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					                         Irondequoit Quilt Club News
                           President: Beverly Schwartz 585-349-0493 email:
                           Vice President: Patricia Pellegrino 585-872-3051 email:
                           Secretary: Melissa Manney 585-654-8485 email:
                           Treasurer: Kathy Russell 585- 482-1838 email:             September 2009
                           Website Address:

   Committee Chairs and Members                   President’s Pieces
Block Of The Month                                Hello fellow quilters.
Mimi Repp                 342-8904
                                                  This past month has flown by!
Linda Kaanana                        663-6541
                                                  The deadline for the newsletter
                                                  snuck up on me so I don’t have
Librarian                                         too much to report. Getting a
Marcia Marano                       227-5316      little nervous about our first
Marlene Connelly                    889-4519      meeting but I’m sure you will all
June Kanik                          266-4272
                                                  make me feel welcome. Please                        Program Calendar
Membership                                        remember to check your libraries
Sandy Jarvis                        748-9495      and bring in the membership
Cheryl Bond                         377-3232      form and your dues. Let me                    Please note the correction to
Lorraine Enge                       225-7865                                                     the November IQC meeting
                                                  know if anyone is interested in
Monthly Fat Quarter Exchange                      helping out with “Quilting                                date
Celeste Babcock            227-0723               Buddies” or committees. Please
                                                  note a change in dates for the                        September 28
Monthly Raffle                                    Sew Nights. I forgot about                             Pam Chape
Nancy Gaede                          482-8957
                                                  skipping holidays. April and July                “Cotton Theory Quilting
Refreshments                                      have both been changed from                             Method”
Rene Fogarty                        323-1378      the 2nd to the 9th. Please mark it
Lin Mocejunas                       288-2447      on your calendars.                                      October 26
Melanie Popick                      224-8531
Sew Night Coordinator                             Vacation is over and school is
Brenda McHale                       621-1751      back in session. I don’t have kids                     November 16
                                                  to worry about but my Grandma                         Scarlet Thread
Sunshine                                          duties have increased and I love
Kathy Russell                        482-1838
                                                  it! We’re getting ready for our                        December 14
Website                                           son’s wedding on October 10. I                         Holiday Party
Laurie Fromm                723-8669              had to rethink his quilt; my first
           Charity Projects                       idea sucked big time! Not the                           January 25
Brenda’s Caps
                                                  idea really, just the execution.                       Garage Sale

Brenda’s Totes                                    Looking forward to seeing you all                      February 22
Irondequoit Community Cupboard                    on the 28th                                            Demo Derby
Mary Lou Fitch           266-5283

Charity Czar                                      Bev                                                      March 22
TBD                                                                                                         TBD
Comfort Quilts                                    Irondequoit Quilt Club meets on                         April 26
Elaine Kent                          227-0471     the 4th Monday of each month
Pat Ientilucci (Men’s)              621-8412
                                                                                                       Annual Meeting
Brenda McHale (Foster Care)         621-1751      from Sept. to May from 7-9pm at
Jane Ryan (Alzheimer)               266-8529      the Lutheran Church of the                                May 24
                                                  Resurrection, 3736 St. Paul                         End of Year Party
Sunset House                                      Blvd.                                              Install New officers
Jeanne Muhl                         336-9459

Irondequoit Quilt Club Newsletter                                                                               Page 1
                                                                    Treasurer Template

                                                                    July 2008 Report
                                                                    Bal. June, 2009            $8,135.02

                                         October Refreshments       - Retreat                   $225.00
                                    Will be provided by:            - Sew Night                  165.00
            Sew Nights              Bettie Beiter                   Total Income                 $390.00
Sew Nights run from 6:30pm to       Darlene Cator
Dues are $3.00. Please bring a      Pat Fackelman                   EXPENSES
snack or drink to pass and your     Sue Foust                       - Church                    $130.00
latest project.                     Beth Guche                      Total Expenses              $130.00
                                    Paula Hanson
                                    Pat Ientilucci                  Bal. July, 2009            $8395.02
                October 2
                                    Carol Mallaber
               November 6           Brenda McHale                   August 2008 Report
               December 4           Deb Pratt                       Bal. July 2009     $8,395.02
                January 8
               February 5           Thank you ladies! We look       INCOME
                 March 5            forward to your contribution.   - Retreat                     $50.00
                  April 9                                           - Sew Night                    48.00
                  May 7                                             Total Income                  $98.00
                 June 4
                  July 9
                                                                    - Insurance                 $235.00
                August 6
                                                                    - Sunshine                    40.30
                                                                    Total Expenses               $275.30
           Quilting Retreat                                         Bal. August, 2009          8,217.72
                                           October Birthdays
Quilters:                           Alma Gene Costain 10/1
                                                                    Prepared by Kathy Russell
                                    Chris Clark          10/5
Please remember to turn your        Darlene Cator        10/6
final quilt retreat payment in to   Elaine Nevada        10/6
Pat Ientilucci at the September     Laura Wagner         10/6
28th IQC Meeting. If you will not   Carol Meek           10/17
be in attendance that day or        Jeanne Muhl          10/19
otherwise need to make              Barb Dabrowski       10/20
alternate arrangements please       Lynne Powers         10/21
contact Pat at                      Kathryn Russell      10/21 or     Celeste Babcock      10/24
621-8412.                           Evelyn Wishart       10/24
                                    Jane Ryan            10/27
Please note that there will be a    Jean Cody            10/30               Monthly Raffle
fat quarter exchange and a
$10.00 quilt notion exchange.                                       Nancy Gaede will be taking over
Both should be wrapped.                                             the monthly raffle this club year.

