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					    VOLUME 17, NUMBER 5                      Telephone: 815.744.4520                 May 2009

                                THREE RIVERS ASSOCIATION
                                    REALTORS ®’ RAP

          2009                                     CONGRATULATIONS TO:
    Annual Golf Outing
                                                          Theresa Lamb
          June 1, 2009                       2009 Lifetime Achievement Award
   Whitetail Ridge Golf Club
    7671 Clubhouse Drive
         Yorkville, IL
                                                        Karen Robertson
                                                 2009 REALTOR® of the Year
  Tee Off Time - 1:00PM Shot Gun

  For more information see page 8
                                                            Matt Rittof
                                                          2008 Rising Star
   Sponsorship Opportunities
     Available - see page 10
                                                           Steven Boyd
                                                    2008 Affiliate of the Year

   “Hop Off The Fence”
promotional signs and riders
are available for purchase at
   the Association Office

                The above banner is available to members of Three Rivers Association.
            Go to www.trarealtors.net and click on the “Hop off the Fence Campaign” link.
                          Banner/Program can not be changed in anyway.

                                 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                     By: Jeff Gregory
                                                                     TRAR President
Congratulations TRAR Award Winners                                                      to our buyers today that were NOT available 5 years ago…1) MCC
At our recent Award’s Breakfast, our Association presented                              from IHDA, 2) $8,000 federal tax credit, 3) NSP funds from the
Karen Robertson of Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell with the coveted                          city of Joliet and Will County, 4) Rural Housing Programs and 5)
REALTOR® of the Year Award. Matt Rittof, Realty Executives                              PMI deductibility. We have discussed these programs at recent
Success, was presented the Rising Star Award -- and honor                               Association events, but if you aren’t familiar with some of these
presented to someone with 2 years or less experience in the industry                    programs…talk to your Broker or call the Association office.
who displays outstanding achievements, sales volume, Association
involvement and community outreach. The Affiliate of the Year
Award was presented to Steven Boyd. The Lifetime Achievement                            Prospecting/Lead Generation System is Critical to Long Term
Award was given to Theresa Lamb, Century 21 Coleman-Hornsby                             Success
in recognition of her outstanding presence and contributions to her                     Taking a listing, obtaining referrals, negotiating a great price…most
community. In addition, those members who contributed this past                         of these activities are NOT difficult for most REALTORS®. However,
year to RPAC were also recognized. Congratulations to each of                           many REALTORS®…even the seasoned veterans…confess that
these members -- our Association appreciates your efforts!                              locating prospective buyers/sellers is their biggest challenge. I
                                                                                        urge each of you…if you are NOT meeting at least one new buyer
It is still a GREAT TIME TO BUY real estate                                             and one new seller each week…then talk to you Broker about re-
According to NAR President Charles McMillan, “Compared to a year                        evaluating your lead generation system. In addition, I encourage
ago, the typical family can pay much less in mortgage costs for the                     each of you to remember that your friends and family want you to
same home, or buy a better home without necessarily increasing                          succeed in this business…so let them help you find SUCCESS by
their monthly payment. For buyers who’ve been on the sidelines                          reminding them of what you do for a living.
and have good jobs, the market has never looked more favorable.
Homeownership has always offered immediate benefits and long-             REALTOR® IDOL…brace yourself for the EXCITEMENT!
term value, but the advantages in today’s market are unique.”            On June 18th, the RPAC Committee, chaired by Matthew Rittof,
                                                                         presents…REALTOR® Idol…a night of Karaoke, food, drinks,
Consider for a moment, all of the amazing opportunities available fun and laughs -- all to benefit RPAC. We have an AMAZING
                                                                                               panel of guest judges…but just like
        THREE RIVERS REALTORS ’ RAP -- Three Rivers Association of REALTORS             ®      American Idol…YOU -- the fans -- get
                              303 Springfield Avenue, Joliet, IL 60435                          to determine the winner! Come out and
                                                                                               vote for your favorite performers. Prizes
 Phone: 815.744.4520                                                DIRECTORS                  will be awarded…exciting items will be
 Fax: 815.744.7677                                     Grant Chignoli       William Offerman   auctioned…and ALL proceeds will benefit
 Web Address: www.trarealtors.net                      Rosalie D’Andrea     Deborah Olson      RPAC. Watch for future communication
                                                       Terry Danek          Mandy Sayles       on this FUN event!
OFFICERS                                                          Virginia Ferry            Rosemary West
 Jeff Gregory - President                                         Rita Liberatore
 Leo Koulouris - President-Elect                                                                                         I look forward to seeing many of you at
 Andrew Cook - Secretary/Treasurer                                                                                       upcoming Association Events!

