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            Alber t                     Ron                         Dwan                       Ro b e r t                 Reggie
          Lo wr y
          Lowr                    LeGrand                        Bent-                      Shemin                      Brooks
          Auctions &                Quick Turn                  Twyford                    How To Be A Real              Abandoned
          Foreclosures              Real Estate                  Short Sales                Estate Investor              Properties
                                 Ron Legrand has             After almost a decade      Robert Shemin made his        Reggie Brooks went
      Best-selling author and
                                 closed over 1500 real       of buying, rehabbing,      first million dollars         from making $36,000
      the father of creative
                                 estate transactions         and selling investment     before he was 35. But         per year to making
      real estate investing,
                                 and still buys about        real estate, Dwan’s        even with his fortune         over $40,000 per
      Albert Lowry, has
                                 one a week. His             niche is finding bank      made, Robert still works      month in his real estate
      taught the secrets of
                                 proven techniques           foreclosures with no       every day buying and          business. Reggie has
      attaining true financial
                                 have turned ordinary        equity and negotiating     selling up to 50 pieces       developed amazing
      independence and
                                 people into millionaires!   with the banks to          of property a month! He       Success Systems that
      buying real estate
                                 Ron backs his advice        accept less than what      is a leading expert in the    can consistently turn
      foreclosures with no
                                 with 19 years and           is owed, thus creating     areas of landlording and      marginal $15K to $20K
      money down to over
                                 millions of dollars of      a “Short Sale.”            asset protection.             deals into $50K to $75K
      350,000 dedicated
                                 experience.                                                                          deals.
      students worldwide.

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      beginning investor, along with the more experienced one. We
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