Pat Ientilucci                                                      We look forward to seeing what
                                                                    she finds to raffle off each

Irondequoit Quilt Club Newsletter                                                     Page 2
       Fat Quarter Exchange          service desk and request a VIP      Cupboard to any of our
                                     Discount card. It entitles you to   meetings. Everything is most
The theme for the September          10% off your total purchase         appreciated.
Fat Quarter Exchange will be         including regular and sale-priced
blue fabrics.                        items and is valid until August
                                     31, 2010. Best of all, the
Happy shopping and good luck         discount card is totally free!!
to all!
                                     Thanks for the info share,

                                     Melissa Manney

                                                                         Show and Tell
                                                                         We are looking for a member to
                                                                         write our "Show and Tell
         Block of the Month                                              Summary" for the newsletter. It
                                                                         involves taking notes about
Once again this year Mimi Repp                                           those wonderful quilts gals bring
is offering us the opportunity to                                        in to share and then putting
participate in a Block of the                                            those notes together for an
                                     Brenda’s Totes
Month at each monthly meeting.                                           article. Would you be willing to
                                     Please remember if you have
                                                                         help? Let one of the officers
                                     taken a tote bag to sew that it
Mimi will have kits available for                                        know.
                                     needs to be returned, finished or
$1.00. The kits include 1 piece of   unfinished, at the following
fabric and a pattern. You supply                                         Brenda’s Caps
                                     months meeting.
a second fabric and sew the                                              We also need a person to chair
block.                                                                   "Brenda's Caps", a project
                                     Hobbs Batting UPC labels
                                                                         to make caps for cancer patients
                                     Remember to save your Hobbs
Return your completed block at                                           undergoing chemo. There
                                     Batting labels. We can purchase
the next meeting and enter your                                          are many kits already cut and
                                     batting from Hobbs with these
name in a drawing to will all                                            ready to be distributed. The
                                     labels for charity quilts at a
blocks that have been returned                                           chairperson would need to
                                     reduced price. Please bring your
at that meeting.                                                         distribute kits, collect them and
                                     labels to the next meeting and
                                                                         take them to the Cancer Society.
                                     give them to Jeanne Muhl.
Join into the fun!                                                       It's a worthwhile project that we
                                                                         do in memory of Brenda Veisch
                                     IQC Library
                                                                         who passed away from cancer.
                                     If you have any outstanding
                                     library books, please remember
                                                                         Charity Czar
                                     to bring them back to our first
                                                                         Finally, we are looking for a
                                     meeting on September 28th.
                                                                         charity Czar. The Charity Czar
                                     There is a list of outstanding
                                                                         organizes such projects as the
                                     books at the end of the
                                                                         Christmas Stockings and
                                     newsletter for your convenience.
                                                                         Placemats that the Club makes
     Be a Joann Fabric VIP!                                              and gives to organizations such
Michelle Garvey was so kind as       Also, if you have any magazines
                                                                         as the Irondequoit Food Pantry
to call me up and share              that you are done with and are
                                                                         and Meals on Wheels each year.
information on JoAnn Fabric’s        willing to share them with the
VIP Discount card last               club please turn these in to our
                                                                         Consider taking on one of these
month…and then I forgot to           librarian Marcia Marano.
include it in the newsletter.
Oops!                                Community Cupboard
                                     Please remember to bring your
Take your IQC membership card        non-perishable donations for the
and your driver’s license to the     Irondequoit Community

