shirts (for sale)                                             Option 1
•Greeting Cards (for sale)
•Flyers for Free Family Events
•Ads in Publications
•Invitation to Year of the Dog Ball
                                           Option 2
•Year of the Dog Program
T-Shirts and Greeting Cards
Media Coverage
                       Media Coverage
              RANGED from Obvious to Unexpected Coverage
                      Sponsor and Host of Unveiling Reception
•The Plain Dealer – led to variety of photos and articles throughout the project
                      Result from the BUZZ and Press Releases
•WVIZ (local PBS station) appearance on show, Ideas – interviewed SCSDC Executive
Director and small business sponsor
                                                                       Option 1
•News Channels 3,5 & 8 sent reporters out to cover installation day
•Fox8 News Weatherman Dick Goddard put Lucky “on the set” and made referrals
to the project
•Radio Stations, including two significant focus segments on WCPN (NPR station) and
                                              Option 2
•Specialty Magazines – Cleveland Canine (debut issue), Northern Ohio Live, and
Cleveland Magazine
    Marketing through Partnerships
              Again…RANGED from Obvious to Unexpected
•   Friends of the Cleveland Kennel – Art Fur Animals
•   Working Dog Weekend at Lake Farm Metro Park in Lake County
•   Dog Park Birthday Party in Tremont
•   Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound – Cleveland Dept. of Public Health
•   Opera Cleveland – “An Aesop Odyssey”
•   Sparx in the City Gallery Hop
•   Annual Woolly Bear Festival in Vermillion, OH
•   Yappie Hour at MetroBark
•   Accomplished Project Goals
•   Coupons from Discount Guide (200 coupons used) and Economic
    Impact Surveys tracked money brought into the neighborhood
•   Drew people from outside of Cleveland into the neighborhood –
    phenomenon of people into “the hunt” of finding all of the
                                                             Option 1
•   Nominated by Northern Ohio Live magazine’s Awards of
    Achievement for Neighborhood Revitalization (one of three
    projects in the region)
                                   Option 2
•   Auction raised more than $22,000 – seed money for next year
  Chinese New Year Trivia

 What animal is next in the
lunar calendar beginning on
    February 18, 2007?
Year of the Pig
    To Celebrate Year of the Pig…
Viktor Schreckengost, Internationally known Industrial Designer, has designed
            the pig that will be used to create the base sculpture.
Thank you!
 Contact: Katharyne Starinsky

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