 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                           IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT                                                    Sincerely,
 David L. McClintock                                               Larry Mull, GRI                                                             Jeff Gregory

           Direct News Releases and Editorials to: Copy Editor of REALTORS®’ Rap: Jacki Rogers
            Association Office Staff: Patricia Cimino, Bookkeeper; Patricia Gear, Office Manager/
         Committee Secretary; David Jones, Membership; Thomas Joseph, Government Affairs Director;
                    Lauren McClintock, Receptionist; Jacki Rogers, Assistant to the CEO

                                       THREE RIVERS REALTORS®’ RAP
The purpose of the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® is to serve its membership by developing and
promoting programs and services that will enhance the members’ freedom and ability to conduct their individual
business successfully with integrity and competency and through collective action, to promote the preservation of
real property rights.                                                                                                                      Please fax
The Three Rivers REALTORS®’ RAP is a monthly publication of the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®.
The products and services advertised in the Three Rivers REALTORS®’ RAP are not endorsed by the Three Rivers                                to Jacki
Association of REALTORS® unless otherwise noted.                                                                                       at (815) 744-7677
The Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® does not fix, control, recommend, suggest or maintain commission
rates or fees for services to be rendered by its members or the division of commissions or fees between cooperating
participants or between participants and nonparticipants.

                                      EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY
Federal law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin
in connection with the sale or rental of residential real estate, in advertising the sale or rental of housing, in the
financing of housing, and in the provisions of real estate brokerage services.
                                                                                                                           Please fax announcements to Jacki at (815) 744-7677
                               MRED/SentriLock Info
                            SentriLock NOTES
                                                                                        COMPASS® SUPPORT &
1. Cards are available for lease between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. For your       OTHER IMPORTANT
   convenience appointments may be made by calling David Jones at (815) 744-4520.
                                                                                        PHONE NUMBERS:
2. Please contact SentriLock Support at (877) 736-8745 if you are having a problem
   with your card prior to contacting the Association.
3. Cards are leased; therefore it must be returned when you drop membership or
   change to another Association. The items to be returned are: the card, the
   reader and all accessories - if they are not returned, the cost to purchase
   them will be $60.00.
4. To make sure your card is updated, it must be swiped through the reader.

      TO ACCESS WEB SITES FOR MREDLLC.COM OR MREDLLC.NET:                               MRED Help Desk              (630) 955-2755
      AGENT ID: (Type 6 Digit # assigned- starts w/70....)                              MRED Rules & Regs           (630) 955-0011
      PASSWORD: (Type in your password)                                                 Software info & orders      (630) 955-0011
                                                                                        Computer Classes            (630) 955-2754
                                                                                        MRED Fax No.                (630) 955-0353
   There is an automatic
          $2,500 fine
      if you share your                                            Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®
      MRED password                                               Closed Listing Statistics Through April 2009
             with                                                    2009 YTD           2008 YTD         Apr-09             Apr-08
        ~ ANYONE ~
                                           # of Sold Properties        1291              1601             383                  491
     including vendors,
       family, friends,                    Average Sale Price        $195,791           $228,900        $198,597           $237,675

          co-workers                       Average Days on Market       167               154             155                  145
(i.e. assistants, secretaries,
                                           TOTAL VOLUME             $252,765,882      $366,468,269    $76,062,810      $116,698,573
      other agents), etc.

  MLS         (and SentriLock if applicable)                                    Fees
        Please be aware that these fees are
            sent out three times a year,
               the next fees are due:
       In July (for Sep to Dec) Due September 1st                                                  Membership
          In Nov (for Jan to Apr) Due January 1st                                                      is
  Please note these dates on your calendar.                                                           1418

                                                                                                                               Page 3
                                                “MUELLER’S MUSING”
                                                 By Gary Mueller, Association Attorney
                                                         91 129th Infantry Drive
                                                          Joliet, Illinois 60435
                                                  (815) 725-7300 fax (815) 725-7320