Irondequoit Quilt Club Newsletter                                                        Page 3
                                    CRAZY RAYS - Thursdays,             United Methodist Church of
                                    10/15/09 – 10/29/09, 6:00 –         North Chili, 2200 Westside
                                    8:00pm, Scarlet Thread, $45         Drive, Rochester, NY 14624.
                                                                        Hours are Sat & Sun: 10am –
                                    TANGO WAVE - Friday,                5pm. Admission is $3. For more
                                    10/16/09, 10:00am – 3:00pm,         information see the website:
                                    Jackie Lynn's, $40        , or call
                                    FABULOUS FINISHES -                 Peggy Wittman at (585)594-
     Upcoming Quilt Classes         Saturday, 10/17/09, 10:00am –       9111.
                                    4:00pm, Jackie Lynn's, $40
Quilting with Margaret Sept/Oct                                         September 25 - 27: Chatauqua,
Classes:                            UNEVEN STAR - Tuesdays,             NY. Quilting Around Chatauqua
                                    10/20/09 – 10/27/09, 6:00 –         with featured guest speaker
S.A.B.L.E. CLUB - Saturdays,        8:00pm, Jackie Lynn's, $45          Nancy Zieman. See Millcreek
9/19, 10/3, & 11/14/09, 12:00 –                                         Sewing & Fabric's website for
5:00pm, Jackie Lynn's, $30 (or      WONDERFUL 1 FABRIC                  more information. (814)866-
sign up for all 3 for $25 each)     QUILTS - Thursdays, 10/22/09 –      8227.
                                    10/29/09, 6:00 – 8:00pm, Betty's,
ONE-BLOCK WONDERS -                 $45                                 September 25 – 27: Mohawk
Tuesdays, 9/15/09 – 9/29/09,                                            Valley Quilt Show. Utica Curling
5:30 – 8:00pm, Jackie Lynn's,       SIMPLY WOVEN RUNNER -               Club, 8300 Clark Mills Rd.
$45                                 Friday, 10/23/09, 10:00am –         Whitesboro, NY. Hours: Fri &
                                    3:00pm , Jackie Lynn's, $40         Sat: 10a – 5p, Sun: 10a – 4p.
LONE STAR - Mondays, 9/21/09                                            Admission is $5. For more
– 10/12/09, 6:00 – 8:00pm (no       Also, sign up for the 5th Annual    information see the club website
class 10/28), Scarlet Thread,       Quilting with Margaret Get-away     at
$45                                 Weekend by Sept. 30, and  
                                    receive a coupon good for           , or call Mary Bolton at (315)732-
SIMPLY WOVEN PILLOW -               one FREE class with Margaret        0053.
Friday, 9/25/09, 10:00am –          anytime in 2010 (a $25-$60
3:00pm , Jackie Lynn's, $40         value). Check her website for       October 3 - 4: Dryden, NY.
                                    details or to download a signup     Tompkins County Quilters Guild
U.F.O. PIZZA PARTY -                brochure.                           presents in honor of their 35th
Saturday, 9/26/09, 10:00am –                                            Anniversary Year: Traditions and
4:00pm , Jackie Lynn's, $40         Check website for class details &   Beyond, 17th Biennial Quilt
                                    pictures of samples:                Show. Tompkins Cortland
STACK-N-WHACK BASICS -            Community College, 170 North
Friday, 10/2/09, 10:00am –                                              Street. See the show
4:00pm, Jackie Lynn's, $40          Margaret Spevak            for
                                                                        more information.
SUSPENDED SQUARES -                                                     October 10-12: Oxford, NY.
Tuesdays, 10/6/09 – 10/13/09,                                           Chenango Piecemakers 2009
12:30 – 3:30pm OR 5:30 –            Upcoming Quilt Shows
                                                                        Quilt Show "Fall Festival of
8:00pm, Jackie Lynn's, $45                                              Quilts".
                                    September 17 – 20:
DIAMOND LOG CABIN -                 Pennsylvania National Quilt
                                    Extravaganza XVI. Greater           October 16 – 18: Creativfestival
Thursdays, 10/8/09 – 10/15/09,                                          Fall 2009. Metro Toronto
6:00 – 8:00pm, Betty's, $45         Philadelphia Expo Center, 100
                                    Station Ave, Oaks, Pa 19456.        Convention Center, 222 Bremner
                                    10am – 6pm. For more                Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
MACHINE QUILTING MADE                                                   Conference Classes Start
EASY - Friday, 10/9/09, 10:00am     information see the festival
                                    website at       October 14th. For more
– 4:00pm, Scarlet Thread, $40                                           information see the show
OR Saturday, 10/24/09, 12:00 –                                          website:
5:00pm, Jackie Lynn's, $40          September 18-19: North Chili
                                    Quilt and Needlework Expo.,

Irondequoit Quilt Club Newsletter                                                       Page 4
email:, or call Toll   I’ll see you all soon.
Free 1-800-291-2030.
                                     Melissa Manney
October 24 – 25: Candlelight
Quilters Guild Show. Van Buren
School, 14 Ford St.,                   October Newsletter items due:
Baldwinsville, 13027. Hours: Sat:            October 10th
10a – 4p; Sun: 12p – 4p.
Admission $4. For more
information email or call
Sheila Branchau at (315)635-

November 7 - 9: Rochester, NY.
Fine Craft Show, Memorial Art
Gallery, 500 University Avenue.
See website for more info,

Melissa Manney

         Secretary’s Scraps

Please remember to bring in any
outstanding library books for the
September 28th meeting. A list of
all outstanding books is included
at the end of the newsletter.

Also remember to bring:
   - Your membership form
   - Your dues for the 2009 –
       2010 year (dues will
       remain at $20)
   - A blue fat quarter if you
       want to participate in the
       Fat Quarter Exchange
   - Your summer projects for
       Show and Tell
   - And don’t forget your
       smiling faces!!

Finally, we like to talk up and
generally promote our members.
If there are any other quilt
teachers out there, let us know
what and where you will be
teaching and we will happily
include your classes in the
“Upcoming Classes” section of
the newsletter!

Irondequoit Quilt Club Newsletter                                      Page 5

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