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Letter Of Intent - Donation of Property

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Letter of Intent to donate property to occupants of the same.

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									<Date> Honorable <Name> City Mayor <City> Dear Sir/Madam: We refer to recent representations made by the relocatees at <Address of Property for Donation>, for the complete turn-over of the property we have awarded to them, in accordance with the conditions signed by the parties concerned (the City Government thru the then City Housing office, <Name of Company> and the individual relocatees) on <Month,Year>. It will be recalled that our company assigned the City Government of Davao as administrator of the property, prior to its final donation, which would be after one year of continuous stay in the area or on <Month,Year>. We have been waiting for the City Housing Office to initiate the necessary steps for the implementation of this agreement, it being privy to the required procedures; however, there has been no action as of this time and with the inquiries being made by the relocatees, we are deeply concerned as to the final outcome of this matter as it borders on questioning our sincerity in meeting our commitment to the community. In this regard, may we please inform you that we are presently proposing to directly donate the property to the homeowners’ association (who can, in turn, subdivide this among its eligible members) and we have written the <Government Agency> (copy attached for reference ) requesting advise as to the feasibility of this proposal. We are hoping that should the <Government Agency> respond favorably to our letter, the City Government will support us in finally implementing the turn-over of the property to the relocatees. Thank you very much. Very truly yours, <Name> <Position> cc: <Name> President, Homeowners’ Association, <Address of Property for Donation>

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