Good afternoon, All. I hope this finds you      initial contact has been made to our Legal             under distressed or depressed terms---short
doing well. I have actually been attending      Committee and representatives of the                   sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc. I
more closings lately. I trust you are as        Will County Bar Association. With certain              believe you will find that though the public,
well.                                           changes in our industry, it may be prudent             at large, may anticipate a HUGE reduction
                                                to review our contract to determine if                 in property tax bills, the reductions will
From a legal standpoint for the Association,    changes are warranted. I will keep you                 not be forthcoming---and the assessors
things are relatively quiet. Within the next    updated on that project.                               will be doing their jobs correctly and
few weeks, the 5.0 Contract will be available                                                          appropriately.
for use. It is currently undergoing the final   Opportunities appear at most every corner
changes and corrections before printing.        for qualified, first time buyers. Some believe         As with all articles, I hope this information
The last and most recent issue has included     that it is this segment of the industry that           will assist you in being ahead of the curve
a discussion of the location of the closing.    will drive resurgence in the remainder of              by providing more information to your
Apparently, other areas continually             the market. Make sure you familiarize                  clients. Make sure you work each day with
misinterpret the provision that indicates       yourself with not only the terms of the                the idea that, with all the REALTORS in the
that the closing must be at a title company     Stimulus Package but also the programs                 area, why should a buyer/seller work with
or closing office geographically nearest the    that are available throughout our area by              you? Make sure you provide people with
property. Horror stories abound that seller’s   various municipalities, the county, and the            a readily discernable answer----because you
attorneys are requiring all other parties       state and federal governments.                         are a REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL.
to the transaction to schlep to their office
even though the property to be transferred      Regarding real estate property taxes, it may                      Take care.
is in a different county! In those cases, all   be appropriate to call your local township                               Gary
others involved are inconvenienced for the      tax assessor to discuss how real estate
Attorney. No wonder some within my              property taxes will be affected (if at all) by
profession have a strained relationship with    the recent slow down. I trust you will find
REALTORS.                                       that the assessors are reticent to do mass
                                                reductions of assessments in part because
Regarding the Three Rivers Contract, an         a number of the transfers of property are

                   WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
  In accordance with Article V, Section 3(a) of the Bylaws of the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®, the following applicants are being
      published. Members desiring to submit comments on the applicants must do so in writing, forwarding them to the Association office.

                        New Applicants                                                              Members on the Move
                                                                                              Linde Barton, Century 21 Pro-Team, Joliet
                 Jaimie Ahern, Karges Realty, Joliet
        Willard Booth, G & S Commercial Group LLC, Joliet                             Jason Brodrick, Van Witz Real Estate Services, Palos Hills
     Christina Fisher, Realty Executives Associates, New Lenox                             Scott Faletti, Century 21 Pride Realty, Frankfort
         Theresa Fossberg, T-Land Realty LLBC, Crest Hill                               Ronald Kehoe, Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell, Plainfield
     Colleen Greenfield, Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell, Frankfort                             Darlene Nosal, Real People Realty Inc, Frankfort
      Janean Jackson, Realty World Caton & Assoc, Plainfield                           Martha Oswald, Van Witz Real Estate Services, Palos Hills
           Carlos Lopez, East Side Realty of Joliet, Joliet                                Jack Stewart, Century 21 Pride Realty, Frankfort
        Bonnie Patrick, Century 21 Pride Realty, New Lenox                              Ann Surges, Van Witz Real Estate Services, Palos Hills
            Norma Phillips, Century 21 Pro-Team, Joliet                                   Carol Walenga, Century 21 Pride Realty, Frankfort
       Susan Ralston, Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell, Frankfort
          Jennifer Ruzich, RE/MAX Pinnacle, Shorewood
       Svetlana Stevens, Century 21 Pride Realty, New Lenox
       Roman Ventura, Charles Rutenberg Realty, Naperville                                               New Offices
                                                                       Jennifer Robertson, The Realty Dot Inc, 3030 S. Dixie Hwy #1, West Palm Beach
                                                                      Pamela VanWitzenburg, Van Witz Real Estate Services, 8130 W. 111th St, Palos Hills

                                                                                                        New Affiliates
                                                                        Scott Rolf, Mid-Illini Appraisal Services, 815 N. Ladd Street, Pontiac

