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CONCLUSION                                                                                        309

In conclusion, the faculty, staff, administrators, and students of Arkansas Tech University
are proud of the accomplishments of the Institution during the time period since the last
Site Visit of the Higher Learning Commission. As reflected in the preceding pages, the years
from 2000 to 2010 have been a period of growth, change, and excitement at Arkansas Tech
University. Throughout all of the changes and growth, Arkansas Tech University has remained
committed to its constituents.

This Self-Study Report documents a decade of advancement for the University, particularly in
the areas of assessment and student learning, through both credit and non-credit programs.
It has been through its proven record of responsible management, strategic planning, and
assessment-based accountability that Arkansas Tech University has insured that it fulfills its

As detailed in this Self-Study Report, Arkansas Tech University undertook a thorough
and honest assessment of itself and its programs. This multi-year process was a valuable
experience for the University and its constituents. The self-study process confirmed the
strengths of the University and enlightened the faculty and administration to areas which
need to be addressed in the future. Taken in its entirety, this Report documents that
Arkansas Tech University satisfies the Criteria for Accreditation, as stated in the Handbook of
Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges
and Schools.

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