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The Bookkeeping Guru
"The Quickbooks Guru"
Specializing in Quickbooks.
Call for an appointment today.

                                 Bookkeeping Services, Auburn, CA
Our Services Include -

Bookkeeping                 Payroll                 Data File Setup
Data File Analysis          Training                Reporting
Remote Support


Why should The Bookkeeping Guru do my bookkeeping?

The answer is, simply, because it's less expensive and more efficient. Rather than hire an
employee, you can have Gannon Business Financial Services provide bookkeeping services for
you. There are many benefits to this type of relationship:

      You   get special expertise
      You   use me only as needed
      You   save on payroll taxes
      You   save on employee benefits
      You   have flexibility in the relationship

Where do you do the work?

You may choose to have your bookkeeping prepared at my location, at your location, or
remotely. This includes using the Internet, e-Mail and attachments, and the use of other
solutions, all of which are available at no charge to you.

What if I want to do some of the work myself?

You may choose to outsource all of your bookkeeping or just certain bookkeeping tasks. For

      I do all the work for you
      You do the work, and then I review it
      You do some of the work, and I do some of the work

Some of my clients prefer to do all of the daily entry, but then I prepare the payroll, process
payroll forms, pay payroll liabilities and reconcile the bank accounts.

How often?

I will customize a schedule, according to your needs: Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or
annually. The amount of the fee is based on the scope and depth of the financial reporting
you need. I will meet with you to tailor your bookkeeping services to your specific needs and
reporting requirements.
How much?

There are many options for working out a fee schedule. For this reason, I ask that you give
me a call to discuss your needs. I have varying rates for different types of services. I also
have discount plans for prepaid, scheduled services.

Services Include

      Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
      General Ledger & Journal Entries
      Bank & Charge Account Reconciliations
      Reports
      Budgeting & Financial Controls
      Payroll Processing / Sales Tax Reporting
      Ask me about help for your unique needs

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I do not offer payroll services for clients who are not my bookkeeping clients, but I am happy
to help you select a payroll solution that is right for your business, and to setup and train you
on QuickBooks Payroll, including tax payments and payroll reporting requirements.

I can also assist you with entering your outsourced payroll into QuickBooks.

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Data File Setup

What is Data File Setup?

Creating a Customized QuickBooks Data File.

When setting up a QuickBooks data file, there is much more involved than simply running the
setup interview and inputting basic list information. To setup the file properly you must enter
beginning account balances for your Balance Sheet (and, in a mid-fiscal year setup, your
income statement), enter prior period monthly financial information (if you want comparative
reporting to the previous fiscal year during your first year of QuickBooks use), link your sales
items on sales forms to the correct accounts and account types, enter open invoices
(customers), unpaid bills (vendors), open purchase orders, open estimates and open sales
orders. When these forms are partially received/paid/billed, the process becomes especially
tricky. The way you enter open invoices and unpaid bills also varies depending on whether
you report on the cash or accrual basis. If applicable, you must also setup inventory counts
and values and setup payroll (employees and paycheck calculating information).

Importing List Information from Other Databases.

If you use another accounting software solution now and/or if you have customer, vendor,
inventory part and other list information stored in almost any computer database (e.g. Excel,
Access, Outlook, etc.), I can almost certainly import that information into QuickBooks. Doing
so will save you countless hours of data entry and will increase the accuracy of your setup.

Why should I seek assistance with Data File Setup?

QuickBooks is User-Friendly, but Setting Up QuickBooks Is Not.

Each step in the setup process includes many options, and there are pitfalls to avoid. For
example, certain reports will be impacted unless you set up certain fields in a particular way.

Most Small Businesses Don't Have a Good Track Record Setting up QuickBooks
without Help.

In my experience, very few accurate QuickBooks setups result when the business owner does
not seek the help of a qualified QuickBooks consultant. When I have to clean up the file due
to various setup mistakes, the file modification is much more complex and can be much more
costly to the small business owner than if I am involved in the process from the beginning.

Installing QuickBooks Financial Software on Each QuickBooks User's Workstation.

If more than one person will use the same QuickBooks file, the installation also involves
networking QuickBooks for multi-user access. To network the file, you will need to connect
(network) your workstations so that they can share files

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Data File Analysis

What is Data File Analysis?
Utilizing a specialized diagnostic tool, we explore your file to detect errors and improper use
of QuickBooks.
In simple terms, this is a QuickBooks file "check up." We explore all the nooks and crannies of
your QuickBooks file to identify errors and opportunities for improvement. We review your
accounts on the balance sheet and income statement, your transactions for the year, and
your existing QuickBooks setup. We review the general ledger to ensure that it balances to
subsidiary records.

We make suggestions for improvement based on our findings.
We also identify areas where you may not be utilizing QuickBooks software to the fullest.
These include customizing reports and forms, changing QuickBooks preferences, and adding
features such as class tracking. We answer your questions and suggest personalized training
as needed. A printed report detailing exactly the results of the analysis and an explanation of
suggested courses of action to resolve problems is included.

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Training is our specialty! Gannon Business Financial Services provides so many training
options for your company, including two-hour training, QuickBooks Bootcamp, seminars and
remote support.

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Many business owners are not experts at reading accounting reports. Let us show you how
to understand the reports that are included with QuickBooks, and how to customize and
memorize the exact reports that you want to use.

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Remote Support

Technologies We Use to Support QuickBooks Users

QuickBooks Remote Support - Connecting from Our Office to Your Office!

While you are sitting at your own desk, we can…

      Diagnose Problems
      Resolve Issues
      Answer QuickBooks Questions
      Provide Training
      Obtain copies of your QuickBooks data file

… All while you watch and interact with us!

Anytime, Anyplace!
This is one of the benefits of modern computer technology - that we can support you at
anytime, wherever you are - using a technology called Remote Access, or Remote Support.
As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we have a special subscription to WebEx that allows us to
connect to all of our clients' computers.

Easy, Safe, and Secure
This tool is so powerful, you don't have to install any software for us to connect to your
computer, and we can make this connection to your computer if you simply click a link in an
email we send you - it is that simple! Remote access is secure and offers the highest level of
data encryption, 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Ask us for more details. IT IS SAFE &

Connect, View, Diagnose
After we connect to your computer, we can instantly view your QuickBooks file and "see" your
issues firsthand rather than requiring you to explain technical jargon. We can then rapidly
diagnose your QuickBooks problems, identify training issues and then provide you with such
training. We can also record these training sessions for you to view later by creating a full
audio, data and video audit trail. This is especially beneficial for times when you may forget
the instructions received during a training session – you can simply replay your recording as
a refresher.

Convenient and Affordable
This is both more convenient and more affordable than if we had to drive to your office every
time you need our help. We work with you to determine the perfect balance between when it
makes sense to work with you remotely from our office, and when we should work with you
onsite - at your business.

For many of our clients, email is a preferred way to submit questions and to report
QuickBooks problems. The benefit to this method is that you receive a written reply that you
can print and/or store on your computer for future reference. As necessary, we even include
screenshots from QuickBooks to support our answers. This is especially helpful when the
solution to your QuickBooks issue involves performing multiple steps. If your issue is too
complex to solve through an email reply, we will respond to your email with a phone call and,
as necessary, by connecting to your computer using WebEx Remote Support (as described

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                         Bookkeeping | Quickbooks | Auburn CA

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       Sharon is always pleasant to have visit our office and she really knows her stuff!
       We call Sharon whenever we have any accounting questions and she gets right
       back to us with an answer to our requests.

Nancy Hogan


The Bookkeeping Guru
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The Bookkeeping Guru

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