Page 4
                              Three Rivers Government Affairs Update

            Will County Special Service Area’s/ Romeoville -Vacant/ Foreclosed Inspections
                                                 By: Tom Joseph –Government Affairs Director
For the past 16 months our government affairs program has been reviewing         Direct concerns to:
and monitoring a Special Service area’s outline that would be applied to         Chairman, Tom Weigel
all conservation design outlines.                                                Vice Chair, Deb Rozak
                                                                                 Katrina Deutsche
We have attended 30 meetings in result to this issue as the SSA would            Kathleen Konicki
be applied for maintenance and infrastructure of a conservation design           Sharon May
development.                                                                     Mike Wisniewski

Our number one concern is not to see expansive SSA that would be used            Ask them not to support any ordinance that included SSA’S.
for “infrastructure” of streets, roads, sidewalks as these are quite expensive
as you know. Maintenance SSA’S may be a little more restrictive but still        Sub. Ordinance.
have the ability to be concerning as the ordinance as outlined presently         http://www.willcountylanduse.com/PZD/PZ_Docs/
mandates 60 % open space. So, this SSA, if applied would maintain all            Subdivision%20Ordinance_Jan09.pdf
that open space

 Our local efforts have attempted to minimize this and or stop it from           If questions contact me at tom@trarealtors.net
advancing. The Land Use committee recently held a public hearing, the
3 rd in total along with 30 other committee meetings. Many views were            ROMEOVILLE – FORECLOSED INSPECTIONS
expressed at this hearing as some were for it and the REALTORS® and
the Home Builders continued to voice their concerns. We have attempted           Because the village of Romeoville has had so many vacant/foreclosed
to offer a compromise as an association by providing an example of a             properties on the market they have adopted an ordinance requiring
strongly outlined Home Owners Association that would strictly enforce            inspections of these properties before transfer as water is turned off.
the open space, maintenance issues that the committee has voiced concern         The first step is a mold inspection to be done before the inspectors will
over. Furthermore, we have offered with our Springfield government                enter. Second, before the inspection the property must have liens and or
affairs team a compromise outline that would allow the county to address         outstanding water bills paid and a “clearance letter” must be approved
all concerns via the lien process and encourage maintenance issues for a         for inspection. Department will schedule an inspection after these 2 steps
2year period if needed and then go forward with the specific SSA law that         and then inspectors will conduct and look for code concerns. If they
is allowed in Illinois. We will see if this is workable.                         are found buyer will have up to 30 days after inspection to correct code
                                                                                 issues. Transfer of property will be conducted without interference. We
Feel free to share your concerns with the Will County Land Use members           will communicate our concerns with Romeoville; feel free to contact me
by contacting them directly through the County. The direct line is 815/740-      at tom@trarealtors.net
4602 and the e-mail address is CountyBoard@willcountyillinois.com .


                              LENDER INFORMATION
                                              Denise Flanc, Mortgage Loan Officer
                                              National City, a division of National City Bank
                                              National City, now a part of PNC
                                              815-464-4971 Direct 866-446-2608 E Fax Denise.flanc@ncmc.com

                                              3-1/2% Down FHA
                                              FHA 203K Streamline
                                              Home Equity Line and Fixed up to 85%
                                              1-4 Unit Investment Properties
                                              Competitive Rates and Closing Costs

                                                                                                                                                 Page 5
                      37th Annual Golf Outing
                        Monday, June 1, 2009
                Tee Off Time - 1:00 PM Shot Gun

                          CONTESTS – GAMES – PRIZES
  Registration………………………….      11:00 am
  Lunch……………………………………          12:00 Noon                      SIGNS ONLY
  Tee Off………………………………….         1:00 pm SHARP                     $50.00
  Dinner & Raffles……………………      6:30 pm approx               Hole Sponsorships
                Deadline May 15, 2009                             Available
  Dress Code-Collared Shirt with sleeves                 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $175.00
                                                                after May 15th
         ROOM FOR 144 GOLFERS!                                        $200.00

  LUNCH-GOLF & CART-DINNER - $100.00                                  (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE)

  Please send me _____ Lunch/golf /cart/dinner tickets at $100 each    TOTAL: $ ____________
  Please send me _____ Dinner only/ Raffle ticket at $40.00 each       TOTAL: $ ____________
  EARLY BIRD ______ Before May 15, 2009 -$90.00 each                   TOTAL: $____________

