Letter-Request for Assistance to Donate Property

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<Date> <Name> <Position> <Government Agency> <Address> Dear Mr./Ms. <Name>, Sometime in <Month, Year> we assisted in the relocation of about 80 families occupying the road-right-of-way fronting the property we are developing at <Name of Locality>, to a one hectare area in <Address of Property for Donation>, with the promise that the same will be given to them after one year of continuous occupancy. The City Government of <Name of City>, thru the City Housing Office, was then designated as administrator of the relocation site. The distribution of subject land was supposed to have been effected to the eligible families last <Date>, but due to changes in the organizational structure of the city government which abolished the City Housing Office and some other circumstances, this transfer has not been implemented until this time. This matter has since become of deep concern to us and specially very recently, with the representations made by the relocatees with our company, bordering perhaps on doubts in our sincerity to actually donate the said property to them. As we desire to be able to keep our word to the relocatees, we can no longer wait for the city government to initiate the necessary moves and so we are exploring other avenues within which to finally effect the donation. At this time, we are proposing for the property to be directly donated to the homeowners’ association, which we believe, if legitimately registered as an urban poor organization, would have the legal personality to accept such donation and consequently facilitate its subdivision among its members. It is in this regard that we seek your advice, 1. If the homeowners’ association at <Address of Property for Donation> a duly registered organization with legal personality, as stipulated in its By-Laws, to accept donations of this nature? 2. If it is a duly registered organization, are the present officers duly qualified, also in accordance with the provisions of its By-Laws? 3. Would it be possible for your office to please give us certified copies of the Association’s registration papers, By-Laws, list of members and officers? 4. Can your office help us facilitate this donation, whether the Association is duly registered or otherwise? Anticipating your response in the soonest possible time. Very truly yours,

<Name> <Position>

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Description: Letter/Request addressed to concerned government agency seeking assistance to donate property to intended recipients.