  NAME: _________________________________                OFFICE: ___________________________

  ADDRESS: ______________________________                CITY: ___________________ ZIP: ________

  PHONE: ______________                                  FAX: ______________


   CARD #: ______________________________________                EXP. DATE:____________

   SIGNATURE: __________________________________


     1) _________________________________                5) _________________________________

     2) _________________________________                6) _________________________________

     3) _________________________________                7) _________________________________

     4) _________________________________                8) _________________________________

                                           ATTN: GOLF OUTING


Page 6

                         303 SPRINGFIELD AVE.
                           JOLIET, IL 60435

             37TH ANNUAL GOLF OUTING – JUNE 1, 2009
                            WHITETAIL RIDGE GOLF CLUB
                            7671 CLUBHOUSE DRIVE, YORKVILLE, IL

                          SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

SPONSORSHIP               COST                                                   SELECTION
                          $175.00                                                $__________

INDIVIDUAL HOLE SPONSOR                             $200.00                      $__________
SIGNS ONLY                                          $ 50.00                      $__________

LUNCH (MAXIMUM 2)                                   $350.00                      $___________

BEER HOLE (MAXIMUM 3)                                $350.00                     $___________

DINNER                                               $1,000.00                   $___________

NAME:   _______________________________                               COMPANY_____________

ADDRESS:    _____________________________

CITY:   ________________________________                              STATE:     IL        ZIP______

PHONE:   ( ____) ____________                                FAX:   (____) ____________

 MASTERCARD–VISA-AM EXPRESS(CIRCLE ONE) CARD#:                 ____________________ _________

 EXP. DATE:    ____ / ____

CHECK ENCLOSED:      YES (__) CHECK#: ________                              NO REFUNDS

PHONE: 1-815-744-4520       FAX: 1-815-744-7677

                                                                                                       Page 7
                      LEARNING LUNCH
          Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®
                             303 Springfield Ave., Joliet, IL 60435

                                   JUNE 18, 2009
                                   11:30 AM-1:00 PM
                            Presented by:
                     Gary Mueller, Attorney at Law
                  NEW – 5.0 Multi-Board Contract

                                        Hosted By
                Gary Smith ~ Loangistics Mortgage Solutions
                         Bob Wehman ~ US Bank

  RSVP by 6/12/09                                         No Shows will be invoiced $10.00

         Please complete and fax to 1-815-744-7677 No shows will be invoiced $10.00



Page 8
Page 9
                                                     Affiliates Committee
                                                                   Valeria Boudreau
                                                           The Brickkicker Home Inspection

On behalf of all the affiliates, thank you for your support of the Learning Lunches. Participation the past 3 months have
been wonderful. Your comments and suggestions for future topics or presenters is greatly appreciated.

                                      Following are 8 Simple Ways To Prepare A Home For Spring.

  Warmer weather is approaching and it’s time to take action and get ready for new growth outside and a gentle breeze
             inside. Here are a few things to consider as we all prepare to enjoy the change of season.


     1. Freshen up those areas around trees and shrubs with some new mulch cover; it will also help retain some
        moisture from the Spring rains.
     2. Rake in some new dirt/seed mix across those settling areas of your yard; over time you’ll notice a leveling effect.
     3. Clean and sweep around the exterior of windows and doors eliminating dirt blowing in as you open up the house
        with warmer weather approaching.
     4. Sweep and clear the area around the air conditioner unit; it should be unobstructed for optimal efficiency.


     1. Time to re-accessorize with fresh flowers replacing the silks, lighter looking shelf décor, sheers and possibly a
        switch of rugs to send a spring message.
     2. Re-direct the view from furniture being arranged toward the mantel to take advantage of the outdoor view of the
        garden or yard.
     3. Clean out the fireplace chamber, supply vents, closets areas that capture the winter dust and debris.
     4. Pick a room a week, starting with the kitchen and give it a ‘detail’ cleaning; you’ll have a clean sweep before you
        know it.

                                                                  “Let The Sun Shine In”

    View your account online                                                               Login for Managing Brokers
                                                                                               and Broker-Owners
                                                                            Every managing broker has the ability to view their office roster online to determine
                                                                            in advance who has and has not paid their MLS/Supra fees. This is a great way to
                   Login for Agents                                         assist your agents in insuring that all of their fees are paid in a timely fashion. As the
                                                                            managing broker, you will have the ability to maintain control over your agents to insure
                                                                            that they have paid all of their fees on time. This will ultimately become a money saver
                                                                            for the agents as they would not be assessed the $50 reactivation fee and will not have
 To view your account online:
                                                                            any down time of not being able to access the MLS/Supra system should they not pay
                                                                            by the deadline.
 #1. go to www.trarealtors.net
                                                                            To view your office account online:
 #2. login using your MLS ID # and your password
 #3. Click “Easy Pay” at the upper left corner                              #1. go to www.trarealtors.net

 #4. login again                                                            #2. login using your MLS ID # and your password
                                                                            #3. Click “Easy Pay” at the upper left corner
 #5. click “Pay Your Bills Online” to view your invoices
                                                                            #4. login again
 #6. click “Change Your Personal Information” to modify your personal
 information.                                                               #5. click “Pay Your Office Online”
                                                                            #6. select your office
 View “Other Services” section for more information on Education,
 Committees and Event History. If you have any questions regarding          #7. view invoices
 the IMS/Easy Pay Module, please contact the Association office and          If you have any questions regarding the IMS/Easy Pay Module, please contact the Association office and
 any one of our professional staff will be able to assist you.              any one of our professional staff will be able to assist you.

If you have been online before and forgot your password, click “Forgot Password?” and it will be emailed to you.

Page 10
                                                    SPONSOR PAGE
The REALTORS®’ RAP is supported solely by the advertising purchased by our Affiliate Members. The Three
Rivers Association of REALTORS® would like to thank the following firms for contributing to the publication
    of this REALTORS® RAP and we ask that you patronize these firms that contribute to this publication.

                                                              LAW OFFICES

    Kathleen Stack Fulton                              LUCAS & JARZ, LLC                         Canal PortInspections
           801 Essington Road                                                                                                               Inc.

             Joliet, IL 60435                         Michael R. Lucas                                      Paul A. Polarek
                                                                                                           Licensed Home Inspector
                                                                                                            License # 050.0003150
                                                         181 N. Hammes Avenue
              110 W. Maple                                                                  Cell 815/685-1842              9855 N. State Rt. 47
                                                           Joliet, Illinois 60435           Fax 815/942-0991                   Morris, IL 60450
           New Lenox, IL 60451                               (815) 729-0300                             canalporthomeinsp@csky.net
                                                           (815) 729-0367 Fax
              (815) 230-7336                           E-mail: mike@lucasjarz.com

     Gary S. Mueller & Associates, LTD                                                      Dystrup, Hoster & Jarot P.C.
     Attorneys At Law
                                                            Septic Dye Tests                     822 Infantry Drive Ste 104
                                                        Well Testing, Chlorinating                    Joliet, IL 60435
91 129th Infantry Dr. Phone: 815/725-7300                  S.J. “Bud” Vancina                           815.744.6550
Joliet, IL 60435      Fax: 815/725-7320                      State Licensed
Email at: gsm@muellaw.com                               One number ~ office, fax and cell:       www.davis-dystrup-law.com
                                                          e-mail: Bud@SWSTests.com                 Andrew C. Dystrup


          STE V EN BOY D                                If you are an affiliate member interested in advertising, please
            CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR                      contact Jacki at 815.744.4520 or jacki@trarealtors.net.

            815-258-1160                 RADON

                                 REALTOR® Idol
                                   June 18th
                               VFW - Cantigny Post
                                                 See page 11 for more information

                                                                                                                                     Page 11
Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®
      303 Springfield Avenue
       Joliet, Illinois 60435


                                                                                         Office Hours:
                                                                                         Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

                                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS

           May 5           9:00 A.M.                           Legal Committee Meeting
                           11:00 A.M.                          Nominating Committee Meeting
           May 7           8:30 A.M.                           Awards Banquet
                           1:00 P.M.                           Government Affairs Committee Meeting
           May 8           9:00 A.M.                           Public Relations Committee Meeting
           May 12          9:00 A.M.                           Affiliates Committee Meeting
           May 19          9:00 A.M.                           Board of Directors Meeting
           May 20          1:00 P.M.                           Golf Committee Meeting
           May 21          11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.             Learning Lunch
           May 25          Office Closed                        Memorial Day Holiday
           May 28          1 hr. session                       MRED Computer Lab Day*

                    *To register for Compass® Computer Classes please call MRED at (630) 955-2754

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